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Freedom of Speech-Going over the line
Posted 5/19/08
It's freedom of speech unless you're violating a person's rights.
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Posted 5/19/08

lirg123 wrote:
Hey i wouldn't mind having a paying job, do you want to quite and recemend me to the job? Do you want to know why i asked? That's because it's freedom of speech, in some place you can't even choose your job and force to work in a area you might not even be good at.

Yes. Like you stated out, that is indeed freedom of speech. and as for the common sense, everyone has it. We're definitely living in a country.
I explained mine in a different manner. I used my situation to explain another point of view in Freedom of Speech.
Sarcastic it may be, that's my opinion. I don't have freedom of speech in my own way.
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