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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 7/5/08
"Bea Alonzo Lands Lead Role for Philippine's Ugly Betty",
Wednesday May 7, 2008 Philippines

Philippines ABS-CBN has the franchise for the Mexican soap "Betty La Fea" and television director, Wenn Deramas has confirmed that actress Bea Alonzo will play the lead role for the Philippine version.

The said adaptation has no confirmed official title yet but it is about an intelligent but plain girl working in the glamorous world of fashion. American television has it's own version of this soap which is entitled Ugly Betty.

Deramas will be directing this series and another series entitled "Dyosa" played by Anne Curtis, all to be shown in ABS-CBN in the latter part of 2008.

Source: Ampedasia
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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/16/08
"French Survivor's (Koh Lanta) Next Season: Gota Beach, Camarines Sur Philippines", Wednesday May 7, 2008 Philippines

It's confirmed! Season 8 of Koh Lanta, the French version of Mark Burnett's Survivor, will be at the beautiful Gota Beach located at the Caramoan Peninsula of Camarines Sur, Philippines.

Gota Beach was closed to the public for almost 3 months now and will remain close until the Survivor shooting ends. Livelihoods of some residents will be affected by this but the local government is happy for this will be an exposure to the islands and will boost up tourism.

It has been reported that the Koh Lanta crew has been in the islands for almost 3 months now, and they've constructed a number of cabanas for their living arrangements. These cabanas will be an added tourist attraction once the Survivor shooting is over.

This is not the first time that the makers of Koh Lanta have chosen Philippines as their survivor destination. The season 7 of Koh Lanta, which ended on October 2007, was in the Palawan islands. To watch the intro video of the last season, click here: Koh Lanta 7 Intro Video

It's reported that the arrival of the survivors and the airing of Koh Lanta 8 will be this coming June 2008.

To see how beautiful Caramoan Peninsula is, watch this video:

credits to: ampedasia

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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 7/5/08
"Anne Curtis plays her dream role in ‘Dyosa’",
Thursday May 8, 2008 Philippines

With preparations underway for her second fantaserye in July entitled Dyosa, Anne Curtis is more than ready to play the role she’s always wanted. “Ever since I was 12, I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid. This is a dream come true for me and that’s why I’m so happy. It’s really something that I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve finally been given the opportunity,” she admits.

In Dyosa, Anne plays a goddess of air, land, and water who keeps the balance between the world of mortals and the world of immortals. Her powers enable her to transform into a mermaid, a bird, and a centaur. “It’s my first time to play a role with three different characters and capabilities. It’s something very different from what you see on TV so it’s something I’m really excited about,” she adds.

Another first for her is that she has three gorgeous leading men to be played by Zanjoe Marudo, Luis Manzano, and Sam Milby. “I’m so excited because I’ve worked with each of them separately before. But this is the first time for us to work together so I’m really excited because they differ in personalities. It’s something to look forward to,” she says excitedly. In the series, her leading men will each play a mortal, an immortal, and a villain. But the twist is to keep the audience guessing on who plays what.

During her first taping day in the waters off of Calatagan, Batangas, Anne proved to be a real trooper when it came to doing the underwater scenes while wearing her mermaid costume. The actress took some introductory diving lessons early this year from members of the Philippine team to learn certain signals and make it easier for her to act under the sea. “It definitely helped that I am a beach person to begin with. It’s so much fun for me under the water. Except for getting saltwater in my eyes, it's okay once you’re down there. It was something different,” she explains.

The actress also divulges that it will also be her first time to shoot a “nude” shot for a project. This scene takes place at times when her tail becomes human legs. “It’s not what you think. It’s an illusion. I have prosthetics," she stresses.

Because of the mermaid aspect of the series, Anne is also aware of comparisons people may have between Diyosa and Dyesebel, as well as Marina and other Dyesebel remakes of the past. “I’m ready to accept any criticisms coming my way. I think it's a healthy competition. It’s inevitable in our business. It's part of the industry. That is expected. That’s why I think you should only give your best so you don’t have any regrets,” she says.

Even with memorable roles in Hiram, Kampanyerang Kuba, and most recently as Celine Magsaysay in Maging Sino Ka Man, Anne still strives to do her best. “As an actress, I don’t want to stick to just one genre. I want to explore different roles,” she confides. When asked how she feels about having a role made especially just for her, Anne relates, “I’m so happy that they gave me an opportunity to do this. I want to do my best because there are so many eyes on me now. I need to give my best because it’s a role that I’ve been waiting for, for so long.”

source: abs-cbn

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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 7/5/08
"Straight from (the) Heart",
Sunday May 11, 2008 Philippines

Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is the story of a girl named Heart Evangelista. She’s a prodigal daughter. Three or so years ago, she defied her parents, Rey Ongpauco and his wife Cecilia, and, heeding the call of love, entered into a relationship with a guy named Jericho Rosales whom her parents disapproved of. Theirs was a you-and-me-against-the-world kind of romance. To make a rather long story short, the lovers were said to have pulled each other down; their careers were said to have suffered (although they would claim otherwise) because of their “forbidden” match-up.

Three years later, the girl named Heart would “wake up” and return to her parents. She junked Manila Genesis as manager and is now managed by her dad, with Annabelle Rama (a family friend of long standing) as co-manager. Formerly a Kapamilya (ABS-CBN), Heart has turned Kapuso after she signed a two-year contract with rival station GMA 7.

Showbiz-watchers have been wondering if Heart also junked Jericho when she decided to go back home (even if she still lives — alone, she insists — in her own well-appointed condo unit), even as fans sit by and watch if Heart will fall for her new leading man, Richard Gutierrez, who topbills his post-Kamandag starrer (also for GMA), Asero, parts of which will be shot in Dubai.

Two weeks ago, Heart made an anti-climactic statement (because it had been speculated about in tab headlines and blind items) that she had broken up with Jericho so that, in her own words, “we can focus on each other’s careers.”

The following Conversation was done a week before Heart made a clean breast of her relationship with Jericho. Read between the lines.

You’ve gone back to your parents after three years. Did it have anything to do with your decision to cut your ties with your former manager, Angeli Pangilinan of Manila Genesis, and moved from ABS-CBN (Kapamilya) to GMA (Kapuso)?

“Yes. It was my parents who helped me decide to go back to them and to sign up with GMA. It’s a mutual decision between me and my parents for my father to manage me, together with Tita Annabelle (Rama).”

The whole world knows how you once disobeyed your parents in the name of love and you decided to live independently. What made you realize your mistakes?

“Although I was 21 then, I now realize that I had a mind of a 15-year-old. I was very sheltered. I admit that I made wrong decisions. Living alone wasn’t that easy, I found out. I had to learn even the smallest things. Pati paggamit ng Zonrox sa banyo hindi ko alam. Kulang pa ang nourishment ko bago talaga ako makawala. And, of course, I realized that above everything else, you should be good to your parents. That’s what the Bible says, Honor thy father and thy mother.”

So you admit that when you decided to live alone, it was a premature decision?

“In a way, yes. I shouldn’t have rushed my decision; I should have done things one step at a time, unti-unti, dahan-dahan. So many wrong things followed: Napabayaan ko yung bahay ko, ‘yung aso ko, yung mga ganun. But I don’t regret anything because I needed the experience for me to, you know ‘wake up.’ I needed to grow up, I needed to learn, I needed to realize the importance of my family, the importance of everything — my career, my friends, my brothers and my sisters.”

Living alone, you had to take care of everything — the bills, etc. What did you miss about home?

“My mom’s sinigang, among other things. I missed everything — ‘yung palaging may laman ang ref. Sometimes kasi, I felt lazy about doing the grocery. Simple things like that. I missed my mom and dad when I was feeling low or when I was sick. I was hospitalized a few times at talagang tiniis nila ako; they didn’t visit me. But I knew that they would call my sister and ask how I was.”

Was it all because of your having fallen in love with Jericho whom your parents disapproved of?

“I think that’s the whole picture. But I had another boyfriend before Jericho. My dad didn’t want me to go into a serious relationship so soon.”

Is your dad over-protective?

“He is but I should have understood. After all, I’m the youngest in the family. Gusto niya huwag kong gawin ‘yung mga nagawa ng mga ate ko. It wasn’t really Jericho that my dad resented; it was my having a boyfriend. But as I’ve said, I was turning 21 and I thought I was old enough to do things my way. And Jericho happened to be there. He was independent and he struck me as somebody who knew the world, who knew his way around.”

As the song says, “When love comes in and takes you for a spin...” Jericho must have taken you for a spin.

“In fairness to him, he helped me in a lot of ways.”

What did you learn from him?

“Everything in life. I got to meet people I didn’t think I would ever meet. He brought me to Marikina, he taught me how to make kamay (Eat with her hands. — RFL). So in fairness, he’s okay; he’s a good guy.”

But you also influenced Jericho in some way. Like his accent, nabago daw because of you. He now speaks English with a strange twang.

“Ganoon ba ‘yon?” (Laughs)

Ang ganda ng influence mo sa kanya.

“I guess.”

Tell me straight: Are you and Jericho breaking up, into a “cooling off” period, or what?

“In every relationship you go through really tough times. At this moment the only thing we are going through is...we’re far away from each other. He’s busy with his own thing and I am busy with mine. And we’ve done what we needed to do. Nagawa na namin kung ano ang kailangan naming gawin.”

Like what?

“You know: You and me against the world. We’ve done that. We are young and we need to focus on our careers. Kailangan na naming gawin ang dapat naming gawin. We have to prioritize our careers.”

Are you still on?

“We need to fix our lives first.”

When you say you’re far from each other, what do you mean?

“He’s in Malaysia (Shooting a teleserye, a joint venture between ABS-CBN and a Malaysian company. — RFL)”

But not all the time.

“He will be there for two months.”

Oh, does absence make the heart wander instead of grow fonder?

“Of course, we missed each other but like I said, it is a good time for us to be apart first so we can do what we need to do.”

You used to be happy where you came from.

“I’m happy. I was happy till the end. You know, he was like my security blanket, he was like my university, my school. And then, it dawned on me, ‘Heart, obey your parents; follow your parents.’ And that’s what I did.”

Did you and Jericho live together?

“No, no, no, we did not. And I’m very proud to say that.”

Any regrets?

“No regrets.”

Now, it’s as if you’re starting a new life, on a clean slate, career-wise and personally. By the way, are you doing an Angel Locsin (you know, jumping ober da bakod to the rival station — from GMA to ABS-CBN — and leaving behind ill feelings and a trail of recriminations)?

“I don’t think so. My case is entirely different. All I can say is that I’m overwhelmed by the reception GMA is giving me. It feels good.”

What about Angeli Pangilinan? She’s hurting. (She even sent Heart a text message, calling Heart’s move from ABS-CBN to GMA “the lowest of ethics in order to strike a good deal.” Angeli was said to have promptly apologized to Heart.)

“I didn’t have any contract with her because she knew from the very start alam niya na babalikan ako ng parents ko.” (During the early stage of their “manager-talent” relationship, Angeli questioned how Heart’s parents handled Heart’s finances. Heart’s dad comes from the Ongpauco clan which owns several restaurants like Barrio Fiesta, Ihaw-Ihaw/Balut-Balot, etc. — RFL)

Didn’t Angeli want you to go back to your parents?

“I don’t think so. I know she was happy for me. I know that.”

You haven’t seen your mom and dad for three years. So when did you finally reconcile?

“Late last year. I went to see them. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I was missing my dad. Life felt empty without them. I just stayed there before my dad, listening to him from 12 noon to 10 p.m. He needed to say what he had been wanting to say for three years.”

You come from a well-to-do family. Did showbiz happen to you by accident?

“No, it did not. I really wanted to be in showbiz, but my parents wouldn’t hear anything about it. They wouldn’t let me. So lumabas ang pagka-rebelde ko. Tumakas ako, nag-audition ako nang hindi nila alam. Nag-taxi lang ako papuntang ABS-CBN. I was already accepted when my parents learned about it. They didn’t have a choice.”

Briefly now, could you tell us what the real Heart Evangelista is like?

“I’m very sensitive; I’m not moody. I like people who are always smiling. I’m a very happy person. I like an easy atmosphere, ‘yung masaya at walang nag-mumurahan, hindi nakaka-tense. Ayoko ng ganoon, ayoko ng may nagtatapunan ng script. Also, I’m full of heart. That’s why I’m called by that name.”

(E-mail reactions at [email protected] or at [email protected])

Jericho Rosales shocked by news that Heart Evangelista broke up with him

Nerisa Almo
Friday, May 9, 2008
04:28 PM

"Sad news and, you know, there's been a big mistake," said a confused Jericho Rosales when asked about the alleged breakup with his girlfriend of three years, Heart Evangelista.

In Showbiz Central last Sunday, May 4, Heart revealed that she and Jericho have already called it quits. However, in an exclusive interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Heart did not disclose the real reason of her decision. (Click here to read related article)

ABS-CBN News clarified this with Jericho when he arrived yesterday, May 8, from his month-long taping in Malaysia for his teleserye with Malaysian actress Carmen Soo. He told ABS-CBN reporter Mario Dumaual that there was no formal breakup between him and Heart.

"I, myself, I'm confused, e," said Jericho. "I heard nakipag-break siya sa akin on TV, e, so... On text, it wasn't clear, e."

Echo, Jericho's nickname in showbiz, was not only surprised but he is also clueless about the real reason of their breakup. Although he is suspecting that someone is trying to destroy his image to Heart.

"Whoever said things to her, how come... You guys can show up and say it to my face. I mean, I can talk to you, but I'm not gonna do anything. I'm gonna say, you know, I'm gonna be honest to you and say, ‘Where did you get this?'" the young actor challenged whoever concocted the story against him.

Meanwhile, Jericho dismissed rumors saying that Malaysian actress Carmen Soo is one of the reasons of his breakup with Heart. "Definitely not, no, I don't know about the third party," assured Jericho.

He continued, "You know, whoever is creating this thing... I love Heart, you know. Ano pa bang sasabihin ko? I'm a guy, I could have done anything, di ba? I was so far away, I had so many chances to, you know... But I kept my heart, you know, I saved my heart for Heart."

Despite this, Jericho still has high hopes to work things out between him and Heart. He wants a serious personal talk with Heart. However, he only has several days to stay here before he comes back in Malaysia for his taping. It is also impossible for them to see each other because Heart is in Dubai right now for the taping of her first project with GMA-7, Asero.

ABS-CBN then asked Jericho if he thinks that it is already time to move on. "I can't say I'll move on, I love Heart, e. So, I'm gonna make this work first," the young actor replied."

He added, "I'm gonna try to clear things up. I'm gonna know the truth, whatever happened. I'm gonna see and try to make it work because you cannot decide if there's any... You cannot say it's over if there's no peace. You cannot say that's it if there's no peace in your heart."

Jericho also refused to give a message to Heart. Indirectly, he told ABS-CBN, "I just wanna be careful of what I wanna say because I haven't spoken to Heart, and I don't wanna hurt her on TV."
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Posted 5/16/08
"Filipina Charice Pempengco on Oprah", Friday May 16, 2008 Philippines

Have you watched it yet?

Filipina Charice Pempengco's performance and guesting on the OPRAH show has already been aired in the US and the video clips of it is already on youtube. She gave an amazing performance of "I Have Nothing" popularized by Whitney Houston which made the audiences give her a standing ovation.

If you haven't watched it yet, here it is:

NEXT STOP: Filipino Arnel Pineda's guesting on the ELLEN DEGENERES show with his new (but old) American band Journey. I wonder when it will be?
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Posted 5/16/08
Sam Scores A ‘First’, Friday May 16, 2008 Philippines

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
Philippine Star

This piece of good news was first relayed to Funfare by Romy Berona, publicist of United International Pictures (UIP), and formally announced at a presscon three days ago:

Sam Concepcion has recorded his own version of Kung Fu Fighting which is included in the soundtrack of the animated film Kung Fu Panda (opening across the US and in the Philippines early next month) and will be distributed in the Asian Region.

That makes Sam the first local artist to have sung for a Hollywood company, DreamWorks (headed by Steven Spielberg).

The movie’s theme song will be played during the end credits of the Philippine run. Together with Universal Records, UIP has also produced a music video for Sam, which was shot mostly in a Chinese temple. The video features snippets from Kung Fu Panda and computer-generated animation made just for the music video.

Pop superstar Rain also recorded the same song, also for DreamWorks, in his native Korea; and R&B artist and song producer Ceelo Green for the US release.

Kung Fu Panda is about Po, the Panda, the laziest animal in all of the Valley of Peace, that accidentally turns out to be the chosen one when enemies threaten the village people’s way of life. Released by Paramount Pictures, the movie features the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogan, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Randall Duk Kim, James Hong, Michael Clarke Duncan and Dan Fogler.
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27 / F / USA
Posted 5/16/08
thanks for the info..
how about GMA's remake of My lovely kim sam soon? i heard it will be played by regine velasquez and mark anthony fernandez... any additional news... thanks in advance...
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Posted 5/16/08

jimini wrote:

thanks for the info..
how about GMA's remake of My lovely kim sam soon? i heard it will be played by regine velasquez and mark anthony fernandez... any additional news... thanks in advance...

Ahm, Jimini... It's still on the Buzz or on rumors nowadays but haven't yet definite on air date bout the said "My Lovely Kim Sam-Soon". So just be on ur guard at this time but i think that Phil. remake would be finally get thru.
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Posted 5/16/08
"Kung Fu Panda" gives Cannes an animated kick


CANNES - Who needs movie superheroes like Iron Man when audiences can rely on a panda named Po with a sick kung fu kick? Not Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black or any of the stars of "Kung Fu Panda."

The computerized movie from DreamWorks Animation, the studio that gave audiences the hit "Shrek" films, stole the media spotlight at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday with a message that anyone can be a hero if they believe they can.

"The superhero is only there in culture because people feel a deficiency inside them," Hoffman told reporters at a news conference. "You don't need a superhero. The superhero is inside you."

In a summer movie season where "Iron Man" already is nearing $200 million at the North American box office, and other comic book characters like Batman and the Incredible Hulk are due to hit theaters in coming weeks, it's obvious that moviegoers love their superheroes.

But animated movie "Kung Fu Panda," which debuts around the world starting in June, is an unconventional screen idol built more for laughs than for beating up the bad guys.

Po (voiced by Black) is fat, lazy and serves noodles at his dad's cafe. Yet he dreams of being like the kung fu fighters taught by Master Shifu (Hoffman).

When Po is mistaken for a mighty warrior who will save the valley in which he and all his animal friends live, he must learn to be the tough-minded panda of his wild imagination.

But Po is far better at eating than fighting -- unless he has food for motivation. Then, he is quite tough.

"I think of myself as kind of a bear. I'm very furry and soft and squishy and lazy, and sometimes fierce and crazy. There was little acting involved. I am Po; Po is I," said Black -- no svelte movie star, himself.

"It is some of the best work I've done," he added.

Jolie, who voices a fighter called Tigress, said "Kung Fu Panda" with its theme of discovering one's true self inside and out, is perfect for kids.

She said three of her growing pack of children -- she is pregnant with twins -- have already seen and liked the animated film. "And they are my biggest critics," Jolie said with a smile.
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Posted 5/16/08
Roxanne Guinoo bares more in 'Ligaw'

Over the years, young actress Roxanne Guinoo has proven that she is more than just a pretty face in showbiz by starring in TV and movie projects like Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos and Palos, among others.

These projects honed her talent, and showed her bankability as a showbiz personality. Now, Roxanne takes on her most challenging role to date – Leya Alegro, the lead character in ABS-CBN's upcoming daytime teleserye "Ligaw", which premieres May 26th after "Wowowee".

Roxanne was discovered via the talent show Star Circle Quest. She has successfully evolved into a young, credible, fine actress since then. This made her clinch the plum role of Leya.

"Ligaw" revolves around the story of Leya, a woman desperately trying to put the pieces of her sad, complicated life together. Will she succeed in her desire to put her life in order, or will she just open more wounds of the past?

"'Ligaw' is about one beautiful girl's (Leya) desire to complete herself by finding her own family, true love," said Enrico Santos, ABS-CBN Business Unit Head.

"You will see a more daring Roxanne in Ligaw."

Roxanne will be joined by her leading men Sid Lucero (childhood sweetheart Billy) and VJ and Kjwan member Marc Abaya (Francis).

"Ligaw" also stars Ara Mina, Isko Moreno, Noni Buencamino, Jodi Sta. Maria, Dominic Ochoa, Chockoleit, Arlene Muhlach, Smokey Manaloto, Coco Martin, Joem Bascon, Erich Gonzales, Matteo Guidicelli, Carla Humphries, Jaymee Joaquin, among others.

It will be directed by Andoy Ranay.
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Posted 5/16/08
"Fil-British singer's single # 10 on UK hit chart"


One of the singers currently gaining popularity in the United Kingdom is a nineteen-year-old Filipina, and her name is Kcat.

Kcat or Catherine Lingal in real life is now soaring high as her single entitled "My Destiny" hit the British charts by storming in at No. 10.

"It did really well. I'm very blessed to be in this position and I'm very happy," Kcat said.

On BBC Radio 1's Official CHART SHOW with Fearne & Reggie last Sunday May 11th, Kcat's "My Destiny" ranked number 10 from its rank last week at number 13.

"My Destiny" according to Kcat has more to do with love- finding the one and finding your destiny.

"This has also to do with personal experience. For the moment I'm single, but I have songs that are not personally based on personal experiences," she said.

Kcat in the Philippines

Kcat is currently in the Philippines to promote her CD, and to have a short vacation.

She thanked fellow Filipinos who supported her here and in the UK.

"The Philippines had been very supportive and my family. Filipinos in England are very supportive as well, and everywhere I go I'm well talked of because of my heritage and that makes me a proud Filipina as well," she said.

Kcat is not only a singer, she is also a songwriter and a producer.

She charmed audiences at the young age of 13, and always won local talent contests. She also became popular in the Filipino community in the United Kingdom.

She delivered ballads with ease during festivals, beauty pageants and other singing competitions.

"I love ballads but Tina Turner, I consider her my bestfriend. I tried to imitate her voice," she said.

At 17, she won the inter-college talent competition, a contest won previously by English singers-songwriters Daniel and Natasha Beddingfield.

Her family always supported her dreams. "It's my sister that tells me that I have the voice to sing and from then I started to join contests and meeting producers," she said

Kcat has already performed in London venues which includes Alexandra Palace and Jazz Café.

Kcat's experiences, both positive and negative, have helped her grow as a person.

She is practicing positivity -- drawing out positive things that would come out from every situation. From this practice, she is also helping herself as a songwriter.

"It is actually the motivation, the hunger and determination you need to become successful," she said.

Kcat was performing at a bar in Camden when the MINDSET management asked her to record for them.

From then on KCat has been very busy touring all over Britain. She is also enjoying extensive airplay on BBC Radio 1xtra, Choice FM and Galaxy FM.

Kcat enjoys this year with the success of her song "My Destiny" as featured in the album of "Delinquent", a duo of dance producers.

"Delinquent" consists of Mike Panteli and Philip Omo, two of UK's young dance producers. "Delinquent" was formed in 1999.

The duo burst onto the music world scene in a big way remixing for the likes of Jamelia (Bout), Mis-Teeq (Can't Get It Back/Style), Jaimeson (Take Control/Complete), Timbaland & Magoo (Cop That Disc) and Keisha White (What You Gonna Do).

With a report from Ginger Conejero, TV Patrol World.
Posted 5/16/08
please post news about the stars from gma. hehe ..
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Posted 5/16/08
"Piolo, Sam withdraw P12M libel case vs Lolit Solis"

Matinee idols Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby on Wednesday dropped the P12 million libel case they lodged against entertainment columnist and talent manager Lolit Solis.

On Wednesday Pascual and Milby formally withdrew the case against Solis after the columnist made a full retraction in her column published in the Pilipino Star Ngayon tabloid.

Aside from the retraction, Solis also apologized to the two top actors of ABS-CBN at the sala of Judge Jose Mendoza of the Manila Regional Trial Court branch 55.

The apology was made in front of Pascual’s and Milby’s manager Johnny Manahan and their legal counsel Joji Alonzo.

Both camps have also agreed never to discuss the case again.

On May 7, the two actors went to the Department of Justice to get an assurance from Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez that their libel case against Solis will be treated fairly after they received information about the columnist’s supposed connection inside the department.

The case stemmed from Solis's "Take It, Take It" column published in the Pilipino Star Ngayon on October 15. She alleged that she saw the two actors looking sweet and whispering to each other near the poolside coffee shop of the Hotel Sofitel. -With reports from Mario Dumaual, TV Patrol World
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Posted 5/17/08
"Judy Ann Santos: The Sweet Taste of Success", Saturday April 12, 2008 Philippines

It was touch and go for a while, trying to schedule actress Judy Ann Santos for a cover feature on People Asia magazine. Though there’s no arguing that as one of the country’s most sought after actresses, virtually every Filipino knows who she is. Still, one didn’t quite know what to expect. Thus, it was rather a pleasant surprise that she could be very candid, talking about her dreams for her family, her vision for her business, her plans for the future, and what people expect of her.

The pictorial itself, with top photographer Jun de Leon behind the lens, turned out to be a fun shoot. Believe it or not, Judy Ann’s photo on the cover was the first shot of the day. Impressive.

Counting by the milestones that she has already surpassed – winning acting awards from prestigious award-giving bodies, having been part of more than 50 films, starring in more than a dozen television series – Judy Ann can lay claim to one of the most successful entertainment careers in local tinsel town. But for the 29-year-old, it’s still not enough.


It’s almost every performer’s wish to be able to portray that one, perfect role. Judy Ann, for her part, is no exception. During the early part of her more than 20-year career in showbiz, she has had no say when it came to picking her roles.

“I really had no choice,” she confirms. “Someone will just tell me ‘You have a shooting tomorrow,’ to which I’ll ask what kind of movie, who’ll be my co-stars, when will I get the script? ‘You’ll get the script tomorrow,’ would be the answer I’ll get. I endured that for many years because I knew that I had to work hard for whatever goal that I wanted. I just figuratively closed my eyes and did those roles but deep inside, I was also praying really hard that one day, I could earn their respect.”

By going with the flow, Judy Ann earned more than everyone’s respect in the industry; she also flourished and became a favorite topic in every household as millions of television and movie viewers came to love her regardless of the role she played.

On television, her first memorable role was that of Ula, a character almost similar to that of Walt Disney’s Mowgli in the Jungle Book. Then there’s Mara, in the noontime series Mara Clara, essaying the first of the many “martyred” characters that she would take on. Then there’s Esperanza for the series with the same title. In Krystala, she played a heroine while in Ysabella – her recently-concluded series of the same title – Judy Ann’s talent for cooking was incorporated into her role.

Eventually with this “respect” came the offer of good roles, one of which was in the movie Sabel where she played a more complex character.

“I wanted to do the role because I wanted to be known as an artist,” says Judy Ann. Having the combined forces of Joel Lamangan as director and Ricky Lee as scriptwriter also made the movie a cut above the rest. “After reading the script, I felt that I can do the role, I can do the character. It just so happened that the role gave me an Urian (award for best actress). And that’s where I found out that the saying ‘trust your instinct’ is quite true.”

Taking care of business

And Judy did trust her instinct, not only in the roles that she accepted but also in running her own business.

It’s a well-known fact that Judy Ann and her family are running Kaffe Carabana, a bar and restaurant that has done quite well. And though her first venture into business was not as successful, the young entrepreneur did not let the experience dampen her spirit.

“At that time, I was really driven to have a business because I had this feeling that this industry can be such a traitor. You get fat and no one will hire you. Get married and you’ll be lucky if you’ll get picked for a role. And this is one of the reasons why I took up culinary studies, aside from my passion for it. It’s also because I want to ensure my future and my daughter’s future and the other children that I might have. I’m also preparing myself because in reality, I know that this is not a stable job. I have not finished college so unless I’m my own employer, I’m my own boss, I think I’ll have a hard time finding another job. But I believe that if others can do it, I can do it also. I just need to study really hard so that I can be proud of myself,” the actress says with refreshing candor.

Thanks to the success of her business, Judy Ann was finally able to call her mommy Carol – working at that time abroad – to come back home. “I told her ‘You can stay here with us now. You’re done working in other countries. It’s our turn to take care of you.’ And since she wanted to handle a business, I gave her Kaffe Carabana.”

Though others wouldn’t have had the time and energy, Judy Ann still managed to take up culinary studies, and is already thinking of another business venture.

“We’re thinking of another business in the future with a much better location and concept. I might open another business after I graduate from my culinary studies abroad. When I can already stand on my own as the head chef. Though I don’t want a fine dining restaurant because that’s too expensive to maintain. It’s not low-end either but I’ll make sure that it’s gonna be convenient, accessible and the food has reasonable price for everybody else to enjoy,” envisions Judy Ann.

Gastronomic dreams

A fan of famed British chef Jamie Oliver, Judy Ann also dreams of traveling and experiencing the different tastes and culture in other parts of the world. “I also want to make a difference,” she enthusiastically adds. “I would also like to teach housewives some culinary skills or even the bachelors out there who want to cook for their dates. I just want something fun to happen with my culinary skills.”

Busy mommy

Though with all the things that she wants to accomplish – as a chef, a businesswoman, an actress, a traveler, and hopefully soon, as a student – there is one role that Judy Ann doesn’t often show to the public. That is, as a mom to her adopted daughter Yohan. For Judy Ann – who is already used to having her privacy invaded – it’s quite a different matter altogether when it comes to keeping the privacy of her three-year-old daughter. Yet as she talks about the topic of settling down, Judy Ann again surprises us as she opens up about her daughter, thus giving us a glimpse into her role as a mom.

“You know what, before, I told myself I wanted to get married and have a baby at the age of 26. It didn’t happen. So I said, ‘okay at 28.’ Again, nothing happened. And even before Ryan came into my life, I’ve already decided on 30. With or without a father, I’ll have a baby. But now that my blessing is finally here and I have a daughter already, I feel like it’s a sign that I don’t have to rush into anything. Yes, Ryan and I do talk about marriage but we don’t have a definite timetable on when we’ll get married. Maybe because we’re still enjoying each other’s company. When we’re together, we’re like two high school teens, watching movies, eating ice cream, going on a motorcycle ride, or just traveling. Maybe two years from now. Because right now, I have to think about my daughter’s future. She’ such a smart child and it saddens me when people ask her ‘Where’s your mom?’ and she answers ‘Working’!” the actress discloses.

Yet with all her success, Judy Ann knows that at the end of the day, the most important thing in her life is family.

“I’m just really so lucky that I have my family with me. I have my daughter with me, Ryan’s with me. And my friends are there for me always,” she smiles.
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CarmelM412 wrote:

"Bea Alonzo Lands Lead Role for Philippine's Ugly Betty", Wednesday May 7, 2008 Philippines

Philippines ABS-CBN has the franchise for the Mexican soap "Betty La Fea" and television director, Wenn Deramas has confirmed that actress Bea Alonzo will play the lead role for the Philippine version.

The said adaptation has no confirmed official title yet but it is about an intelligent but plain girl working in the glamorous world of fashion. American television has it's own version of this soap which is entitled Ugly Betty.

Deramas will be directing this series and another series entitled "Dyosa" played by Anne Curtis, all to be shown in ABS-CBN in the latter part of 2008.

Source: Ampedasia

Such a dream girl, how i wish!
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