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Post Reply the relationship between yuuki and kaname
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Posted 6/11/08

luvkanamesama wrote:

ToukaxMomoka wrote:

luvkanamesama wrote:

Well, if you've read your history, in places like France and England, the royalty almost always intermarries relatives. They believe this keeps the bloodline pure and it was common practice.

It's the same with vampires. Purebloods are like royalty. And you have to remember that you CANNOT compare Vampires with humans. They have a totally different way of doing things.

Kaname and Yuuki's mom and dad were siblings and it was totally ok for them to be married, so in that way it would be ok for Yuukin and Kaname...even tho they aren't really bro and sis. I think in the Kuran family they are raised to know that hey, that is your brother or sister. You grow up caring for and looking after them and loving them more than anyone, because one day you will be everything to each other....I might be crazy but I think it's sweet.

I mean too, just think like for instance, if Yuuki grew up with Kaname and then one day she married Aidou. Boom...there goes the pureblood status for her children because Aidou has human blood in his ancestry. So the only way for the very few purebloods to keep the blood vampire only is to intermarry. I can totally understand doing this. And despite what people say, intermarriage does not cause more birth defects. The chance is the same whether you marry inside or outside your family.

Well put.

Also dont forget that in anime/manga incest is cute to though this has gotta be the first (and proberly T^T) the only time incest would ever be right, even for a anime/manga... poor Setsuna had trouble as it is....

I also dont like when people assumed because its incest they think its a dark couple..... which aint true... its based on relationship, Sara and Setsuna and Kaname and Yuuki are two of the few incestious (and also out of the lot of shojou/anime,manga couples) that is beautiful..... and call me crazy but i think them two couples is more beautiful than Kyo x Tohru itself. :/ not thta Kyo x Tohru is a nice couple but... it dosent have that ''beautiful'' touch to it like these two do.

(Well Hino and Kaori Yuuki ARE good mangaka's andsuspect know how to make beautiful couples.)

Ahhhh ToukaxMomoka...I can tell you are truly a sage among Otaku!

I have a few questions tho...and this may be cause I just woke up (not a morning person...just like Aidou!) who are: Sara, Setsuna, Kyo, Tohru, and Kaori Yuuki?

Nah im not a Otaku at all ^^ i just treats it genrally and seen a lot of anime (and read lots) of manga to, plus AS is a current manga to.

I have no idea what Kaori Yuki is like... uhm..... maybe.... i dunno really.... cross between Sara and Tohru? though i say im really truly a cross between Haru and Tohru really.

Sweet kind and genrious like her, but misunderstood like Haru (and also when im pissed im pissed like Haru to.)

LOL im not a morning person eithier XD its bad to cause i go to bed late..

Posted 6/23/08
well i read that but in my opinion mostly they love each other and they act more of like they r attracted to each other i think more than in a family way
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