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Take a stand for pro gaming(you can do something too)
Posted 5/20/08
this is why we can't progress

they make useless things into jobs

even though im a full fledged gamer

if i had a chose to pick that as my job

then screw them <_<;


Games are played for entertainment not for profit
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Posted 5/20/08
does any1 here NOT NOTICE that the 2 of you reply the exact same thing ?(crushbullet and MentalChaos)

i tend to think like this.....
if the game developer don't see their games on turneys....then....THEIR GAME SUCK!!!!!

and from this....the developer can:
make better games
make a turney of the game that suck....(ie Raganarok Online)

but back to topic......
pro gaming is.....a hard topic to debate about.....
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