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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/17/08
The first season of gunsilinger girl was absolutely amazing the basic plot is the Italian government takes young girls who are on the brink of death and give the cybernetic implants and train them to be the governments assassins with conditioning(brainwashing) and a handler who, so far have been mid age men.

the 2nd season so far, that I know of has been released up to ep 7. Unfortunately the second season has fallen extremely short of the greatness of the 1st season. First off the art is different, which gives the anime a different feeling, almost a light feeling that really doesnt belong. The second negative is the voices are all different as well and some of them are hard to get used to.

Although I'm dissapointed in the series I still look forward to watching it. I love that they've looked at the world through the eyes of the terrorists, and Pinnocio is like an older version of a government raised assassin except he isnt cybernetic. I cant wait for Triella and Pinnocio to go at it again, should be a good fight.
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