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Posted 8/30/09 , edited 8/30/09
ok this is something I've typed up in like an hour.....but sill it may be a litle long....and there may be some strong language too.....

That girl. There’s just something about her. Sometimes I can just ignore her, like always, but there is the occasional day where I can barely stand to look at her. On those days I want to throw her crashing into a wall, or rip her throat out. I never do, only because it’s my own damn fault that she’s even here in the first place. Besides, what would I do without her? I don’t require her services or anything, I don’t even know why in the world she wanted to be here. I don’t even know her first name, let alone anything about her. Without her though everything would be strange, it just shows me how much of an annoyance like her could be dearly missed. Although, the world might not suffer badly with one less annoying human. My life would also be a lot easier without her, I never say that out loud. She at least keeps to herself unlike others of her species. God, how I hate humans. They’re like little flies that just won’t go away. Much like her. It aggravates me how she could just not understand that there are bigger and badder things out there.
“Zees, must be thinking of Hanna.” Mike whispers to Jane.
“Ignoring,” She tells him before focusing her attention on me. “So Zasjun, are you feeling well?” Jane asks me.
“Sure.” I lie, not wanting to explain that I hadn’t fed yet.
“He has Hanna on his mind, you won’t get a decent response out of him.” Mike rolls his eyes
“Get bent.” I tell him
“See what I mean!” Mike looked over at Jane for support.
“You Mike, are very annoying sometimes.” Jane tells him. I smile.
“I bet he loves the poor human girl.” Mike mutters under his breath. His mistake was that I heard him.
“You know damn well that is not true!” I jump up and glare at him. Mike pales, realizing that.
“Jeez, I’m sorry!” He apologizes. My hand tightens into a fist. Jane jumps in between the two of us.
“Please don’t start fighting. I am in no mood to handle this.” She says calmly.
“It’s not my fault that he’s become obsessed with some human girl!” Mike shouts at her.
“I’m not obsessed!”
“This ‘Hanna’ has changed they way you see humans!” Mike yells at me.
“No she hasn’t!”
“You probably think that humans are so fascinating, such interesting things!”
“No I don’t! Humans are just food! They are just pathetic inferior beings! We are the better species! We are the dominate people! We are the top of the food chain! We-are-vampires!” I yell, probably ten seconds away from starting a fist fight with Mike. Jane looked too tired to pull me off. This would be the perfect time to fight and beat him to a pulp.
“You just trying to cover your a**!”
“You’re really asking for it!”
“You guys, please!” Jane yells at us. I heard her, I assume that Mike heard her as well but who knows what goes on in his head, but we ended up launching ourselves at each other. I knew that I was going to win, I normally do. Mike may be the same age as me but I am stronger than he would ever be. Like I predicted, I grounded Mike to a bloody mess. Jane grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back, to avoid hurting Mike more. My knuckles were covered with his blood and mine. I smashed most of his face in, including his jaw. His left arm was sticking in an awkward position, along with his right leg. He probably had several broken ribs and several spinal cord injuries.
“Oo huckin jherk…” Mike said struggling to sit up, which he did. His sitting position was worse than when he was laying down. I knew he wasn’t seriously hurt, but I still felt sorry I had beaten up so badly. His body was healing small scratches first, then onto major flesh wounds. He clicked his jaw back into place, which told me that he was now going through the painful process of healing the bones. Cuts and scrapes were no problem, and tended to heal quickly without pain. Bones, being made of much tougher stuff, healed slower and tended to be more painful. Unless, of course, you drink blood. It always helps speed up the healing process and made things less painful. That’s just how the world went ‘round. You don’t question things that you’ll never understand. Mike glared at me, then smiled wickedly, exposing his fangs.
“So defensive.” He laughed. I try to break free from Jane’s hard grip.
“Shut up, Mike, or I’ll break your jaw so much it won’t heal!” I threaten. He laughed some more.
“Mike! Stop it!” Jane commands of him.
“Why should I?” He smirked. Then I felt his fist slam against my gut. Jane drops me and throws Mike into the nearest wall.
“Goddamn it Mike!” She yells at him. He spits out some blood. I keep trying to breathe, or at least pretend to. I didn’t want to get into another fight with Mike, especially now that the thirst was so strong. I didn’t want to accidentally rip his throat out. (Said in complete sarcasm, hint, hint.)
“What the hell was that for!?” Mike yelled at her.
“Can’t you see that he hasn’t fed?” She looks at him. She didn’t stay mad long she has a short angry burst but it doesn’t take long for her to go back to being her normal self. She looked tiredly at the both of us.
“What am I going to do with you two?” She shakes her head before dropping her defensive stance. Mike wasn’t glaring at me anymore, now it was more of a pity look. I hate being pitied. It makes me feel dejected.
“Stop with the pity looks.” I tell him looking away.
“Why didn’t you just say so?” I had a feeling that he was smirking at me. ‘One of these days, one of these days…’ I tell myself.
“You’re always in such a fowl mood when you haven’t fed.” He says. I look over at the two of them. Mike was probably laughing hard on the inside, while Jane was hiding her concern for me. She didn’t like expressing her feelings. I never really understand why though.
“Why don’t we make it an outing!” Mike smiles.
“That’s a stupid idea, we’re more likely to get caught like that.” Jane tells him.
“Yeah but how do we know that he’s not just gonna skip out on feeding, like he has in the past?”
“Because we’ve all grown up and are much more wiser than we were when we were little kids. Besides whether he feeds or not is none of your concern.”
“I’m right here you guys!” I say reminding them.
“I find it very concerning. I mean…” Mike pauses. Then realization flashed across his face.
“What? What big discovery have you think you’ve discovered?” I ask.
“That’s why Hanna’s there!” He says. Jane puzzles over it.
“Uh…complete thought please?”
“She’s your little meat toy!” He laughs. I stare at him. I really wanted to kill him right now. I don’t, that’s just not a nice thing to do to a very explosive friend. Jane gives me what I classify as a worried look for her.
“Is that really why she’s there?” She asks. I shake my head
“Why would I do something completely stupid?” I ask her. Mike was still laughing. ‘I hope he gets asphyxia and dies.’ I think, until I remember that we didn’t need to breath.
“Damn it.” I whisper.
“What?” Jane asks.
“He can’t laugh himself to death. I really want him to.” I grumble. I know, I’m such a terrific friend.
“I figured it out!” Mike says after awhile
“Done laughing?” I ask.
“Yes. For now anyway.” He smiles.
“Good, because you need to hear this: She-is not-my-meat toy!” I yell at him.
“I’m sure she’s not.” He rolls his eyes.
“Mike, honestly, do you truly think that Zasjun would do something like that?” Jane asks him.
“Maybe, who knows. It could explain why he doesn’t feed a lot. Or the reason why Maya died, or--”
“Shut Up!” I yell. He should know better than to bring Maya into this. Even though it’s been over a decade I still couldn’t get her death out of my mind. It was my fault that Maya had died. I hate being reminded of how much I failed to protect her. It was my job, my duty, and I failed. I got her killed because of my ignorance.
“Mike!” Jane glares a him.
“Huh?” Mike looked like an idiot. Then again he was one, he knows better than to bring up Maya. I wanted to punch his face in so badly right now.
“I’m going to kill you!” I yell standing up. I was pissed off. Jane stepped aside, she knew better than to get in the way when I got mad.
“I’m not helping you outta this Mike.” She looks at him. “I will, however, make sure he doesn’t kill you completely.” She looks over at me. “Play nice.” She smiles, before taking off. I shift into a fighting stance but then decide against it.
“It’s not worth it…” I whisper, before running off, leaving Mike standing alone.

well that's it for now.....i might not continu with this but feel free to say bad things about it...or good things....i want to know wat ppl think.....
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Posted 9/1/09 , edited 9/2/09

CrashAriMP5N2O wrote:

10 Days of August
On the 10th day of August
This Shinji gave to me
Ten Crunchyrollers
Nine Onigiris
Eight members spamming
Seven threads a closing
Six buddies pending
Five nuking mods!
Four misnamed vids
Three chain mails
Two guestbook posts
And a non PG-thirteen profile!

LMAO!. i sang it while reading...
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Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/7/09
Wow it is nice to see so many talented people

Anyways I write stuff on my blog

Title: The Demon Lord's Servant

Genre: Romance, YA Urban Fantasy
Length: I am hoping novel length (only has 1 chapter at the moment)

Cameron Kresco comes from a long line of famous demon slayers. At St. Hollow Academy she is constantly reminded of this as the teachers expect her to live up to her name.When she accidentally summons the dark haired demon lord Kai (who insists she makes a good servant) she must pay a heavy price. Classed as a traitor things take a turn for the worse but help comes from the mostly unlikely sources.
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Posted 9/23/09 , edited 9/23/09
Wow, dragongurl01! I like your story. U should continue it. It's better then Twilight that's for sure. Especially the fight.

I got a few stories to tell. Here's one of them.

Legacy of Dragons
By: Claudia and Gabriel Medrano

Episode 1: Introduction

An agile teenage girl runs down a private pathway to avoid being caught. With a giant brick wall separating the street and the condominium; the girl thinks that it’s safe to catch her breath. “I hope I lost them.” She combs through her deep black hair to get some leaves out and gets startled as she hears some people passing by on the other side of the wall. Three boys were searching for her and one of them asks, “Where’d she go?”
The girl tries to keep calm, “Uh-oh…” She starts to quietly walk away, but as she backs away she steps on a twig.
One of the boys looks around and asks, “What was that?”
One of them looks up at the tall brick wall, “It sounded like it came from the other side.”
She gets nervous and scoffs, “Great…” The boys start to climb up the wall and she quickly turns to run away. One of the boys notices her and yells out, “There she goes!” To try and evade them she quickly jumps over some fences, and with great agility she jumps and flips over benches and small barricades. She runs as fast as her strength would let her until she enters the small Forest Park. She pauses to catch her breath and it soon begins to rain. “Great, just my luck.” She notices a fork in the path and takes the more wooded area and assures her pet ferret hiding in her pack, “I think we lost them Yumi…for now.” Her ferret sighs in relief and quickly glances out of the old brown bag. The girl continues to walk along the path and ponders on what the plan was to get out of the city before she would get caught. “I hate this place…I need to get out of here. If luck is on my side I can make it out of here tonight. I’d do anything to get the hell out of here.” Just then a big flash of light appears in front of them. The two look startled as the blue light brightly shines in front of them. “What the?”
The boys catch up to her as one of them yells, “There she is!”
She quickly glances at them and the light, “What…should I do? Should we jump into the light…or risk myself into being sent off to boot camp?”
One of the boys fixes his cap and says, “Come on, Yuri. Time for you to quit running away! It won’t do you any good!”
Yuri looked confused wondering why they seemed calm. “What? They don’t see the light?” She turns to look at the light and exclaims, “Sorry boys! But this town just isn’t for me!” And without hesitation she jumps into the portal and disappears.
One of the boys scratches his spiked hair and says, “What the?”
The blonde boy looks around and asks, “Where’d she go?”
Yuri and Yumi were then sent into a tunnel of endless time filled with light and stars. Yuri yells to her ferret, “Hang on Yumi!” Her poor ferret trembles with fear as she lies in the bag. The end of the portal appears in front of a teenage boy. The boy looks up the strange light with curiosity, “Huh?”
Yuri then falls out of the portal and lands on top of the boy’s back. She tries to get to her senses and asks, “Wha…where are we?” Poor Yumi was disoriented in the dark bag.
The boy groans and replies, “On my back!”
Yuri looks down in shock, “huh?!” She quickly stands up as she glances at the boy head and apologizes as she gets off.
The boy slowly stands up and massages his back, “That’s okay.” He then asks himself, “Where did she come from?”
Yuri calls out to her furry friend, “Yumi!” the ferret shakes off the queasiness and quickly runs out of the bag and rests on Yuri’s shoulder.
The boy slowly observes Yuri and wonders if she had anything to do with a legend he has heard of from the locals. He curiously asks her, “Are you one of the legendary dragon warriors?”
Yuri looks at him with agitation and replies to him as if she were offended, “No!” She then curiously asks, “What’s that?” Yumi watches the boy carefully.
The boy shakes his head and says, “I guess not. I thought you might be since your clothes are strange and appearing out of now where…never mind.” They hear someone coming down the path and he quickly tells her, “Quickly hide! Someone’s coming!” Yuri nods and hides behind a tree.
Just then an elder woman and her young teenage granddaughter pass by carrying baskets of food on their heads. The elder woman greets him, “Hello, Kai!”
The young girl blushes and says, “Hi, Kai! What are you doing out here?”
Kai quickly searches for an answer, “Me…I’m…I’m…about to use the outhouse.”
The elder woman starts to walk away and the young girl just stares at him with shock and whispers, “Shouldn’t have asked…” and she quickly goes after her grandmother. “Bye, Kai!” Kai waves with embarrassment as the young girl whispers to her grandmother, “Couldn’t he have waited till he got home?”
Kai sighs in relief but was embarrassed as Yuri speaks out. “Swell move…” She then moves down the dirt path to where she first came through and says, “Well, it’s been fun, but time for me to go.”
Kai curiously looks at her and wonders how she came to his world in the first place then asks, “How will you return?”
Yuri pauses for a moment to think and sadly replies, “I…I don’t know…” She had no idea how to get back. One thing for sure though, she was happy to be out of the city.
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Posted 9/23/09 , edited 9/23/09
Here's another story. Please enjoy or mock. either one. Ur choice.

The Legendary Ezekiel

By: Claudia Medrano

This is the story of a war torn world of Ezekiel. Battle after battle the world grew out of greed and fear. There was never peace in Ezekiel. There were seven different nations: Water, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Tierra, Light and Shadow. Those that fought the most were the Light and Shadow clans. The leaders of the Shadow clan were selfish and ruthless. They wanted more land and power and fought anyone who got in their way.
The Light clan and their allies defeated the Shadow clan in a fierce battle in Gamaliel. Lucius, the leader of the Light clan, personally handled Marius, the most feared Shadow ruler of all time. Afterwards there were fewer battles, but peace was never fully restored.
Three centuries later after the victory in Gamaliel, there is still mutiny. A group who call themselves “Maura” has secretly made plans for an uprising and tries to restore the power that the Shadow clan abandoned.
Now a wise leader in the Shadow clan has restored some order to his nation and has kept his people away from the world and its problems. He hates the past and wants to amend and build a better future; his name: Ambrose Xavier. He has achieved some peace with the other nations and promised to help keep the peace. But Maura has other plans, and soon chaos will consume Ezekiel again, but there is one that will stop Maura and help restore peace.
A prophecy that was made in the reign of Marius said,
“When the first signs of spring have come to appear, a child will be born of both light and dark. Whoever takes hold of this child can use it and tip the scale for victory or defeat…”
And ends there. No one found out the rest. Rumors say Marius hid the other half of the tablet to not decrease his soldier’s morale. Others say the one who foretold this took the other half to save it as a test for the one who would be to find out for them self.
I never really knew about it until I met the person who supposedly was the so-called, “weapon.” She is my best friend. She had been through a lot when she herself realized that she could make a difference and stop Maura from completing their plots. She grew strong and wise when the time came to end the chaos, but she wasn’t always like that.

Chapter 1

“Nalani!” She looks at the man who is trying to save her life. His right eye iss swollen and bleeding, his face is pale but you could see a burning passion. “NO!” He yells and grabs her before she gets burnt to a crisp by an oncoming fireball.
“Where are you two going now?! You have no place to go but at the bottom of the river!” A tall man taunts them with his furious red-orange eyes as he comes after them.
Nalani grabs her abdomen and whispers in agony, “That’s our escape plan…the cliff…” she is weak from the injuries she sustained from the hands of the maniac. The young man too sustained a very serious wound to his chest that is laboring his breathing.
“Wait! That’s nonsense! You’re going to get yourself killed! I won’t let you!” He begs her.
“But it’s our only way…” she said weakly and collapses, but the man catches her and they both quietly stare at each other.
Just then the maniac catches up to them, “Isn’t this a sight, I get to kill the both of you with one shot!” And he shoots a fireball at them.
“Ahh…” Nalani wakes up with sweat and pain. She rubs her head and brushes her long pale blue hair from her face. She sighs and walks to the bathroom to wash up. She gazes into the mirror with her tired silver eyes and thinks to herself, “Why can’t I remember the rest? What must I do to remember my past?”
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Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/24/09
Hehehe...the latest installment of my story...

if you want to start with the character profiles:

i don't want you to start from chapter 1 and read to chapter 19 because the narration is star with chapter 20.

Chapter 20:

Or if you really insist, check out the chapter listings.

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Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/25/09
i have notied something....most of people posted love stories O.o
i just dun like romance and things like that >.<
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Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/25/09

ginchio wrote:

i have notied something....most of people posted love stories O.o
i just dun like romance and things like that >.<

hehehe...then what do you want???
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Posted 9/25/09 , edited 9/26/09
~>Dual Soul<~

By: asian_heart

© asian_heart 2009. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of asian_heart



The corridor was long and dreary. There was a cold chill in the air that could shake you to your bones and freeze your outer skin. My chest moved up and down with a unknown emotion ,that swirled around my head like a whirlwind.

My best friend, Junsu, sat behind that door of that unknown world. I peered through the small glass window, as if I was staring into a parallel world of white. Junsu looked like a angel in white as he sat lonely in his white hell. I couldn't stand to see the my best friend locked in a white box made of cotton.

He notice me through the window and flash me a smile that could brighten anyone's mood. I flashed a nervous smile back at him. My smile was corrupted, tainted, smeared with blood. His smile was innocence of a child unlike mines. I felt fear in the smile, that it will change like it did that terrible day.

In fact, he's my patient as well as my best friend. I keep him here locked away from the world to hold his inner child.

I turned the knob slowly and took a deep breath. I was turning the knob of a door that rested in Cherryhill Asylum.

It was hard for me to face the fact that my best friend wasn't in his right mind....


This is a fanfix that I'm currently writing over at soompi and gained a few fans. I saw crunchy has this sectioning now and I decided I post here too. I currently posted 7 chapters, working on chapter 8.

My Thread:
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Posted 9/28/09 , edited 9/28/09
well I wrote a story by the name " Earth the mother of energy rangers clans: the five energy stones" but it's so big so i'm just ganna post one of my poems know I hope you enjoy it

The sweet loneliness

To find true happiness,
You must taste the sweet loneliness
Loneliness is neither a burden nor a sorrow,
But a time of quietness and peace that follow
Neither to be understood nor shared
Or to say something that might be heard
True happiness is here,
In loneliness away from fear
Loneliness is a soul that could never love
Never to be selfish or look to others from above
Loneliness is a mind that lost its thrust for dreams
And not losing them means no need to spread out useless screams
Loneliness is the Heart that beats within my chest.
Loneliness is in my Body that soon will lay down to rest.
Loneliness is the eyes with no need to see
Isn’t it just sweet for myself to be alone with me?
When with me no one wants to be
My loneliness often speaks to me
It says:”When people leave you without leaving a single clue
I’m the one that never betrays you”
Yes my loneliness is my best friend
No it’s my other side that sticks with me till the end
I don’t feel ashamed of my loneliness but proud
So I will express my feelings so loud
Leave me alone go away
I want to live with my loneliness tell the very last day
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Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/3/09

adats01 wrote:

ginchio wrote:

i have notied something....most of people posted love stories O.o
i just dun like romance and things like that >.<

hehehe...then what do you want???

lol, anything but not always love stories xD
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Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/3/09
I'll Be There..... revised

When you just want to run......
Just run away from it all.....
When no one cares for you.....
And you think no one cares.....
When it gets to much to bare.....
I'll be there for you.....
Is there anyone around,is there anyone there...
You feel the the whole world has walked out on you......
You think you're all alone,don't know what to do......
When the one you care about the most....
Doesen't seem to care about you.......
Know this,I'll be there for you......
When to the one you gave your heart to......
Can only throw it in your face.....
When the person you trusted betrays you.....
All the memories which you shared with......
Can't even remember your birth day......
I'll be there for you......
When all you need is a friend.......
When friends are hard to find.......
To be there when you cry......
Just to hear you whine.....
When all you need is someone to catch your tears....
I'll be there for you.....
When your heart hurts so bad......
You can't hardly breath....
When you want to crawl up an die......
I'll be there for you.....
When you start to cry after hearing a sad song......
And the tears won't stop falling down......
I'll be there for you......
You see,this is a promise I make to you......
A promise till the end......
This is a promise I can make...
Should you ever need me.....
Just give me a call...
And I'll be there for you...... by Bryan/revised

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Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/4/09
I have become one of those girls who waits, quietly. Staring out of rain streaked windows at the horizon, cigarette in hand.
& even though you told me you were leaving I thought it would be ok.

Love existed in these snatched minutes, but I couldn't see it until you held me close to you and told me that you'd noticed all these little moments too.

Kisses on my face & promises that your path would lead you home again. I am not naive enough to think that you will be the same man you were when you left. The world is rolling from your feet, springing and growing and wonderful. It waits for you in the same way that I do.

I meant to be glorious to you.

But now all I can do is hope that this older you will love me just the same.
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Posted 10/7/09 , edited 10/10/09
For those of you who want a 2nd Death Note series then here is an idea for one.

N.B. This post contains SPOILERS!!!, since it assumes that you have already watched Death Note.

When someone uses the death note they can neither go to heaven nor hell, that is one of the rules. However, in the manga apparently Ryuk said that all humans go to MU (nothingness) after they die regardless of their actions. But what if Ryuk was wrong about this? Perhaps he was misinformed and this is not the case, but instead humans who have used the death note are reincarnated into the human world where they will have to repeat the cycle of life and death.

If you accept this idea then there could be a 2nd series based on this premise. Pehaps Light could be reincarnated into the human world where he once again stumbles upon the death note. Furthermore, there could be another rule stating that if a human has used the death note in a previous life, then he/she will regain all of those memories from that life upon touching the death note again.

Hence, Light could reclaim his throne as Kira and commence his reign of terror upon the next generation of criminals. Perhaps Light had even planned this as a backup!? There could also be the revelation that L had in fact used the death note once to test it out, and therefore L is also reincarnated.

Below is a summary of how the story could unravel.

Death Note: Rebirth

After the end of Death Note there is a brief spell of peace in the world due to Kira successfully reducing the amount of criminal genes in the human gene pool. Yet, in spite of this, crime rates are rapidly rising and soon there is a new generation of criminals that spread their corruption like a disease, infecting the "new world" that Kira had created.

However, Kira's legacy lives on in a subculture of Kira worshipers, eager to carry out Kira's will and rid the world of its next generation of criminals. Although unbeknown to them the real Kira, Light Yagami, has been reincarnated into the human world due to an omitted clause in one of the death note's rules that even Ryuk did not know about.

The rule should have stated: "A human who has used the death note can neither go to heaven nor hell; instead they are reincarnated into the human world where they will have to repeat the cycle of life and death." Hence, Light grows up under a different name and family, but he still possesses all of his intellectual talents and is just as prodigious and principled as the old Light Yagami.

One day Light notices that his classmate is writing down names in a black notebook. Light asks him why he is doing this. His classmate says that he is writing down the names of bad people who have been horrible to him, like his hero Kira, the infamous serial killer whom he idealizes. Immediately Light has a strong feeling of deja vu, but he shrugs this off and mocks his classmate for being so immature, and then lectures him about how Kira was the most evil man to have walked this earth, blah blah blah...

After this incident Light is plagued by a series of vivid nightmares, in which a man is desperately running down a deserted sidewalk, whilst blood is pouring out of multiple wounds on his body. It ends with him collapsing on a staircase in a puddle of blood. Light does some research on the internet and finds out that Light Yagami, the man branded as Kira, died in almost identical fashion.

The next time Light wakes up from this nightmare he desperately tries to picture the man's face, and then surfs the web for pictures of Light Yagami. He finds a picture and is shocked to realize that it is the same man from his nightmare. Light suddenly remembers the feeling of deja vu when talking to his classmate about the death note (which is the rumoured method of Kira's killings, although largely discredited by the police). Could he be somehow connected to this Light Yagami, the man branded as Kira?

Light decides to make a note of anything he remembers from his nightmare, in hope that he can unravel this mystery. The next time he wakes from the nightmare he can vaguely remember a watch the man is wearing. On further inspection Light notices that the bleeding man seems to take out a small piece of paper from the watch and place it in an envelope, which he subsequently scrambles to post in a passing postbox.

This detail intrigues Light, but to his annoyance he cannot recall the address on the envelope. And so over the next few weeks Light sets his alarm clock to wake him up at random times during the night, in hope that he will wake up directly after the point in his nightmare where the man posts the envelope, therefore enabling him to clearly recall the address.

By a stroke of luck, on one of the nights Light wakes up almost immediately after that point in his nightmare where the man posts the envelope. Light quickly focuses all of his attention on holding the image of the envelope in his mind. He can barely make out the address that is on the envelope, but he manages to write down an address that he confirms to be real by checking the internet. The next day Light decides to investigate the place in the address, which is luckily within travelling distance from his house.

When Light reaches the address he hesitantly rings the doorbell and waits in anticipation. After waiting for 2 minutes however there is still no answer. Light starts to doubt himself and wonders whether he is stupid for ringing some strangers doorbell, and so decides to wait 5 more minutes before leaving. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye Light notices the curtain on the front window move, as if someone had been peering out. Light stares at the spot where the curtain had moved. He knocks on the window and shouts "Hello, is anyone home?" There is no reply... creeaaak... Light turns suddenly around as the front door starts to creak open, it seems that there is someone home after all! But who could this strange person be?

The front door opens halfway and a very old man peers out. The man stares directly at Light without saying a word. He looks him up and down for a while and then eventually mumbles to himself "I don't believe it!... Could this boy really be him?" Light replies "Huh, could I be who? What are you mumbling about old man?" The old man reaches down into his pocket and takes out what looks to be a very old envelope. He hands it to Light, "here," he says, "take this, now I can finally die in peace." And with that he turns around and shuts the door.

Light stares at the envelope for a moment, whilst asking himself what just happened. Suddenly his heart starts to beat really fast, could this actually be the envelope from his nightmare? His hand shakes as he opens the seal. Light reaches inside the envelope, his heart thumping loudly as his fingers clutch around a small piece of torn off paper... boom, boom... Light's heartbeat settles and his mouth curls into a large grin as he struggles to suppress his laughter. But it's too much; he cannot suppress it anymore, "Mwhahahahahahaha!" shrieks Light triumphantly, "I win!"

With his memories of the death note back from his previous life, Light then goes on to reclaim ownership of the death note by stealing it from the police (Near has the other one). This is achieved with the help of an inside spy who is working as the current chief of police. Light had recruited the man in his previous life when the man was still a boy. Light had handpicked the boy based on his aptitude and personality, surmising that he would one day grow up to become a loyal supporter of Kira, able to quickly move up the ranks of the police force and work undercover as his spy.

This contingency plan was cleverly formulated by Light, in order to enable him to get back possession of the death note in case his original plan failed. In his previous life Light had surmised that were he to die then he would have a 50% chance of being reincarnated and a 50% chance of ceasing to exist. He inferred this from the rule that stated: "A human who has used the death note can neither go to heaven nor hell." Thus, Light decided to hedge his bets on being reincarnated, and consequently he carefully put everything in place to help him get the death note back were he to die prematurely.

Light had also previously read about people who claim to remember traumatic events from past lives. Although he had always thought these people to be crazy, he surmised that a traumatic event would be the only opportunity to communicate with his future reincarnated self.

The cool and calculated Light Yagami knew that his eventual death would likely be the only traumatic event in his life, and so he only posted the envelope containing a piece of the death note at the very end, whilst he was bleeding profusely and desperately running down the sidewalk so he could post it before he died, making sure that the address was face up before he posted it. In short, Light Yagami (A.K.A. Kira) had a backup plan from the very start, and he managed to implement it even when bleeding to death from multiple gun shots, because Light Yagami does not know how to lose!

Let the killing spree commence...
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