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M / Menzoberranzan
Posted 10/18/07 , edited 4/13/08
Here's something that i started recently


Riek moved through another empty hall, yet another stalactite covered corridor of stone and rocks. Riek N’itill was a noble from the fifth house of Menzoberranzan, and he was on a solo scouting mission for his matron mother. He had been instructed to spy upon Sorcere, the Drow School for wizards. But more than the school itself, he was to spy on his older—only—brother, who had reportedly been thinking about leaving Menzoberranzan.
Riek was now in the tunnel that was supposed to (according to his matron mother) lead to the catacombs of Sorcere. Riek anxiously figured the staff he held in his left hand, and made sure not to clinch his right hand, a practice he had mastered many years ago.
He was a small man, if you could call him that, seeing as he was only a little over a century old. He had wiry muscles and a lanky build. He had the red, heat-seeing eyes of his race, and he had long white hair, braided to keep it out of his face. His face had the typical high cheekbones and narrow build of the elven race. He wore black spider-web clothe, made with magic-imbued leather. A typical male Drow
He had made it to the end of the hallway, now the tunnel ended abruptly, or so it seemed. Riek took his staff and tapped the wall in a slow rhythmic way, moving his staff from side to side. He pulled it back suddenly and said one simple word.
The wall did so, completely fading away as if it had never been there. Riek strolled into the catacombs of Sorcere, completely trusting in his mothers promise that he would meet no challenge here.
He traveled down a few halls, then found a door that was the prescribed meeting place. He opened the door and walked through. His sister, Tera, was sitting at a desk, twirling her mace through her fingers.
“Your late,” She said coldly.
“When did it become your station to talk to me so?” Riek cocked one eyebrow curiously, and chuckled softly. He enjoyed the superiority that he held over his brother, and, even more, his sisters.
“You insolent—“ Tera stared at him, her eyes promising death. She gave up; however, and started the conversation that she had been sent to start, “you know why your here, right?”
“Would I come here without knowing?”
“Of course you wouldn’t,” Tera said sarcastically.
“Well then, why are you here?”
Tera started, then held her breath. She closed her eyes for a few moments, then opened them slowly. “I have been sent to bestow one of Llolth’s greatest blessings, a gift of invisibility. With this, you shall appear to be invisible to the visible and infrared spectrum. The effects of the spell shall last for two fortnights, but after’re on your own.”
Riek smirked, “That should…will be more time than I need. All I need to do is make sure that Mearn doesn’t try to escape the city, correct?”
“Of course.” Tera’s face was cold and removed
“Then this shall be easy, I can watch every exit from Sorcere at the same time, can I not?” Riek smiled as he asked. He was, yet again, flaunting his superiority over his sister.
“Of course,” The reply had not changed, nor had Tera’s expression.
“Very well, do you have anything…less useless for me?”
“Of course.” Tera pulled out a scroll. Riek walked over to the desk as she laid it out. “It’s a magical map of Sorcere, it will show you the floor that you are on, and it will show you where you are on said floor.” Tera rolled it back up and handed it to Riek.
Riek accepted it, slowly. “Very well, bestow the enchantment, and let me leave.”
“Gladly, anything that will get you out of my sight.”
Riek accepted the comment for what it was, for it showed that Tera was afraid of him. Tera stood up and walked around the table to stand in front of him. She began to chant slowly, In a calm voice. She spun her mace around in circles, and her chanting sped up. The priestess’s free hand reached into a pouch and brought forth a small amount of dust. She sprinkled it over Riek, the whole time her chant had increased in volume and tempo. The process seemed to take forever to Riek, who had never trusted Llolth’s magic. But finally, with one last arcane word, the spell was ended.
Riek left the room before his sister could do anything else.
A few corridors down the way, Riek slumped to the floor. The façade that he put up for his sister had taken more out of the young man than he had wanted it to. He sat there for a few moments, merely breathing, trying to steady himself. And trying to prepare for the task he was about to take on.
Many heartbeats later, he stood up. Leaning heavily on his staff, he began that all hated process. He moved his right hand, to his side, the palm facing out, and curled his fingers up in the way that was only instinct to him now. As his fingertips touched the palm of his hand, a deep resonating sound issued forth. Riek wasn’t concerned with being heard by the Dark elves of Sorcere, he knew that he was the only elf that would hear the sound. He continues to move his fingers; the deep boom produced from the action was sounded every few seconds now.
Riek continued the process for several seconds, then he stopped.
And he waited.
It wouldn’t be long, he feared.
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33 / M / Canada
Posted 10/24/07 , edited 4/13/08
noThing liVes buT idEa

Carelessly these callous words flail on this page.
Absorbed and engrossed by their own corporeal creation.
'From whence did we come, the ink or the pen?'
Wasting their waning existence with fickled philosophies.
Lifelessly living in lies, they ignore the truest truth:
"From my methodic mind I organized you thus;
And by my hand, I handled the prepared pen.
Thus you were birthed with meaning and formulated form.
To witness my evident existence and thematic thoughts."
Yet, these crass words remain completely consumed with themselves.
Devilishly deceived by their own revolving rhetorics.
Regardless, these fragile words flail on in superfluous stupor.
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26 / F / Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
Posted 11/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
i actually right song lyrics so heres one:

Nana's Song

Walking down a lonely corridor with nothing but the wind to distract me
Sometimes I swear I see your face reflecting in the pain but then I think it must have been the wind Oh why cant it just shake off stop reflecting by me I said I never wanted to see you again so why do you keep coming back oh no no it pains me to say how much I loved you but to think that this was all normal for you words cant even describe all thats left is the gust of wind reminding me everytime I dont need it at all that reflection is quite enough walking down the street with only myself looking after me its the same its always the same there's no escape i've though that i've had it bad but when I think back and remember the tears and I start to cry I always thought we could overcome but it hurt so much to hear you say those little words you whispered them to me but they finally sank that day we never said a word but we bith knew what was happening my pride was so high so you knoew I couldnt when that bell finally rang I had to jus trun away and from what I heard after that I could no longer see it you broke down too you had never done that before it was then that I knew we were separated but we were still connected I tried many times to let it go but it never worked I couldnt even bring myself to talk about it to the one person that meant the most
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26 / M / Imagination Land
Posted 11/6/07 , edited 4/13/08

EPISODE 1: Phantom Lord


Millennias ago the Angeleon, an ancient race, were living in the Planet. Until one day war occured, and most ancients were wiped out. The race soon died out, only to evolve into Neo-Angelon, which is basically half Angeleon / Human. The Neo-Angelon live today in a planet which is mostly surrounded by humans, who are now in danger from their arrogance to keep the world Justified. The Neo-Angelon contain inhuman strenth, some are even used by military forces and are often tested to try passing their incredible strength on to humans. They live with a burden of a race.

Millennias later after the Angeleon war *battle scene* a strong mysterious warrior is ordered to go to this battle. His girlfriend, who was also a military soilder fought along side him, in the same squad. She stepped on a landmine. The boyfriend of the victim lost hope and was then ordered to attack at front line. Most of his squad were killed off, and he eventually killed himself during battle whilst surrounded by the enemy. Weeks later it appeared the victim of the landmine has survived, only to have lost all her senses, arms and legs. Euthanasia was intended but was cancelled because it appeared that the victim was carrying a live child in her womb. It was later found out that the baby was a Neo-Angelon. The military were then ordered to keep the victim alive until the baby was born and then perform euthanasia on the victim.


Decades later

One day an organisation consisting of Neo-Angelon formed to fight against the human race; the new world was in grave danger, but disater was prevented. It is now feared that a son of the fallen oginisation's Leader, the legendary Nazariini has evaded and destroyed land. His name is Ramsteen.

- First Scenes -

Young optimistic character called Marrow is going to 'hunt' as excuse for training with his friends. They wonder off into the woods and whilst wondering talk about the situation of 'Warriors'.

(*Note: Warriors are beings that battle / fight mainly in badlands in order to prove superior strength and become aknowledged; many compete and they are mainly Neos considering their unpredictable strength. Many people often hold tournaments. However, most battles are unofficial and can cause trouble if fighting in city areas*

They hear that 'The Slasher' is the most dangerous and strongest at the moment. They also talk about the Villian thats causing trouble with the cities(Ramsteen).

Marrow weilds a sword that he finds 'useless', but according to his grandfather the sword he weilds is a God's sword and that it has never been awaken.

(*Note: His grandfather though always forbids Marrow to become a 'Warrior' (which is what Marrow wants to be) due to the fear of him encoutering strong Warriors like Slasher.

They defeat dangerous creatures far in the woods, and have a joyful time. Then they encounter a barrier, containing 700,000 volts of electric to prevent intruders from entering. Inside the the area contains a cave hole. The 3 wonder what is inside. Suddenly the ground starts to shake, the ground crumbles and so then the barriers breaks. Marrow, with his own will to prove greatness, heads towards the cave. His friends follow. When they reach the cave they find nothing. Suddenly the ground falls, along with Marrow. The 2 friends try to help, but suddenly they could see black smoke from their villiage. Marrow, still trying to prove strength, tells them to go back and leave him and help the village. His friends then go. As the cave crumbles the rock that Marrow held onto broke off, leaving Marrow to fall down. He wakes up and realises he's not dead. He then realises that there is a path. Marrow decides to walk through the tunnel path. After entering a cave hall, all of a sudden Marrow's sword begins to react. There was a giant ice block, with a figure trapped inside. The block breaks, then all of a sudden the figure awakes. Marrow is scared shitless, but with his determination to become the strongest, tries attacking the figure. All of a sudden the glowing features transformed into the apperance of many Angeleons and Humans. The transformed figures attack Marrow, and pwns him, but for some reason doesn't kill him. The figure then hovers to Marrow and says: "Bow to the Phantom Lord". Marrow, scared shitless bows before him, then stands up. Marrow then aks the Phantom Lord why he didn't kill him. The Phantom lord then explained how he needed Marrow to go on a quest to find the Phantom Lord's equipment and weapon, and how the Phantom Lord would be defenceless without it outside of this cave. Marrow agreed, since he wanted to become the best Warrior, and so in favour return he asks the Phantom Lord to become his mentor and teach him these skills. (little does he know about the Phantom Lord's power though). Phantom Lord then explained that Marrow could never gain such powers, but that his sword was good enough, and hasn't awakened. Therefore Phantom Lord agrees to teach him and try to awaken his sword's hidden powers. The cave starts to reach it's toll, and is collapsing. Phantom Lord then hovers his way out whilst dragging Marrow along with him. The cave collapses. They see a burning villiage.


EPISODE 2: Become a Warrior

They go to Marrow's village which is burning down. He the sees in horror that the village is being attacked by what seems to be the military, who are battling Ramsteen's orginisation. Marrow fights enemies off and reaches to his seriously wounded friend and aks why all of the commosion happened. His frend explains how the village thought it was wreckless, causing such damage, and because of the death of a child, it fumed the village, so they faught back. Marrow goes to his grandfathers. His grandfather was wounded and about to die. Before he dies, he gave a pendant to him, and tells him to become stronger with that blade. He also mentions how it has begun....then dies. Marrow, emotionally raged, goes out and uses his blade. His sword gives out blue fumes and he defeats any enemy he encounters. Most of the fighters are dead, including the villiagers, and friends. Phantom Lord says they must go on their quest, as it's the best thing to do rather thatn just grieve there, and as he senses a strong warrior coming, despite there are a few military Neo-Angelons there weakened. They pass through blazing woods, into the nearest cave tunnel. As he enters though, Ramsteen enters the villiage, kills the remaining military, and oblitirates the entire villiage. He looks at Marrow from the far distance, as Marrow screams in rage. Phantom Lord holds Marrow back, and for some reason Ramsteen wanders off.

Marrow, sickened, walks on with Phantom Lord without saying anything. They reach the end of the cave and Marrow decides to wear the pendant. But then Phantom Lord looks in shock and mentions that the pendant is the 'equipment' he is searching for. He mentions how only he can use it and the use has a good purpose. Marrow then sees a new determination rather than loathing and bravely moves on with a feeling of purpose. He then gives the pendant to Phantom Lord, but Phantom Lord says it's pointless to do so without his weapon, and tells Marrow to wear it. They look out, into the desert ready to enter the Bounty's Villiage, where the feared Slasher normally hangs around....

Note:(It's named Bounty's Village because Warriors head in and out alot, for battle)


EPISODE 3: Slasher

There is a new scene, showing a Warrior, with a huge sword, walking through a swamp-like forest and collides into a few warriors. They fight. A warrior with a snake like, thin, long sword and and big warrior with armour representing that of a rhino. After a battle they are both defeated by the man with the huge sword. The huge sworded man does not finish them off though, and asks if there's an danger(strong warrior) around. The answer yes; watch out for slasher. They mention how his blade can cut through any element on their planet and that he is undefeated, and enemies never left alive. They huge sworded guy then aks the other two to temporarily join him to show the path to the Bounty Villiage. First they rest. As they walk through a shadow-like figure appears. The other two warriors are in fear, knowing it is him. They try fighting him off, but the shadowy figure confuses them with the immense battle speed. He easily finishes the other two, leaving the huge sworded guy. They battle, but slasher ends up slicing his huge sword in half, slashing the holder as well. Slasher leaves assuming he is dead. However, the sword and it's owner heals up.
(This is set the night before the Phanton Lord's Awakening)

NOW: Marrow and Phantom Lord are walking through the desert. They reach the Bounty Villiage. The place is dead, rusted, a great venue for warriors. As they walk they see a duel. A cocky person intends to beat a dark figure in a cloak. They battle, and the cocky warrior is ended in an instant. This warrior is so feared no-one watches from outside. Marrow asks who is he, and sudddenly the huge sworded guy answers. The Huge sworded guy warns Marrow not to engage battle with him. He mentions that if Marrow shows battle signs or agrees to duel with him, Marrow will end up dead. Marrow keeps walking forward. The big sworded guy suddenly realises and shouts "it's Slasher!". Because of this, slasher looks at Marrow and walks up to him. Marrow, after listening to what the guy said, stays absolutely still. Slasher then makes a false 'slash' draw to Marrow, but still he does not move. Slasher then walks off. But then, at an allready far distance, Slasher realises that the huge sworded guy is still alive. The three run as Slasher chases, but Slasher is too fast. Phantom Lord has no choice but to stall him by pretending to fight, and creates an illusion by pretending to be sliced by Slasher(considering Phantom Lord most more like a ghost). The other two hide, as Slasher searches. The presence is intense. Slasher now is on a hunt. The three then hideout in someone's place.

havnt finished yet

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29 / F / Michigan, USA
Posted 11/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
~ Spam deleted
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25 / F
Posted 12/1/07 , edited 4/13/08
Lolz okay last time i posted my story here i went kinda insane with the douple posts But i'm not going to do that lolz. This time I'm writing a vampire story called Bitten. Its about a girl named Reila Daneils who is a forensic photographer. Her best friend Jannis goes missing so her other best friend Nick and her try to find Jannis as victums with two holes in their necks start popping up. As the two try to figure out what's going on they have no idea whats to come.

Chapter 1
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29 / F / Michigan, USA
Posted 12/3/07 , edited 4/13/08

juntanami wrote:

In the end i did not kill anybody,
but sloughter them into pieces
Pushing me beyond all controlI
I don't give in easily to temptation

Although there may be some hesitation
In my heart you've made a reservation
But I think all you really need is liberation

I hate the reflection as I stare into your eyes
Ask me no questions and I'll slaughter you soon
No longer will I wear your disguise
With every word, ill bring your head to the front porch

I look in the mirror and you're my reflection
I try to tell you, but it's so hard to mention
You think after it all, we'd learn our lesson
Now it's all back, so I'll ask you this question

Do you even care that I slaughter your family?
Is it really all that hard to see?
I try to just set it all free
But I would love to kill you all over again!!

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F / Atlanta, GA. USA
Posted 12/31/07 , edited 4/13/08

Shadow Game
Life's just a game
a game people play,
playing's no fun
when you're all alone
I saddle these reigns of
my heart
Wanting to win
losing before I start
I get up everyday
fighting to remain
in this bright shadow
adrift away a blight
on the Morrow
walking away
frustrations sorrow
those honied lips
strips away at my peril
I pray i don't slip
but I can't see for reality
courage drained
cutthroat dresses me
hazardous love
so ugly
no peace
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F / Atlanta, GA. USA
Posted 12/31/07 , edited 4/13/08
My Life
It started out idilycally,
I didn't know it wasn't reality.
Truth is a shock,
a lie the truth.
Shattered dreams,
repeated destiny.
sins of love,
chains of death.
focus broken,
shaken faith,
belief destroyed.
a life a mess
Posted 7/28/08
I hadda get this off my chest.

I love knowing you could just drop me and live without me for the rest of your life if you chose to.
I love how you're so put together and secluded and smart and I could go on and on.
It drives me crazy knowing you just don't care.
I love how it's so WRONG and messed up, and you're so straight forward.
And I love how you just do it, no questions asked.

Okay i feel much better now.
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27 / M
Posted 7/28/08
Posted 7/28/08

bosscheetahs wrote:

Hope you liked it..I made that for you~
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25 / F / Vancouver
Posted 7/28/08
uh.....what if it's Rated? am i still allowed to post it?
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27 / M
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08

Flourescent wrote:

bosscheetahs wrote:

Hope you liked it..I made that for you~

LOL I just put it didn't read your article.Even I read moment ago still I can't get it.Be straight what do you mean? Really what it was about? My ENGLISH not good you know? Is it a poem, article or what?

Posted 7/29/08

bosscheetahs wrote:

Flourescent wrote:

bosscheetahs wrote:

Hope you liked it..I made that for you~

LOL I just put it didn't read your article.Even I read moment ago still I can't get it.Be straight what do you mean? Really what it was about? My ENGLISH not good you know? Is it a poem, article or what?

I just spoke my mind
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