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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/16/08

(Please do not take this summary without crediting to NatsuRin.
Please ask me for permission for it.Thanks)

This is only a really brief summary on the chapter. >.<

Here's a summary of the scans... My jap isnt good, but yup, i'll tried...any errors do feel free to correct me. ^^
Basically its Yukimura's sister Rui who loves to play as a princess or rather imagines herself to be princess.
But she think his brother is not prince enough, eh, sounds weird in English... Yukimura doesnt have the prince image in her eyes. And Rui sees Usui Takumi and decided that Usui will be her prince....

Yukimura is actually about to tell Kanou his problem with his sister when they met his sister Rui running by followed by 3 boys from the same elementary school.

Rui yet told her frens (e 3 boys) yukimura is a brother at her neighbourhood. Yukimura is stunned. Exclaiming, "I'm her BROTHER, Rui's brother.........." sobbing into Kanou... hahahx...
Rui said," Rui is a princess, so her brother must be more of a prince right?"

Then they meet Misaki n Takumi.
Rui fell in love with the Princey image of Takumi at 1st sight... Hahahx...

In school, Yukimura ask Usui to agree for a outing with Rui.
Misaki was shocked and warned Yukimura not to entrust his kawaii sister to this perverted alien. And while saying that, she snatched away Usui's lollipop from his mouth," This is the Students' Council Room, why is he eating here. "
Usui said," Why are you so angry, this is from yesterday's where Miad latte's giveout..." Misaki shuts him up... hahax.. (See the image of Misaki handling out sweets? I believe its one of their special theme)

Yukimura continue to begged Usui to agree... going on about when Rui was young Yukimura treats her like a princess..and he was like a prince to Rui.... but he was not like a prince after all.....He wished to do something to grant Rui's wish and this somehow sparked the 'fire/passion?' inside Misaki and she was really touched and you can see both of them go way emotional ... hahax... Like its great to do smth for their beloved siblings..
Usui seeing Misaki so enthusiastic about this, agrees too...

During the meeting, Usui dressed as a handsome prince, this costume is from Aoi... hahax..
That cross dresser
When Rui saw Usui, she shouted :"Takimi sama~~~"
The trio was shocked... hahax..

Rui kept twirling around Usui chanting Takumi sama , Takumi sama which got him irritated and asked princely: What's the matter, OHima sama(My princess)"
Rui:" Let's go to a place with lots and lots of flowers!
Then they went to the Botanical Garden...... T__T hahax...

Usui was so unusually handsome n flowery around the flowers! Lol

Rui fell down, Yukimura was sooo worried..

Yukimura is a little sad, seing Rui loves Usui so much and feels that he is a failure...
The Misaki and the trio came up with plans.. or rather some is also from Aoi...
Kanou acted as the bad guy to show Rui that usui isnt the prince that Rui thought to be.. but it failed terribly of cox..

Then Aoi had another plan----------------------> Misaki dressed up as a lolita.

(Okay, sorry... was rather rushed so i have not read these part yet.. do gimme some time, From now on, the remaining is just short summary..will update and change when i have the time..Just wanna tell you guys the main gist of the chapter first.)

Misaki went up and Usui was really surprised.
Misaki:"You are too Much! Takumi sama! My fiancee and yet you are just a two-timer!!!!And the person is just a little kid!!!" She whispered to Usui to carry on the act to help Yukimura.

Usui:" I'm so sorry, Misaki Hime (Princess Misaki), I dint know that you actually love me so much.Don't worry, Misaki Hime is the only one that i love too "

Rui is angry and said that Yukimura is spoiling thing and hates him.
Rui knocked into the waitress and the stuffs on the waitress fall...
Yukimura cover Rui follwed by Nice safe from Usui n Misaki.
Yukimura is so worried, yet Rui ask him to stop.
Yukimura is sooo angry and scolded Rui and ask her to stop it...(Iikagenni shinasai!!)
The siblings made up.
Rui also said ,:: Takumi sama's hime is not Rui too.."(While looking at Misaki n Usui in argument and Usui is obviously enjoyinmg it taunting Misaki.. hahax)


That's all for now... will edit and include more details in future when i have the time... so just bear with it for a moment! So sorry!Any errors do tell me! Thanks!
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Posted 5/16/08
Usui's great as always thanks for the scans
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Posted 5/31/08
THANKS for the scans and the summary
Posted 6/4/08
i've seen a chapter.
i forgot what chapter was it exactly.
it was raw so i just stared at the images. hahax
it was a princess like kid wearing a princess outfit who also liked usui so much.
but in the end, it was revealed that "that princess" was a guy wearing a wig..
is this also the chapter you're referring too?
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Posted 7/9/08
thanks for the summary.
stilldoll > i believe the chapter you are referring to is 13.
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Posted 1/3/09
i don get it...
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