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25 / Gensokyo
Posted 7/27/10
Caramelldansen is epic~
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22 / F / internet
Posted 7/31/10
its so funn x3 i <33 it haha
speedy cake mix is wayyy faster and awesomness >:P
Posted 9/4/10 , edited 9/4/10
lol of course I've heard of it XD I love Euro Bubblegum, what does annoy me is that most people think this is Japanese -_- its Swedish! and trust me, the group who came up with the song has been around for a long time now since the late 90s. they didnt get well noticed outside there country till that very song, I do like it and it is indeed cute but to be honest I prefer caramell's stuff from there first album "Gott Och Blandat"

here's more info on them if anyone's intrested
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