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22 / F
Posted 6/3/08 , edited 6/3/08
Character name:Deniz

Background of Character:simple girl that never knew her trueself...she only remember her life starting in the age of seven...her real identity is still unknown...but sometimes she remember a slight memory of hers when she was a baby,seeing fire and blood around her and a girl full of blood holding her little hand...she still dont know her real powers...but she believe that someday she will discover now she's with her new friends in a magical place...

Personality:kind,caring,strange,cheerful,friendly and simple

LoveStory:still never encounter

For adventure
Weapon and Picture:
Pet: ...she's Yuri...i just found her in a corner...

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23 / M / Holland
Posted 6/3/08 , edited 6/3/08
character name: donel

Background character:Was just a normal prince for his whole live

Personally:Likes justice, and is very kind and a bit of a player

Lovestory:is different from time to time

For adventure

the rose wich means life and dead

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26 / F / south florida
Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/5/08
Please Fill up these questions...
Username: vaneli
Character name: athena
Age: 26 really in rl im 16

Background of Character: im the last female 1/2 bred desendint and vamp of dracula bu serve the flame country instid of her own kind bcuz she believes the presint vamps aint bein who they really are. in previous battle years she met a great and obnoxius warriro from the darkness country who was a monster that coudlnt die btu now ive found out her secret weakpoint i can kill her once and for all. i believ having a monster like 4 live is a danger to the hole world. i serve the flame country as one of the legindary knights.

Personality: devoted, loyal, strong, and dedicated to her country and ppl.

LoveStory: yeah i keep fallin in love with the wrong guys

For adventure
Tribe: huhhhh??????????
Weapon: flame twirl staff
Pet: flame dragon

Pic (what your character look like):

NOte: The character that you will make can be put in the Story of the DARKNESS Kingdom, (it depends)..

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25 / M / A calmer place th...
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
Character name: Montage

Background of Character: His parents were killed while he was 8. He lived on the streets for a while, learning bojutsu and how to use tonfa to keep himself alive. He ended up killing many crack heads, pedophiles, and police in a two year time period in order to stay alive and free. An adoption agency picked him up off the streets at age 10 by surrounding him with civilians, whom he refused to hurt, until the cops arrived and gave him a choice between jail time or the adoption agency. He was adopted into a rich, nice appearing family a year after arriving, much to the dismay of him and Mana, a girl he'd developed a relationship with in the agency. Approximately two days after his arrival, the new family tried to sacrifice him to an evil god, but he used his tonfa to escape (He'd promised Mana in the agency he wouldn't kill unless it was the only alternative). He returned to the agency to find everyone dead, Mana included. The new family had reached the agnecy before him. Now alone, he wandered into the Earth kingdom and the kind king, upon seeing Montage and reading the torture in his eyes, adopted him as long as he used his fighting skills for the kingdom.

Personality: Introverted at first since he no longer trusts strangers. Energetic, loyal, and stubborn after you get to know him

Love Story: He was once in a serious relationship with a 13 year old girl named Mana when he was 10 in the adoption agency. She was the only person he let his guard down far enough to tell about his troubled past. Upon hearing it, she proposed he promise not to kill ever again. He couldn't agree to this, so it was changed to not allowed to kill unless it was necessary. When he turned 11, he was adopted and the foster parents killed her along with every other child in the agency. His only memento of her is a locket with her photo in it that he'll never take off.

For adventure
Tribe: Earth Knight
Weapon: Bo

or tonfa for the most part

bladed version for emergencies

Pet: None. He doesn't want to get to close to anything anymore

Pic (what your character look like):

With a blade used in only the most dire of emergencies
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25 / M / death_city
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/7/08
Character name:dark
Age:15 (always this age)

Background of Character:im the 5th son of king phil..(his the king of underworld) and he order me to go to save
save my fiance(future wife)..her name is fever..

Personality:naughty,silent but deadly,sometimes serious,easy go lucky

LoveStory:when i meet fever..i feel that we are the only person on that place.then i ask her name..and then we
talk to each other to know about ourselves..(its a bit long so i will shorcut it) her perant and my..agree to our feelings
so their made each other as a future couple...

For adventure
Weapon:3 swords (i will post it here but not know0
Pet:actually my pet is my sister too..she like to be with me always she said


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23 / F / California
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 2/18/09
Character name: Rahzel
Age: 14

Background of Character: The Princess of Oceans

Personality: cold and quiet. But underneath her dark exterior lies a soft and gentle heart, pinning a spot for cute things.

LoveStory: unknown

For adventure
Tribe: Ocean
Weapon: bow and arrow , daggers, katana, sword, sheild and rapier, Blue Crystal Rod

Pet: Kisa

Pic (what your character look like):

Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/4/08
Character name: Tori
Background of Character:She is the The Princess of Flames.
She was trained to protect herself.
Personality:She is friendly but can be evil she is also caring
LoveStory: Nothing yet
For adventure
Tribe: Fire
Weapon: Red Sword
Pet: Phoenix
Pic (what your character look like):

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27 / F / Singapore
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Username: Angeldevil03
Character name: Yuki

Background of Character: I was once a pureblooded vampire but it was'nt awakened yet =) i was only 5yrs old When suddenly a really bad guy came to my home and killed my father, my brother den came to kill the bad guy after that my mother happen to erase my memory and i turn out to be a "normal" human after that when i was awake i found myself covered in snow no remembling anything when i was day dreaming a vampire came and wants to suck my blood >=O den my brother which i already forgot came, killed that vampire and saved me =) few yrs have passed and i grew to like my brother oh ya his name is kaname (it is like not love) =O when my memories came back for a few yrs i was quite powerful this is one of my skills i have all kind of element : fire,dark,light,eart,wind,ice,snow,blood and water i think. after that i start killing enemys and ppl trying to kill me.

Personality: kind, caring, helpful but when came to killing i show no mercy

LoveStory: when i was 11 i met this boy in sch and i start liking him =)

For adventure
Tribe: Vampire
Weapon: like i said i have all kind of element, some is flying, teleporting, open portals, i got gd reflex, i can avoid attacks, i got balance and flexible body hmm weapons i use is sword, dagger, claw, stars and gun
Pet: yori and yuri they are cats they like to hide in cups haha and when adventure they turn into human with cat ears and they got special powers and they can fight
Pet Pic:
this is yuri's human form pic:
this is yori's human form pic:

Pic (what your character look like):
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
Character name: Alucard
Age: Who knows?
Background:Kills vampires nuff said
Personality:Crazy cool
Love story: love story?
Tribe: Darkness
Weapon:Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull Auto and Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol 'Jackal' without including myself.
Pet:ummm does this count?

Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
Tori, I like that name.
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24 / M / Edmonton so come...
Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/30/08
Username: AG14-15
Character name: Blackflame
Background of the character: Is secretly Half Human and Half Vampire. At the age of 12 his father taught him to fight with tiwn blades. He became soldier at the age of 14. Does not like to fight women.
Position:King/Queen's Bodyguard
Personality:Dislikes fighting
Lovestory:Still looking for someone
Weapon:Twin blades
Pet:Does not have one.
Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08
Username: renagade36
Character name: Sophia
Age: 16

Background of Character: she is the princess of light. she was only grown up to be a lady nothing else. she can fight for her self

Personality: sweet, kind, peaceful
For adventure
Tribe: light
Weapon: blue wand

Pic (what your character look like):

Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/27/08
Username: baka-girl
Character name: ai
Age: 17

Background of Character: the new princess of dreams , i jst became the princess !!

Personality: quiet , sensitive , Obscure n i like helpin people, incourging them , i like roses too much

LoveStory: nothing yet "waitin for it"

Tribe: dream
Weapon: ive 3 small n powerful daggers

Pet: i have a lil rabbit called

Pic :
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20 / F / In my own room
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/29/08
Please Fill up these questions...
Character name:Tsukiyama Endp

Background of Character:When Tsukiyama Was Born,Her Parents Was Dead In The War.(Mink's Lost Sister)She had been travelling and fighting everywhere in the places and has become powerful and wanted to serve as the Ocean Priestress.

Personality:Kind,Likes To Fight,Usually Talk Back To person she doesn know.

LoveStory:None Yet

Weapon:Sword,Bow And Arrow And A Magic Saff
Pet:Twin Dragon:
Position:Priestress Of The Ocean(my sis Sakura_Kin0m0t0 doesnt want the position anymore she says she'll msg you ^_^)
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21 / F / Actually I'm not...
Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
Username: Crowg
Character name: Kei
Age: 14

Background of Character: He's prince of the vampires (that's a hope by the way, I don't know how to sign up for that.) He has a sister who he's very protective of. His mother and father he doesn't interact with a lot. He's usually found on the roof top or by a lake. Well unless there's a battle or if he's hungry or sleeping.

Personality: He's a rather cold charicter, though he cares for people in his own way. He is very protective over certain people or things. He's incredibly bright and powerful but he doesn't like to brag let alone talk. Kei is friends with anyone who can contain his intrest. He also likes people who can make him laugh, none have been successful so far.

LoveStory: I don't see that happening any time soon.

For adventure
Weapon: A sword which has magical propities. Well acutally it's mainly his teeth and claw like nails, strength and magic and so on. But then again he does need a weapon.

This is his pet and his pets handler. Well actually Kei and his pet (the pet is called Kaori) both can't stand her.

Pic :

(Kei hates having pictures. He has golden eyes by the way!!!)

Ok now I need to sign up for prince. Thanks for reading
Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/3/09

Character name:Amy

Background of Character:Amy Was One Of The Kings Daughters,She Hated Her Father,The King,And She Hated Her Sisters, She Always Wore Dresses And Clothes That Resembling The Gothic Lolita Style,One Day She Murdered The King Herslef And Ran Away,A Group Of Assassins Took Her .She Is Knowned As ''The Misguided Angel'' Or Known As ''The Angel Of Death'' She Was Taken In By A Royal Family,They Used Her As A Servent,She Was Treated Badly,She Killed The Daughter Of The Family And Then Ran Away,Amy Suffered Through Unstable Mood Swings.She Became Utterly Inured To The Sight Of Death, Eventually Becoming So Engrossed In Her Ability To Kill..She Wants To Find Her Master...To Serve Him Once Agian..And Her Friend Follows Her To Be With Her Master.What Lies In Her Soul Is Torment....


LoveStory:Amy Feel Deeply In Love With A Dark Prince..She Would Stay Quiet When Shes Around Him..When Amy Heard News About The Prince Being Married..Her Heart Broke And She Will Never Love Agian..

For adventure
Weapon:RingBlade ::
pets name:Shadow

Pic :
Her Friend: The Robotic Girl Follows Amy EveryWhere Her Name Is,Ashlotte
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25 / M / death_city
Posted 6/12/13 , edited 6/13/13
Character name: musica
Age: 15

Background of Character: musica or musca is a typical teen age boy living alone.His mother died due to unknown diseases and his father suddenly disappear right after his mother died..
..even thou he is alone she learn to fight and live for himself..
..on his own he learn different skills and abbilities he became strong fast and he can even here a sound or voices a far..he trained this ability by her-own way..(that's all for now)

Personality: silent type guy, shy type, and some how he is a genius

LoveStory : for now NONE

For adventure
Tribe: darkness
Weapon: for now NONE but i use a ordinary HEADPHONE to manipulate my sound ABILITY
Pet: NONE (but i want some)

Pic (what your character look like):
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