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27 / Who Cares?
Posted 8/5/08

dabura667 wrote:

Shinjimae_bakka wrote:

Yuuffie wrote:


I - watashi
You - anata
He - kare
She - kanojo
Person - hito
Child - kodomo
France - furansu
Germany - doitsu
Spain - supein
Teacher - sensei
Student - seito
Doctor - isha
Policeman - keikan
House - ie
Country - kuni
School - gakkoo
Hotel - hoteru
Hospital - byooin
Park - kooen
Money - okane
Letter - tegami
Umbrella - kasa
Bread - pan
Meat - niku
Fish - sakana
Egg - tamago
Apple - ringo
Banana - banana
Coffe - koohii
Room - heya
Book - hon
Pen - pen
Pencil - enpitsu
Camera - kamera
Television - terebi
Car - kuruma
Bus - basu
Airplane - hikooki
Mountain - yama
River - kawa
Tree - ki
Water - mizu
Flower - hana
Cherry Tree - sakura

i thought kanojo was girlfriend(thats wat i saw on a few animes,but i guess "she" was in the sentence),oh okane is the formal version(but mostly used...unless your a yanki),kane is the informal :)

no... even if not a yanki, we say just "kane" a lot.

People think Japan always say polite, but that's not true. I speak only polite to people I don't know, teachers, sometimes parents (maybe when I'm angry or something), and those who deserve respect.

Using polite with friends or family makes them feel distance, and maybe will be upset. Think "We are so close and you use polite language, why?"

I am talking to my friend, and I say "I have no money!" "金無いんだけど~!" kane nain dakedo!

but if I was at school and teacher asked why I no eat lunch. 「お金が足りませんでした。」 "okane ga tarimasen deshita"

somtime we say okane even in normal speach like お金無いんだけど~! okane nain dakedo!

adding o to word, makes word sound more beautiful. So it is assumed when using polite language you will use it. but you can use it in regular to.

One image of foreigners who speak bad Japanese is that they always say "desu" and "-masu" and "o-" "go-" and are polite. which we understand that is how you start learn Japanese.

Oh, and girls sometimes use polite language to guys they like. But it depends on the two relationships.

In Japanese, we don't use "kanojo" a lot for "her", as Japanese almost never uses third person pronoun. kanojo is most often used as "girlfriend"...

If you are guy, don't use kanojo, but using "kare" for "he" is ok. If you are girl, don't use "kare" but using "kanojo" for "she" is ok. but most time we just say "ano ko" (That kid) if you don't know name, or just say name.

ah...thnx ^__^
Posted 8/9/08
Cool! Thanks!
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20 / F / At the end of the...
Posted 10/16/08
mannn thnx ^^
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