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Madara explains to Sasuke that he was kept in the dark about the coup due to his age. He then states Sasuke's father was the one planning it. Sasuke is shocked and Madara explains how Fugaku had Itachi enter ANBU as a spy for the clan, but he gave the village information on them instead. Sasuke demands to know why his brother betrayed his clan.

His captor offers that Itachi saw war at a very young age; the experience traumatized him into wanting peace. He put the village ahead of all else and that was exploited by the village elders. They gave him a mission only a Sharingan user could accomplish, the total annihilation of the Uchiha.

Sasuke winces in pain and Madara states he can't begin to understand the pain Itachi felt then, betraying his family. He knew though that if the Uchiha staged a coup, it could lead to the downfall of both the village and country. Many would die simply because of the Uchiha's selfishness.

Madara asks Sasuke what he would have done in his brother's place? Sasuke is speechless. Madara offers that Itachi did not act out of hatred; he did it so only he would take the blame. Madara then explains how he himself was looking for revenge at that time and Itachi was the only one to learn he was still alive. Itachi offered to let him help in the massacre, if he would leave the rest of the village alone.

The Third Hokage tried to reach a peace with the Uchiha, but it was too late. The time came and Itachi carried out his duty to wipe out the clan. He failed in one area though, he left one Uchiha alive. Sasuke is shaken and Madara explains that Itachi pleaded with the village elders to spare his brother after he left the village, stating he would reveal all his knowledge about the village to its enemies should something happen to Sasuke.

As a result of all this, he could never reveal the truth. Sasuke remembers confronting Itachi the night of the massacre and Madara explains that Itachi wanted Sasuke to use the desire for revenge to get stronger. He also wanted Sasuke to believe the Uchiha were honorable, asking the Third to never reveal the truth. And since that night he planned to eventually die by your hand, to grant you a new power. Madara states that's the truth of Itachi. Sasuke remains stunned and states that story is a lie, it has to be...

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