Post Reply what do you want to happen in the 2nd season??
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Posted 5/17/08
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Posted 5/18/08
hhmm...i want more romance and of course more music..and i want tsukimori and tsuchiura to fight more but cooperate with one another when it comes to hino's safety...

..a summer outing where something bad will happen to hino and tsukimori will be so worried...and then ending up with tsukimori finding hino and then nothing's really wrong with her and tsukimori completely loses it and telling her how much he was worried sick about her..and then after that he confesses to her...waahhh!!

but it sounded like it's a fanfic material than what could really happen..well that's my opinion anyways..hehehehe..
Posted 7/4/08
more romance!!!!!
Posted 8/10/08
there will be no 2nd season... but instead, A MOVIE! in the movie hino kahoko will pick a boy!
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