If you were to make your own drama..
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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/17/08
kay kay.. i think eveyone wants to atleast direct or make up a story and turns up to be a drama. :)
how would you construct your own drama?

will the story line be bits and pieces of the legendary great dramas? (ie. HYD, GOKUSEN, COFFEE PRINCE, etc.)
or will it have twists and turns like the movie Secret.. :)

i wanna know how you creative ppl think.. so please reply..

arigatou ^__^
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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/17/08
Im a fan of fairytales... those with Cinderella stories... but ones with such an unexpected twist such as Secret, but none of those 'best friend falls in love with my boyfriend' or 'I'm sick' or 'I have a twin'.... none of those... something like our families are well known ____ and that both of them are enemies (Romeo and Juliet)... then we became enemies because of something that happened in school... then a lot of stuff happen... then hopefully a twist... then possible love in here.... yeah... that would be my kind of story....>_<

I also like the 'hero saving the heroine' thing... It make your heart jump... but hopefully it's not a typical one like pushing the girl out of the way of a truck or something...

I like your topic!... I can make my own story!...>_<
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