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21 / F / Las Vegas
Posted 5/19/11
Here: &
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 5/21/11
wrote this for fun ~ its not amazing i know ~ but it was short, cute, sweet and fun to write :

Britty Girl
you brush your hair from your eyes,
a gentle smile creeps upon your face,
and then.

You laugh at loud.

i watch, blush red
and try to think of something to say,
something, anything!

But words refuse to come out.
I can't look you in the eye.

I'm running, anywhere now.

just to get away from You...

"its just the way you said it I'm .... aha ha ha
I'm sorry "

i don't think its funny, im being honest with you,
you think that what im saying is funny... i get it now!!

if thats your answerer fine, but don't laugh in my face
when im trying to tell you how a feel,

You idiot!


"i think i messed up"

over statement of the century!

"sorry, i am...really" *smiles*

your a pessimistic ass!!

"yeah, and your a demented gerbil"

demented gerbil? XD


~ what am i going to do with him? XD
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Posted 5/26/11 , edited 5/26/11
Sorry if this is my style of my fanfic writing
Inspired by anime and Japanese games
some are references of it

Sorry again if its a little bit long

This is some part of my own fanfic that I'm currently writing

Comments are welcome

Thank you........

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Posted 6/29/11
writings? I have an anime script written. That count? Over at though. its here:

check it out and lemme know what ya think
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Posted 7/17/11
this is a fanfic of Death Note, Yaoi, Beyond Birthday x Lawliet :3


Locked apartment, air was so cold, that it was hardly even breathable. Young man lied on the bed of the apartment's bedroom, on his backside. He breathed calmly, he were sleeping. His black hair were exactly the same as the other young man's standing next to the bed.

They were wearing exactly the same clothes, long-sleeved white shirts and blue jeans. They hadn't socks on their feet. Two pairs of tennis shoes lied on the corner of the room. Man, who was awake, smiled his odd grin and stared at the other man with his red eyes.

“You're so cute…” he whispered and pended down, “I wonder how good your blood might taste.” Man, who called himself Beyond Birthday for some reasons, let his fingertips touch other man's pale cheek. Man mumbled something quietly, but didn't wake up.

“Oh, how long I've been waiting for this”, Beyond grinned and rose up. Carefully, not to wake the man up, he inched himself on man's lap and slowly pulled his shirt up.

He had to sigh before he could do anything. Man's skin was even more perfect, than he had ever imagined. He bit his lip for a while.

“Okay, keep it clear”, he mumbled to himself and pended down again. He kissed soft skin, and then bit the skin around man's chest, as long as it took to left perfect red circle of tooth marks. He watched, as they turned to purple. Suddenly he heard heavy sigh.

Man, who were lying on dirty, double sized bed, opened slowly his eyes and looked little ill from the drug Beyond had given to him. Beyond gulped as thoughts and new ideas ran through his head. That wasn't supposed to happen. Man shouldn't wake up so soon.

Now everything he had planned for months, no, for years, were ruined in one second. He were supposed to play with him for a while and then kill him nice and slowly. Now Beyond almost felt fever burning his body. Other man rose up in halfway and looked at him. He couldn't see Beyond's face well on the twilight of morning or evening. He didn't know what time it was, or where he was. Beyond staid quiet and waited.

“Where… Where am I?” man mumbled.

“That doesn't matter now”, Beyond whispered with his low voice, “L…” His name was L. That wasn't his real name; he just called himself L, just like Beyond called himself Beyond Birthday. L wanted to keep his real identity safe.

“What… Who are you?” L almost shouted. Beyond didn't say anything for a while. Suddenly he bursted out sick laughter and responded:

“Oh, I'm sad. I thought you'd recognize me, Lawliet”, he murmured and almost spitted out the last word. Fear shook L's body. How did this man know his true name? Then it hit him, and he figured out, how deep in trouble he really was.

“Beyond Birthday”, L whispered, voice trembling. Beyond placed his cold hands at L's upper body and pushed him back to the bed. L was surprised, how strong Beyond was, even thought he was so thin and fragile-kind.

“Oh, you do remember me!” Beyond almost giggled. L tried feverly to figure out, how he could run away. He knew already, that he didn't were match for Beyond Birthday all alone.

“Okay, now when you're here… We could have some fun”, Beyond whispered as he pended back down and bit tenderly L's ear. L didn't first even notice, how his whole body was shaking from pure horror. He didn't remember the last time, when he had been so frightened.

Beyond bit his ear again, now harder fang-like canine tooth. L felt how his own blood ran on his neck. Beyond liked red ruby drop from his skin. Then he raised a little to look to L's eyes. He came so close, that L saw his red eyes. They looked sharply at him from the darkness surrounding his eye sockets.

“You see, L, I'm just a little different from you”, Beyond whispered and stroke gently L's black hair, “I am death…” L felt how cold chills ran through his body. That man was insane, and just about to kill him. He felt how adrenaline ran on his veins wildly. He tried to push Beyond away from himself, but he didn't move an inch. Beyond laughed and L's wrists on tight hold. His long, sharp fingernails sank on his skin. L bit his lip and avoided Beyond's glance. Was this the end, he thought.

“L, I'm curious to know… Are you afraid? Are you afraid of dying?” Beyond whispered and moved a little closer to him. He was now half sitting, half lying on L's belly.

Beyond could still see his own tooth marks on L's skin, right next to his right nipple. Poorly, in the dark he hadn't bitten it off. Then he looked back to L again, waiting for his answer. Letters and number flowed in his eyes, but now he didn't make a note of it. He just stared at L's eyes. Suddenly, L smiled.

“Am I afraid of death? No, and I'm not afraid of you”, he said, laughing. Smile melted off from Beyond's lips. His fingers around L's wrists get tighten, and L felt how something got crushed. L yelled from pain. Beyond laughed again, now his eyes bulging out of his head.

“Then… Play with me”, he grinned, still mangling L's wrists. L gasped and tried to breathe even.

Beyond gave off his wrists and jumped off the bed.

“Just a second, dear”, he whispered kissing L's cold, sweaty forehead. He hopped across the room, and after unlocking the door he excited the room. When door closed after him, L rose quickly on sitting position, holding his hands in the air, as pain was growing to horrifying. Fist he checked out the windows. They were nailed shut, so that was no an option. Running straight out of the door wasn't a good idea. Beyond could be on the other side, waiting for him. All that was just a sick game to him.

“Fuck”, L murmured. There wasn't a chance to escape anywhere. Beyond had thought everything, God knows, how far. Door opened and Beyond came back. He looked at L and smiled a twisted way.

“Was my little puppy going to escape? I thought I was treating you nice”, he said and sat back to L's lap, after locking the door again.

“Humph, then I guess I must out you on chains, right?” he whispered to L's ear and licked it. He held up a pair of handcuffs. He grip L's wrists and locked those handcuffs after rolling their chain part around bed's gable. Metal around L's broken wrists made the pain ache even more. Pain was starting to show up as like a dizzy feeling in his head. L felt like he was going to throw up.

“Oh, is it feeling bad?” Beyond snuffled and stroked L's hair again.

“Poor thing.” Now L too noticed there was long kitchen knife sticking out of Beyond's back pocket.

L tried to wrench himself off the handcuffs, but it felt like they were just getting tighter and tighter.

“Fuck!” he yelled straight to Beyond's face. Beyond laughed and guffawed roar between bursts of laughter.

“You're so cute when you're angry, you know?” he shouted at L. L spitted at his face.

“Fuck you! You're nothing but just a nutcase! Fucking out of your mind!” he yelled, still desperately trying to shred himself off the handcuffs. He had started to lose feeling from his fingertips. Beyond gazed him silent for a while.

“You know what?” he breathed quietly, “You're right, I am out of my mind.” He lowered his gaze and did no more look at L. For a second L thought his words had done an effect, but then Beyond reached for the knife. He wrapped his thin, pale finger around its haft and pulled it out. There was already some dried blood stained its shining blade.

“And you will be my last victim. Then I'll kill myself”, Beyond whispered, strange hollow sound in his voice. Carefully he placed the blade on L's stomach's skin. L was trembling.

“Beyond, STOP!” he yelled, but then the man long, tidy wound on his skin. Thin streak of blood poured down and stained the bed sheets. Both men were breathing uneven, other from pain, other from great excitement. Beyond pended down and licked those red blood streams. He flied his fingers through L's skin, spreading blood everywhere. Beyond kissed the wound.

“You DO taste good, I was right.” he whispered against L's skin. His breathing tickled and wound did hurt. L declined his head backwards and gasped heavily. All his strength he used to keep himself conscious. Numb feeling was starting to spread from his fingers to his whole palms.

“Beyond, stop”, L almost did beg him. Beyond just laughed and looked at L with glazed gaze. Then he raised the knife again. Blood dripped from tip of the blade.

“L, I… Hate you so much”, he whispered, voice still uneven. He pressed tip of the blade on L's chest, holding it there.

“I've always been compared to you. Like… I would just be your clone or something. That's not true! I'm a human! A real human being!” Beyond's voice raised an octave 'till the end of his sentence. For a second L could see a human in that monster. Beyond looked like he was going to cry, but that moment was soon over and serial killer smiled again.

“So I'll kill you and I'll kill you for good”, Beyond whispered and pressed blade harder. Skin broke and blood drop ran down. L zipped quietly. Beyond pressed his dry and chapped lips against L's cheek.

“I… I hate you so much”, Beyond whispered and ran blade through L's trunk, as he still kept his lips on L's smooth skin. L cried out as new blood streaks streamed out.

“Cry… Cry for me”, Beyond whispered and licked L's cheek between his lips.

“N-No…” L stuttered and still tried to push Beyond away with his body. Beyond crushed L between himself and the bed and raised his free hand. He got a tight grip under L's chin and made him look at his eyes. Beyond was chocking him gently, and L disjointed breathing tickled killer's face.

“Yeah man, seeing how you panic turns me on”, Beyond soughed and licked L's lips. L tried to turn his head away, but Beyond's tight hold didn't allow him to.

Beyond came even closer to him, breathed against L's lips. He still held knife on L's ripped skin, as he pressed slowly his lips against L's. L shivered under Beyond. Beyond slipped his tongue on L's mouth, and surprisingly L suddenly kissed back. Beyond thrilled for a second.

L himself didn't know what really was happening. Beyond just pressed himself closer to his body and hold knife on L's throat. As Beyond tried to pull back, L rose with him and continued kissing him. What a strange situation, L thought. For just a while ago Beyond was going to kill him, and now they were making out. Suddenly Beyond rose up, hands against L's naked upper body.

“No, no”, he whispered, holding knife against L's neck, “don't try to get away like this.” L swallowed and stared at Beyond.

“Let me go”, he hissed. His hands were almost entirely numb. Beyond shook his head.

“I should be you! I should have a good life! It shouldn't be me who's living in the shadows!” Beyond screamed and pointed himself with a knife. Something snapped inside of L. He almost dashed up and shoved Beyond. Like in slow scene, knife penetrated on Beyond's flesh through white shirt. Man screamed like a wounded animal. He pressed his hands against the shirt and blood stained them. Beyond gagged and on third gag poured blood on his chin from his mouth. He's blood looked like it was black. L tried to withdraw himself away from him. Beyond took a shore from the bed, his hands were shaking.

“Y-you…” he mumbled, looking at L. He pulled the knife out and held it on air. Blood dripped on the sheets.

“You…” he dragged himself to L. L looked at him, eyes wide open.

“You fucking…” Beyond screamed as he stabbed the knife on L's stomach. L groaned and every muscle in his whole body felt like they were on cramp. L closed his eyes for a while and tried to breathe. Beyond collapsed on L's laps, still holding onto the knife. L screamed his lungs out, or that's how it felt. He gasped and made one last look on the sunlight coming through the board covering the windows, before he fainted. Still, even when he was unconscious, he could smell the scent of their blood, mixed up together.
Posted 6/4/12
This is the opening scene of a fanfic I'm still working on, and it's also a side story to a book I'm writing. If you're interested in reading further I will leave a link to the other chapters. Enjoy.

An explosion rang out, but that didn’t bother me. My eyes could barely keep themselves open; what they could make out were the brightly lit ocean blue sky, the various shapes of the passing clouds, the red streams of blood that flew off my face, and the azure flame that had engulfed my entire being. The direction that the fire was blowing was set at a viciously moving angle. This meant one thing; I was falling…no I was crashing. There was nothing I could do to stop this; my limbs were useless as they felt they were made of jelly. Pain flowed through each of my muscle like the blood rushing through my veins. Lungs felt harsh and empty signaling I had lost the ability to breathe on my own. What had happened to me was a rush to my head.

I gently closed my already weaken eyes and waited. I don’t know how long I’ve been plummeting now, but in my state, it felt like an eternity. Soon afterwards I was greeted with the Earth and the force that followed from the great speed that came from falling from such a distance. I hit the ground so hard and at such an angle that my body was ricocheted and thus continued on. Every so often my body would get close to the ground again, only to graze it and become a ragdoll left to fly across the stone rocks that raced pass me.

Sheer pain was the only thing I know at this point and only more of it was brought on for the next couple of minutes as I seemed to become an unstoppable force since nothing has succeeded in ending my prolonged crash.

At one point, I was forced to violently spin like a top in the air because I made contact against a rather large boulder as it felt like, trying to prevent me from continuing further. Whatever it was, it worked. It had re-angled me and I was slammed into the ground, creating a crater I don’t know how deep. I was an abandoned toy; all I could do was lay there, unmoving. I could no longer feel the pain that had overcome my body, instead, I felt like just a dying head. I did my best to at least open my eyes a little. Past my hazy vision I could make out at least six silhouette figures, standing at the edge the made my hole. My lids closed and I was devoured by the darkness. Was this it? Have I just died? All I could do now was let my spirit rest.

I was stuck in the shadowy world that my body had created for me. For how long, I do not know. What seemed like years in this emptiness was soon interrupted by what had sounded like a high pitch ping, going off in rhythmatic fashion. It was here at this point, I could feel my appendages only to be greeted with my old friend once again. Pain. Even though the feeling was vexatious, it wasn’t as grueling as my experience coming down. I think now I should be able to move since I’m not being overcome by the physical affliction.

With the electrical pulse of my brain, my fingers twitched. This was a good start considering the position I’m in. Next I’ll try to open my eyes and expose myself from the nothingness of my lids. I unfastened them slowly just to be greeted by a blinding over head light and an extremely white ceiling followed by a flat beige wall. Within my peripheral I could make out green drapes covering my left while sitting on a metal table on my right was a small little box with a grid on its screen. It was a heart monitor. I guess that explained the sound and answered where I was. Was I saved by him again?

I placed some pressure beneath my right palm and helped pushed myself up. I immediately felt like throwing myself back down because of the sensation that hit my head. I probably got up to fast. That was my initial thought until suddenly my mind was filled with random images. No, these weren’t just random images. These were memories, my memories. It was what had transpired before waking up in this hospital. It was what happened before I found myself in the air plummeting. I could recollect it all; the screams of various battle cries, blood soaring through the air like a natural bird, swinging my bladed weapon against my foes, the numerous multi colored explosions all around where I stood, staring into the eyes of the one man I sought to kill, glaring the fangs of what I had become,…I could remember everything. Mentally I wore what one would call an ‘insane smile’ but that was only because I hit the point of realization. I had finally regained my full potential, my true strength. I could now finally face my so retched enemy as an equal now. Now nothing can stop me from achieving my goal. Now I stand a chance. Now I can make Reiku pay for all the wrong he has caused me!
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Posted 6/20/12
Hi guys, I know most people ask for no criticism but if you could let me know what you think of the following idea I would appreciate it...

My name is Kaella. I am the first daughter of the hunters guild, trained in battle, bearer of the broken blade, protector of the village X, and most sacred of all, I know the truth. As children, we are taught by our elders that our world has always been so. That the hardships we must constantly face are merely tests of our faith, that only through suffering and despair can we appreciate the splendour of the final resting place. The elders would have you believe that life itself is a burden we must bear if we are to attain happiness everlasting. That the evil surrounding us was born from within our souls, corporeal representations of human ill will.

And like all great lies, it contains a kernel of truth. The world as we know it HAS been created from the foulest reaches of the human mind, but not from everyone’s. Only one mind has created the corruption around us, only one mind has altered the very fabric of our existence, twisting reality to suit his warped vision. The mind of the Dreamer. Our world was not always so dark. It was once a beacon of science and wonder, shining in the darkness, casting the light of human endeavour even out to the stars above. Till He came. The first death to be laid at his feet came whilst he was still in the womb. Complications during birthing led to his squalling infant body being dragged from the fresh carcass of his ill-begotten mother amidst a sea of blood and gore. Damaged both physically and mentally, the doctors held out little hope of his survival past infancy. Miraculously though (and a darker miracle there is yet to be), he lived on.

With no father claiming responsibility, the boy lived his younger years through a series of foster homes and orphanages. Hindered by a malformed face and body, and constant visits to the hospital and government-sponsored specialists, meant that the child never developed any close relationships with anyone. Too difficult and troublesome to look after, he rarely stayed long in any one place, and family was a concept he simply didn’t know. Inevitably, his childhood became one of introspection and suffering, and his teens were little different. Mentally, the Dreamer was as much an enigma then as he is now. Incapable of speech, and prone to depression and fits of rage, he was weaned as much on sedatives as milk. Gradually, his mental incapacities overwhelmed him, and he was finally hospitalised in Oakham Asylum at the age of 17. It was at this point that the world began to change.

In the beginning, it was localised to Oakham .The Asylum began to gain an ill repute for depravation and abuse, with several staff members being incarcerated for cruel treatment and practices. After a few years though, the Asylum was forgotten as the government struggled to cope with an epidemic of enormous proportions. The country’s population halved, then halved again as a plague swept over the land. No cure could be found, though after an emergency meeting of the worlds’ greatest scientific minds the cause and effects were discovered. Initially believed to have been an extreme act of biological terrorism, the truth was perhaps more terrifying. It was discovered by a leading natural scientist that a correlation lay between those areas first infected and the foliage that grew there. In particular, those areas that supported the (latin name here), or more commonly, the Red Admiral Butterfly.

After careful investigation, it was discovered that somehow, the genetic code of the Red Admiral had been altered at a molecular level. Strangest of all though, is that the change had occurred in every Red Admiral around the globe. It was as though God had decided to upgrade overnight. We know now though, that God had very little to do with it. The Red Admiral had developed miniscule hairs on its wings, and these hairs were home to an unusual type of pollen. This pollen interacted with the dry skin cells found on human flesh and the resulting combination was absorbed into the body gradually. Upon entering the blood stream, the virus attacked the internal organs slowly but inexorably. In effect, the body began to devour itself from the inside out, causing excruciating pain to its victim and no means of cure (rework this after research). The only defence mankind had was the complete eradication of the Red Admiral , or the Plague Butterfly, as it became known. This was the first documented Dreamer Change.

Things rapidly worsened for the world as it was then. As days and years went by, more and more ‘alterations’ began to occur amongst not only animals, but all things great and small. Overnight loving family pets became rabid and vicious, some growing to an incredible size, others changing form so completely they became a different species. Some humans changed too, with their worst traits becoming exaggerated, turning the mild mannered into a raving lunatic, committing atrocities upon one another with no care for consequence or sentiment. The land itself changed slowly, with once verdant pastures becoming barren wastelands, and the forests places of dark wonder and wild beasts. The stone walls of our cities eroded rapidly, leaving the remaining humans homeless and vagrant. By the time the Dreamer turned 25, the world was no longer recognisable. After only 8 years, our civilisation was destroyed.
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Posted 6/20/12
all of my creative works are found here:

part of chapter 33 of my original series "from antarctica with love"

During lunch break at the academy, students flock the canteens and only a few are left behind to eat their own lunchboxes. The class seems normal until someone breaks the eerie silence by opening the door. Everyone immediately looks at who the hell disturbed their peaceful lunch, to their surprise, it was Maria who still looks so pissed off at her sister, some of the girls try to approach and greet her but they get a feel that something bad is going to happen if they do, so they abort doing so.

Maria approaches her seat, she passes by her sister like she did not see anything or even worst, and she didn't recognize her as her sister anymore. Paulina looks at Maria then stands angrily and approaches Maria, taps her shoulder and slaps her. Paulina and Maria stare at each other for a while, then, Maria moves and gets a shinai (kendo stick); in response, Paulina also gets one. The class scrambles to stop them but their already too late, the sisters start fighting.

Their classmates couldn't help but watch the epic sword battle between the sisters, for every slash of their sword, the classroom becomes more disarranged.

"Stop it Maria-san!" Tomoko shouts but Maria is in a total state of hatred for her sister, Paulina, who is already starting to get weary from battle as she is already shaking from repeated blows from Maria. Tired from defending, Paulina herself starts to feel hatred for her sister and starts an offensive. The atmosphere begins to become heavier as the battle ensues.

Akira brings out her radio to call for help from her escorts, while Tomoko draws two glass tipped arrows to break their Kendo sticks. Tomoko releases the arrows and the arrows hit their targets, the hands of the users.

"Sorry, Hiragana-san, but this is for both of you" Tomoko says.

The class was stunned on Tomoko's actions but still they feel the ever increasing heaviness of the air, the people who remained inside the classroom for lunch; Emi, Itsuko, Kiwako, Tomoko and Akira starts to have breathing difficulties. Akira radios for help through Lt. Miku

Paulina calms down and tries to sit down, but she is thrown away by an invisible force to the wall, the sound of Paulina's body being thrown at the wall is horrible, like a body slamming to the street from a skyscraper. Maria starts to show some of her psychic potential, she starts projecting a real Katana, after doing so, she uses Telekinesis to pin her poor sister at the wall. She charges to kill her sister, only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of Lt. Akashi Miku of Class-B, called by Akira (Kauri).

"Stop it! Maria-san!" Akashi shouts, and then radios for reinforcements.

He blocks Maria's powerful attack; Maria continues her assault, pushing Akashi closer to the wall, and of course, Paulina, who is in great pain because of her being pinned to the wall. Akashi's gun blade finally breaks after blocking continued psychic and physical attacks. Akashi draws his combat knife to lock more attacks.

"I don't want to do this, but" Akashi attacks Maria to subdue her, but Maria stops him psychically and makes him float in the air. Maria breaks the knife through her mind and slams Akashi to the window.

Akashi himself gets thrown off the window by Maria's psychic abilities which begin to appear uncontrollable.

Maria begins to approach to kill her sister, her eyes and heart filled with nothing but anger. Maria's power over spills and breaks all the windows in the classroom, and that triggered a commotion from the outside. All the things are pushed onto the wall including her classmates.

As Maria is just a few steps away from her sister. Paulina begins to resist Maria's power and projects a black and red katana in her right hand, while her left hand tries to push herself off the wall. The room begins to break because of the sister's immense magical aura spilling. We also hear a few bones breaking and metal chairs buckling.

Paulina beaks off from the wall and charges her sister, both now using Telekinesis to launch attacks and counter attacks, both reaching a stalemate. The sword fight rages on and when their sword couldn't do the job anymore, they turned into terrible one on one melee combat. Her classmates are in greater suffering, with bones broken from the sisters' powers, they may die from this situation. Finally, in this moment of despair and angst, Fujino-sensei appears and some of their classmates begin to arrive. All of them get blown away by Maria's power.

Fujino-sensei stands up, assesses the situation; there's blood everywhere, broken glass, unconscious students, broken tables, twisted chairs and crumbling walls, the more time she wastes, the greater the risk. Fujino-sensei breaks the sisters' Katanas and subdues them.

"What the hell is wrong with you two?" The teacher shouts.

She enters the room and uses her mind to subdue the sisters. She steps a little closer; then suddenly, Maria disappears from her sight and suddenly, we see a gush of blood coming out from Fujino-sensei. She was stabbed by Maria
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Posted 6/20/12
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Posted 6/25/12
I'm Sorry Kuroko - Kuroko's Basketball Fic

Whether it be live-action, manga, videogames, cartoons or anime. There's at least a single character that the group of protagonists look up to. That character is like the big brother of the team. Some may wear a scar on either side of their face, have facial hair. Some also may be a comic relief, laid back character. They're like the glue that holds the team together.

Well, this story focuses on one such character in Kuroko's Basketball. For those that haven't seen episode #12 on Crunchyroll or have not read beyond this part, I advise you to not look . This story builds on a while after Seirin's game with Shutoku.

It may or may not be a part of the anime or manga. As this is what you would call a; "Final Mix" (ala Kingdom Hearts) or a "side story".


The time, 2:57 pm (TJST - Tokyo Japan Standard Time). Kuroko was walking home from the game. "Good job today Kuroko. See you in class tomorrow." said Aida

"I'll be there" responded Kuroko as he smiled and slowly turned his head and walked in the direction of his home.

With this, you can guess the tension he was feeling. Disappointed, he even felt like crying. Due to what Kagami had put him and the rest of the team through.

"Hey, Koganei. You should walk with Kuroko. He, seems kinda down" said Aida

"That's what I was thinking." said Koganei as he made a dash toward Kuroko.

*Aida thinks to herself* "*sighs* What did you get yourself into this time Kagami? He even looked up to you as a big brother." she said

There were many emotions going through Kuroko's mind right now. At this moment, the only thing he needed. Is a friend to comfort him. Next to Kagami, it was Koganei and Kiyoshi Teppei. An upperclassman of Seirin High. And Kuroko's teammate. Kiyoshi just got out of school, which he also caught up to Kuroko.

"Hey guys, can I also tag along too?" said Teppei. The two were heading for Kuroko's home. Fortunately, they lived near Kuroko. So it would make sense that they would tag along.

"Been a very hectic day" said Koganei

"You said it " said Kuroko as he put an ice pack to his cheek (right side).


*meanwhile on Kagami's side*

Kagami thinks to himself. "I know I had the right intention in all. If only I could've gained that extra point. But without having to hurt my team in the process. And especially if I were to loose my best friend. I just couldn't live with myself." he said as he stopped and pounded his fist to a wall.

"So there you are Kagamicchi. I was also disappointed, how you handled the team." said Kise

"I know, you don't have to rub it in. I feel bad as it is already. I even hurt my friend, my best friend in the process." said Kagami

"Want me to get Kuroko?. He's almost to his house" said Kise

"He probably dosen't want to see me." said Kagami

"I wouldn't say that. Sure, you may be a jerk sometimes. But there's one thing me, no. The whole team will never do." said Kuroko as he overheard Kise and Kagami talking

"That is?" said Kagami as he slowly turned his head

"Replace you. To us, you're like our big brother. Could never think about it" said Kuroko


"Guess I'll leave you two alone. Koganei, Kiyoshi. It's getting late. I'll take you guys home" said Kise

"Thanks, and Kuroko. Take care of him. He needs that big brother support right now." said Koganei

"I will, and thanks"


So Kuroko and Kagami head to a nearby park to talk. Which Kuroko takes his car and Kagami takes his motorcycle. His motorcycle has the logo of the anime/manga of the same name.


*at the park*

"I know what you're about to say Kuroko. It's my fault, I have to take responsibility" said Kagami

"Yeah, but we just needed you to trust us more"

"I get that now. Gotta say though that you through one mean punch." said Kagami

"*laughs* I could say the same for you too." said Kuroko

"Hey, why we don't have dinner. My treat bud."


"Definitely, after with what I put you guys through. And also due to my part time job as well." said Kagami


So Kuroko and Kagami have re-established their friendship. The pain inside he felt. He wouldn't want to go through it again.
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Posted 6/27/12
So below is to a link to a group i made for the one of the stories i'm writing. The chapters are are in the forums. Instead of Chapter 1 or Chapter 2. Their labeld as 1st Service or 2nd Service(i did that because of the story). Anyway umm just check it out if you can. If you wanna join that's awesome. If not that's cool too. Thnxs
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Posted 7/29/12
What if your favorite characters you liked went to battle? And what if anime itself seized to exist? Last but not least, what if the world that the characters came from seized to exist? Well, that's what's in my new Project X Zero saga.

Characters from live-action, cartoon, anime and game have come to America (not just Washington and California), but all of America. To stage a battle, and get their world back. This is led by Ben 10: AF series protagonist; Benjamin ~Kirby~ Tennyson. He recruits any and all those that can fight.

The newest set of characters:

Drake Andrews - Grizzly (Polar Bear's Cafe)
Age: 32
Ht: 197cm (same as Jordan ~Kendall~ Levin)

Sakurako Amamiya and Kabuto (an unlikely teammate-paring of PSYREN)
- Traveled to Polar Bear Cafe, and like every character. Their world has seized to exist. They've recruited the characters from the world. And headed through the purple-colored portal. This portal took them to the big base in Washington.

Hiryu Asaga
Age: 19
Ht: 180cm

Ageha Yoshina
Age: 18
Ht: 170cm

Age: 31 (same as Jordan, in this story)
Ht: (same as Jordan, 197cm)

- Same as Jordan, but rather than Ice Make. His' Fire Make. You can guess that it's a red version of Gray Fullbuster. As with Jordan's dark-blue color palette.

Posted 8/25/12
Untitled - New Song

My heart breaks any time you don't come around.
I sit with eyes tearing up waiting for a doorbell sound
So I don't have to punch you when you do make your rounds.
Why can't you keep your promises and step up to the mound?

Don't mess with my emotions and I shouldn't have to say it.
I do so much for you but you feel no need to repay it.
You go out almost every night and I think that's alright,
But you'll maybe take advantage, thus I yell with all my might,

I only like you here because I want you, my Dear.
But you don't care, you don't care
God, why don't you ever care?
I try to do what's best for you while keeping my head clear
But it only works if you show me I've no reason to fear.

Do me a favor; can you tell me right now
Is this too much to handle? Why'd you even ask me out?
You probably won't find better but I wonder if that matters
Perhaps you'd be best single so it doesn't have to matter.

And don't do that thing where you make me feel bad
'Cause I "threatened to break up with you and that makes you sad."
Told you once, I told you twice; you're the best I've ever had
But that doesn't mean a thing if you decide to make me mad.

I only get this way because I want you to stay
Is it so wrong that I would love to hug and kiss you all day?
You don't care, you don't care
God, why don't you ever care?
Liking you is not enough if you can't finally be there.

I won't apologize 'cause you keep fucking with my pride.
You want me to be nice to you but THAT COMES WITH A PRICE.
I don't know how else to explain that leaving you would cause such pain
But it hurts so much more that you keep treating me the same.
No attitude is worth me not having what I need.
Don't think that you're so perfect that I'd never get this mean.
You won't guilt-trip me into sinking to a plead
Because you wouldn't fix your problems 'stead of just ignoring me.
This is not goodbye, but it sure ain't hello.
I'm warning you; do what you swore or you can LEAVE ME ALONE.

I only like you here because I want you, my Dear.
But you don't care, you don't care
God, why don't you ever care?
I try to do what's best for you while keeping my head clear
But it only works if you decide I've no reason to fear.

I only get this way because I want you to stay
Is it so wrong that I would love to hug and kiss you all day?
You don't care, you don't care
God, why don't you ever care?
Liking you is not enough if you can't finally be there.

Please respect me so I don't have to let you go.
I guarantee it's worse for me, and I'm just letting you know.

I think we could be so happy if you would.
Posted 9/9/12 , edited 9/9/12
A little story of how I see God and Satan. If you get offended, I'm sorry. I don't mean to. And sorry for any misspells!

The heavy footsteps of a group became closer and closer. Holding on to the knob of the door, the little girl with wings shivered with fear and the dark cold surrounding her. The steps came closer. And closer still. Her light, quiet breaths were now locked in her body, so she wouldn't be found. "Where is she? She needs her to confess her sins right away." Said a voice from just outside the door. "If we don't find her soon, What'll happen?" Said another, a bit farther away. The clomp clomp clomp of their shoes softly dissapeared from her ears and she let herself breathe again.

Minutes passed while she was in the dark room. And her old phone went off with low vibration, causing her to flinch. "Hello?" She whispered, her vice echoing inside of the room. "Hey. Where are you? I want to see you alive one more time, Sakai." A low chuckle came from the phone and she blushed. "I'm in the room we used to play in. Remember? If you could get me and take me somewhere safe.." Her voice trailed off as she thought of how furious her Pop would be if he found out that a Goodie-goodie saved her skin from God. "You sure? Whatcha in for this time, love?" His mellow voiced sang to her. "I don't know this time. They just started chasing me." A knock on the door and a "Found you, love" Came from the outside. She peeked from the small hole in the wooden door and saw his dress pants, a bit tattered, but sill very nice compared to what she was wearing.

She creaked the door open, just a little, so all he saw was her dark red and purple eye. "Thanks for comming to get me, Ishiko." He nodded and held his hand out to the young girl. "Where we off to this time? Paris? America? Hawwai?" He asked quietly. "Who cares. As long as were're far from here, it's fine." She said. Their shoes were barely touching the ground, checking every turn of the corridor for soldiers or little kids/tattle tales. Many steps later, they finnaly made it out. Sakai looked at her lover's shiny white hair as the climbed a hill to his house. "My dad's such an ass. I hope he ain't caused trouble for you." He said in a low growl. She nodded and they made it up the hill, the full moon beaming on them. "He just wants to protect you from my Pop, Ishiko! He's not doing a good job of keeping the SaTaNiCs away form his kingdom..." It was a soft topic to tread on for the both of them, but she stood strong.

"I know, hahaha. He could do so much better. But the whole "Turn the other cheek" crap is preventing him from doing anything." "What about your brother? He's a good fighter and lots of people love him, I heard." Sakai whispered. He shifted in his spot in the grass and closed his eyes. "He died. A few hours ago actually. "Giant nails jabbed in his hands on a cross...Said it was for the sake of humanity. Whatever that is." She looked at his eyes, now open, and rubbed his back. "I'm sure it'll help some kind of breed in the near future. Humanity seems like a smart group of some sort." She smiled at him and he blushed a little. "I guess you're right, love."

Ishiko looked up at the sky and worded, 'Humanity' to the moon.

~Hope you enjoyed! And I belive in no true good, but if you do, congratz on finding something you belive in!! Live a long and happy life and don't smoke weed!
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Posted 10/12/12
I will post a part of my story later. The story is called Between the Shadows of Humanity is a sci-fi, magic laden, fantasy,an epic romance, a coming of age story and so much more. The story takes place on a mirror planet created by a supernatural being know as Watcher in response to the actions of a mage during the Dark Ages. Watcher is akin to being the deity of all magical beings, his rule is aided by the Council of XII. The mirror planet is called Agassiz and has a rather large celestial body near it called Terra Agassiz(This is where the Watcher and Council of XII reside and govern). Agassiz was created when a evil mage created the Black Death to exterminate none magical humanoids, and to ensure he was successful he becomes an aid to the church giving them terrible advice of curing the plague. Look for part of this story to be posted soon.
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