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Post Reply The Hundred Princesses and the Mystery Visitor
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Posted 6/1/08

LovelyCrystal wrote:

First batch of the princesses~ Jedidah, Ryn, Kendie, Mira, Valkyrie, Ai (me), Junette, Althena, Shinsen, Shea, and Miyu

Chapter 1: The Hundred Princesses

It was a rainy afternoon; a girl was in her room reading about Greek Mythology.

“I’m bored!!!! There’s nothing to do.” Said a girl with black straight hair and blue eyes and was wearing a white dress with lace on the end the dress and at the long sleeves and was wearing knee- high boots who was sitting in a desk.

Knock! Knock!

“Princess Ai, your rose tea is here.” Said a maid

“Come in.” Said Ai

In another part of the castle,

“Lalalala” A little girl with pink hair in a ponytail was wearing a cute outfit that’s color pastel pink dress which has long sleeves and raffles on the end of the dress and on the center of the blouse and was wearing knee- high socks with raffles on it and was wearing black shoes. Was drawing on the floor of her bedroom.

“Princess Mira, you shouldn’t be lying on the floor! You’ll get yourself dirty!!!” Said a maid

“Humph!!! I want to sit on the floor!!!” Said Mira who was pouting

“Well okay if you say so your highness...” Said the maid

In the archery room,

Swish! An arrow was shot and hit the bull’s-eye.

“Nice aim princess Kendie!!!” Said the butler

“Thanks!!” Said Kendie who had blonde flowing hair and black eyes while wearing a white blouse and white pants

In the green house,

“How lovely these roses are.” Said a girl that looks like Ai but with red eyes and also was wearing a white dress with a little blue on it and was crouching down in front of the rose plant

“Princess Ryn, it’s time to eat dinner.” Said the butler

“Okay if you say so, Freud.” Said Ryn

Ryn and Freud went inside the dinning hall. The first one to be there was Ai.

“Hi Ryn, so how’s the roses?” Asked Ai

“They’re alright. They bloomed lovelier than before.” Answered Ryn who sat beside Ai

The dorm slammed open revealing an irritated Jedidah and a satisfied Valkyrie

“What happened to you Jedi nee- chan?” Asked Mira who just arrived before Jedidah and Valkyrie and was sitting in front of Kendie.

“Valkyrie kept on touching my stuff even though I told her not to.” Said very angry Jedidah

Valkyrie started to giggle, “You should have seen her face!!! It was very funny!”

“Hey aren’t we missing anyone?” Asked Kendie

“Oh yeah now I remember, father, mother, Junette, Althena, Miyu, Shinsen, Shea went to visit the Snow Queen of Dakiria.” Said Valkyrie

“Heh, your also forgetful Valkyrie!!!” Said Jedidah

“What was that?!” Said Valkyrie

“Excuse me your highness but you have a visitor in the lounge.” Said Freud

“Oh.... Well let’s check who it is!!!!” Said Mira who was running to the lounge and the others ran after.

Once the princesses arrived in the lounge they were surprised to see who it is.

To be continued in part 2..........

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So Nice................I Wonder Who Will Be In Part 2
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Posted 8/19/08
Wah!!!!!!!! SO nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who is the mysterious person... Hahaha!!! I also wonder when I'm going to appear...(I'm currently requesting for Priestess)
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