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24 / F / My own little fan...
Posted 5/23/08
Character name: lele-chan

Background of Character:
my parents died in a war between the light and brother was the late prince of light but died protecting me from the evil king......i grew hatred inside me but was calmed by a handsome young msyterious prince .....but i met the evil king again one day and all my hidden power came out and destroyed millions of people and villiages.......i ran away because i was so earth and lost all my memories....then i became the princess of earth....(i look like her) now protecting the peace and fighting along other be continued....

Personality:fun, loving and caring but acts cold towards people so they dont get hurt

LoveStory: fell in love with the msyterious prince...found out he was the evil kings son.....NOOOOO

For adventure
Tribe:not sure ...maybe earth
Weapon: magic- can summon demons and angels and spirits to help and a katana
Pet:a evil wolf spirit

Posted 5/23/08 , edited 6/2/08
Username: hongyinyu
Character Name: 4
Character Role: King and Queen of Darkness' Bodyguard
Age: 33

Background of Character: Family died in a wild house fire at the age of 4 and was adopted by the late Emperor of Darkness. Raised as if she were his own child, he trained her to become a killing machine and has implicated a microchip into the left hemisphere of her brain where she must and will always place the Emperor and his family first to safety before herself and anyone else under them. In any case should she refuse to uphold her duty, the microchip will transform itself into a detonator and explode within 48 hours of the starting time. One of her secret abilities during a combat is when slain, her body dissipates into dust but when sunlight shines over her dusted remains, her body quickly reproduces back to normal. Her nickname that the late Emperor and Empress called her was the Phoenix.

Personality: Minds her own business and rarely smiles, laughs, or talks. Anti-socialist and hides her true feelings. She only cares about the family members of the Kingdom of Darkness because she sees that as her only family left in the world and will sacrifice her life for any of them that are in grave danger.

LoveStory? Hell no!! You want your weenie chopped off? If not, then stay the hell out of my way and shut your mouth until I say you can speak.

For adventure
Tribe: Belong to none.
Weapon: Lunar Scythe
Pet: None

Pic (what your character look like):

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26 / F / Q8... KuWaIt ...Q8
Posted 5/24/08 , edited 9/6/08
charecter: Tatch
background :dont know for sure all not clear
"i guess this all i have for now how is it"
personalty:enrgatic .. adveturest .. loveable
love story: dont know yet
pet:dont have one
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F / lost under piles...
Posted 5/24/08 , edited 6/3/08
Username: silverwing
Character name: Lucifier, King of Darkness
Age: 24

Background of Character: Out of all my siblings i'm the only one with pure blood running though my veins. My mother was killed when i was 7. She was accused of committing treason against the king.
The position of king was suppose to be handed the the third prince, the one that father cared so much about. Even though i worked so hard in everything, i was never acknowledged by father so on the night before selection of the next king ceremony, i killed my step-brother and poison my father to make me the next king. That's how the i became the King of Darkness. Hate paperwork, tries to avoid it as much as possible...

Personality: cold, will not hesitate to sacrifice anyone for the greater good, uses anyone he can/wants, lazy when it comes to paper work

LoveStory: the Queen, doesn't think much of love,

For adventure
Tribe: none
Weapon: poison, katana
Pet: poison snake

Pic (what your character look like):

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24 / F / Malaysia
Posted 5/24/08
username : GraffitiMechs
Character name : Kyona
Age : 16
Background of char. : Used 2 be a pirate...but den returned 2 land......accepted my fate as a vampire warrior

Personality : kinda still like a pirate.....evil sometimes

Love story : fell in love with a vampire prince.......dats y i returned 2 land........can't really see him often cuz i'm of lower status......

For adventure
Tribe : not sure.......darkness n fire?
Weapon : Gunblade
Pet : Fire Fox

Pic :
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Posted 5/25/08
Username: shadow_labyrinth
Character name:[/b] Risaka

Background of Character:
Growing up as the eldest child of two earth warriors, she's learned to love and respect the earth/nature more than everything, aside from her family. In her younger years, before being made one of the priestesses, her family was attacked which resulted in the death of her mother and younger brother. She has since been learning and mastering the art of archery in hopes of one day finding her mum and brother's killer and to at least find out what had caused him to do such a thing.

Personality: optimistic and hopeful, and also clumsy; she usually likes to keep to herself, preferring the company of flowers

LoveStory: She fell in love with her neighbor and close friend. Both spend lots of time together but she is still unsure if he shares the same feelings.

For adventure
Tribe: Earth
Weapon: Bow and Arrow


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48 / M
Posted 5/30/08

kodieloiler wrote:

Please Fill up these questions...
Username: Zodidj
Character name: Typhon
Age: Time of story, a few days at most

Background of Character:
Fire is a tricky thing. Sometimes is burns the impurities away from a soul and its life aw well. At other times, fire is the giver of life, bringing new life to and old form. The Great bird itself is of flames, and she is born anew from the flames of her youth.

At the hight of the noon day sun, a flame grew out of nothing on the plains outside of the castle of Flames. at its center, a man with two long Naginata's stood, with a purple and red bird on his shoulder.
Typhon serves the Flame, as an ideal, and the godbird Pheonix with all he is. He will stand against anyone who stands against that. Even the royalty if they lose thier way.
that would depend on storyline. None at present.

For adventure
Tribe: Fire
Pet:Flame-kin bird. She is also his advisor and mentor.

Pic (what your character look like):

NOte: The character that you will make can be put in the Story of the DARKNESS Kingdom, (it depends)..

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23 / F / In the forest
Posted 6/2/08
Username: moonfairygrl
Character name: Rini
Age: 14

Background of Character: She is a powerful vampire. Even though she is a vampire she has promised that she would always protect the princess. She is always at the princess' side at all times whenever the princess of darkness is in danger. Her parents are both vampires. She has a twin sister and an older brother. They dont show up most of the time and they are only there when She is seriously injured or harmed badly. She is of high rank in the vampire group but under the vampire royal family. her parents work for the vampire royal family. She has always tooken care of herslef all the time while her siblings and parents are always working and not there for her. Both her brother and twin sister died while they were out on a journey. The shock of her siblings dying made her lose her memories and now she has remember her memories. Since the lost of her siblings were big, she has swore to protect the princess of darkness no matter wat may happen to herself.

Personality: Tough and powerful. can always protect herslef and others. has a split personality. to people she doesnt know she is mean and rude. to people she does know she is kind to them like an angel.

LoveStory: When younger, she had a love one but he soon got engaged to marry someone else at the age of 20. The shock of the loved one being engaged made her lose the emotion of loving someone dearly like a person to get married to.

For adventure
Tribe: Darkness
Weapon: sceptor (can change into any weapon in the holders desire [ even if the weapon of the holders desire is not real it will just come])
Pet: Yume (white wolf), Rin (brown wolf), and Mika (black wolf)
Yume (White wolf) Rin ( brown wolf on the right) Mika (black wolf in the back) The one in the left that is brown is a lost wolf

Pic (what your character look like):
Posted 6/2/08
Character name:[*Yuki]

Background of Character:[*A wondering freeloader...who knows what his past could be?]

Personality:[*sometimes cold,quiet sometimes,flirts sometimes if hes bored, has a cold stare like a vampire]

~LoveStory:None of pertucular and why should i tell you if i did (I dont)

~For adventure
Tribe:[*A Freeloader will side with any tribe for money,food, or a place to stay]
Weapon:[*Sword of mystery and death]


(When i was young)
Posted 6/2/08
Age:20 (appears to be)
Background of Character:A Mysterious Person Who Became the General of Dragons. He a Very Powerful Fearsome General. He Controls Every Types Dragon.He Also Controls Wolf.

Personality:Good Question

Lovestory:Good Question

For Adventure
Tribe:Light and Darkness (One of a Kind)
Weapon:4 Swords and a Scythe


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