Post Reply Twilight movie will be released in Jan. 8 (phil.) Help Twilighters.
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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/16/08

Here's the URL,guys.

Please help. I know some of us are not Filipinos here.
But Even I symphatize with this. This is just MAD! People who's been waiting for this movie deserves better.
You are a Twilighter , would you feel when everyone in the net keeps squeeling at lovely parts of the movie, complained about how dumb it played in the movie, how cute the actors were in the movie, and everyone gushing about it and you, sitting in a corner, quiet coz you have no idea what they are talking about?

It's just a couple of minutes but it could affect greatly, I know this only has slight possibility in succeeding but I'd want to help people on any small way I can. I sound so melodramatic but, I'm really upset with this.

Why am I doing this?
Because, for once, I am not selfish. It's everyone's buissness, if you ask me. I am not that type of person who helps this kind of petitions stuff, but it triggered hard on me. I mean, it's just a bad situation. Think if you were on their shoes...What would you feel?


And for once, I want to help, because mostly all of us wants this. We're all in on this.

Thanks guys.
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