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Posted 5/18/08
We're holding a contest to make a banner/avatar for this group. The contest ends on May 25th. You can only post up to three banner/avatars. At the end of the contest, we will have people vote for which one they like best. On May 29th, we'll put up the one that won. Please note if its a banner or avatar. If you have any questions, please contact WhiteHaze.

If its a banner,we will post it up and have your name under it. If its an avatar, we will post it up until the next contest.

By the way, there will be a contest each month. It will start on the 10th day of the month and end on the 25th day. And as it says above, people will vote until the 29th.

You can start posting A.S.A.P. =]
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Posted 5/18/08
Can Mods Participate?
Posted 5/18/08
of course they can =]
Posted 5/18/08
of course of bout creator?
Posted 5/19/08
welll..........wat do u think ppl? should we let the creator join in?? =D
Posted 5/19/08
if you dont ima kick you outta mah group XP
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