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F / Philippines
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/22/09
by: Kats Pobre

A warrior stands tall
Confident, without fear
For she is shielded by
An armor made of steel

She walks, head held high
Back straightened by gait
Hands closed grasping a pole
Sole of feet in plantigrade

The sight of captive is barred
Seeing only the least possibility
Of bringing this warrior down
To set him free from captivity

To his ignorance, the warrior is just waiting
To decode her identity
If the captive could only see
Through the steel of anonymity
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F / Philippines
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/22/09
by: Kats Pobre

As cold as autumn breeze
As warm as human embrace
As calm as the Red Sea
As deep as Mariana’s Trench

Vocal frequency permeates the inner ear
Awakening the sense of hearing
Crawling through the skin
Until sense of touch is felt

Vocal modulation is crippling
Succumbing the entire body
Extracts the unoxygenated blood from the heart
Replacing with bloody hymnic art

Yeah, the soundwaves of your soul speaketh life!
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F / Philippines
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/22/09
by: Kats Pobre

I was caught with a smile
that was spoken by your lips
made perfect by your stunning teeth
as your eyes certified what it meant

that smile was the damnest
haven’t seen such long before
it seduced my innocence
and cracked my perfect peace

that smile haunted me
’til now it chases my reality
i still don’t know how to handle
the emotion it created in me

one smile from you shakes the universe
the world that is spinning on my head
the paradise only you and i exist
you, is all i wanna be with

can i see that smile again?
for with that smile on your face
i can see the beauty of creation
the 8th wonder of the world is your possession

i will alwalys remember that rainy day
that day you wore that one in a billion smile
for that very day, i know i have loved you
and up to this very moment, i still really do!
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F / Philippines
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/22/09
by: Kats Pobre

A familiar name, that’s all it was
A face commonly seen during summers
Presence always recognized in Yuletide parties
But forgotten for the rest of the years

Although the vertical gap is nearly zero
Our worlds are parallel, oh so true
That will never meet, there is no chance
Even if the line is extended to its last

But destiny made the possibility
Of crossing our paths unexpectedly
Your magnetic field is so strong
That pieces of my broken heart was drawn

All of a sudden, you came into picture
Perfect time, perfect place, perfect shot;
Perfect person?- still dont know this moment
We still have to figure it out

This funny feeling whenever you’re around
Keeps on bugging me, lifting me from the ground
Daydreaming of you and many sleepless nights
Your name is tatooed on my prophylacting mind

I can tell, you already caught me
I fell for you, you drive me crazy
This hypothalamic emotion is irresistible
It made my heart very vulnerable

All of these started with a tease
By common friends of ours
Matching two worlds together
That were distant from the start

A tease that grew deep
Deep into my crushed heart
Penetrated my lost hope
Of finding the right love

The love i’ve been waiting for,
Love i’ve been chasing for,
Love i’ve been longing for,
And still the love i’ve been praying for.

Yes, life without you is a misery
Unenduring, unwanting, unpretty
We fit together, believe it, undoubtedly
Picture perfect, full of beauty, what a scenery!
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F / Philippines
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/22/09
by: Kats Pobre

If I were a boy, is a thought that lingered in my head for almost two decades. For years I struggled with the idea that pain is most excruciating when a human being is born having XX chromosomes for gamete. Pain here in whichever spectrum is in its highest intensity. Why is it that being a female should turn out this way?

If I were a boy, I could've gone to boy scouts jamborees.

If I were a boy, I could've fought with my fist those bullies at school.

If I were a boy, I could've protected my girl friends from the whim of womanizers lurking around.

If I were a boy, I could've played billiards more seriously that might even give me the chance to become an Efren Bata someday, or I could've joined UAAP and become an NBA MVP now.

If I were a boy, I could've graduated with the highest honor in college and could've been a doctor in medical missions to far flung areas of my country.

But if I were a boy, I could've not met you at all. If I were a boy, I could've not seen the beauty of being me, an Eve. For in meeting you, I realized that all the pain a female will go through is all worth it if you and only you will be my better half someday.
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27 / F
Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/4/10
This is a start

Posted 1/14/10 , edited 1/15/10

My lips were pressed against Sora‘s, with all my force. My hand were in his back pocket, his on my chest. I began to place lustful kisses down Sora’s neck, as he reached under my shirt. I let out a low moan as Sora played with my nipples, rubbing them till they lay erect. Sora smiled into the kiss I was placing on his soft, pink lips. I pulled off his shirt as he forcefully pushed me into his bedroom. Now, we were both laying shirtless on his bed. Sora was straddling me, as I desperately tried to unzip his pants By the time I finally managed to pull the zipper down on Sora’s pants, he had already removed mine along with my under wear, and was taking things to the next level. I moaned as Sora wrapped his mouth around my dick. I dug my fingers into his hair as he swallowed more. The feeling was so amazing it almost felt unreal. Sora had the most beautiful face. His dark hair was as shiny as the wigs they wear in those shampoo commercials. His skin as smooth as silk, as it rubbed against me. Even his body was perfectly sculpted, but the thing that captivated me the most was his deep blue eyes. When Sora looked as me with those eyes nothing seemed real. They penetrated my soul, and left me breathless and with a loss of words. “AH!” Sora’s finger pushed into my ass. My body tingled with pain as he inserted a second finger, but the sensation soon wore off and it began to feel very good. Sora now removed his finger and repositioned himself before entering me. “EH!” The pain rushed through my body again and didn’t wear off as quickly this time. Sora moved around a bit before he thrust himself rapidly and repeatedly into me. He yelled my name as he came. “Miki!” “Miki!” His voice became more and more feminine each time he yelled. I blinked in confusion. When I opened my eyes I saw my ceiling, and heard my sister calling my name from outside my bedroom door. This had to be the 5th time I’ve dreamt about having sex with Sora this week. At first I thought it was just lust, but I think I might actually be falling for him. Though its was so against my beliefs. Waking up was always so painful. Knowing that Sora, beautiful Sora, would never love another man let alone myself. I splashed cold water on my face to help wake myself up. I knew I had to go to school.

It was the beginning of second period, and I had writing. I had written a poem which was due today. I had to recite it in front of the class and I was nervous as fuck. There was something I about confessing feelings that made me sweat even if it was a shitty poem that meant nothing. It hadn’t taken my long to write my poem. Words weren’t my problem, just saying them was. “Sora” the teacher called. It took a few seconds for me to realize that I was Sora. I walked up to the front of the class. “Beauty is the radiance of being.” I said in a quite shaky voice. “Sora could you speak a little louder?” “Yes.” I replied picking up my back and talking in a louder stronger voice:

“Beauty is the radiance of being.
The experience of beauty binds us more fiercely to life, thus enhancing our chances of survival.
Every moment of being is a moment of indescribable grace.
We perceive this grace, however, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how much attention we pay to it.
Thus when we are anxious or preoccupied or grieving or in pain we see very little beauty in being. But when we turn our gaze, we are consumed by its glory.
The function of art is to turn our gaze towards beauty.
Dissonance and ugliness, tragedy and sorrow, bring us to the edge of paradise, where we may yearn Even more for what is not there.
Being is uniformly radiant. Nothing is more or less beautiful except in our perception.
Should we shift our perception, then, we would see equal radiance in all things.”
I looked up from my paper, making it clear that I had finished my poem.

“Beauty is the radiance of being.” Its been two weeks since those words have swept me off my feet.
Two weeks ago, during second period Sora recited a poem. I’m not sure if it was his gorgeous voice or not, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything more beautiful. When I heard those words come out o those perfect lips I no longer doubted my love for Sora. I knew I was definitely completely head over heels in love with this boy and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I didn’t even consider the thought that maybe he loved me too. Sora, was without a doubt straight, and that was a painful truth I’d have to live with.
Its 12:02 and I’m sitting at a table alone in the cafeteria. Suddenly I look up and see Sora bringing his tray toward me. Sora paused and asked for permission before sitting in a spot dangerously close to me. Its wasn’t rare for Sora to sit with me during lunch-I mean we were friends; but I don’t think my heart has ever beat as fast as it did when Sora smiled and said “What’s up?” The two of us casually talked while my heart beat’s speed increased. “So, do you want to see that knew movie with Katie Yelops in it?” Sora asked. Oh No! Not those eyes again! Sora was looking at me with his beautiful dark blue eyes that made me forget everything. Except for him. Love was racing through my vains. I was completely absorbed in Sora. He bit his lip. The suspense was overwhelming. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I passionately kissed Sora, digging my hands into his beautiful dark hair. Suddenly, I realized what I was doing and I pulled myself away and looked into Sora’s deep eyes. All I read from them was utter disgust. Shit, what have I done?! I’ve ruined my life. No one will ever look at me the same again. I fled from the cafeteria tears streaming down my face, and continued running till I got home.

I sat in the cafeteria, my body stiff and numb. I could still feel the tingle of Miki’s soft lips lingering on my own. His scent still filled the air and my hair was still brushed back by his long fingers. I remained in shock for at least two more minutes, before I had an epiphany. It was Miki. It was Miki that kept me up all night. It was Miki that filled my dreams. It was Miki that I wanted, and it was Miki that I had to get. I stood up and exited the cafeteria. I didn’t pay any attention to the fact that school wasn’t over yet, and the trouble I’d be getting myself into. I just had to tell Miki how I felt. Its strange really, feeling this way about another man. I had never really thought about it before, but now that I do I don’t really believe that there is anything wrong with it. Even stranger, was the fact that Miki would go and kiss me like that. He was such a faithful Christian that it seemed like something he would find sinful and wrong. I smiled when my thoughts drifted back to Miki, as I continued walking to his house.

What have I done? What have a done?! WHAT HAVE I DONE?! In my mind I knew that Jesus would forgive me, but in my heart I knew that Sora never would. And frankly, the most powerful organ in the human body (metaphorically speaking of course) is the heart, and mine had completely shattered. The tears that broke out when I saw the look on Sora’s face were still flooding down my face. I wish could just forget Sora, and move on with my life. Find a nice girlfriend, ask god for forgiveness and live my life to its fullest. But it wasn’t that simple, I loved Sora with every sinful bone in my body, which was growing weak. It was crystal clear now, like the sun through a transparent window. I can’t live without him in my arms. I rushed into the bathroom, clumsily knocking things over as if I were drunk. ohhhhh Sora.. I thought has I dug through the drug cabinet searching for the most deadly capsules possible. After a few seconds of searching I thought I deserved a more painful death, for the terrible crime I had committed. I rushed into the kitchen and returns to the bathroom with a large, sharp knife. I stood in the bathtub and stabbed myself some where in the stomach area, and produced a loud scream as I fell into the bathtub hitting my head hard on the glass edge. My blood covered hand ran down the bathroom wall as I fell leaving a large print. I weakly took my left hand and in my own blood I wrote my heart across the tile wall, before I shut my eyes forever.

When I arrived at Miki’s house the front door was half open, but no one seemed to be there. “Hello?!” I called into the house. No one answered. I cautiously stepped inside. “Meak…?” I called as I wandered around look through each room in the house. No one seemed to be there, but as I walked passed the bathroom door I caught an image in the mirror I was sure wasn’t real. I was an image of Miki, floating in his own blood in the tub. Dead. I quickly turned around and darted into the bathroom. “OH MY GOD MIKI!” I exclaimed in horror as tears began to stream down my face. Sure enough, Miki was gone and his body remained in his blood filled bathtub. I needed to be with Miki, and I wanted more then anything for him to step out of the tub at this moment and embrace me, but I knew that it couldn’t happen that way. If Miki dies, I die too. I thought to myself as I whimpered at the pain in my heart. I stepped into the crimson liquid and lay myself next to Miki. I wrapped my arm around his cold body and kissed his colorless face. As I did so, I noticed a bloody etching on the tiled wall I love you Sora. It read. “I love you too, Miki.” I whispered into his lifeless ear. It was then that I realized that beauty wasn’t the radiance of being, love was. And Miki was the radiance of my life.

Miki’s body, along with Sora’s was found dead in the bathtub of his house on November 23rd 2008. The two were buried in next to each other in a cemetery close to their school. A poem was written on the back of Sora’s gravestone. It was one he had written himself, titled: Beauty.

The characters are not based on anyone so.....don't go thinking they are.
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23 / F / Phlippines
Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/24/10
I won't post my story here 'coz it's too long..anyways, if you want, i posted it on another site.
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Posted 2/27/10 , edited 2/27/10
Hey all,

We've been doing some writing of our own, and its taken the form of a comic book called "EXISLES"

“Sometime in the future the world plunges into darkness. The Isles of Avalon, once the proud nation of Great Britain, is host to a corrupt regime and a disheartened society, but some are ready to fight back.”

Come check it out and let us know what you think;

Exisles –
Blog –
Wiki –
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24 / F / i'm outta this wo...
Posted 2/28/10 , edited 2/28/10
well...i hope this ain't too long..and if i made some mistakes..pls help me correct 'em (i was in a rush) anyway here's Gundam fanfic (gundam seed destiny that is) *the story is post-seed destiny:
Their Differences

“…On her head lay locks of golden summer
Whilst he bears hair of oceans blue
Her eyes are orbs of deep amber
His are green emeralds anew

A new kind of being, that was the boy
The girl was normal, like those before
Alas, the boy’s mother died thus ending his joy
And yet the girl still smiles forever more

But the laughter of the lass soon fades away
A vendetta that was what the boy was plotting
She sheds tears on a dreadful day
It had actually been the boy’s doing

By fate they meet on an island small
Upon seeing each other, the tension was high
The girl attacked the boy but she immediately falls…”

“Man, this sure is crappy…” commented Cagalli once she had stopped reading the poem.
“Cagalli!” Kira admonished.
Recently, Lacus had started a hobby and that was poetry. Don’t get Cagalli wrong. She loves poems but since it had been about her and a certain someone she had decided to let go of, she couldn’t stand hearing something that reminds her of that ‘person’.

It has been two years since the war ended. Cagalli spends most of her time in office but she occasionally drops by Kira’s and Lacus’s home just to hang out or eat. She is actually pretty excited when she gets to have a break from being ORB’s ‘king’ but ever since Lacus started making poems concerning her and the ‘certain someone’, she practically avoids going near their house.

Over the last two years, Cagalli had blossomed into a beauty. It might be hard to admit it but Cagalli wasn’t exactly striking at first, but now she has grown. She allowed her hair to grow and it fell into graceful wavy locks of gold that went way pass her shoulders. She now shows signs of becoming a woman with her body slowly transforming. Before, men would hardly take a second look at her but now all the eligible bachelors of ORB want to get a piece of her. She gets at least 3 suitors a day and they always end up pursuing her relentlessly. Meanwhile, Cagalli simply ignores the attention she gets. She puts her priorities first and that was to rule ORB with an iron fist but with a gentle heart at the same time.
Speaking of ORB, it has been currently progressing. Its growth was steady and constant. Some might remark that the development of ORB was slow. But even if it wasn’t as fast-paced as all the other nations, it always ends up more successful than the others.
Cagalli knew that there was no need to rush anything. As long as your decisions are firm and sure, it does not matter how much time you have on your hands. For Cagalli, it was the result that counts and not the journey. She imposed this ideal on every decision she made. Aside from that, she puts herself in the position of those that might benefit from the decision that was made. She puts herself in the shoes of her people and she walks in them too.
Basically, Cagalli has grown all over. She was more stunning than ever, both mentally and physically.

Athrun Zala stood up and saluted everyone in the table.
“Very well, that’s all for today. Meetings will start again next morning.” He announced. He bid his fellow chairmen good-bye and exited the conference room that was used by chairmen way before him. As he walked towards the elevator, he couldn’t help but overhear two officers talking about ORB.
“I’m descending to earth tonight. I’m actually heading to ORB.” Said one officer.
“Really? How come?” asked his companion.
“Orders from commander Asuka. Dunno why though.” He replied.
“Well, if ever you get the chance to meet Representative Athha, send her my regards.” Said the other officer.
“I don’t think Miss Athha has time though. Commander Asuka told me and a couple of other guys that were descending tonight that we mustn’t be surprised if we could hardly catch a glimpse of her.”
“Wow, really? Is she that busy?” the other officer inquired.
“Well, yeah. Plus, Commander Asuka told us that she has a lot of suitors. Emphasis on the word: a lot.”
“Woah. Well, I understand that. Representative Athha has gotten more gorgeous than ever.”
“Tell me about it.” Replied one of the officers with a grin.
Athrun simply sighed as he stepped inside the elevator. He was lucky that he was alone in the elevator. That gave him some privacy to curse. Once he finished saying the words ‘shit’ and ‘damn’ 4 or 5 times each, he took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall of the elevator, allowing memories to flood back in.

Athrun Zala was the epitome of every woman’s dream. His features were more handsome than before and if he wanted to be, he could be downright charming. Girls all over PLANTS would swoon over his looks and, of course, his success. Being appointed chairman of ZAFT, Athrun gathered all the unwanted attention he can to the point that he had wanted to resign from being chairman. But he was once a soldier and he knew that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. He remained in his seat especially when Yzak, now also a member of the committee, encouraged him to do so.
The way Athrun ran ZAFT was different from any other chairman in the history of ZAFT. He carefully weighed the pros and cons. He was open to suggestions and allowed changes in his plans. But even so, he was still not a pushover. He was always determined and aggressive at the same time compassionate and considerate. That was why girls literally throw themselves at him. He had the looks and the success.
His love life…he kept it personal and away from the prying eyes of the media. He broke up with Meyrin Hawke after they went out a couple of times. He knew that they weren’t really meant for each other. Athrun saw Meyrin as a little sister to care for and not as a girlfriend. Meyrin knew that as well and therefore made their break-up easier than Athrun had expected.
All in all, Athrun grew to become more successful than ever before.

Cagalli stirred in her sleep, which didn’t surprise her. It was because of her stress as ORB’s representative that she often gets insomnia. She finally gave up trying to sleep and sat up. She turned to her bedside table and looked at the clock. The clock read 2 am.
‘Damn. I only slept for an hour.’
Cagalli decided to just wash her face and then take her sleeping pills, which she uses in case of emergencies. Clad in a loose grey shirt and black shorts, she enters her bathroom and switches on the lights. She washes her face and dries it off with a towel nearby. For a moment she stares at her image in the mirror. Even with the lack of sleep, she still looked stunning. Her eyes did not bear a hint of weariness and her face still held a ravishing beauty that was hard to overlook.
‘Why do I have to look like this now…when it’s too late… ?’
Cagalli wondered why destiny had wanted it to be this way. Mostly it was all her fault. She was so wrapped up with something else that she overlooked another thing that was so dear to her.
‘Well, it’s not my fault. There was simply no other way…’
After staring at her face for a couple more minutes, she finally opens her medicine cabinet and takes out a small container. She strains her slightly blurring eyes to read the container.
‘Damn, I might need glasses.’
She simply laughed at the thought. But just to be sure, she decides to go have her eyes checked tomorrow before the meetings and conferences start. If ever she does need glasses, she won’t wear them.
‘Glasses might just be a damn nuisance….’
Once she finally realizes that she got the right container, she pops the cap open and takes out a pill. She partly fills her glass with water and swallows down the pill in a jiff. She slowly makes her way out of the bathroom, remembering to switch off the lights. She plops on her bed and wrapped the blanket around her. She always had the habit of covering herself up with her blanket, from head to toe.
She didn’t know why. Maybe because it was always just too cold.

Upon hearing that some officers were heading to ORB, Athrun decided to take advantage of the chance that came along. He had asked Yzak if it were possible for him to have a short vacation while Yzak could cover for him for the meantime. Yzak, of course, immediately accepted the offer. But before Athrun was to board the ship that was bound for the descent, Yzak asked him about something.
“I assume that this isn’t about a vacation, Athrun.” He said with a smirk.
Athrun simply smiled. “I don’t know. But I am really planning on seeing Kira Yamato while I’m on earth.” He said.
“Really? Is it just that friend of yours that you wanted to see? Or are there other intentions behind your ‘vacation’?” Yzak asked, still with that smirk plastered on his face.
“Nope. I really just want to see how Kira’s doing. And of course I wouldn’t mind seeing how Lacus is doing as well…” Athrun replied.
Yzak’s smirk turned into a warm smile. “Well, if that’s what you say then. But I’ll give you some advice.” He said
Athrun looked at Yzak, anticipating what advice he might give.
“Once you’re there, just remember to seize the day!” said Yzak, still with a smile on his face.
Just then, the captain was calling for all the passengers of the ship to board already.
“Well, I’ll see you soon…” Athrunn said.
“Have a great trip.”
“Thanks.” And with that, Athrun board the ship and pretty soon he was off.
Throughout the whole trip, there was nothing else in his mind but one certain thing: ORB’s representative, Cagalli Athha.

The morning sun’s rays poured into the room. Cagalli slowly opened her eyes and allowed the beams of light to wake her up. She sits up and turns her head to the direction of where the window was located. She smiled as she sees the blue sky with the right amount of clouds dancing in the heavens. The birds fluttered about and there was a warm morning breeze that entered the room. A small yawn escaped her mouth and pretty soon she was up.
She entered her bathroom and slipped off her night clothes. She stepped into the shower and took a quick bath. After drying herself, she got dressed in the usual uniform she wears and once she has finished brushing her hair, she exits her room and goes down, immediately heading for the lounge.
Her lounge resembles that of a gothic-Victorian style. It was simple but intricate at the same time. She crosses the room and spots her beloved piano. She gently sat down and started to play her most favorite song: La Campanella. Of all the pieces she learned to play, La Campanella had been her most favorites. The song represented her in more ways than one. It was a strong and powerful piece but it had a flair of vulnerability and gentleness in it. After some thundering notes, Cagalli finished the piece off with a breath-taking tone.
It was spectacular and it always soothed Cagalli.
Then from across the room a soft clap was heard. Cagalli turned around to look where the sound came from. Once she turned and looked at the doorway, she thought that she was simply imagining things.
Right then and there, standing by her doorway stood ZAFT’s very own chairman, Athrun Zala.

“Holy shit…” Cagalli uttered.
“Well, I didn’t expect you to be cursing in front of me. Especially since we haven’t seen each other for two years now.” Said Athrun, smiling all the while.
“Oh sorry…” apologized Cagalli.
“It’s okay. I would be shocked too you know.” Athrun replied to her apology.
“Wait a minute, why are you here? How did you even get here in the first place?”
“It sounds like you’re not at all happy to see me, Cagalli.” Athrun said.
“I didn’t say that, you did.” She declared.
Athrun retained his smile. He crossed the room and walked towards Cagalli. Meanwhile Cagalli simply stood there, still not believing what she’s seeing.
‘Maybe it’s the stress. This is simply all in my head. If I slap myself, then I‘ll wake up…’
Cagalli drew her hand and was about to slap herself hard but Athrun grabbed her by the wrist before she was about to do any harm.
“Are you sick or something?” Athrun asked. He was about to reach out and feel her forehead, but Cagalli stepped backwards.
“Apparently, yes. I am sick. I’m too stressed and now my damn mind is playing tricks on me.”
“Cagalli, I am not a figment of your imagination. I am here, really.” Assured Athrun.
“Then…I’m not crazy?...” asked Cagalli.
Athrun couldn’t help but be amused. Cagalli was one such girl that Athrun found cute no matter in what situation she is in. Whether she’s mad, happy, sad, or (in this case) confused, she still looks cute.
“No, you’re not crazy. But you’re still cute, just like before.” Remarked Athrun.
A light blush spread across her cheeks as she slowly looked down. Athrun kept looking amused.
‘She’s still like a child but she has indeed grown…’ Athrun thought all the while scanning the girl in front of him. He then slowly closes the gap between them and gives her a hug.
“I miss you so much Cagalli…” he said.
Cagalli looked up and practically turned bright red.
Athrun saw her blush some more and he simply chuckles.
“Why are you so shy?” he asked her.
“I don’t know. It’s just so awkward when you make all the moves in such a sudden manner.” She replies, almost in a whisper.
“I make all the moves?” asked Athrun, clearly amused
“ such a sudden manner…” replied Cagalli, ever so bashful and somewhat irritated.
“Define sudden.” Said Athrun.
“I don’t know…you should be the one to know.”
“Do you mean sudden like this…” and with that Athrun captured Cagalli’s lips in a kiss. Cagalli’s eyes widened in shock and was at first incredibly uncomfortable. But Athrun pulled her in closer and she slowly melted into his arms. They parted in order to catch their breath, all the while looking at each other’s eyes.
“You never were this tense before.” Athrun commented.
“Cut me some slack. It’s been two years.” Cagalli retorted.
Athrun smiled. He looked at the girl who he had truly fallen in love with and had sworn from the very beginning to truly protect. He knew that right then and there was the perfect moment. As Yzak had said, seize the day.
“Knowing that you’re ORB’s Emir and all, you must be pretty busy…but could you spare a couple of hours for…:” and then he found himself difficult to continue. He then started blushing furiously while Cagalli simply looked at him, wondering what on earth he was about to say.
“I can’t really say it, so I’ll just give you hints…” Athrun said trying hard not to stutter.
“Sorry Zala. I’m just not in the mood for guessing games. If you have anything to say, just spit it out right now...” said Cagalli. She was a bit hungry and she didn’t want her stomach to be growling during a Monday-morning meeting with the ORB council.
“Very well then…” said Athrun and with that, he once again captures Cagalli’s lips.
Cagalli was one again shocked to the bone. She wanted to pull back but she was finding it hard to fight Athrun. He was Athrun after all. Anyway, Cagalli had decided to just simply go along with it.
‘This won’t last long, right…?’
Apparently, Cagalli was dead wrong. Athrun had wrapped his arms around the blonde’s waist, pulling her closer to him than ever before. Cagalli suddenly found it hard to breathe. Her heart was beating wildly against her chest and she could feel an intense heat sweeping through her.
‘Damn you Athrun Zala…’

At first, Cagalli struggled. She was hungry and pretty soon, going to be late for the meeting. But she knew she couldn’t fight him off. Not that she was weak or anything, but she somewhat felt as if she could forget all her troubles and problems whenever he holds her like this or whenever he kisses her like there’s no tomorrow. Thinking that maybe the kiss wasn’t going to last long, Cagalli was surprised when she felt Athrun prolonging the kiss.
She started to open her mouth to say something in protest but instead, she was more shock than ever when something else entered her mouth.

He had wanted her for so long that it hurts. Back in PLANTS Athrun would never stop dreaming of the day when he and his loved one would see once again. He fantasized about Cagalli always that there was an intense growing desire that grew in him. Now that he had her, he wasn’t about to let her go.
Once he was able to have the chance, he really did seize the day. He tasted every bit of her. He was starting to feel a bit breathless but he didn’t want to part with her. She tasted so good. Athrun wanted to get better entry of her mouth and fortunately for him the blonde did so because she was in protest. Athrun pushed his tongue inside her mouth, relishing every bit of her. Athrun could feel Cagalli starting struggle a bit but he pulled her closer. Athrun felt like his lungs were about to burst. Damn, he needed air. He then parted with the blonde who was blushing furiously. He looked at her deeply in the eyes.
“I love you so much…” he said breathlessly.
Cagalli merely looked at him. She was totally speechless.
“I want you Cagalli…” he added, still looking at her square in the eyes while holding her tightly.
“Don’t you think that now’s not the right time?” replied the blonde.
“Why?” asked the Coordinator.
“It might lead to something…well…totally uncalled for.” Said Cagalli.
Athrun knew what Cagalli meant. Things were heating up, And then there were the hormones.
“You’re right…” said Athrun.
Cagalli looked at him. She cocked her head to the side. Then, a smile suddenly appeared on her face.
“We can pick this up later.” Said Cagalli, slowly escaping Athrun’s grasp. She started walking outside the lounge to head over to the office. She was almost late.
“Or rather tonight. Pick me up from the ORB office later.” She hurriedly exited the lounge, leaving Athrun shocked.
‘I did it, Yzak. I’ve totally seized the day…’

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O / Somewhere in the...
Posted 3/1/10 , edited 3/2/10
Hello~ I am here to post where you can find my fan fics~ (:

Just check my pages HERE!!
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23 / F / Hot Springs, Arka...
Posted 3/1/10 , edited 3/2/10

Why do you save me?
Why do you care if I live or die?
Why do you feel as if I am something speacial when I am nothing?
Why do you try to make me happy?

Why do you want me around...
All I cause you is sadness...and pain
Why do you want me to stay?
All i cause you is a troubled future
Why do you want me to be happy?
All I seem to cause you happiness

You say you want me to stay and be happy
But...there's just one thing...
I can't
When you say you want me to stay alive and live
it makes me sad...
Sad to know how much trouble I have caused you
Sad to know's..finally time to say our sad goodbyes
Sad to know I will never see you again
never hear your voice
Sad to know...that I will never truly be happy again...

As I lie on the floor with blood on your hands you ask me why?
Why did I do it
Why did I say goodbye
My answer is
I was tired...
Tired of making..the people I love hurt
I was tired of causing so much pain to the world
I was tired…

You hold my still limp body in your arms as my spirt watches you
You cry and cry saying my name over and over again
You say how I was stupid to do that
Say how I was never any trouble
You say that you really did care means nothing
Now...its to late for regreats...
Its to late to bring myself back to you

We hear the footsteps parents walk into the room and yell
They blame you for my was really them
I could never be who I truly am..or was with them
Always had to put on a show..always acting like someone else...
Just to get them to notice me...
I had to act like someone I wasn't...
Had to act...I didn't want to but...
It's their fault..
I was never good enough for them
Never perfect enough for them
Never the child they wanted me to be
I'm sorry for them blaming you...when it was actully them

Still with you after I'm gone
I watch over you silently
Watch you sleep
Watch you become finally truly happy
You can finally let me go
Seeing you happy has let us both learn to let go of people we both care about
I'm gone
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22 / F / Hidden, In Plain...
Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/7/10
I wont post them here because they are way too long D:
But, if you go to and go to view stuff there should be folders
Posted 3/29/10 , edited 3/29/10
I'm the Video Game Columnist for a community blog called PopTen (the name comes from "pop culture" and "top ten." Although we are lacking in the "top ten..." list department, we tackle pop culture). Personally, I think I should be the Japan Columnist, rather than the Video Games Columnist, as most of my stuff has something to do with or rooted in Japan.

You can find an "short autobigraphy" of me, here, with links to my writings on Wired’s GameLife and The Escapist.

You can find my PopTen writing on my page there (which is continually updated).

I'd love comments on my PopTen stuff (but if you don't mind, do it there?) <3
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23 / F / ♥ Crunchyroll DUH! ♥
Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/7/10
this is pretty bad but i want to know how i did


I woke up early this morning to the smell of burned flesh. The air was heavy and the room looked like it was painted with blackberries. I stood up to find my way to the door. As I opened the door I stared bewilded at the scene that is happening, my mouth hanging open and my eyes bright red with the reflecting flames. My whlole body is twitching not knowing that the two bodies on the floor was my parents. A shawdowing figure hangs in front of the pile of dead bodies. The evil eyes within the figure only striked for my parents and not me. I ran out to tag on to the figure with all my strength to move my legs. With just a water pool in front of me I slipped to hit my head and let the unknown figure get away. I'm laying there full of regret till I fell asleep forever......


Normal Sunday morning and perfect breakfeast is the day you should love. I'm just getting ready to go meet my girlfriend at the mall. Her name is Lillian Gold. That name fits her well because it describes her figure right away. Her beautiful long silky gold hair, against her cute lily flower face.Aaahhhhh...what a beautiful sight to even hear about. My name is Kota Won. I guess I'm a pretty normal, practical, good looking guy. Nice fasion and great hairdo, nothing bad about me at all, I think. Well, I just know this relationship is going to be great, I can feel it thru my body.


"Hey Flower Lily, you look as beautiful as ever....."

"Stop it with the cheesyness. It's so not flattering."

"Oh, but, Flower Lily you're just too pretty I can't put it to word through my tounge."

"I'm going to cancel the date if you don't start walking, Dakota."

"You know Flower Lily, you don't really live up to your name."

"Well, I'll be the toughest Flower Lily you'll see sticking out of the field. So stop talking and get walking!"

"Okay Flower Lily..." *sighs*

Just by seeing her I get hard. The thought of kissing her till she dies in my arm. Such great romance and drama....
Getting on topic again, I'm not the type to go shopping on my free time. I just go when I need to. All you do is shop, and eat and meet up with friends. But for today it's special.

It felt like we walked for days nonstop buying things after things. Till it finally came to an end. For real it only took and a hour and a half, but I was glad it ended with a good kiss, and a slap. We broke up just like that and I thought it was going good, till my parents told me we going to move to Tokyo next week. Of course I had to tell her ,no matter what, and got slapped with a good bye kiss forever. Afterwards I got yelled from my parents for staying out so late and not telling them.
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