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I apologize if I'm going a little off the line of what I should be, since I'm just a member, but I was waiting to ask about the alphabet, but I'll just put it up right now. I'll put up all I can remember. Edit it if I'm incorrect or something.

Hiragana. One of the writing alphabets used (of course). This is mostly used for common words, and everything else. You'll see it more so over Katakana in theme songs on anime when they have the lyrics at the bottom of the screen (Ex. Tokyo Mew Mew). I will just put up one part of the chart where it follows on the vowels basis: A(Ah) I(Ee) U(Oo) E(Eh) O(Oh). I will type them in both the Romanji and Hiragana. Don't memorize them all at once, but gradually memorize them, and you will see them a lot in anime where you will see billboards. Now, the chart!

A [あ] I [い] U[う] E[え] O[お]
Ka[か] Ki[き] Ku[く] Ke[け] Ko[こ]
Sa[さ] Shi[し] Su[す] Se[せ] So[そ]
Ta[た] Chi[ち] Tsu[つ] Te[て] To[と]
Na[な] Ni[に] Nu[ぬ] Ne[ね] No[の]
Ha[は] Hi[ひ] Fu[ふ] He[へ] Ho[ほ]
Ma[ま] Mi[み] Mu[む] Me[め] Mo[も]
Ya[や] Yu[ゆ] Yo[よ]
Ra[ら] Ri[り] Ru[る] Re[れ] Ro[ろ]
Wa[わ] Wi[うぃ] We[うぇ] Wo[を]

Somethings about the chart and words in general:
* Notice the "chi" in the "T" section. If it were "Ti" it would sound a lot like "chi" so thats why its "chi" instead of "Ti" (This maybe incorrect because I'm running from memory).

* Notice the "Y" section. Ya, Yu, and Yo are only there. Thats because Yi and Ye are not needed or cannot be said (I think) in Japanese, so its not included. Same follows with the "W" section.

* Notice "Wo". Wo is a unique one. Its not pronounced as "Wo" but as "O." I'm not sure how to actually compare this to English, but this is one: We say "Did you get the mail today?" but it can easily be interpreted and misspelled as "male". It sounds the same, but spelled differently. As you learn more, you'll catch the difference in spelling with words that uses "O" and "Wo." To make it easier, sometimes, people would say "wo" instead of "o" but its not said as heavy as the "o" and the "w" could practically be faint. Wo~kuman [] for example. If said properly, the "W" in this is not as faint, but it is just barely. Try and guess what that word means if you don't know already.

* Notice. I don't know if people use the (-) or (~) to specify letters to be held longer than it should (the official way is a line right over the letter but I cant type that in), but I'll be using (~) to show that. A word can easily be changed when adding the (~) to something. To~kyo~ for example. It applies to the previous letter, not word. The T is held normally, but the O is held for an extra breath longer. Since holding letters could completely change the word completely, listen carefully. If some characters are speaking, take a short break to say a word, its not just because they want to be cute, but also so let the other person know what word they are going to say.
Sorry it's not as neat as I wanted to be, but it follows this pattern:
Vowels: A, I, U, E, O
Alphabetical order: K, S, T, N, H, N, Y, R, W, N
There are others: G, Z, D, B, P, then the triple lettered words such as Kya and Kyo.

If you cannot read the hiragana, tell me and I'll make it a picture file, or download a language pack from Microsoft (Macs should already have it. If not, go to System Prefrences>International>Edit List). Hope this is useful to you all.

An easy way of remembering this: Try writing it. I can make some videos on that, but i'll let others say what they want first lol. Another, just memorize how they look. 5 Letters per day, or a letter a day, then go to JP sites, games, or anime and match it up to signs, letters, etc.

If areas needs to be checked or corrected, tell me and I'll make those corrections.
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Oh yeah thanks for the alphabet I almost forgot!Arigatou!
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Helpful, but may i suggest to put some spaces in between characters desu-
It reaaly helps a lot desu-
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Heh sure. I can't tab properly when I'm on this site on the mac for some reason, but I'll edit it in windows. ^_^

Edit: Grr! I didn't know the forums were HTML. Lol, I'll make it a Hi-Res picture then!
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