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Posted 4/11/10
well might as well................. i will post more

Dragon Tail P.1

Walking alone my voice was soft as I whispered the words of a song through the day time air. My name had been of no importance to most people,I was no one. My name you ask, simple. Mirina Storma. This falls of my tounge as though it was a simple laughter the words mean one thing to my people, Precious Ice storm. Its been years I re-call since I have seen him. Grent, my best friend. His full name is Grent Pendoth. We met as kids,you small happy to have eachother. Im six-teen now no time for games no time to waste. Me Im difrent. I am Half Dragon. My mother those words bring back memories as I sit here writing under this tree in this un familar world. My mother a noble human my father a powerful dragon. Me im a mixture. I could see the events a soft light then flash me calling out for my parents they were gone no use in trying to find them. Lost. My life lost. I was walking a small village it had soft green buildings. It didn't make me happy. I looked around. How many years has it been....since I last saw him. I shook that off and saw a familar face. "Grent!" ,I called out. He turned around I knew it was him that light hair and green eyes could be seen a mile away. "Miri!" ,he called back running over he gave me a hug. " Youve gotten...bigger",he said. I was small not a good fighter but its somthing. "Hey! You've gotten bigger too!" I smiled Grent was like family we shared a room when we were little.

We talked for hours over food. It was delicous I havent had food in days weeks I was too excited to care. "Well I was going to tell you that I saw Kane today." My face lit up at the words he had just said. "k-Kane? Hes here!" ,just about yelled it. Grent just laughed we were like brother and sister. Were was Kane? Kane was always a loner never really talked I was excited to hear he was here but. When he was here so was Monreal. I hated them both but its a relife to talk with them.

So ends this enrty in my diary: Mirina Storma

Again I will post more chapters!
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Posted 4/12/10

Love Chronicles

why? I've completely forgotten how to love
meetings will come someday with the beginning of parting
somehow, I have decided upon that idea
you tied my loose shoe laces of my dirty sneakers
your shy smile suddenly shone in the sunlight
it's not that I love for want of love
you gave me the courage to love straight-forward
the two swear to the journey from now
that no matter what occurs, the two hands will never part
it's weird, the everyday landscape begin to seem special
the flowers, birds, and sea the wind, mountains, sweet sun
when everything shines and cuddles togetherhana
I found the last piece to the unsolvable jigsaw puzzle
your broad back protects me and I'll continue to follow you
for eternity
until now, I've took the longer way around but
I'm finally able to love straight-forward
the two will head to the dream of tomorrow
no matter what occurs, the gaze won't be shifted
it's not that I love for want of love
you gave me the courage to love straight-forward
the two will head to the dream of tomorrow
no matter what occurs, the gaze won't be shifted
it's not that I love for want of love
you gave me the courage to love straight-forward
the two swear to the journey from now
that no matter what occurs, the two hands will never part

Posted 4/14/10
This poem is from 2007 or so, and was inspired by GACKT's songs

Promise ~N'oubliez jamais l'amour~

Even if we are unable to meet again
Promise me
Don't forget that which we shared
The smiles
The tears
The love

Those irreplaceable memories
Are precious to me even now
The nights we spent together
In each other's arms
In our hearts

The happiness we both felt
As our lips met for the first time
That feeling of sadness and lost
As the morning light separated us

Some say that it's merely lust
But in my heart, I know that's false
I wouldn't have cried myself to sleep
If it wasn't love that I have felt

Promise me
You won't forget
I love you
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Posted 4/16/10
There once was a man name Peter
Who had a dick of one meter,
But a incident with knives
And some scarring of lives
Peter had a dick of one meter
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Posted 4/25/10
He heard a knock.

His hands shake.


He covers his face.


Muffled wailing.

Tears begins dot the ground.

With each knock, it grows louder.

There is no choice, he must beckon it. Slowly, he appoaches the rotting wicket gates, with his head hung low and his visage covered by his dark hair, creating a morose and cheerless image. Opening the gate, careful not to rip it out of its rusted joints, he faced his fate with a grim resignation.

'Hello, I'm Mr Woo of the Sam Chun Restraunt. You currently owe us three hundred twenty dollars.'
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
Nice seeing into the creations and minds of people on CR :] There's definitely talent here.
I think sometimes I prefer reading others work than writing myself, but I've got a few things. ^^

Robotic World
Bliss is not found within the materialism,
nor the cold, heartless items that litter our world
and bury our hearts.
The greed and the gold that reeks of calamity;
an evolving plague that’s deadly silence and corruption
is anything but stoppable it seems.

Romance in my heart and a head full of poetry,
my world comes crumbling beneath broken,
empty words.
A blank stare is equivalent to the blank faced people,
with their blank simple minds,
and blank, valueless love.
Priceless was deceived.

Peer into the windows of our souls,
and you will receive what you’ve always
never wanted.


Feeble, naïve, ignorant,
or perhaps simply not alive.
Mechanics of an equation;
Add up the sum,
your answer will always remain zero.

If my heart were embedded in these diamonds,
then forsaken I am.
Leave me with your spite,
and take with you your lies.
A fallacy I am no longer interested in,
my search has ended and I will remain unfulfilled.
Grow colder,
Grow older,
Eternal youth,
Immortal love,
Has found its fire pit…
Soft blaze, snapping, sparkling,
Dead smoke resonating in the shell of Once upon a time.


Occasionally I find a muse or somehow become inspired, but I admit writing doesn't happen often xD Also, generally I never portray myself in my words; rather concepts/ideas and/or fabricated characters. Hope this one isn't too cryptic. ;]
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Posted 5/1/10
I was alone. Horrificly, utterly alone.
No one to hold, or to cherish. No one to argue with and debate. Alone.
Blood poured down like falling rain, pooling on the floor. I gribbed the knife's narrow handle and cringed. Taking another step away from humanity, closer to being cloaked in darkness. Her face is so vivid in my mind I feel like I may be able to grasp a fleeting memory of her glittering blue eyes, a shiny shock of dark hair and her smile. Her smile grazed her lips so softly, any person who caught sight of it would feel blessed. She was once mine, and mine alone, yet I commited the most forbidden sin. I killed my lover.

He killed his lover! NOOO! Haha, I actually made this one up just now so I'd have something to post, lolz.
Posted 5/4/10

Adieu ma che'rie-good-bye my dear. Karen closed her eyes as tears crept from beneath them. She had given her last respects to her friend Angela Louise Mayfield-Grant and her husband Loren Miles Grant.

How could a love like theirs had been so wrong when it was so right? Could she herself have saved it if only she had spoken up?

It all began September 7, 2009 the first day of school in Chicago at John One Prep H.S. Angela and Karen were returning seniors and longtime friends from kindergarten. It was Karen’s first day back from vacation where she had been visiting her newly engaged father at his home in Arizona. In her mind the engagement was just another failed attempt to make her mother jealous and woo her back. The “other woman” was merely another trick up his sleeve.

It was a cool breezy and sunny pre-autumn day. The leaves had a crisp and beautiful golden-red color that rivaled peaches in full bloom during the summertime. Every once in a while squirrels would dash across the litter free perfectly manicured lawns chasing one another or carrying fresh found foods of nuts, seeds and bugs. Parents rushed their teary-eyed pre-kindergarten toddlers off to the local neighborhood nursery as they made a mad dash to beat the morning rush hour traffic.

The scenery was poetic- and had Karen knew what she would soon to experience later that fall; she would have described the scenery as being poetic justice. Karen wore a smart looking lavender georgette blouse that was overrun with a sea of ruffles that bespoke of a nostalgic time in history. But Karen was thin with long legs and it gave her an air of class over her stylish black designer “skinny” jeans with those lavender stilettos that made her feet look like a size two. She stood on the corner of West 67th and Shore Drive; the ritzy Hyde Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Just down the street from her was the infamous University of Chicago that helped give the neighborhood flair of prestige and history. The Metra trains’ bells rung loudly as they toiled the masses of people to and from work and school. She looked at her watch and impatiently tapped her foot as she watched their favorite eatery quickly fill up with college students as they stumbled out of bed and rushed to grab a bite to eat before class.

Just as she was sure she would scream, she spotted Angela in a white silk blouse sporting a new pair of her favorite Levi skinny jeans and black Nike’s. Her eyes lit up.


“Karen!” they greeted each other like they hadn’t seen each other for ages as they ran towards each other and embraced and complimenting each other’s clothes and new hair-do.

“OMG! Look at your tan.” Angela marveled. “It’s perfect... Arizona must be beautiful.”

“And the boys aren’t so bad either.” Karen quibbled as they walked into the now crowded eatery “Bread Barn” where they sold fresh baked goods and the best iced cappuccino. As they stood in line they chatted excitedly about their summers and Karen pulled out a small photo book as she narrated the scenery of each picture.

“Oooh, not bad… How could you leave this piece of paradise?”

“Not easy,” Karen responded with the quick wit. Angela had always admired her ability to have quick witty comebacks for all occasions. As a matter of fact that was how this wonderful friendship had begun. Two five-year olds waiting at the corner for the school bus on a rainy day, when a car drives by and promptly makes mud pies out of their perfectly picked out little outfits for school.

Angela was about to throw her temper, when before she knew it this pint-sized cherub hollered out in a loud but pleasant and sweet voice, “Hey, next time aim for the face…”

It was so unexpected that Angela quickly forgot her anger and they laughed together at how ridiculous they looked all splattered in mud; and they have been laughing every since.

Karen ordered a cream scone with her favorite white hot chocolate drink and Angela had a pumpkin muffin with an iced latte.

“We’ve gotta do a sleepover so I can show you all the hotties I captured on film…”

“I’m sure Mom won’t mind tonight… “Holy shit! Who is this babe and is he married?”

Hearing and seeing Angela’s reaction Karen coughed as she almost choked on her drink. Then she guiltily giggled as she leaned over and a mischievous smile broke through her perfectly rounded and pouty lips.

“Are you kidding me? Too many hotties and ooh so-so little time…” She said in her best ever impression of Anna Nicole Smith as she took a closer look at the picture that had caused her friend’s strong reaction. Her expression became if it’s possible even more “girly” as she said, “Aah Joe…” and a strange little smirk crept over her lips.

“Joe?” Angela asked with a raised eyebrow. She didn’t miss the breathless sound Karen had made as his name parted from her lips. It was like a sweet memory had suddenly taken over her thoughts and she was no longer here walking besides Angela enjoying a scone with a cup of white hot chocolate. It was like her spirit had momentarily left her body and went back in time to steal that moment in time.

“Joe,” she repeated again as if just saying his name could take her back to that moment any time she wished… “Now I know why first kisses are memorable…’

”SHUT UP!!!!” BLINK-BLINK-BLINK… “NO WAAAY!!!” Okay yes time did stop. And everything and everybody surrounding them suddenly stopped and then were swooped up and off the planet and it was just them- Karen and Angela two friends sharing one of their life's major moment events.

“First kiss?” Angela managed to ask.
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33 / M / Iloilo City, PH
Posted 5/12/10
delusions of coffeebreak

as i sit here contemplating…
hot coffee in a cup titillating
an angel passed by
and she caught my eye

a cold mocha macchiato
summer’s heaven’s brew
as i sit here on the far side
behind my glasses, i’m wide-eyed

i reached for my Nikon FE2
and secretly snapped a shot of you
fortune didn’t dawn on me that day
for you caught me bright as day

a cold mocha macchiato
summer’s heaven’s brew
sitting on my head upside down
on my face, dripping down
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Posted 6/28/10
took me half an hour to read all these >.<
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Posted 7/27/10 , edited 7/27/10
I know its massive but i'm trying to finnish typin it so i can get i published
The evil hunchback veggie monster, the first and last part… I hope

Chapter one
Yes, you read the title correctly, the name of this story is – The evil hunchback veggie monster, anyway I better get back to the story. One day I your wonderful story teller was walking, I swear I was just walking along minding my own business and boom some old lady’s bag goes smack on my face.
The strange part was there was no old lady there in fact there was no one there. “Odd” I said. I continued walking down the street. Then I saw it, a giant MUSHROOM, haha got you didn’t I there was no mushroom not even a tiny one.
Anyway I’m thinking about life and all of the sudden a lady runs out of a building screaming “Help me ooh help me it’s going to eat me!!!!! I didn’t know what it was but I had a feeling it wasn’t a poodle. Then out of the building comes a giant monster carrot and this time I’m not joking and that was not a good thing.
It was at least 7 feet tall and had a huge yellow foamy mouth with teeth the size of Cerberus, heck I thought, they probably were Cerberus’ for all I know. Anyway it was huge ugly and had huge beady eyes as big as basket balls, and its nose don’t even get me started on it. It was huge and snotty!! Oh yeah and it had a small hunchback.
It looked at me like the Minotaur looks at its prey [which is pretty scary considering it eats once a year!] then it made a huge dramatic roar like dragons do in stories. Man I thought he should take drama at the Evil vegetable academy. And without thinking [probably since I’m not the monster I wouldn’t know] it charged at me.
“Hi I said I’m kinda missing my movie so I got to go, so If you’d just let me exit stage right... or left which ever you prefer” but no such luck, it raised its claw and… “Wait this isn’t fair I said how come you get claws, huh bub! I said. The monster just looked confused. I took advantage of the situation and well… RAN FOR MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ran till I reached the movie theater, I went in to watch Lich wars. When I came out the color of my face was gone. That movie was so darn scary that I didn’t even want to hear the name ‘Lich wars’ ever again in my life.
I walked home…

i don't know what to write after that
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Posted 8/14/10

Posted 8/29/10
I'm not done... :

Azumi's POV

It was a dark, stormy night. I couldn't see ANYTHING 'cause it was SO dark! Then I heard my friend's voice. "Hold on! Hang on! You can make it through this storm!" That's ALL I heard. Suddenly, I felt my whole body, TINGLING. Then, I fainted. When I came to, I realized that I wasn't in the middle of a storm anymore! I was on a sandy beach. Let's just put it this way: I was COMPLETELY paralyzed! I couldn't even lift a finger! There was no food or, anything! So, I collapsed... again...

Max's POV

I was pacing: back and forth, and back and forth. I put this stone in front of me. "ERRGH! I told myself I would enter fighting school today... but! ARRRGHH! I'm so mad at myself! You know what? I'm just gonna go to the beach to express all my feelings! I started walking along the shore of the beach. It was the most BEAUTIFUL sight i had ever seen! Crabs were blowing beautiful bubbles from their claws. "I always loved how the bubbles reflect in the sunset!" I said, happily. Suddenly, I saw an animal in the distance. I ran to it with all my speed. "OH MY....! An animal has collapsed on the beach!" I shouted. The animal snapped awake right away! It was probably 'cause of all my yelling.... "Hey, you alright?" I said to the animal, kindly.

Azumi's POV

Okay, I swear I am having hallucinations right now, 'cause an animal just talked to me! I worked up the courage to speak to the talking animal. "Errm...Y-yeah...I guess...Ya know, I'm human...right?" I told the animal, stupidly. He knows I'm human!

Max's POV

Haha! This animal is pretty funny! She say's she's a human! HAHA! "No, you are not a human!" i said, playfully.
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Posted 8/29/10
here's one

A family went camping there was a son, a sister and the parent. On the way, the little sister kept on mumbling at the window. The son was annoyed so he told her to stop talking to no one. She turn around and said " It's not me". The boy was confused. Later on, they decided to stop for restroom. The boy went to the restroom. The light was dim, felt like nobody was there. The boy felt goospbumps rising up on his spine. So he quickly use the restroom. When he got back to the car, he saw a young lady in her 20s. She look at him and smile "have a nice day." He felt like he knew her. The family drove off, they found a place to stay that night. Later that night the boy had to go use the restroom. Told his dad to go with him, they went. The dad told the boy to go use number 1 behind a tree, so he did. While he was using number 1, he felt a long black hair touching on top of his head. He look up and saw a girl hanging there. He screamed. Suddenly he woke up screaming in the car. The mom was shock and look back quickly at the backseat and clam the boy down. The boy was confuse "mom where are we".
The mom sigh, " We were just on our way to the mountain while u were sleeping maybe u have a nightmare." Then he heard his sister mumbling at the window. "who u mumbling at" said the boy. "It's not me".

hate it when i make a scary story....kinda scare myself too
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Posted 9/3/10
Oooohhhh!!!!!!!!!! I like scary stories...lolz...hows this...pweese comment

The shutters rasped teasingly in their hinges, the winds icy cool fingers finding their way into Lain's room. Reaching under her covers and pinching her body numb. The tree's gnarled, bony twigs casting shadows into her bedroom, mockingly dancing like little children on her walls. She heard a dog's lonely bark in the distance and tires screeching on the rubbery tarmac. Her parents had gone to bed hours ago, retreating to their bedroom, silently so as not to disturb her, but she was disturbed. She felt exposed to the outside world. The reassuring living room light had been turned of as well, a flickering hope in the darkness gone just like a fragile human life. Suddenly she realised the wind had died down, withdrawing its bone numbing grip.....the trees had stopped there playful shadow dancing almost obediently and then she heard it...a hollow scraping on wood like fingernails on a blackboard but deeper, it had an almost sorrowful sound to it. She wriggled further into the covers, her mind darting like a terrified animal, fear choking up in her throat. She guessed it was her door, it was made of fine Oak. A creamy brown, it had been, standing in all its glory and splendour when she had first set eyes on it in IKEA. Now it seemed to have gotten over its pride, the wood moaning and wailing aloud and then it struck her, how come her parents couldn't here anything. If they had ever heard such a noise surely they would come and check if she was al right. Or maybe they couldn't....maybe it was to late. She had an image of her parents mangled bodies, thick bloody blotches of blood coating their corpses, slowly turning the bedsheets an innocent red. She willed the image away to the deepest corner of her mind. Wouldn't she have heard her parents cry in pain. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The monotonous shrieking sound continued to grow louder but she ignored it." If my parents cant here it, it must not be real". Finally sleep was bearing down on her eyelids, making them droop and then utter darkness. Lain had fallen into a deep sleep accompanied by the moaning sounds into the deepest depths of her dreams.
The next morning, the cold had been chased away by the suns gentle gaze, caressing Lain's face with kind warmth. She woke up with a start, remembering what had happened that night. She looked around her room, but everything seemed normal. She sighed with relieve, the scene and the atmosphere seemed to daily for it to be a scene of a horror. She pushed the covers of off her and stepped out of her bed. The hairs on her neck stood on end when she felt something wet on her foot. "Its nothing" she said, "Its nothing", she pulled herself together and looked down. There on the ground, reflecting her petrified figure was a pool of blood. She shrieked and sprang onto her bed, sending droplets of blood everywhere. She stared at the floor, it was a trail of dark blood leading round the corner to her door. Gently she stepped out of her bed and rounded the corner and then she saw it. Deep scars of ravines snaking down the inside of her door, cruelly carving out the phrase "I'll be waiting for you".

Yes I think it is toooooo long and toooo detailed but I had nothing else to do and I like detail.....PWEESE COMMENT!!!...need other peoples was only a quick plan... criticize me...
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