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Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/21/08
Please Fill up these questions...
Character name:

Background of Character:



For adventure

Pic (what your character look like):

NOte: The character that you will make can be put in the Story of the DARKNESS Kingdom, (it depends)..
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26 / M / The World
Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/25/08
Character: Itachi Haseo
Rank: King of light ( leader of ShiningForce)
Age 17
Backgound: I am a Son of a high noble family. After the previous king die of illness, in his will he chose me over his own sons and daughters. In the will, it also state the reason why he have done this. First was the fact that i was the smartest and the strongest person in the kingdom of light, second was my ability of military leadership during the holy way when i was 15( i led Shining Force compose 10 thousand solder to defect over 100 thousand and the third reason was that i have catcher all the citizen's heart by my good look and sportsmanship.
Personality: shy,quiet,kind and powerful
love story: When i was 12 i have over 100,000,000 marriage request from kingdom of light,dark and earth but because of my duty and loyalty for the country i reject all of them so that i could concentrate on my studies. But when i turn 16 i fall in love with a women who i rescue for the holy way. during the long war she treats my wounds and share her beautiful voice with me... to be continue
Tribe: Light
Weapon: a handgun and a sword
pet: phoenix < nickname:Saku>

pic of mine
Posted 5/18/08
Username: GaaraILWsya
Character name: Sya
Age: Unknown

Background of Character: Born into a world where strength is power, and madness consumes everyone.. Happiness knows no virtue.. and Knowledge is the key to sorrow.. Sya learned and trained to be a silent killer, at early age the madness found her and her voice has slipped into an unlockable gate. Emotions are obsolete... She has formed into a shadow soldier and grows stronger with each soul she collects....Her movements are unpenetrable... her location untraceable... her power unmatchable....

Personality: quiet and stubborn...

~LoveStory: I will get back to you....

~For adventure
Weapon: Ivy sword, spells, and shadows
Character's Possesion(cp)- Coming soon![items from the festival]

Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/19/08
Character name:Miyu

Background of Character: She's the princess of the light. When she was younger , she met the princess of darkness. Kuroda and they started to become best friends since then. Also she's very kind to all the servants in the castle and a lot of peoples like her alot. Her parents , who are the king and queen of Light always take her to another kingdom as they have something important to discuss or do in the other kingdom. One day , she met a young prince at another kingdom whie she was wandering around and later on she started to fall in love with him. Soon , they became close friends but she did not dare to confess her love as she was shy. But when she was young , she often had a dream. Inside the dream, she saw a mystery in it and the mystery is drawing her closer to it. This dream have followed her for 15 years but still she dont know what it is. Therefore, she wants to seek the truth of the dream as mystery lies in her future

Personality:sweet , caring , loving and a smile is always u can see in her face

~LoveStory : The handsome looking prince from another kingdom. XD

~For adventure
Weapon: Her own ability and magic skills.
Pet: Kaiko

It likes to hang out with Miyu alot. Whenever Miyu's sad , it would always accompanied her. [not really a battle type of pet]

Pic :
Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/18/08

Character name:[*]Kuroda
Age:15 (in the story)

Background of Character:[*]A girl who is very strong and ncie...even though they are in the village of darkness she is the nicest person there.Her parents....her mom can be very...scary....and her dad usually away on bussiness....but she loves them very much....and ever since she was young she has with friend with the princess of light Miyu.

Personality:[*]Couragous,kind,gentle,out-going,knows manners when nee dot sue them,kinda mean sometimes, and is....very interesting

~LoveStory:When she was young she saw a handsome vampire in her kingdom....he was so cool to her...his eyes...were so great...she never talked to him though.....because...she always wanted to cause trouble and play with Miyu and her pet....including my own....but one day she went to go see him (to just look at him) and she saw his own death tears flowed through my eyes and...i was sad..the men..were form her village and became like monsters because of hate....but....right when she was about to get killed...Kion (her cat) morfed with her ahnd and she had long claws she then took revenge adn destroyed them.....she then carried him to miyu's palace and asked a favor of reviving him...he was revived and lived happily.....and...i..once in a while...would visit him for a HI! (the vampire guy i like is the Prince of vampires...his position is avalible)
(this is the vampire prince when he was young...i took a picture without him knowing....but he caught me so i ran)

(this is him now...he let me take a picture with him (i was substituteing for the preist at that time X D)

~For adventure
Weapon:[*]SO MANY THINGS! (mostly strenght,flexiblility,claws, balence, and guns....) i pretty much can sue every weapon though
Pet:My white tiger (a girl) her anem is Tetsu and my black cat (a guy) Kion

Posted 5/20/08
Username: xX-InocentDeath-Xx
Character name:Mysterica ''Tear'' Grants u can call me Tear

Background of Character:Mystearica "Tear" Grants was born in the Qliphoth after the destruction of her homeland, Hod, during the Kimalascan/Malkuth war. As their home sunk into the lower lands of the Earth her brother, Vandesdelca "Van" Grants, sung a fonic hymn which saved his life and that of his pregnant mother. Shortly after arriving to Yulia City (the main and unknown city of the lower lands), their mother gave birth to Tear but died in the process. Tear was left to be raised by both her brother and the mayor of Yulia City, Teodoro.

She grew to young adulthood learning of her heritage as one of the descendent's of Yulia. And taught the sacred fonic hymns by Van. Van remained in the Qliphoth for only a few years before he joined the Order of Lorelei as one of its Oracle Knights. However, Van did come to visit her. And when she came of an appropriate age he sent one of his closest friends and allies, Major Legretta, to train her in the art of fighting as well as controlling the Fonic Artes (Magic). Tear grew into a confidant fighter, but not all was well with this flower of the Qliphoth. Rumors began to abound and she left her home to return to the Outer Lands she had never gazed upon. Once there, she was inducted into the Order of Lorelei and worked closely with Grand Maestro Mohs. Eventually, the Grand Maestro entrusted her with an important task that would eventually mark her destiny.

While Tear loved her brother, rumors of his actions made her question a lot of his motives, and it would lead both siblings to confront each other. On one of her first journey in the Outer Lands she found herself traveling to Baticul, Kimlasca Lanvaldear to kill her brother.

Personality:Tear seems cold and quiet. But underneath her dark exterior lies a soft and gentle heart, pinning a spot for cute things.

no love story
~For adventure
Weapon:Blue Crystal Rod


my pet pic:
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Posted 5/20/08

Character name:Tinaya

Background of Character:When she was a child she had was Born to kill....even though she was destined to be a helpful Women...She killed here Parents at the age of 3 yeras old...she grewup alone and learned that she had to kill to survive...but when she killed sdomone she grew to love she begain to feel that she should be helpful instead of destroying but the feeling to kill never will die...

Personality:nice,caring...Totally evil if provoked,stubborn,silent

~LoveStory: when she was 12 she fell in love with a first they were friends but their relationship grew and they started going out...then one day she caught him cheating here evil beast inside her became to control here...and broke it off....but the damage was already done...and she wound up..... To Be Contined...

~For adventure
Weapon:Many...gets use to all....espically My Scythe and Guns
My Pic:-- Demon Form....&& -- Priestess Form
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25 / F / NiRvAnA...
Posted 5/20/08 , edited 5/20/08
Username: soulnirvana

Char. Name:Shea Meadow

Background: A Knight of Dreams who have no idea about her past except for that she was betrayed by her lover. She seeks salvation by traveling with only a wolf guardian as companion. She searches for her memories as well as the man who destroyed her dreams.

Personality: Always smiling even in the midst of trouble, courageous, animal lover, kind and lonely

Position: Knight of Dreams

~Love Life~ Shea Meadow escaped the palace with a lover, Kyle Hide. Kyle is a common warrior whom Shea loved that when she was asked by Kyle to elope she quickly followed. Little does she know the betrayal, Kyle has in store for her. She fought him fair and square except he destroyed her heart. Kyle left her bloody and almost dead, then a wolf saw her and help her regain health, he asked Shea to take him because he is a guardian wolf who can protect her but in truth he fell in love with Shea though she doesn't know.

Skill/ Weapon: (Weapons)Phoenix Sword,

Elemental/Taming Flute

(Skills)Can Tame Animals/Monsters, Summon Elemental Spirits, Sword Skills and Manipulate Dreams

Pet: Black Wolf Guardian [can change to human form]

[human form: below]

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27 / F / singapore
Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/22/08
Username: ailov
Character name: Lirienne Ailov
Age: ageless
Position : priestess of earth

Background of Character:
my name is Lirienne..
I was named as a maiden who once loved by Gods.
I do not recall when or how or why i've been seeing lights and dark, for i am ageless, i am timeless, and i am endless.
I've walked thousands ages of this dying planet life.
I was bored, i was unaccompanied, i was fading..
I was born to see and not to feel.
I was born to wait.

Personality: unforeseeable

~LoveStory :
I do not acquaintance with love
For, i was not meant to feel.

~For adventure
Tribe: earth
I am a weapon. I am His to consume.

Pet: *coming soon*

Pic :

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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/21/08
Username: pringles07
Character name: Eri
Age: 14

Background of Character:
~my parents died because of an accident I caused when I was a kid. I never really knew until that day that I posses the power of flames. But nobody knew that I caused it. Everybody pitied me for the loss of my parents.
~as I grew, I wandered aimlessly. When I find a deserted place, I train myself to master this power inside me.

Silent, a bit serious, out-going, truthful, confident

I'm too young to have one..

For adventure
Tribe: Flames

Pet: (i still don't have one)

Pic (what your character look like):
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21 / F / skyria
Posted 5/21/08
Character name:maristelle

Background of Character:maristelle was a very cheerful mermaid roaming around.until the age of 10,her childhood friend whom she loved so much died because he ws caught in a fish net so the fishermen killed him.she doesn't know who her real mother until one day,the mermaid priestess told her everything.her mother was the queen.she quickly asked to the priestess why her mother wouldn't tell everybody that she is her daughter.the priestess replied "the queen doesn't want anybody to know that she was pregnant at the age of she let a servant take care of u and observe u".then,she quickly went to the queen's room and asked her.she asked her and made her the princess.

Personality:carefree,outgoing and cheerful

LoveStory:her current lover died.she is crushing on a new boy in the ocean kingdom.

For adventure
Weapon/skill:water slash,water ball,water bow,spiral water.

Pic (what your character look like):
Posted 5/22/08
username nash_ayakahirusawa
Character name: Ayaka
age 15
background story: ....Her blood is of the most high royalties....she lost all her memories when she turned 14 , the goddess of fate predicted so.... and cast upon the girl a curse......that only a true feeling of happiness can shatter it....and so with dreams she was unable to forget (every single one of them) she started her life's journey...

Personality: the happy-go-lucky and clueless girl
love story: she never had an encounter with love before and when she had she'll never know it already had hit her and deny that it might be the extension of the curse....

tribe Dream

weapon:her dreams shows her the future....
pet: Dark( a demon) and Light( an angel)

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Posted 5/22/08
Character name:Andrew
Background of Character:simple school boy who suddenly turns up to be a royalty...
Personality:random,happy,smart,cool,funny,superior,has the power to influence and fight back
LoveStory: still single..looking for a girlfriend now..
For adventure
Tribe:None for now
Weapon:my mind
Pet: finding for one

Pic (what your character look like):
Posted 5/22/08
Character name:Dark Misora Yuki

Background of Character:she was just a normal girl till her sister became a vampire. she the n decide to become a vampire herself so her sister didn't feel so different then she asked a pure blood to make her a vampire then she did.. her whole life changed craving for blood but never drank any...thats when mysteriously her wings started turning into feathers and realized she was a dark angel...

Personality:Very funny worrier

Weapon: her wings that can stretch and protect her and a feather that transforms into a wand or sword

Pet: my pet also my servant...

Posted 5/23/08 , edited 5/23/08
Character name:Mink
Background of the character: Mink is once of the chosen one to be 1 of the priestess of the ocean when she was born, she had a great power within her to protect the kingdom. She was born in Pacific Ocean, her parents die in the war between human and mermaid so she has been taking care by a parents of her childhood friend. She has a great destiny to protect the princess of the ocean Miyu from all harm and danger. Mink also an close assistant of the Queen.The Queen believe in her and know that she is one of the saver in the Ocean.
Position:Priestess of the Ocean
Personality;kind, sweet, cute and Cary ( and sometime really sturbbon)
LoveStory:When she was 10, she always dream about her special person, she turn 13 and meet the priest of the earth and fell deeply in love in him. He might like her too
Tribe: Water
Weapon/Magic:a holy staff or a bow and arrows
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