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29 / M / Nicaragua
Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/20/10
...don't have much to say. It was creepy. And well... one bit of advice... you used the word "blood" too much in those last few sentences. Mix it up some so it don't sound repetitive ;)

guess I have to write something now... may have a little strong language. (mostly aster*xed out)
...this tale is called:
"'Serial Killer Funtime with Rob Goulash!' featuring 'Issac Freud' as the 'Victim'"

There's gotta be a way to screen these guys... how come he ain't locked up somewhere?... thought Tenessee hillbilly Issac Freud as he scarfed down yet another bag of "wild onion" flavored Ruffles. "The guys a freakin' sociopath!" he thought out loud, stuffing his face as he addressed the webcam above his table: "I'm not playing this game anymore! You hear me? This is some bull sh*t!" Screaming violently, Mr. Freud tried in vain once again to break free of the iron chains around his ankles. "I will not play this game anymore!!!!! I ain't responsible for this!!!!!!"

The screen flickered as Issac threw the empty, crumpled bag at the camera. Watching from his Vegas casino penthouse half a continent away, Rob Goulash merely snickered at the fat man's half-grunted remarks. He hesitated about flipping the switch that would summon another bag... instead pressing the intercom: "Tony?"

"Yes Mr. Goulash, sir?"

"How many potato chips are in one of those bags... maybe about 40 do you think?"

"...I don't know, why?"

"He just finished his 11th bag..."

"Jesus Christ! F***er's got some balls!"

"The number Tony!"

"Right... right... Jesus... well... let me look it up."

With money (and lots of it) a rich casino owner like Rob Goulash could afford the world's most expensive and unique hobbies. And killing a random person (mostly hookers) every time some fat-ass ate a potato chip was not cheap...

"There's about 63 chips rounding up sir... I'll start making some calls."
Posted 9/24/10

jadha wrote:

CrashAriMP5N2O wrote:

10 Days of August
On the 10th day of August
This Shinji gave to me
Ten Crunchyrollers
Nine Onigiris
Eight members spamming
Seven threads a closing
Six buddies pending
Five nuking mods!
Four misnamed vids
Three chain mails
Two guestbook posts
And a non PG-thirteen profile!

LMAO!. i sang it while reading...

LOLS! me tooo!!!!!
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Posted 11/7/10 , edited 11/7/10
Where rhythm and rhymes
are now twin crimes
And Pathos now is king.
That Tyrant, he would love to see,
A poem about despairity.
These petty verse shall I sing
to please m'lud's present whim
I dedicate this to him,
M'lud, God, and King:
i cut-
an apple-
fell down-
from a tree-
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24 / M / Philadelphia, PA
Posted 11/8/10
rough copy of a chapter im sharing on with people. hope you like, let me know what you think.

Chapter 15

As time pass, Queen Amethya is nearing the wizards house. The door opens unleashing a blur that leaves small particles of red withering behind. The Queen closes her eyes and chants a spell to catch this fast being. Her eyes open seeing the particles all around her, but she slams her hand on the ground sending a wave to stop the movement. Feralinx stops, a new katana in his hand that is made of a red substance "So you have stoped my movement, now let the knives devour." The particles in the air become small knives that chase after the Queen. She moves quickly evading the knives, then she notices a pain going across her back like a solar beams heat in a small sting. Fralinx had ran behind her cutting her back, but nothing fatal. The knives stop and move into particles again slowly merging with Feralinx katana. Now since the katana has all it's pieces, he can use his full strength. The Queen and Feralinx stare at each other, the eyes of Feralinx like Alastor, The Executioner. He runs in such speed almost as if time can't keep up with him. He goes to unsheathe his katana and Amethya is no longer in sight. Feralinx feels no gravity as he floats in the air, Amethya using her hand to levatate him. She shoots him into the wizards house, but as he hits the house it becomes like a silk sheet disapearing into thin air. Queen Amethya is confused so she looks around noticing the wizards house is actually to her right side. In front of the house lies her Death standing with a smile, Asmodeus. "I need my answers, Queen Amethya. What is the gift he has grant me with his heart!" She replies "Asmodeus, me and the Tyrant were good friends, but I know nothing of his heart. I have no answers for you Child of The Night! DIE! The Queen rises from the ground sending a beam out of her chest riping the ground nearing Asmodeus. He dodges it and runs around her shooting fire and ice, but the projectiles miss. Asmodeus stops running and his arm glows with courage. Amethya flies to him with her hair leaving a trail of violet smoke behind her. She gets near and he uses the banshee's scream and the behemoth's roar in one shot fusing both powers to make a new one. Amethya gets pushed losing all color on her body becoming as pale as the moon. She lands on the ground creating a crater with smoke surrounding it. Asmodeus does not know how he created that power, but it seemed very helpful. Asmodeus turns to look for Feralinx, but his partners face is in demise, Feralinx shouts "Asmodeus behind you!" Silence is all that Asmodeus hears after Feralinx screams. Asmodeus wonders why everything seems to be fading away. The world slowly losing color, except there's a lot of red. Asmodeus then notices his head is off his body, his limbs are cut to pieces. Amethya laughing but he can't hear her agitated voice of pandemonium. Everything stops, the limbs in the air and the blood stops moving and Feralinx and Amethya are speechles in this act. Asmodeus'es red hair becomes white, his eyes becoming a solid grey color, and so let it begin. The blood and limbs come back together forming a new Asmodeus with white hair and grey eyes, the clothes still intact. Amethya leaps back shoving her fingers in the ground making spike pillars come out the ground beneath Asmodeus. He moves as if he was hovering over the ground, no leg movement and leaving a blur of his image in the opposite direction. Amethya takes her fingers out the ground, but once she takes them out Asmodeus grabs her by her throat staring at her. "Now you shall witness a mere taste of my Power." He disengages by jumping back as she's on her knees in fear. Asmodeus making a wing of ice and a wing of fire. Growing four horns on his head and a mouth of a beast out of his stomach with fur and teeth that seem enless. The mouth screaming the Behemoths roar making Amethya paralized like stone. His wings and mouth vanishing, but his horns stay put. "All I want you to feel is fear, since that is what kings and queens don't feel anymore. Your life of ruling the land, torturing, and making yourself better than everyone else is over. Queen Amethya, goodbye." Asmodeus runs like a monster and stabing his left hand in her stomach and with his right hand going in her afterward pulling and pushing spliting in two pieces making her blood rain upon him. His body glows as he absorbs her power. Asmodeus hair and eyes go back to normal, his horns vanishing. He's back to his normal self.

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27 / philippines
Posted 11/9/10
and also my friend [tagalog fic] :,179933.0.html
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F / Kobe, Japan
Posted 11/10/10
Nice ideas everyone! It's crazy how there's tons of talented people, yet the world fails to recognize.

(Plot of the story I am writing right now)
The Sky Pirate Chronicles ~Via~

Era VII Period X Year XL Eisenbow III

The law and government are growing in power.
The ones who oppose are increasing in number.
In the land of Solebrio, balance is about to be lost.

The opposing power have taken over the skies, in forms of "sky pirates".
Those that dominate among all sky pirates are made by the three forces:
Vincent Maximum, Bernard Ranier, and Darren Caspien.
Vincent leads the Archaeoterius, known as "the Oldest sky pirate".
Bernard is teaming with Simona Clauvio, known as "the Fastest sky pirate".
Darren is the leader of the Caldo, known as "the Strongest sky pirate".

Darren, the leading character of this story, holds a secret that no one shares.
His family traces back to the now extinct Solare race, who have a special kind of blood
that is able to produce antibodies against several viral and bacterial infections.
However, a small wound or scratch emitting blood can cause fatal death.
In the present world, Darren is the only one who holds this very blood.

The government hardly come in contact with the three sky pirates;
however, they are now trying to negotiate with Darren.
A new viral strain has infected the imperial family, and is quickly spreading.
Without Darren's blood, future for them is hopeless...

Meanwhile, a girl is about to be sold in the streets of Altas.
Her name is Noemi.
She cannot read nor write; all she has is herself and a dagger she brought with her from home.
As she is almost given to a man who wants her for sexual satisfaction,
a light-chestnut, long-haired young man approaches and provokes him.
As he starts a fight, the young man - Darren - sweeps Noemi off of her feet.

The adventure begins, both destined to be intertwined.

Now the two are left with no other choice:

Darren has a miraculous blood that he cannot give,

Noemi has a dagger with Solare writings,

and the government is after both of them.
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Posted 11/18/10 , edited 11/18/10
Fanfiction of Mr Beck's Television Programme-


Chapter One

The sunset redden the already bleak landscape as John Q. Publique knocked on the gates of the only house remaining- Mr Glenn Beck's house. It was a sturdy and American house, complete with a White Pickett Fence, Apple Tree, and a little red wagon filled with GOLD- buy it now, preferably from GOLDLINE. On the porch, Glenn Beck was playing the good Christian game of Go-Fish with Jesus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Smith, and George Bush.

"I think I hear something." Mr Beck said, after the 1,809th knock.

"Really, and you just heard it now? After all the racket and all the times we told you to fucking answer the door."

"Really, Jesus, I have to concentrate on the game, you know."

"Just go answer it, you fucking lard."

After much argument with Jesus, Mr Beck finally answered the door. Seeing Beck, John Q. Publique fell upon his knees, and wept.

"Oh-oh, Glenn, you were right, and we were wrong. America is completely obliterated by that evil man, Obama-"

Glenn look at him sternly, "That evil, racist man, Obama."

"Yes, that evil, racist man Obama, who forcifully converted our Nation to Islam, sold out to the Terrorist, and is now sending Democratic Deathsquads composed entirely of Illegals to kill Grandmas."

Glenn began to weep profusely, "Don't, worry- sniff- Guys, its time to Save America from the Demoncrats and Obamacare."

And so, the Coalition of the Willing started their quest to take down the Evil Terrorist Obama.

Next Chapter- Glenn teams up with Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, and Stephen Colbert, and baptise dead people.
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26 / F
Posted 3/8/11
umm check out my forum on sasunaru if ur A naruto fan
Posted 3/8/11
The King of Lost Wastes tried to kill all of the bacteria in his kingdom for his purposes of having agoraphobia of bacteria. However, he missed one of the biggest bacterium- himself. Soon, he became delusional of him being his own fungus and began to hallucinate random "germ" buddies. He then decided to seek help but was too afraid that he was going to inhale other people's bacteria, therefore, he decided to not get therapy help but to take his life away. The Lost Wastes land became more polluted after his death; no one was willing to take over his land. Now, his land is just another place of human dump. Everything became wasteful in the land. Ponds had algae all over with no animals wanting to eat the contaminated algae. Fungi grew all over the trees and the air became stinky to the nose. All of the existing animal kingdoms vanished.
Overall morals? Take care of thyself and especially the world- don't take an advantage of it, use it wisely.
Ahahahahaha, I made this up in ten minutes. I myself don't really understand this concept- I was bored.
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18 / F / CA ;but I want to...
Posted 3/19/11

The End of the Normal Days

Night falls to the defeat of the rising sun. Soon all war will be ceased, or so thought. In old tales, it’s told that long ago battles rage on in the sky. Only to be seen by the Secret Guardians. Unknown of their skills yet told to be heroes, their identity are still hidden in the shadows. The Secret Guardians are told to help either the light of the sun or the shadow of the moon. They suddenly disappeared when the battle subsided. Still no traces of where the legendary battle was told. As for the Secret Guardians it is believed they disguised themselves as normal peasants. For so their decedents still unknowingly carry on the blood of their ancestors.

“Very good Mr.Zark! Very good…” says Mr.Silton. [Mr.Silton a.k.a mystery teacher. He’s very….different from other teachers. Bald head. 32 years old.]
“Heh…it was nothing. Just a story I came up about.” said Ethan. [Ethan Ace Zark. Currently has no reputation yet. He’s 14 years old. Flat messy brown hair tinged with slight red. Crimson red eyes. Has a sense of humor. But maybe impulsive in a somewhat protective way.]
“A story you came up you say…very interesting,” said Mr.Silton. The bell rings. “Oh! Class dismiss, remember everybody finish those homework! Well anyways have a good winter vacation!”
Mr.Silton approached. “Ethan there is something I need to talk to you about,” “What is it sir?” Ethan asks. “You have promising hidden talents boy,” Mr.Silton answers. “Uhh…what are you talking about sir? I just told a story…” Ethan says with a confused yet curios voice. “ mean a story that has been told already?” “I swear I didn’t know someone already made it!” Ethan said with a worried voice. “Don’t worry boy, only certain people know tales of the Myth Era,” reassuring Ethan. “The Myth Era??” Ethan says. “Yes the Myth Era. The unknown era that only special people know about,” answers Mr.Silton. “And you think I’m one of those “special people”?!” Ethan says mystified. “Yes you are, tomorrow come to my office at the morning. We’re going to get your blood identity,” “Blood identity?” Ethan asked. “You’ll see tomorrow.” answered Mr.Silton. “Ok…” Ethan said.
Ethan grabs his bag and walks out the door. As he replayed of what Mr.Silton said, he couldn’t grasp an idea of the teacher’s sudden announcement. As he walks, he looks back to see an empty classroom. Now Ethan lost his composure, he lost it but didn’t show it. Instead he put on a blank expression, letting his mind flow. He passes the library with the doors open. But he was already too deep in his thoughts to notice a girl sitting at the library, watching him pass by with a bored expression. She brushes her smooth, long, light-brown hair back, stands up, and goes to the opposite direction of Ethan.

The next morning, Ethan wakes up in his room. He groans as he gets up his bed. Ethan throws on a red T-shirt, a black long-sleeve open shirt, dark blue jeans, and his lucky necklaces. It hasn’t exactly proven to bring luck yet, but it still was special in its own way. It was just clear plastic that held a weird jewel. People around him say it changes with his emotions, but Ethan didn’t believe them. After all, it was the only thing his father left him. He’s still looking for what his mother left him, if she left him anything. As Ethan goes down-stairs, he wonders why it was him who was ordered to go to school at the beginning of winter break. If only he hadn’t written that story. “Hey, Mr.Sucks-2-be-you, get your lazy butt down here!!”Yells Carla. [Carla Rally a.k.a Naggie. Will nag you non-stop until she wins.]
“Ok, Na- “
“Nothing…” Ethan grumbles.
Ethan walks into Mr.Silton’s classroom. “Ahhh, you’re here.” says Mr.Silton. “Yeah, so what’s this about a Blood Identity?” Ethan asked curiously. “We do it to check which ancestors you belong to.” Mr.Silton answered. “So how do we do it?” Ethan responded.
Mr.Silton shoots a needle at Ethan. “What the!!” Ethan yelled, “Why did-““That is how we get your blood identity,” Mr.Silton butted in. “By throwing a needle at me?! Are you crazy!?”
“No. Not at all. Though throwing a needle at your student is a bit, well revolting I guess. I can’t blame you for thinking that, but I assure you I am still at the roots of my sanity,” “Yeah right,” Ethan replied. “Aside from that, the needle that I threw at you got a speck of your blood,” Mr.Silton said. “What do you mean, I don’t feel any-““Check your shoulder,” Mr.Silton ordered him. Ethan checked his shoulder to find the needle sticking out of his skin. Ethan yelped. “But how!? I would’ve felt something this sharp on my shoulder!”
Mr.Silton walked over to him. Slowly he pulled the needle out. It was dripping with Ethan’s blood. Mr.Silton took out a small computer chip. No, it was something different. Mr.Silton slid the dripping tip of the needle across the strange contraption. Ethan expected that it would’ve made a screeching noise, but instead it made a sound like a weird tune that you would hear when you type on a future computer in a corny alien movie. Ethan was going to point out that Mr.Silton was crazy again until he felt a slight dizziness flooding his mind. “Ugh…” Ethan croaked. “The control powder must be activating now,” Mr.Silton said. “The what?” Ethan mumbled.
“I’ll explain it to you later,” he said. Mr.Silton strode to the door. “Wait, explain it to me now…” Ethan squeaked. “Terralay, help him will you?” The last thing Ethan saw was the floor, but he didn’t feel any impact. Someone caught him. He . . . no she helped him to a chair. “Well what do you know, more fresh meat to strangle. This better be worth it,” she grumbled. Ethan hoped that he wasn’t the fresh meat, but with all that’s happened up to now, he had some serious doubts.
He had no idea that his time as a normal kid, was reaching its end.

Non-Typical First Day
Ethan woke to the sound of fire, actually a person making fire. He’s face down on a some-how warm stone floor. He looks up to see a large opening of one very large cave. Ethan notices its night. He lays there still.
All the while, Ethan notices a figure out in the distance. Ethan waits a few seconds, trying to get past the blurs in his eyes.
Oh, someone is trying to light a fire, Ethan thought, with their . . . mouth? Odd. I wonder what that long thing is behind him. He seems to have rough skin. His hair is the same color as his skin, a perfect tan almost like gold, and it’s abnormally spiky. Looks like a mohawk. Ha-ha, it’s as if he’s . . . a . . . a . . . .” D-d-dragon!” Ethan yelped the last word out. It echoed through the cave.
The dragon lifted its head and looked head-on at Ethan. While Ethan mentally slapped himself, the dragon got up showing the claws that were hidden behind the small flames.
Why in the world am my still lying down?! Ethan asked himself. With that, he got up with a push of his arms.
Now on his feet, Ethan stares at the dragon straight into its fiery-orange eyes. He realizes that the dragon is no taller than him, and its skin was actually gold. Expecting the dragon to burn him alive, Ethan surprisingly was calm though. He felt no threat emanating from the creature. To add to the confusion, the dragon sprang forward, sprinting too Ethan.
The sudden movement made Ethan fall back with shock. Meanwhile the creature landed on top of Ethan.
“What the-“ “New recruit! New recruit!” the small dragon interrupted. “Huh?” Ethan replied, recovering from his shock. “Y-y-you know Mr.Silton?” the hyper dragon asked.
“Yeah” But I’m starting to regret it, Ethan mentally added.
“Good. Come.” the small dragon ordered getting off of Ethan. The tiny fellow half-crawled and half-flew to the front entrance of a cave. Ethan, wondering why he’s doing this, reluctantly followed.
After a few steps past the fire in the cave, the path was swallowed with darkness. The only light left was a few occasional puffs of fire from the small dragon. Ethan stumbled once or twice, but managed to keep up with the youngling.
“So what’s your name?” the dragon asked, breaking the silence. “Ethan” Ethan answered. “Full name?” the dragon pushed on. “Ethan Ace Zark. What’s yours?” Ethan asked. “Hmph, nice try. My name is Pyrrhos or you can call me Pyhro,” “Alright, Pyhro, what do you mean by ‘nice try’?” Ethan asked. “Ethan Ace Zark,” Pyhro said. “Yeah?” Ethan replied. “That’s not your real full name isn’t it,” “What? How did you know?” Ethan hastily asks. “Usually there are four parts or more in a recruit’s name, Ethan. You claim to others that your full name is Ethan Ace Zark don’t you,” the dragon said avoiding the question. “Yeah.” Ethan says slightly irritated of how Pyhro keeps popping up information. “So what is your full name?” Pyhro asks with a tinge of curiosity in his voice. “Well . . .” But Ethan and Pyhro’s discussion was interrupted as light swallowed them up.
Ethan blinks a few times, trying to readjust to the light. What he sees before him paralyzes him. There, right in front of him, was a pure white creature. It had a lion’s head with a body of a tiger but no stripes, and at the end was a tail two through three feet long that ended with a triangle. Ethan stood paralyzed, he had never seen a creature like this, but for some reason. . . . he accepted it as reality.
“Come, Ace. Step forward,” the strange creature commanded in a deep, old voice, as if it was a voice spoken for more than a thousand years. Ethan looked at Pyhro, looking for reassurance. But the small dragon was unmoving, he was wide-eyed looking at the other creature. Pyhro then turned his head and gave him an encouraging nod, but Ethan knew it wasn’t genuine. He could see the message in the little dragon’s eyes, “Beware.” Possibilities flashed through Ethan’s mind. He could tell that there was no other choice than to follow the order. Ethan gingerly stepped forward. The intimidating creature gave Ethan a sharp look that then turned into a skeptical look. The odd creature chuckled, which scared the heck out of Ethan more, but he stood his ground.
“Not bad, Ace, not bad at all,” the creature said in his ancient voice, ”Usually they would try to run and I have a time-wasting chase, some even faint. Though, you, stand your ground. . . . hmmm. . . . you have promising hidden talents boy,” Again Ethan thought the same line ‘Promising hidden talents’. What does that mean? “Ace,” the lion/tiger said breaking Ethan’s trail of thoughts “What a fitting name for you. My name is Ubiquity, or you can call me Contin. If you wonder what I am, I am a gryphin, the only pure white one to be exact. Now I believe Pyrrhos here was snooping around in your personal information, eh?” Contin pointed out, raising his eye brows at Pyhro. Pyhro blinked a few times, absorbing the words until he got the message, and looked down to his clawed feet. Ethan could faintly see a slight blush under Pyhro’s scaly skin. “Sorry Sir Contin, sorry Ethan,” Pyhro finally replied in a small voice. Ethan didn’t expect the hyper dragon to be brought down so easily, though he never expected to find a dragon and a pure white gryphin in less than thirty minutes. So, what else is possible? Ethan sighed to himself. “No worry Pyhro,” Ethan responded. “So . . . . from what I’ve heard, doesn’t a Gryphon supposedly have an eagle’s head and . . . . y-you know th-the other stuff . . .” Ethan stuttered under the amused Gryphon’s stare. “Well, you will soon know more and understand more, but for now . . . . let’s just say I am one of the few strange kinds. Anyway, let’s continue onward. I will first need to hear your full name” said Contin, emphasizing the word full. “Um, uh, well . . . i-it’s” Ethan hesitantly says. Meanwhile, Pyhro, who was silent up to now, was noticeably listening with anticipation on his toes-- well claws.
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25 / F / Lithuania
Posted 4/8/11
a bit of today's creative nonsenceness xD

Is it because of the rain?When I looked up, raindrops started falling into my eyes, I would start blinking and turn my head.It's the same feeling as looking to something I want so badly, but can never have it.

You're so far, yet you're in my heart.And that's why it's pounding.Sometimes it hurts.Why?You should tell me.Do you acknowledge me?I could think of million reasons why that cannot ever happen.

I want to write a letter with my tears, can I?I hope that kind of letter endures trough ages and maybe in next life you'll see it.I wish you would turn time back then and my dream could come true.
Posted 4/14/11
A present for someone, not finished though.

They were all so obnoxious that day…But it was the day I came across the boisterous teen.
I remember the library so clearly that day, the way the books smelt, the dust falling from the bindings, the crusty old librarian that glared so fixedly at everyone. And most of all, I remember, his ridiculous friends.
“Ow.” Something had hit me; I placed my hand over my eye that was hit, staring with my other at the paper star. I frowned, hearing the groups of males at the table across from me break into a fit of chuckles. I would never grow to understand teenager’s sense of humor, even when I became one. At thirteen, I was just becoming one of those things at the time being.
He had stepped over, I watched his slow movements, that coy smile on his young face, sandy hair fell around his cheeks, but it wasn’t those things I had decided to notice, no, it was his leafy green eyes that caught my attention. I’m not sure what it was about them and for the rest of my time on this earth I wouldn’t figure it out, maybe it was how they looked at me rather than around me, like other people, or how the light reflected in them. Without those eyes, he wasn’t worth a second glance I decided later in life.
“Sorry, little guy.” His smile turned into a smirk as he took the paper star, he poked it to the corner of his mouth, and he continued to stare at me.
“What do you want?” I had snapped, I didn’t want to deal with overgrown children at the moment, though this guy only looked about five-nine; he wasn’t all too tall compared to others his age.
“Say,” He plunked down in a seat backwards, hanging over the back, his hair sliding before his eyes, he left it. “What’s your name little boy?”
I had no intention of sharing with him, besides he hadn’t offered his name. A moment of silence passed and his lips parted to speak, only before he could get what he wanted out, his obnoxious friends called to him, “Yo! Maddy, let’s go!”
“Oh?” Maddy looked over his shoulder, he glanced at me again, looking regretful as he pulled himself up and left. With a sigh, I returned to my reading, happy to be done with the idiot.
The silence again slipped in, I found myself that trip to the library staring at the door his sandy colored head had vanished behind.

It would be a few more days before I came across Maddy again, it just so happened to be at the same library. I was going through the rows of historical books, looking for something interesting. I had pulled up, instantly startled at seeing him leaned over so casually. I bumped into the row next to us; I began to glare at the idiot. What did he think he was doing anyway?!
“Hello again.” He whispered, smiling as if he wasn’t being a creeper or anything.
“What do you want?” I snapped, remembering that before when I had first come across him, I had said the exact same thing. I already had a clue, he probably wanted my name.
“Your name?” I bowed my head, I could see through my dark bangs he was leaning over, a curious gleam in those bright eyes.
“Ahbi.” I whispered, hoping he wouldn’t hear the embarrassing name. Of course he did, he instantly smiled and nodded.
“Ahbi.” He repeated. “Cute.” Maddy tucked his hands into his faded jeans pockets, he turned around and left. I watched him curiously, he was just leaving now? I followed him; he glanced over his shoulder at me, smirking once he took note of what I was doing. He slipped into the young adult section, still not saying anything of my following him. I felt like such a creep, just staring at his broad shoulders.
He stopped, his fingers brushing bindings of books, the dust trailing his long finger, his eyes looked to me, “May I help you?”
I tilted my head, “Maddy.” I said, staring up at his face as I watched his jaw line twitch. He didn’t like it? Maddy looked down to me,
“That is my name. Yes.” I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I really wanted to get to know this guy. He was so…Different, the way he carried himself. He was so interesting, and the fact he was in a library instead of gallivanting around outside, playing some sport that would probably cause his teeth to be knocked out. I wanted to know, what did he read? Did he actually play sports?
“What are…” I paused, biting my lower lip; he was probably so much older than I was, at least by a few years, he was so much taller than my barely over four foot frame, “…looking for?” I turned to the book shelf, staring at the titles, some I’d seen before in stores. One being those Twilight books, I had sort of enjoyed them then, not sure what I was thinking back then. Gay sparkling fairies.
“Anything good honestly.” He smiled shyly, pulling out a book and flipping through it for a second. I pointed towards the Twilight books.
“Why not try those?”
Maddy snorted, giving me a look as if I was stupid or something, “You serious little man? If I want to read about gay men, I’ll look at fan fictions…Or something.”
I frowned, not being able to believe he didn’t like it? “Besides,” I looked back up at him, “Already read those.” He smiled again and I smiled back, he had this weird warming effect, he seemed…Kind. Kinder than most his age and through our time together, Maddy would keep proving that. He wasn’t just gentle with people, animals were another thing he cared for, he worked well with them, I remember once catching him asleep outside his barn and the neighborhood cats had decided to nap with him. He was different, in such an interesting way. I couldn’t keep myself away from him and I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or not. Everyone complained about their thirteenth year, I sure didn’t, thanks to Maddy.
Maddy was by the steps, skipping class again. I could see him on my way to the bathroom. He was a senior then, I was a freshman, he would be leaving after that year, but I had pushed the thought out. I had a whole year left with him that was good enough. I plodded down the steps to his seat, leaning on the railing to glare at him, “Why aren’t you in class?” I hissed, to make the matters worse, this happened at only the second day of school. He was such an idiot back then.
Maddy smiled up at me, “Oh, Eh.” He looked towards the bottom on the stairs, dragging his shoe against the floor, “I just…Didn’t feel like going.” The thing that pissed me off was he was so casual about that. He wouldn’t get into college with an attitude like that. But the moron proved me wrong later in life; it was something he happened to do frequently.
“Why?” I always sounded so aggravating with him, when I felt quite the opposite, he was so calming, and sometimes it was frightening how much he would make me feel at ease.
I scoffed at him then, I didn’t know what exactly his mind was so keen on, if I had known I wouldn’t have said what I did, “You’re just a flunk, always chasing after those silly dreams.” It was cruel, but at the time I thought I could whip him into shape. His pained expression told me otherwise,
“I don’t think…They’re all that silly.” Maddy frowned at me, I knew what he wanted to become, and then I didn’t get his obsession. He rode, Maddy was excellent at it, though I knew nothing of the sport; I could see Maddy worked with his horse a little differently than others. He would ride whenever he got the chance, his large black gelding soaring over jumps.
I shook my head, heading back towards the bathroom, wasn’t my problem if he wanted to fail.
“Ahbi!” His voice called to me from down the stair way, I looked at him.
“What is it Maddy?” I narrowed my eyes at him.
“What do you really think of me?” He smirked, as if he knew something I did not, but the old fool probably did. I bit my lower lip, that boy probably did know what was going through my head, as much as I tried not to show it, something had changed that past year, once I looked to Maddy in admiration, while I still admired the Senior, it was in a different way. My face heated up at the thought, I rubbed the back of my neck. What did I really think of him? Of course now I realize it, I liked Maddy, I just didn’t want to admit it.
“You’re a…Role model to me.” I held my hands behind my back, staring at the floor as I scuffed the toe of my shoe to the ground. When I looked up Maddy looked upset, I wondered what I could have done, but he soon regained his smile towards me,
“Ah. I see. Heh.” He chuckled slightly, there came a moment of silence, Maddy finally stood, smiling up at me, “I think I’ll go back to class…” He waved to me, disappearing down the stair way to whatever class he had now. I frowned, he had looked upset…

Since Maddy was a Senior I didn’t see him much during school hours, only around lunch where I knew he would hide on the roof of the school, leaning on the iron rail and glaring down at the parking lot. I would eat up there with him, or rather, I’d eat he’d just stare off. And this day was no different, or at least it hadn’t started that way.
I chewed slowly on the bread I brought, watching him from the corner of my eye, he was just so focused on the people passing by today, it would certainly be a miracle if you got him to focus his attention elsewhere. I wanted to know what he was always so caught up about; it was annoying not knowing every thought to pass through his head.
“Do you like me Ahbi?” He was smirking now, and then I didn’t understand what he meant of course now I knew.
“Of course I do Maddy.” I held the piece of bread up to him; He took a small bite, returning to his watch.
“Hrm…Prove it.” I arched an eyebrow, what did that mean? I stood up and moved beside him, I too looked to the floor below. Had the light reflecting from car tops gone to his head? His shoulder was touching mine, the spot was so warm. I wasn’t sure what made me do it, but my eyes felt heavy. Slowly I closed them and leaned into him.
“I like you, Maddy.” I heard myself whisper, he grew stiff beside me. We stood there for a while, saying nothing only listening to the wind blow by us and our breathing. It was nice and peaceful, I enjoyed that moment, the moment I grew to slowly realize what was going on.
The clanging of the bell beckoned us back to class, I turned to leave, but Maddy grabbed my wrist, pulling me back to him. “Just wait.” His face was red, maybe he really was sick. I reached for his forehead, but he shied away. We were wasting time, just standing here. I tugged his arm, trying to tell him we needed to get to class, if he wanted to flunk that was his choice not mine.
“Come on Maddy, class is starting.” He released me then, smiling as I ran off towards the door. I shook my head at him, it was a miracle that boy even managed to get past this year.
But not everything was a bucket of roses, I suppose me and Maddy hadn’t been the only ones on the roof, on my way to my class his friends had shown up walking beside me to my next class, smirking wildly. They wouldn’t say anything to me this time, though I did hear the whisper pass between the two; I just had to ignore it,
“So you, like Maddy huh?”
I walked home with Maddy every day, there kind of wasn’t a question to it, unless one got sick during the day and left early or didn’t come to school. It was better that way, gave us at least a half an hour to talk and not be interrupted, nobody else in our classes had the same walk that we did. It was nice, going to the same school as the older male.
I plodded slowly beside Maddy and his long strides, well longer than mine, his hands were tucked into his pockets, and he was glaring ahead of him. Which was rare for him, Maddy rarely glared at anything, something really did have him bent that day.
“What’s the matter Maddy?”
“People just annoy me.” Well at least Maddy was always honest, well…he hadn’t lied to me.
“People?” I felt my chest give a squeeze, I held tightly to my back pack’s straps. I hadn’t thought it possible that Maddy would get annoyed, but he proved me wrong. Again.
Maddy’s strides had picked up, I jogged after him to keep up, and I had a feeling my question wasn’t going to be answered,
“They just butt their heads where it isn’t wanted.” It seemed this would happen to Maddy often, he soon grew hateful and cold, he confessed to me later in his life that he felt mankind was nothing, but a waste. That was just one of the things that did it, sadly.
I went to Maddy’s house; I didn’t want to leave his company just yet. Once In his home, Maddy instantly retreated to his room, I made sure to say hi to his other siblings and his mother. Compared to the rest of his siblings, Maddy was definitely different, while they all piled up and snuggled with each other Maddy would distance himself, he had this thing with his family touching him. And while all the rest of his siblings dedicated their life to basketball Maddy would be out in his backyard trying to escape the fence with his mount.
“Hello Mrs. Aiza.” I smiled at the blonde woman, she was the one who instilled Maddy’s love for horses, from what I understood she was an amazing horse woman, I never had the honor to watch her ride though, I only got to watch her instruct Maddy. The woman smiled back and I hopped up the stairs, running into Maddy’s bright room.
Just as any other teenager, his room wasn’t all that neat, clothes littered one corner of his rooms, books were piled by his bed, papers scattered around his desk, yup, just like anyone else. I put my back pack besides his, getting ready to shut the door, but something made me freeze.
He was undressing. In front of me! I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t pull away, and…I had seen him without his shirt before, but, not his pants. My eyes fell to his legs as he removed his khaki pants, tossing them to the corner; I focused on his plaid boxers. My eyes met Maddy’s, but all he did was smirk, a devious glint in his bright eyes. What was this feeling exactly?
He pulled on a clean pair of jeans, leaving them unzipped as he strode over to me. I shut the door behind me as he leaned over, his hands by my head. I couldn’t help, but stare at his crotch, could he please just…Zip up at least?
“What is it Ahbi?” I heard that playful tone in his voice, he really was ridiculous.
“Your zipper is undone.” I pointed towards it, just inches away, my face felt so hot, I breathed in shakily, trying to get rid of the warm tingling I felt.
“So it is.” His hand appeared in my vision to zip it up and do the button, I finally could look to his face, he was smirking, and one of his hands brushed my face. I jolted back, not being able to help it,
“You…Um…Going riding?!” I laughed nervously, sliding away as his arms fell and he backed away to his bed, kicking over books. He flopped over onto it, folding his hands behind his head and crossing his long legs, how I wanted to have legs like that, would have been a hall of a lot taller.
“Don’t think so.” He closed his eyes for a moment, for a moment I thought he was going to nap, but his eyes soon looked to me, “I have to take you home soon…You want to stay for dinner or-?”
Dinner at Maddy’s? It was pure chaos, the first time I stayed, I almost had a panic attack, first his older siblings, Trina, his twenty one year old sister and Jake, his twenty year old brother, would argue over everything, be it a paper plane and how it’s made, they just…Didn’t quit. Maddy’s father always looked ready to kill one of them, while his mother would tell them to quit acting so negatively. Or one of them would try to leave the table and all of them began to argue, they were a loud and annoying family, but fun none the less, the only thing was the last part of their dinner. Maddy hated, and literally hated, his younger brother, never ever did Maddy hate a person, or even really dislike a person, and he was too uncaring or unmotivated to do anything. But something in John struck a nerve in Maddy, the older would always tell his little brother how worthless and pathetic he was. He would beat him down mercilessly. Sometimes they actually would get to the point of beating each other up; well really it was just John getting pounded.
“John is leaving, if that’s what you’re worried about.” His eyes narrowed at me, so he was able to read my expression?
“I...Don’t think I will.” One more thing, his family liked spiritual debates, I didn’t exactly do spiritual debates with Christianity.
“Hrm…when do you want to go home?” My parents weren’t too strict with my curfew as long as the time I was getting home was before midnight, they were okay with it. But where would I be at midnight anyway?
“Uh…How about seven?” Maddy’s family always ate late, because his dad worked late at night, so in a way it gave me more time to spend with him.
He raised his hand, motioning for me to come over to him. I stepped warily, what did he want? At the edge of his bed, he ran his fingertips down my arm, frowning a bit at the barrier my school jacket provided, “What are you doing Maddy?”
He chuckled softly, one of his fingers hooking to my smaller one, “Hrm?”
This kid was just plain weird.
He had dropped me off, as he did most of our nights together, but tonight my parents suddenly had something against the male. I frowned as they lead me into the kitchen, ordering me to sit before them, they looked concerned. But, I didn’t know why they would be worried, Maddy was a great guy, he wouldn’t let any harm come to me if he could help it.
“We think it would be best if you avoid Maddy from no on dear.” My mother spoke softly, but that didn’t soften the blow anyway.
What had she just said?
“It’s just that…” She looked to my father, who finished for her,
“We’ve heard some things from parents and think it’s best if you would stay away from him from now on.”
I stood suddenly, slamming my hands to the table before me,
“What?! What lies did they tell you?!” I couldn’t believe my parents! After how they’d all been so cheery every time Maddy came over, and how they’d always utter a good word of him when he wasn’t around. All because of a rumor he was suddenly frowned upon?! “There’s nothing wrong with Maddy! I won’t allow you to trash-“
“He’s a faggot Ahbi! Do you really want to hang around one of them?” My sister shouted from behind me, she had just slipped in. So that’s what they had said? Well, whoever did would certainly pay.
“He’s a disgrace to his family.”
I had tried to think before I shouted what I did next at them, but I just couldn’t. It wasn’t like I’d kept that pent up inside, actually I never thought of my sexuality before then, but the rage boiling in my chest was just too much, my unconscious truth just had to be let out,
“Then I’m a disgrace too!”
I quickly ducked out of the room, turning a deaf ear to their yelling at me to come back as I bolted out the front door. I just had to go to Maddy, had to tell them of the lies that these people spread, and even tell him of what I had said back there, even though I hadn’t been thinking, I just had to do something as to stand up for him, but I thought back then that I had really knew Maddy then, clearly not.
I didn’t bother to knock on their door, I just ran up the stairs as soon as I had barged in.
“Evening Ahbi.” Mrs. Aiza had said, acting so casual, as if it was normal for a fourteen year old boy to just barge into your house and run up the stairs.
“Hi Mrs. Aiza.” I bounded up the stairs and into Maddy’s room, I panted in the doorway, not releasing the knob as I stared fixedly at the male laying upon his bed, staring curiously back at me.
“Just shut the door.”
I did, walking over to his bed, “Maddy,” He didn’t let me finish, yeah count on him acting like a child, even when he was a grown man, he just got worse.
“That’s my name don’t wear it out.” He chuckled, another thing, he always thought he was just so hilarious, yeah, freaking riot.
“Maddy seriously,” I swallowed, how I prayed and hoped that he would not get upset over just some lies, it was just a question, caused by rumors, “Are you honestly....You know…” I drew in a breath, “Gay?”
He had frozen after those words left my lips, he looked horrified at what I had just said, and I remember thinking, ‘Oh dear, I’m really going to get it this time.’
“Who told you that?!” Maddy shifted from surprise, to fear to anger all so quickly, he approached me and I soon was pressed to his wall, not helping, but feel terrified as his bright eyes gleamed with murderous intent, it wasn’t I who had said such things, why would I be in trouble?!
“I don’t know…” I wanted to look away, he really was scaring me, “My parents just said they heard-“
“Your parents said that?!” He shrieked, he was instantly afraid now, backing away he glanced to his door. I could understand Maddy’s fear, his parents would never accept him for who he loved or liked, and it was just against their beliefs. “Please, Ahbi, tell me you’re just playing with me.” He smiled nervously; it pained me to shake my head.
“My sister said the same too.” But I noticed that my question hadn’t exactly been answered, “So is it true then? You swinging that way I mean.”
He sighed, there was a slight squeeze to my chest, I wasn’t sure if I was excited for his answer or afraid of what it might be, “There’s only…One guy.” He looked at me, as if waiting for something. I felt my heart sink, suddenly I was envious of this man and I just simply didn’t comprehend it, but that of course was only before I knew just who it was that Maddy liked. I soon found myself asking questions, I just had to know,
“Does he go to our school?
“Is he a senior, like you?”
“He might think like one.” He smiled at me, I gritted my teeth, the thoughts I was having towards this student.
“What grade?”
“Freshman.” A little young, but at least he was in my grade, getting my hands on him would be easy, now all I had to do was think up a plan of getting rid of him. Now, just needed one more thing,
He faltered then, but soon he smirked, seeming amused and answered, “Ahbi Mason.”
Hey that name sounded awfully familiar…Wait a minute; he really had said my name? It took me a while to finally realize those words. “What?” I whispered.
He rolled his pretty eyes, “Ahbi M-“
I waved my arms about, blushing furiously as I heard his words repeat in my head. Was he joking? “I heard you! …But we’re just friends, right?” He had to be kidding me, pulling my leg.
“You don’t think we could be more?” Maddy seemed hurt now, wait. The question earlier…Was that about this moment that was happening right now?
I couldn’t respond right now, I was just…So confused then. Shaking my head I sunk away, these feelings that were constricting me, was it really possible? That I, liked Maddy? The senior that would always cut his classes?
I didn’t stick around after that.
It would be weeks before I spoke to Maddy again, he was just avoiding me was all. In that absence I realized how I truly felt, it was possible, more than possible for us to be more than friends. I wanted it that way. But Maddy didn’t seem to want to face me just yet; his reasoning for avoiding me was he didn’t want to pressure me into a decision. But I finally got to him, after cornering him up on the roof.
“Hey!” I stepped over to him; he looked to me curiously over his shoulder.
“Oh hey Ahbi.” He suddenly sprang to the right and I stomped before him, blocking his way. I glowered up at him, he really was afraid of rejection.
“No more running away!” I snarled, watching him closely as he straightened up.
“Oh but-“ He sprang to the left, this time he made it successfully around me. As he turned to laugh over his shoulder, he tripped over himself, landing face first on his the pavement. Really, he could be so stupid sometimes.
I would sit upon his back, smirking to myself, “Ready to hear my answer?” Not like he hadn’t already, but despite that he heaved a sigh under me.
“Go ahead.”
“I already told you Maddy.” I leaned over him, whispering right into his ear, “I like you too.”
“Can you let me over?” He rolled onto his back; I straddled his stomach, my hands on his chest. He sat up slowly, sliding me down to my new seat in his lap. For a moment we stared in silence then his fingertips brushed my lips and chin, leaving a warm trail on my skin, exhaling slowly I gripped his jacket, shifting in his lap. His breath was on my lips, butterflies began to eat away at my stomach as I noticed how close he was. When our lips did meet, my eyes were wide; his lips were soft and his kiss so gentle.
I would never forget my first kiss.
Maddy and I had to stay in secret, school and our homes were no places to show affection, Maddy wasn’t even allowed to set foot in my house after those rumors and even on our walk home together we had to be careful, just in case someone we knew saw us and decided to spread yet another rumor. So that we could just so we could hang out in peace, we would lie like rugs to our parents, sure we felt bad about it later but they were just so judgmental.
One place we frequented was the park, it was a block over and took a bit of a walk to get there, but it was worth it so long as no one we knew was there, we’d sit by the small pond and watch the little ducks swim by, quacking happily or we’d walk through the park slowly, watching families as they ran by with their children, we both didn’t like kids too much, but sometimes their actions were just too cute.
Most of these times were really lovely with Maddy, but not all of them,
“I have to start looking into some colleges.” Maddy had randomly blurted out on one of our dates, it took me a moment to process what he had just said, and he looked troubled, now that he brought it up.
“Do you have any that you’re interested in?” I smiled, hoping we would so the same, but he only furrowed his eyebrows.
“One in Virginia.” So far down south, I tried not to think about how I wouldn’t be able to see Maddy every other day or so while he was away at college. That was impossible though, I didn’t want him to leave, but I didn’t want him to not go on with his life either, I gave Maddy’s hand a tight squeeze, “But, because I’ve taken college courses it’ll only be a few years really.”
Still…a few years was a long time to me back then, Maddy gave me a tired smile as we walked back to my house in silence, he was staring ahead, I was watching his expression and trying to get a read on his thoughts. But, there were so many thoughts buzzing around in my own head it was just hard to focus on him, like, did Maddy really want to go? What kind of college was it? Did his parents know? And…How much time do we really have left together?
We were a house over my home, Maddy pulled me to a stop on the sidewalk, and we had to do this, just so our parents didn’t see us. While they knew I still walked home with Maddy that was an exception since they didn’t want me alone and Maddy was the only one to come this way. If they saw us together any other time, there’s a chance they’d flip, we couldn’t take it.
“I’ll see ya’ later.” Maddy gave me that same tired smile, it made my chest hurt every time he did that, but with a frown I hugged him tightly, pressing my face into his warm chest,
“I don’t want you to go away to college.” I was being selfish and extremely childish, but Maddy held me close despite that, his head resting upon mine.
“We have a few months before that happens. School is out in June after all.” It didn’t make me feel any better, “I’ll be able to visit on holidays.”
“Holidays that I’ll still be in school for.” I grumbled, causing Maddy to heave a sigh. I felt him kiss the top of my head,
“My dear Ahbi, so pessimistic. I’d still walk you home really.” The corner of my mouth twitched up, the way Maddy just said some things…
I moved my head so I could look up at Maddy, he was smiling at me, still appearing a bit tired, but he was trying.
“We got time, little man, don’t worry about it.” I attempted another smile, leaning up to peck Maddy’s lips after that.
“Bye Maddy.” I broke away from him, running up to my porch.

While it was true we would have months to be with each other, we didn’t really have time to devote ourselves entirely to our dates. Maddy studied extremely hard for his exams and wanted to get a start on filling out applications, he just buried himself with work. While I had work to do too, I didn’t have this much. And giving our parents the slip wasn’t possible, so we’d just hang around Maddy’s place, since his parents didn’t mind that we hung out, course they never did tell my parents that I was here, they understood.
But on the off chance we did get to hang out, other than his place, we were both extremely irritated with one another and there wasn’t enough time to sit and talk to smooth things over, which sucked the most!
“All you do is study.” I was laying upon Maddy’s bed, glaring at his back while he went through his notes.
Giving an exasperated sigh, Maddy spoke, “Ahbi, please, you know why I’m doing this.” He didn’t even look at me and that seriously pissed me off.
“Want to get away from us that badly?” I still don’t know what the hell I was saying to him then.
Another sigh, but still not even a glance, “If you’re going to be-“
“If you’re going to be like this, just leave.” I finished for him, I tried to play that it didn’t hurt me, but it really did, “Sorry, I won’t let you hide.”
“Hide? I just don’t want to deal with a child at the moment.” Now his eyes met mine, he looked so aggravated, I sat there with my mouth agape and mind blank for a moment, what did he call me?
“A child?!”
“Yeah! You’re acting like one at least.” He stood, moving towards the bed, “I get you want my attention right now, but I just can’t give it to you, alright?!”
I didn’t just want Maddy’s attention, I wanted all of him. No one knew about us then and seeing all the girls that liked or thought he was cute and talked to him, seriously thinking they had a chance with him bugged me. He rejected them, but seriously! They should get that they didn’t stand a chance. It was selfish, but I had a right! He wasn’t those girls’ boyfriend.
“Sorry for wanting to spend actual time with you.”
We’ll just say that Maddy sighed a lot that bight, like he was worn out, he didn’t need more trouble or stress then, but I would give it to him anyway, “Yeah Ahbi, sorry. I’ll walk you home, alright?” He turned to get his jacket, boy, he really didn’t sound sorry.
I looked to the clock, it was only six, but it was probably best if I did go home. I gathered up my things and headed to where he waited by the door to his room, I couldn’t meet the young man’s eyes; secretly I was ashamed by my actions towards him.
“Ahbi.” I looked up at him for a split second, starting to look away again, but he suddenly pressed his lips to mine, his hands holding my head so I couldn’t move. While we’d kissed a few times, Maddy didn’t pressure me further, he kissed me softly and gently as he did all the times before, he always leaved me blushing, just couldn’t be helped I guess. “Sorry.” He whispered, smiling slightly when we parted, opening the door for me to go past him.
“No…I’m sorry.” I mumbled, taking a hold of his hand when we went out his front door, he chuckled,
“Don’t worry about it.” I looked at him, instantly blushing again.
I couldn’t expect anything that Maddy would do to and for me, he really was an amazing person, serving more than a lover, he was a role model, in many ways.
I always wanted to know what inspired his thinking, why he was just so set on doing so many things calmly and in a loving way, almost always with a smile on his face, strained or not.
I just wanted to know…Why he was so different.
I wouldn’t have much time to learn of Maddy, it was approaching the end of the year, he would be leaving his home soon to go to a college in Virginia, he promised me he would visit every chance he got, but only another problem would manage to come up.
He would be moving, quite a ways away actually, I would still see him at school, he wasn’t moving till after. But…I didn’t want him to go and I was making it obvious, spending as much time as possible with him and sticking to him like glue. If it annoyed him, he didn’t say a thing about it, he would just smile sweetly as I took his hand into mine.
“Maddy…Can’t you just…wait?” I gripped to his hand more, feeling my lip quiver as I thought of him leaving; I was becoming so…attached.
“Sorry Ahbi, but I’ll be back, promise.”
Again that smile…
I heaved a sigh and nodded, it would be better if I was away from Maddy anyway, time to breathe and think I needed some time alone back then. If only I had known what being alone would bring.
The end of the year came along and sure enough, Maddy’s family packed up their bags and began their move, a couple weeks later Maddy would be leaving. I didn’t bother to make plans with him, I would go out with my friends instead, I had to prepare myself for the long distance that would be between us soon enough, besides, I’d see him the night before he left.
There came a call on the home phone later in the vacation, my mother called to me and with a grimace I walked to the receiver and took it from her, “Hello?” I talked into the device, leaning back on the cupboard it was placed upon.
“Ahbi?” I blinked; it was Maddy’s voice…
“Yes, Maddy?”
He sighed on the other end, “I’m leaving…In a while-“ He stopped, someone was in the back ground talking to him, quickly he spoke back to me, “I just wanted to say good bye to you, but…Uhm…I wanted to see you before I.”
“You’re not leaving now are you?!” I shrieked I could picture him flinching away from the phone.
“I’m sorry! But I have to go, good bye Ahbi, see you soon. Promise.” The phone call ended there, I was silent for a moment, did he? Had he honestly? I breathed out; placing the phone into its hold, my grimace turned into a frown…He was gone now.
My mother asked me who it was I had spoken to, but I simply ignored her as I trudged back up into my room to hole myself up for a while. The fact I couldn’t even say good bye to him in person crushed me.
Lying on my bed didn’t really comfort me any, I wasn’t sure why I wanted to wallow alone in my own sorrow, but it was the only thing I could think of.
The soft buzz of my cellphone broke me from my hold; I looked to the call I.D. It was Derek, a boy in my class, I knew he’d…sort of liked me, or gave the impression, I don’t know what it was, but I picked up the phone anyway.
“Hello, Derek?”
“He-Heyyy, Ahbi! Wanna hang out?”
I will never know what made me think what I was planning was alright, never ever.
“Sure, Derek, meet you at the mall?”
Years passed, I got older and taller, taller possibly than Maddy was, I smirked at my reflection, the older me, a better looking me, not that awkward little teenager anymore. Not the stupid little brat I was that could ever possibly fall for a lying cheat like Maddy, who never called, never came to visit, never came to anything. But then again, I did change my number…
Picturing his once sweet smile made me want to vomit due to the sudden rage burning in my chest, he was horrible. Doing that to a young gullible child, but what did it matter now anyway? I had some one better, Derek, sure he was a bit of a horn dog, but at least he wouldn’t leave me.
I brushed my bangs back, smiling at my smooth skin and dark eyes. Really, I had gotten better looking; I slung my back pack over my shoulder and stepped out the door way of my room. My parents weren’t home, as they rarely were this early in the morning, they were busy at work.
I opened the door way, but froze, there on my door step, stood an astonished blonde, his hazel eyes appeared fearful as he stared at me, but soon they softened, a familiar smile spread on that unfamiliar face. He stepped up, whispering to me, my name,
“Ahbi, is that you?” He tilted his head, his hair falling to the side, revealing a small scar beside his right eye, my throat clamped up, suddenly that face became familiar, I recognized him, his eyes, his voice, he was just…taller than when he left, still taller than me though.
I fought back the vomit, “You…” I snarled, glaring at him through my glasses’ lenses. “What are you doing here fuck face?!”
He appeared hurt, though I knew he was just pretending, “My, my Ahbi, you’ve got quite the dictionary now huh?” He approached me, smirking as he stood over me, his hands in his faded jeans pockets.
I wanted to think this was a dream, a horrible dream. His smirk, it cooled me down a bit, my arms trembled slightly, I frowned, feeling tears well up in the corner of my eyes as all those feelings flooded back in. Why did he have to come back now?
“Y-You never visited.” I wiped my eyes with my hands, “Now you’re here, being a total jerk, not letting me go to school so I can see Derek.”
“Like I’d want you to do that,” I detected the edge in his voice, Maddy never liked Derek, nor would he ever grow to, “I tried to! Did you forget the fact we moved like hours away?! Did you forget the fact I never dumped you and you didn’t dump me either?!”
He was in my face, growling at me, I cringed back as I saw the agitation in his bright eyes, “You could have called! And when you haven’t talked in two years, kinda does you know, officially end it.”
Maddy sighed, “Can’t call someone who has changed their number.” He smiled at me.
I took in a breath, everything was coming back now, and the warm feeling I got in my chest from seeing his face. What had I done? Sure, Maddy had gone off, but his never reaching me was partially my fault, though the boyfriend thing, I wouldn’t regret, I did like Derek, but…he was no Maddy.
Maddy’s warm hands were pressed to the sides of my face; he wiped the tears away quickly, gazing down at me, “Ahbi, I’ve missed you.”
Then and there, seriously, there was something wrong than me, despite what I knew, that I still really did love Maddy I shoved him back and away, yelling at him, “Don’t lie to me! You probably went and screwed with so many other people!” I glared at him, grabbing the door, “Get out of my life!” I slammed the door in his face, seems I would skip school that day.
“Awh, Ahbi, come on.”
I stared at that door, he was going to leave…He had to.
“You’re still standing there!”
“Damn, you caught me.” I heard him chuckle
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Posted 4/17/11
Plz Can you help support my new potential book series!
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Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/22/11
I have posted this in own creation.

Love story(short)
by Almantina


This is my first fan fic in english.Please be keen on me .I am writing two in my language, but I'm not that good in english so that I could translate it.

My characters will be Alexander, a former U-Kiss member which department made me fall into despair and cry a lot out of nowhere, because I had fallen in love with him a while ago.Love at first sight, yes, it exists.

I f you hope that it'll be a story about me as well, you will be right a bit, of course ;D I wouldn't add another girl, I willjust change the name.Her name will be Melissa, in short, Lisa.

ok,here goes.


Sout Kore was a place I wanted to go for years.I was learning its language and dreaming how I will eat real kimchi and visit local shrines.It was love at first sight.I saw this beautiful country on Tv and I couldn't take my eyes of.Next day I rushed to the library and desperately searched for every book I can found about it.It wasn't much, but I was still very happy and snapped out when a library worker told me it's being shut for the night.I found my way there for each day, later I started surfing internet and reading articles from all over the world, drying my eyes out on every picture.

I said, Korea was my love at first sight?I was wrong.

Chapter 1
You can't be sad forever

Finally I was there.In my dreamland.I tasted all kinds of different dishes, made many photos and my camera was almost full.I even spoken to real people in their language and was very proud of myself.I wish my mom could see me now.She passed away one year ago and she didn't ever agreed with my crazy ideas and laughed at me when I was saying that I will go to Korea, that I will learn that ''stupid'' language and make some korean friends.And maybe I will bring a korean guy as my future husband.She was just laughing and not listening to me at all.

I walked into one of Seoul's parks and sat on a free bench.Weather was warm and air was full of beautiful smell, like herbal tea.My name is a herb as well- Melissa.I never liked it, who could like to be called a plant?How lame can you get.It only has a strong sense, but it's almost like an ordinary weed and most people wouldn't even recognize it.Well, that was true, I diodn't had a lot of friends back in the days.I was living a calm life, full of art and music.

Suddenly I came back from my thoughts, because I heard someone sat right next to me.I looked at that person and something inside me broke.Maybe because the person looked sad.His brown hair was done nietly and stylish and sad brown eyes were looking to the ground.I always thought I'll find happines here, so a sad person came as a surprise.

I found all of my strenght and bravenes and greeted that person.

He raised his head and looked at me.My legs was a bit shacking, but I didn't understand the reason again.I was a girl and I noticed that guy looking great.But the look in his sad,so depressed.He answered to my greeting silently and aksed am I a tourist.

''Yes'', I replied and tried to smile at him.

''Do you like Korea?''

That question cought me in surprise.Nobody has aked me this before.

''Yes, it's a place I always wanted to live in.''Then I looked up at the sky.''But no matter where I ago, the sky is the same, the sun is the same, even the wind blows the same.If I would be only looking to the sky like this, I could soon feel like I'm in any side of the world.And it's so clear, astonishing.It makes me feel happier.And now I'm worried, because I see a sad person.''I said and felt embarrased for talking so rudely to a unknown person.

I looked at him and he was looking at me.I lost myself in his eyes.

''It's difficult,-he started speaking while looking deep inside of me.-when one has dreams, he will fulfill them no matter what.That gives joy.You can say, it's like flying- you go up so high and the gentle breeze is tickling you, but if you go up, you must land one day as well.If you're hit by something, that landing will be painful..''He suddenly became quiet, than turned his head away.

I pointed my eyes to my shoes and spoke again.

''This is the first time my dream came true.I don't need anything else, I fulfilled my dream and I don't care whether I'll fall or not.I have nothing to loose.''Tears came up to my eyes out of nowhere and I let them run down my face.

''What is your name?'',he asked.

''Melissa.'',I whispered and cleaned my face with my hand.

''Melissa, beautiful name.With a name like this, you shouldn't be sad too.''

''Please, call me Lisa, it's a lot easier.Maybe I'm just being too sensitive after my mother's death, but still, I can't let go a person if I see him sad.It's not like me.''And then I opened heart to a complete stranger and he listened to me.His face was serious and eyes become wider and wider.In moments I founfžd myself in his arms.He was lightly hugging me and I took a big breath of his smell.That calmed me enough to raise my head and look at him from this close side.

''Lisa, don't be sad.And don't worry about me, I will be fine.After hearing your story I found strenght in me.My situation is fixable, but in your can't join a broken heart back to its original form.''

Then he gave me a smile.A smile that could give hope to live to anybody, a smile that awakened something deep inside me.I felt my heart beating again.I wanted to cheer him up, but he ended up like my own hope of life.

A wind blew gently through us and touched my hair and lifted it a bit to the air.He slightly touched my hair, then my cheek and then leaned to me and I felt his warm lips on mine.I forgot everything.I closed my eyes and enjoyed this feeling.His arms was holding me close to himself, I wrapped mine around his neck.After this kiss, he was smiling widly again and I felt blood rushing into my face.I turned my eyes away, but his next kiss was much more powerful.I almost lost my breath.

And then he let go of me and I let him get up.He was standing in front of me.

''You know, Lisa, I will remember this park forever.I won't come here ever again so that I won't remember you and don't feel sad.I hope you won't be sad ever again.But if you will, remember this evening.Remember this sky.Whenever you'll be, raise your head up and think a moment about this evening and I am sure, you will feel a lot better.''

I couldn't say a word.I didn't had a hope even for a minute that I could seriously fall in love with him and he would fall in love with me.It was just a moment for a memory that should give me strenght in the future.

''I have to go now.Thanks for teaching me how life is important.'',he turned and started walking.I suddenly jumped on my feet.

''Wait!Tell me your name!''

He stopped, turned to me and smiled like that again.

''My name is Alexander,but please, call me Xander, it's a lot easier.''He wawed at me and turned again and walked out of my sight.

Evening gentle breeze was blowing through me.

please comment this.Don;t just walk away if you're reading this.For a writer it's the worst thing to be ignored....
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Posted 5/5/11
I Believe In Peace

I believe in peace, I am a peaceful person who wants to share peacefulness amongst the world! I want everyone to have peace!

The End
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