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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 11/1/08
Whoo these r 4 those "Special" Videos tht just dnt seem 2 fit in2 any othr category (hmm reminds me of sum pplz >.> LOL Besides me XDDD Hahahaha) This has got 2 b 1 of the best forums cuz random Vids Flipping Rock!! \m/>.< Whoo!! No rules!! LOL So hav fun watchin & b sure 2 add ne u think wud fit the Bill XDDD Yays 4 Randomness!!! XDDD LOL

Fishcakes! (Do u want a Fish Cake?? XDDD LOL)

You can watch this 100 times and still laugh Ouch x.x

Piccolo's Cucumber Song Piccolo=Cucumber?? O.o.......... yes o.o lol

Invaderzim1000 (This guy rox my sox!! O.O Srsly u'll just havta watch all his vids but heres sum of my favs! XDDD LOL)

DeathSponge NotePants This 1 got me Hooked XDDD

IZ & GBM Vs Germs In Madness Combat

DeathWorld Of NoteCraft: The Wide Spread

DeathNote - Kira Vs Caller I.D Watashi wa Kira XDDDD LMBO

Never EVER!!! say no to Misa Cookies Awwww she went Squirrel 83 LOL

Invader Naruto - Proffesser Kakashi

Itachi's Sharingan Candy Caaaaaaaaannnnnnndyyyyyy Ow0 LOL

Naruto Wants a Robot Death Monkey

Watch out for that Puppy Noooo Not Sasuke!! TToTT

Invader Naruto's most evil plan AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Invader Kakashi and the Chalk eraser of DOOM!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE OwO

THE LAZER COLLECTION O.O (& stuff lyk it XP lol) BLAAAAA!!! O.e


Charlie's Gift

A Lazer



YTPMV: Dr. Octagonapus

YTPMV: Dr. Octagonapus 2

Lazer Collection Sparta Remix

M.C.ドナルドはダンスに夢中なのか?最終鬼畜道化師ドナルド・M dot dot dot O.O

So I Heard U Lyk Mudkip?? XDDD

Mudkip: The Insane Edition WARNING WARNING!!! UR BRAIN WILL FRY!!!!

CaramellDansen Mudkip Yes, they had 2 do it 2 O.O

AMV Hell 4: Do You Like Mudkips?

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