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Posted 10/17/09 , edited 11/5/09
Another qwaaaarktastic poem by me, cheers!

When the day came around I felt something else, something desperate, something that tells.
Then a dog ran by, covered in blood, I felt his pain and his sorrow thus he was covered in mud.
He ran away, so didn't I. He stayed away, I felt this could only be a lie.
He came back the next day, also dirty and sick. He looked at me, and I believe I heard ´´Click´´.
It wasn't a dog, neither some blood. There was no pain, nor was it mud.

Do a barrel roll!
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33 / F / Quebec
Posted 10/31/09


A place to write things down.

I miss the liveliness of back in 2004 from another forum I used to be active on.

Here's one for thanking crunchyroll for letting me watch Saki in just about one go (too sleepy to finish the last 3-4 episodes ^^)

All nighters

Ranging from dusk till dawn,
Steering but in one direction.

Fleeting rest unnecessarily,
Defying it blatantly.

Uncontrollable emotions,
Creating quite a commotion.

Yielding the greatest of results,
Through cloudy and unrealistic faults.

Excited habits plowing in utter boastfulness,
Halted by a great evil called drowsiness.

No one will stops me,
For I am the winds no one can see.

Blazing forth to steal the show,
There is no one to turn the tides of woe.

For loss is never simple to overcome,
Unless dear friends are there to grow from.

But who's there to say there wasn't any fun,
In this battle for victory on the long run.

One of circles twirling in one's mind,
Thus is the path of any series of a kind.

Eyelids slowly crushing a strong will,
Singing along to the lyrics in pure thrill.

Tears still manage to fall even when sleep is on the next corner,
Fighto is all to be said as yet one last episode remains!

The finale holds its last cliffhanger,
Bed calls and another series bites the dust.

*Notes another completed series in a .rtf file and lets body fall on bed*
Posted 11/5/09
There he went, not one or four. only three, nothing more.
But he was happy, alone but glad. So noone asked why he wasn't sad.
He didn't want them, that they knew. He used to tell them that, and friendship he blew.
Noone really cared though, they decided it had been enough. They left him alone, they didn't know it was just a bluff.
To ask for help, he didn't bother anymore. Did all by himself, he became somewhat sore.
Then she came, all became clear. He had been waiting for someone, and now she's here.

Made it today when thinking about THC..
Posted 11/12/09

Synopsis: Arjun Mehta, a first-year student at the Pandora University where he pursues the History studies. As a young kid, Arjun loved history and was influenced by his father's work. His best friend, John Chou also studies at the Pandora University. Later one night, when Arjun leaves the lab room, he sensed something was lurking in the room and suddenly finds himself attacked by a strange creature. The creature was about to bite Arjun's neck until another unknown person stopped it. Then the creature escaped and Arjun finds himself meeting with a beautiful woman named Maria. Maria reveals herself as a vampire who claims that the creature was also a vampire and came to attack Arjun. Arjun couldn't believe this and thinks that the vampires are just a legend. But Maria proves that vampires are real and now wants Arjun to work with an organization called Peace Cross where vampires and humans work together. Maria also tells Arjun that he has the ability to sense vampires and now wants to be part of the organization. Arjun doesn't want to be part of the organization and plans to live a normal life until he was taken away by the Peace Cross authorities and was forced to work for them. Now Arjun has to work for the organization to hunt down evil vampires who are threatening humanity.


Vampires- Vampires are creatures that lurks in the night and feeds on human blood. They are immortal and couldn't withstand sunlight. Some humans can be turned into vampires by bite or later after death. There are good vampires who want to coexist with humans but the other vampires don't like the idea and wants to turn humans into one of them or kill them.

Dhampirs- The Dhampirs are half-humans, half-vampires who are born to hunt down rogue vampires. They possess superior strength than the ordinary vampires and can sense when they are nearby. However, their part vampire nature and hunger for blood makes them insane. Most of the time, Dhampirs don't drink human blood since they can survive in daylight.

Unborn- The Unborn are humans whose vampire side have not awakened. Most humans come from a line of vampire ancestors or born from a family clan. In order to awaken the human's vampire side, he or she must be bitten by a family relative. If not, the humans will die of blood loss. They also possess supernatural abilities which indicates their hidden vampire nature. For example, Arjun Mehta has the ability to sense vampires which means he could be a vampire.

Cabali- The Cabali are a new race of vampires who are immune to sunlight. The history books have indicated that the vampire Queen with the golden fangs existed since ancient times. The golden fangs indicate that ordinary vampires can be turned into a different vampire who can withstand sunlight. The golden fangs can also turn vampires into humans which depends on the Queen who fulfills a vampire's wish.

Virals- The Virals were once humans who have turned into vampires after been infected by a blood plague. The Virals are mindless creatures that devour human and vampire blood. In the 20th century, a group of scientists have been trying to find a cure for the blood disease instead they brought the plague by accident and thus resulted the humans who became Virals.

Moon Beasts- The Moon Beasts are actually half-vampire, half-werewolf hybrids who are much stronger than ordinary vampires and werewolves. In a society, the vampires and werewolves have created a strict rule which forbiddens the love between a vampire and a werewolf. However, there are cases when vampires had secret relationships with the werewolves. As a result, the Moon Beasts were exiled from both the vampire and werewolf society.

Super Vampires- Super Vampires are genetically enhanced humans who became a part of the secret experiment in order to hunt down ordinary vampires. The Hunters organization created them to kill vampires and humans who support vampire existence. They possess enhanced strength and agility. They are far stronger than dhampirs and the ordinary vampires. The super vampires often go berserk during the attack and sometimes cannot be stopped by dhampirs. They also sometimes feed on human blood in order to make them stronger.

Werewolves- The werewolves are considered as shape-shifters who allied with the vampires back in the 19th century. However, they are some werewolves who don't like the idea of allying with the blood drinkers so they decided to wage a war against them. In the end, the vampires won and the werewolves left their areas and moved on their own. Years later, the werewolves were accepted into human society and now a supernatural agency called the Night Crime Division was formed and contains several vampire and werewolf agents who decided to protect human existence. The other werewolves went rogue and continues the war against the vampires.

Vetalas- The Vetalas are vampire-like beings based on Hindu mythology. According to the history books, the Vetalas existed during ancient times and were wiped out by the past vampire hunters. Now the Vetalas are extinct and their descendants lived on and began to live with humans. Arjun might be one of the Vetala descendants which would indicate his ability to sense vampires since his vampire side is not awakened yet.

Parasites- Parasites are vampire-like beings that feeds on human's life energy instead of blood. The origin of these beings are unknown and no one knows where they have come from. Some scientists believe that they are beings of pure energy that sucks life energy out of humans in order to prolong their life. Others believe that they are a new race of vampires which have been evolved with different abilities from ordinary vampires.


Peace Cross
The Peace Cross organization was formed in the late 17th century to maintain peace and coexistence between humans and vampires. Several humans and vampires have been recruited as agents and sent to track down dangerous vampires who attack innocent humans or good vampires. The Peace Cross organization was lead by a former vampire hunter named Marc Summers who envisions that humans and vampires should work together.

The Hunters organization was formed to hunt down vampires whether they are good or bad. The Hunters think that humans and vampires cannot coexist with each other since humans are the dominant species. However, the Hunters have worked on genetic experiments to improve vampire-hunting skills. They have created genetic modifications of both human and vampire and turned them into Super Vampires in order to kill ordinary vampires. Aaron Harkely, the leader of the vampire hunters is in charge of the organization.

Night Crime Division
The Night Crime Division originated in New York and later formed in other countries to investigate supernatural crimes. This organization contain agents who are vampires, humans, and werewolves. The agents sometimes work alone or teamed with a partner who is either a human, vampire, or werewolf. One or two agents are sent to investigate crimes who were committed by supernatural forces. The Night Crime Division was formed by one of the top executives of the secret agencies but his identity is unknown.
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Posted 11/13/09 , edited 11/13/09
This is mine .Just started.

Title: La Rosa de Victoria: her last present
Starring: Horikita Maki , Mukai Osamu, Ueno Juri, Eita
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29 / M / grand junction, co
Posted 11/18/09
liquid moonlight dances
with lazy blue water;
flitting from dew drop to dew drop,
in time to natures tune;
while fairy dust fills the air with tones of silver midnight moon.

tears in rainbow mist reveal creatures large and small
frozen on time less wonder of this moonlit splendor

while laughing colors light thier skin abllaze
the plants of jealosy watch as the moon child plays
with the sun of god
till time becomes her home

then when fiery mist turns gold by midas touch
and creatures melt through times own clutch
when fire lights fairy dust
as dew drops last ripple fades
when mother nature's tune is dead
the moon child will return.

as the moon gazes on the stone below
she watches as the water flows,
the air blows and the earth groans,
boiling down to rolling foam.
creatures walk and creatures fly
while time crawls on by

here and there creatures slither
to cause the days to come hither
plants and trees twist and bend
to keep time from coming to end

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25 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 11/22/09
This won't be all of it... But...

Survival Test - Kakashi's Fear. Chapter 1 (Part of it)

Some people run with their head in the clouds, others can run with their heads under their feet. But, what happens when you run with your head on your shoulders?

Some fight with their heart, others fight with their head. So why don’t people fight with their hands, and their feet?

How about we find out what will happen if someone was to do this…?

How about, we take a trip backwards within time, to where the fights, ruled the world. And these things had to be adapted to suit a persons needs in life…

Let’s just take a look at the world of the Ninja. Such people thought with their heart, as well as their brains. Such as a youth called, Sasuke Uchiha. But then again, this sort of Ninja, wasn’t ordinary, he had a troublesome past, and a weird future to follow.

Maybe, having a twisted past, and a weird costume is that which makes an excellent ninja. Not many shall know what can make a ninja perfect to his best standard. But just maybe, maybe we will find out…

“Sasuke! Stop ignoring me!” Screamed a young blonde haired boy, that went by the name of Naruto Uzumaki. “Seriously! This is get annoying! You don’t even acknowledge me as a friend!”

Sasuke seemed not to care about what was being spoken about him, as he just sat their in thought. Within his mind…”What am I doing here with these low lifes, I’m not going to get any closer to defeating Itachi if I stay here…”

“Sasuke! That’s it, I’ve had enough, I want to fight you right now!” Naruto pointed his finger right at Sasuke, as he glared with a grin across his face.

“Naruto…The number one hyper active knuckle headed ninja…It’s hard to believe that you even managed to past the graduation test…And yet, right now you challenge Sasuke” Kakashi spoke to himself, as he couldn’t help but sigh softly, as they waited for someone at the gate.

“Who are we waiting for this time?” Sasuke finally looked up, but not at Naruto, yet at Kakashi.

“We’re waiting for the pink haired girl, I’ve already forgotten what her name was…” Kakashi answered as he scratched the side of his head.

“Kakashi! I thought we would have been waiting for you, like we always do!” Naruto screamed at his sensei, as he turned to point his finger towards him.

“Seriously, Naruto you need to go back to the academy, because your really getting on my nerves now…” Kakashi glared out of his visible eye, also grabbing a hold of Naruto’s finger, and bending it backwards. “Now scream to say sorry…”

Naruto bite onto his bottom lip, as he tried to hide the pain from his finger “OW!” His lips finally parted, as Kakashi to let go of his finger.

“Now who is the girl we are waiting for again…?” Kakashi asked towards either Sasuke or Naruto.

“Its Sakura…” Naruto sighed softly. “There are only three of us you have to remember Kakashi, how can it be that hard to memories our names?”

”Its, actually very hard, when your stuck looking after someone who could probably kill everyone but me on this team” He looks over towards Sasuke for the moment. “And someone who is always hyper, and doesn’t know anything about what he is doing” His eye looks over towards Naruto now. “And a super genius, who can’t even fight, want any more excuses?”

The rest will be found on;
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22 / F / In Naruto`s World...
Posted 11/23/09
Here`s mine!! I just started it a few weeks ago but i think its no good!! PLZ COMMENT!!

Teen Love Defect
Chapter 1: 2 weeks until summer ends forever

[kiki]ru ready 4 junior high?? [yuki]YESSS!!! WHO ISNT?? [fuka]not soo alone in this world now that we're going to junior high!!!
[kiki]WAT DO U MEAN?!?! [yuki] yea wat?? [fuka]umm..its nothing gt2go bye!!! I quickly signed off my messenger and checked my e-mails for a bit.all the mails said "End of summer sales!!".I deleted those e-mail as quickly as I can,to just forget that summer ends in 2 weeks!! I haven't done anything exciting except go to tokyo tower and onkinawa but only that.I turned off the computer and looked around my desk for my cell-phone in my oh-so cluttered desk when I looked at pile of books and paper and realized that I haven't even started my summer homework.I was so freaked that I even screamed out the window so loudly that even my next door neighbor told me to tone it down a bit. I apologized and closed the window and relaxed a bit before I went to go get my mom. I knew these 2 weeks were gonna be the worst one's yet.
Posted 11/26/09
Okay...heres my story:
After my parents, brother and sister were murdered, I had a wish. Yuko came and got me and brought me to her shop. There i met Watanuki, and at school Doumeki and Himiwari. I of course became close friends with all of them, specially Watanuki and Doumeki. After awhile I started going out with Watanuki...then we slowly grew apart. After about 3 months, i started having dreams that Sakura Syaoran Fai and Kurogane were coming...but i didnt aknowledge that. While on a date, i was at the same cafe as Watanuki and Doumeki were at with the twins. I of course was rele jealous and ran outside. Doumeki followed me and he took my hands and kissed me. (dont ask about the twins or my date.) So, Watanuki just had to deal with that...and so did I, cause Yuko made fun of me every chance she got. Then my dreams started becoming more vivid, and after i passed out with Watanuki after having to much necter from the monster percession, Yuko explained to Doumeki what was happening. After maybe 3 months of dating, Doumeki broke up with me, no-questions-asked. The next morning Watanuki and I were serving Yuko, when she suddenly went inside. She came out wearing her dimentional witch dress. Then it happened Syaoran and Sakura were right there, then Fai and Kurogane. The next thing I knew, I was in Hansing, with the four of them and Mokona. I quickly became very close friends with Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona. But distanced myself from Syaoran and Sakura. We went through good and bad times, but stuck with each other. When we got to Tokyo, I had a vision about the Syaorans, and Fai. The next day it happened, and there was nothing I could do about it. After Kamui and Subaru tried to save Fai, Kurgie and I called Yuko and asked her to save him. Of course I was sitting there crying, and by that time I had already told Fai I would die without him, that I loved him. We went through a lot, and after we left Sakura and Syaoran in Clow, we went back to my world. I was depressed by the death of Yuko, but some how I made it through. After a month or two, we sent Kurgie back to Nihon and because of my magic, he took Mokona with him. So we could keep in contact. I still check in on Watanuki and Doumeki from time to time, and Kurgie to.
If you're wondering what me wish was to start that whole thing, it was to die.
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Posted 12/3/09 , edited 12/3/09
Here's an essay I did about my Jessie from Team Rocket of Pokémon fame on International Cosplay Day, better Known as Halloween for the rest of us:

"Tricks, Treats, a Trap and October 31st Madness: 'Jessie's' Halloween Review"

The last time our author cross played as the femme fatalle of Pokémon's extremely laughable Team Rocket, there was much love for him as a lady. On a date that is traditionally the time for guys to dress as girls and vice versa, “she” (for the lack of a better word) would have to dodge raindrops, march in the annual costume parade in Newtown, get a small glamorous makeover and then from there hand out goodies for ghosts and goblins at his crib in a span of just over twelve hours!

Because of the Irish influence in many things – potato farming, beer making, celebrating holidays – we can thank them for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day with parades, drunken debauchery, wearing green even though they might not be of Gaelic decent. We can also thank them for the modern celebration of All Hallows Eve, where people celebrate with some parades, some drunken debauchery, and wearing outfits that are more suited to an episode of Let’s Make a Deal the rest of the year. Cosplayers have joked about a slogan for this time of year as it were: “Amateur Night”.

The last time that I went out as Jessie, Team Rocket’s diva, de facto leader and sex symbol amongst the okatu from the Pokémon meta anime series with my new costume, it was at an anime convention, and the outfit was met with glowing reviews and praise from those that were there. Now another event was coming up, Halloween. Another morning into day into night as a female being played by a male, and to paraphrase Maxwell Smart “loving it.” And to add some spice to the rack as it were, throw in a bit precipitation through most of the day until a downpour ceased the activities of October 31, 2009.

Fright Time IS The Right Time?
For me, the time of 4:00 AM is a good time to wake up when you have a long day of playing ahead. Put on top of this the fact that the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA to the locals in Philadelphia) was scheduled to strike at 12:01 AM, but delayed the strike threat first until 6:00 PM that evening, and then ultimately until the 2009 World Series passed through The City of Sibling Love. That, though, would be another story to be told at a later time. So after the customary shower and shave, I got dressed into my make up, tights (two pairs to keep warn, even though the temperature was scheduled to go up to a balmy for October 72°), padded bra and panties, body shaper, back brace (making me look even more effeminate), leotard and cheerleader briefs (or a “modesty brief” as they sometimes like to call it.) I even decided to shorten the skirt I wore a bit making it look like Jessie’s micro-mini as it were seen in the anime. Women, I now feel your pain as it were to don this part of the outfit. The skirt (for the lack of a better word) looked like more a giant belt. At 5:30 AM, I exited toward the bus stop and I had everything except one little thing I forgotten: those green earrings. I had hurried out the door, and forgot to put them on and left them. It was too late to turn back, and since it was drizzling, I put a white poncho made from low grade cheap plastic atop the costume to prevent it from getting wet. There were a couple people who recognized me from a similar trip I made the year before as Alice in Wonderland; after all, it had been 373 days since last year’s event, which was postponed and the judging had been moved indoors to the Newtown Theater, so this year it looked like the same.

Wet, damp, drizzly, rain threatened to spoil the party as it were. Arriving at the transfer point of the Route 84 near the Franklin Mills Mall located on what was an orphan farm, and then Liberty Bell Race Track. Simulcasting of horse racing within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had came one year too late, because the track was closed in 1985. The tales I had there would have to be put on hold for some future story. As I awaited the Route 130 to head out to Newtown, a small borough in the middle of Bucks County, there was a down time as it were. A year earlier, things were hunky dory to speak. Small businesses were doing well on Main Street, the local Chevrolet dealer was okay, and autumn was in full bloom. Well since then, Stockburger Chevrolet was forced out of business by General Motors, the lot closed but the service area still running. But just like anyplace, there was a Starbucks Coffee shop. At one time, as Dennis Miller said before he retired from comedy, “They’re actually planning to open a Starbucks inside a Starbucks!” Now our story gets to become fun.

Inside, a kind lady saw me dressed as I was and then was taken aback by her request: she wanted my autograph as Jessie! An autograph? In character? How could I not pass the chance up? She then decided to buy me a hot chocolate and sticky bun out of her Starbucks card. The cost was $5 and change. Well worth it needless to say. Everybody there got a kick of my appearance, so much so that one employee asked if he could take a picture of me with my camera phone. Again, how could I pass the chance up, it is after all, October 31st? So after giving him some brief instructions on how my camera phone works, I posed in a rather sexy (if you can call a 5-foot-9, 270-pound man dressed in a somewhat revealing outfit from the chest down) pose, legs crossed on a chair at the coffee shop. When I later saw the picture, I noticed a little “fan service” as it were. In the pose, I accidentally showed my panties in the shot.

The Fan Service Kiosk
Well, what exactly is “fan service” you say? Allow the pillar of education called Wikipedia to explain it all to you:

“Fan service is a vaguely-defined term primarily used for anime and manga (Japanese illustrated cartoons) to refer to elements that are unnecessary to the storyline. Fan service explicitly refers to material that is designed to amuse or excite the audience with sexually-derived content. When such content fits within the storyline, it would not usually be considered fan service, but excessive content is usually considered gratuitous regardless of its justification.

“Any gratuitous content included in some form of entertainment primarily to please a core group of fans is fan service. The term has been used in a broader context than just anime, including the three Star Wars prequels.

“The typical, but not only, variety of fan service is racy or sexual content (usually female but sometimes male) used to titillate the viewer, such as nudity or other forms of eye candy. Shower scenes are very common in movies, and in anime of the 1980s and 1990s, while many more recent television series use trips to onset (Japanese Hot Springs) or trips to exotic tropical locales, in order to showcase the characters in bathing suits. All aim to depict characters in states of relative undress when it would otherwise be out of place with the tone of a series. In anime, two common types of fan service are the panties shot and jiggling breasts. Male homo eroticism, such as accidental kisses, is a common feature of fan service for females, and has been described as ‘easier to get away with’ in terms of censorship than fan service for males.”

Therein lies the answer to the question laid out. Yes, even Pokémon has had some kiddie fan service moments. The three female protagonists – Misty, May and Dawn – all have worn bathing suits and both Jessie and James wore them as well. And there was the now-banned episode “Beauty and the Beach”, where James donned inflatable breasts in one of the most controversial moments in the history of children’s television in America.

Forward, March!
So much for the fan service. Let us return to the story of that date in question. After Starbucks, I walked in my thigh-high boots that are tight in the toes toward the landmark called The Stocking Works. has an explanation of the building, it’s history and the the current use of this historic place:

“Originally, the Newtown Hosiery Mill (a.k.a. The Stocking Works) operated out of this building at 301 South State Street. In 1884, the Excelsior Bobbin and Spool Works was founded by John B Mawson in Yardley. In 1889, it was moved to Newtown after a fire destroyed the Yardley plant. In 1904, the Bobbin and Spool works chartered the name Excelsior Bobbin and Spool Company, which expanded with new buildings and updated equipment. After the brief tenure of the stocking manufacturer, the building was used by a stained glass company, a bobbin factory, and then during World War II, by the Lavelle Aircraft Corporation.

“When World War II started, there was a tremendous demand for aircraft, and Lavelle expanded to meet the demand. To mark its success, a ceremony was held at the plant in July, 1945, where the company was awarded the Army-Navy ‘E’ for excellence in production. After the war, the company changed over to stainless steel production for jet engines, missiles and satellites. The world's first weather Satellite, TIROS 1, was manufactured here in 1960. It recorded the first TV image from space. Some of the components used in the Apollo space missions were also manufactured here. In recent years, the property has been renovated into office space.”

So thanks to the borough of Newtown, Pennsylvania, we wouldn’t have The Weather Channel or even, Neil Armstrong would have never declared “Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” And to complete the cycle, the building has gone from hosiery to stained glass to bobbins to airplanes to steel manufacturing to office space. Anyway, returning to our tale of travel, as I stood in the parking lot of the historic complex waiting for an okay, and I had doubted it would go off, but surprise, surprise, surprise. The judging went off without a hitch, and my judges were dressed as the pre-slutty Janet from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a Civil War soldier because he does reenactments, the ultimate in cosplaying as it were. As did the parade, with the Council Rock South High School Band – complete with their band major dressed in the infamous It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia zentai green man suit – going right to the theater. And fate would have it, politicians looking for re-election in the area handed out officially licensed Pokémon trick-or-treat bags, and I was just plain lucky to get one of the only two. After a brief performance by the band, we went into the theater for the prize presentations, and needless to say, I didn’t win. Hey, I tried.

As I went about the town post-parade, I ran into a mother and daughter who complimented me as a nice-looking lady. After thanking them, I sprung the oldest Halloween trick of them all: I told them that I was a guy. Mom was shocked, and actually wanted to pose with me for a picture. The daughter, aged 11, ran away but reluctantly came back And because she was a good sport, she took our picture together. Later, as I was awaiting the bus to head to my next destination, a lady passing by in her car gave me a wolf whistle. It was after that onto the return trip Route 130 bus to Neshaminy Mall and more fun.

I decided to head into Macy*s there and ask for a makeover at the Lancome counter. Needless to say, the people were surprised to see a guy who stands is dressed in a micro miniskirt, baring a midriff as it were and in thigh-high boots and wearing a burgundy (or a dark purple?) wig come in and ask to have a makeover as an bossy, evil diva. Thank you, my dear friend for doing so. For the next couple hours, I went out and did trick-or-treating inside the mall. A 48-year old guy dressed in comedic crossplay drag doing trick-or-treating. And since my skirt was falling down a bit, I headed to American Eagle to get a re-pinning of my micro miniskirt to the proper length.

There’s No Place Like Home...and Getting There’s Half the Fun
Well after about an hour of this fun, it was time to head home. On the way to my house, after getting off SEPTA Routes 14 and 70, I decided to walk from the terminus at the intersection of Cottman and Torresdale Avenues, it was walking down Torresdale Avenue to meet a few friends in my outfit. They were really taken aback on how I looked to say the least. To say they were shocked was an understatement, as for two of the last three Halloweens, I was dressed for the whole day in my costume. In 2007, I was Alice in Wonderland, in a blue dress, pinafore apron and Mary Jane shoes. I went to Center City Philadelphia (we never call it “downtown”), got made up at the Sephora there and had a lot of fun. I looked like I had stepped out of Disneyland after having opened a “Drink Me” bottle and grown tall enough not to fit through that door.

In 2008, the whole thing was called off because of a small parade honoring the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. So I only wore the costume for trick-or-treaters who had gotten juice bottles with a label attached with “DRINK ME” upon them. From what I know, Center City was too crowded and it would have taken forever to get home with overcrowded trains.. I was disappointed because this was going to be my first championship parade I missed (and it was a quarter century since the last big event of this kind happening) because of the lack of tickets available at Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field – you had to either be a season ticket holder or enter a drawing to get the ducats, plus the fact some moronic scalpers decided to sell them on eBay for $500 or so – and that in turn riled my anger that I’d like to see any future parades move from south to north, say at Eakins Oval in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And irony of ironies, the team was playing the [CENSORED] New York Yankees in the World Series this year. That however, was not going to be historic for our fair city as those Damn Yankees win their 27th World Championship.

Well, when I finally came home, the neighbors playfully wolf whistled at me, and the whacked out (in a good way) neighbors from around the corner who have a haunted porch every year were getting ready for their scare affair as it were. Even the girl from three doors away liked my costume. The trick-or-treating commenced early due to the postseason baseball events, and we gave out a lesser amount of goodies (in this case, small bags of pretzels) before the rains came at 7:10 PM in the evening to end the legalized begging because of that and weather issues. So all in all, fun, weather, and sleep during a World Series game was enough for me. After all, isn’t All Hallows Eve supposed to be like that?

I welcome the comments and criticisms from this.
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24 / M / Antarctica
Posted 12/8/09

Chapter 32 of my self-made story...hahaha
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24 / M / Antarctica
Posted 12/11/09
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F / Philippines
Posted 12/22/09
by: Kats Pobre

Funny night…
Just went there to sight
Juan dela Cruz’s pageant fight.

Contestants ramped in the limelight
Illuminated countenances became intensely bright
Competition got very tight
Wosh… wow… applause took flight.

Then you walked center stage
Astonishment melted my face
Stunned by the language of your torso
Accompanied by vampiric smile, oh… so!

Torso talks, yes my dear
No wonder the title was yours to bear
Better late than never
Let me congratulate you, Mister!
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F / Philippines
Posted 12/22/09
by: Kats Pobre

The Man:
My beloved, where art thou?
I’ve been looking for you all over,
My search is still undone.

The Rib:
Who art thou, my beloved?
Show me your countenance,
My vision is vague.

The Man:
My beloved, where art thou?
I’ve been hearing a little audible sound,
Locating you from a great crowd.

The Rib:
Who art thou, my beloved?
Speak with your voice,
My hearing is uncertain.

The Man:
My beloved, where art thou?
I’ve been following your fragrance,
Continuously imitated by fraud.

The Rib:
Who art thou, my beloved?
Let your perfume linger,
My sense of smell is unclear.

The Man:
My beloved, where art thou?
I know you’re near,
I can sense your presence here.

The Rib:
Who art thou, my beloved?
Let me feel your touch,
My skin is so numb.
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F / Philippines
Posted 12/22/09
by: Kats Pobre

In grief and confusion
That sunny Sunday afternoon
Sitting along the pearl shore
Talking to a complete stranger

There was an exchange of thoughts,
Weighing of things,
Viewing matters in opposite angles

As the conversation goes,
Little by little, the distant worlds
Turned an inch apart

The voice of tears and regrets
Became laughter
The sun shined again.

Hearts six feet under
Rose and started to pump
Until completely oxidized.
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