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I like my new bunny suit~ When I wear it, I feel cute~ Sorry, random moment. ANYWHO!!!!!! I have finally wrote my next part. Many apologies for the delay. Had alot going and about. ^___^ But i've gotten to it , so lo and behold! The next part. Enjoy~

She opened up the drawer, revealing an envelope and handed it to John.
"Here." She practically threw it on his lap and she sat back on her leather chair, while putting up her elbows on the table and joining hands. She continued to stare at John.
"What are they making you do in the Bolo's business, Miky?" He gritted his teeth again and just stared down at the envelope. He picked it up and turned it around.
"Who gave you this?" He looked at her after.
"A young woman. Around her 30's. Said you knew her and that you would help her out." She continued to just stare at him and her eyes would be shifty sometimes. John got up, and was almost close to leaving the door, when he stopped and turned around to face Betsy.
"Do you know Miranda?" He leaned back on the wall slightly and crossed his arms while bringing out another cigarette, but this time from inside his jacket.
"You know you're gonna die one of these days from a black lung, Miky." He twitched a bit and then asked again, but in a bit of a fierce tone now.
"Do you know fucking Miranda or not, Betsy? Jeeze." He was letting out small puffs of smoke.

"Yeah I know her. She your new lover now? Or just another one for you to fool around with?" She just looked up slightly to meet his eyes.
"No. Just wanted to know." He turned around slightly, when she spoke again, which made him stop a bit.
"You know... We haven't seen her around here for a couple of days already. I asked Linda, seeing as how she's the one that always gives her a ride back home, and she said that she hasn't seen her either. She's tried calling her house and she won't answer. Only her answering machine goes off..." She leaned back on her chair a bit.
"Do you have anything to do with this, John?" He looked surprised and his eyes opened up a bit, then thought to himself, "Bitch finally got my name right. Heh..."
He shook his head slightly and walked away. He'd come back in another month or so, she knows it. Betsy got up and walked him all the way back to his car. She stayed a couple of feet away from him while he got in. He rolled down his window after a couple of minutes and sticked his head out slightly.
"Tell Linda I said bye." She nodded her head, and watched as he drove in reverse, then drove in a u-turn, and made his way back to the warehouse. All according to plan. And the hour was almost up.

He was making his way back, and saw Santos helping Alex close up the trunk. He stopped right infront of them both, and turned off the car. He got out and went up to Santos.
"All went well, I would assume?" He waited on him to respond.
"Well...yes and no." John looked confused.
"What the fuck you mean, yes and no? I gave direct orders, didn't I? If you didn't do as I told you, i'll fucking cut off your balls." He brang out a pocket knife and started to aim it at Santos, while pulling it lower and lower, until Santos said,
"Get that shit away from me, John. Fuck... always trying to scare me." Santos sighted, and John put away his pocket knife, and laughed.
"Come on!! We need more little Santos, so I won't cut them off just yet." He continued to laugh and Santos glared at him. John stopped and waited for a response.
"Well, we injected her with the needle."
"And she had a reaction to it."
"What the hell? It's not supposed to do that!"
"Yeah, well we calmed her down for a bit, then she somewhat fell asleep."
John ran to the back of the trunk and opened it.

He unzipped the bag, and his eyes examined the whole body. From the head, to her chest, to her legs, all the way to her feet. He saw nothing wrong. Then looked back at her chest. He was seeing that her breaths where short, due to her chest popping up and down slowly. John turned to Santos and Alex. Alex was fiddling with his fingers.
"Where did you inject?"
"On her arm."
"Where?!?!?!" Santos went up to John, walking at a fast pace and moved her slightly, revealing the incision where the needle went in.
"Tch, dumbfuck!" John hit Santos upside his head. Then he got him from the neck and brang him closer to her.
"You see that? You see that?!?!?!" Santos looked closely. He saw that it missed the vein just slightly and went right into somewhere else.
"Can't do one single thing I tell you... ONE THING!!!" He slammed the hood and left inside the warehouse.
"NO!" John cut off Santos and kept walking into the warehouse. He locked the door behind him and stayed inside. All Alex and Santos could hear was John cursing his mouth off and throwing anything that he found near him. Then they heard gunshots go off inside and after, complete silence.
"You think he's alright?" They heard him cursing again and throwing things around.
"Yeah, just let him cool off for a bit." They both moved away from the car, and Santos sat ontop of the hood of John's car that he took to Betsy's, while Alex sat ontop of the trunk from the other car. All they could do was wait until John came back out.
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