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Yamaki's love story
Posted 8/24/08
maji de?
i really like tragic story,story that is full of tears,
ur story is nice too,..
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Posted 8/29/08
thank you.
yeah, tragic story is also good but I can't do a tragic story.
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Posted 8/31/08
can i make one?lol
i'll think of a nice one first..
cant wait
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Posted 9/7/08
well... i have fanfics. of yamaki... i'll tell the best story of yamaki that i made!...

ok..i'll start...

Maki and Pi-chan are bestfriends since 6 y/o.. Maki is a nerd girl who always wears a thick eye glasses and her face is full of pimples. Yamapi is a heart throb in their campus, always receiving a gifts from the girls in their campus. One time, that Maki need to migrate in cali. for a important matter about her daddy, then yamapi become sad, but he give maki a farewell party that he thinks maki will become happy for her last days in japan, and to that farewell party he will confess to Maki that he loves her. But unexpected thing happened on the farewell party, a bucket of water splits to maki and of course obviously Maki know that, that farewell party is yamapi's plan so she also thinks that Yamapi humiliate her infront of their classmates and pi-chan friends, but Yamapi tried to explain that he don't really that dto her, but nothing happen, Maki keep snobbing him, until Maki will now leave in Japan. In Japan Toda Erika become the bestfriend of Maki, she knows everything about pi-chan, because their topic is always yamapi. A half years ..

to be continued.... ^_^
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