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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 11/6/08
Yays This is 4 those incredibly ADORABLE Videos that make u just wanna kill again! XDDD LMBO jk jk But seriously the Kawaii-ness level is gonna get pretty high in here, so those of u w/ weak stomachs.. better get out now! XDDD *Squeals* Wheeeeee XDDDD ♥♥♥

go on squeal. y'kno u want 2 >w> (u 2 guys XDDD LOL)
Snuggle Bunny - Cutie

The Omega Kawaii Cloud Song Lalalalala~ XDDDD Yays ♥

Ah Oki so i've got a small Kirby addiction problem....x.x But who duznt?? O.e LOL Chuuuu Enjoy The Vids oki? XDD *picks up Kirby & snuggles him* Mine!! XDDDD LOL

アニメカービィ×こどものじかんED【手書き】--->(Children ANIMEKABII × ED [hand] NOJI do?) Eww Dedede x.x

Kirby Dance - Caramelldansen

Kirby's Dance of Death Scary O.O

The Kirby Dance! ...............Ummm yea...o.o

Devil Kirby AMV (Faint - Linkin Park) Awww Kirby needs sum TLC ♥ X3

Phan Phan fears the Squirrel ...U shud 2 >:3 LOL (Ask if u cnt understand him O.O LOL)

[MAD] Kirby + Azumanga Daioh OP

Kirby Dances While I Play Fitting Music ( SEIZURE WARNING! O.o LOL) Evr wonder wat a rave wud b lyk if Kirby went w/ u...? XD

Kirby SUGER HIGH Waaah! TT^TT Kirby "Sharing is Caring" Remember? ^__~ LOL jk XP

カービィダンス「強いぞ星の戦士」--->(KABIIDANSU "strong popular stars of the Warrior") Waaaah! Oh Em Gee!! O.O LOL Squeee


ピカピカユカイ(高画質)--->(PIKAPIKAYUKAI (high definition)...) O.O! ♥♥♥♥

Pikachu Dango Daikazoku~ (from Nico) *dies of kawaiiness* ..............<3333

Adorable Pikachu Video #2 WARNING!! RLY RLY CUTE O.O

pokemon caramelldansen full version!! Squirtle Pwns! \m/>w<

Pikachu アッーウッウッイネイネ【Lucky☆Star MIX】 / 【手書き】ピカチュウ達でアッーウッウッイネイネ【らき☆すたMIX umm u guys make the call on this 1 o.o lol I think its Cute!! >w<

Pikachu and Link: Best Friends Forever Pika & Link? O.O Who knew XDD LOL *cries at part where they hold hands* TTwTT LOL

Moemon - Dango Pokemon ED

ポケモン言えるかなde擬人化してみた。 This is Cool 2 draw From OwO

Ever Since my sis showed me Nendoroid i've become addicted O.O Now u can 2 XDD

【3DCG】もってけ!初音ミク+2【ねんどろいど】 This ones okay..>.> but the othrs r much better!! XDDD

Nendoroid Haruhi - Hare Hare Yukai CHIBI

Vocaloid Nendroid Version
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