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Post Reply [FanFic] Ryosuke + Lucy Part 1
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Posted 5/24/08
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Posted 5/24/08

ryochanlover59 wrote:

This is PG-13... so if you're 13 and older you can read it, but if you're not.. well you can still read it but it's not my fault if you get all googly eyed :D
I posted this on Littlix, but I just wanted to share this with you guys!
Part 2 will be out in June, because I have exams coming up and I don't have time to write...

“OHAYO MINNA!” Yuto said enthusiastically, while flying through the homeroom doors.
“Goddammit, you’re always so genki,” said Ryosuke drowsily, his head on the table.
“Haha, well it’s not my fault you’ve been watching porn all night,” Yuto teased. Everybody snickered.
“Poor Ryosuke; he really needs a girlfriend. It seems like the only thing that’s keeping him company is the girls on the screen,” Keito piped in. The boys all looked at Ryosuke’s handsome face, which was trying hard to stay awake.
“Hey, everybody,” Chinen said as he came in. “I heard there’s a new girl coming in today.”
“REALLY?!” Ryosuke jerked up, eyes wide awake.
“Yeah,” Chinen said. “She’s Japanese, but she came from America.”
“Finally there’s someone who speaks my language!” Keito said.
While the boys chatted away, Ryosuke drifted his attention out the window to his kohais playing soccer out on the field. He wondered if the new girl was going to be pretty, like his ex-girlfriend was. It had been three weeks since Tomomi Yajima dumped him. Dumped him. It was Ryosuke’s policy to never be dumped, and he made sure every girl he dated knew that. But Tomomi didn’t follow his policy and dumped him. The story went around for two weeks.
More girls shuffled into the homeroom, including Tomomi and her horde of posses. Ryosuke glared at her. He decided he was so over her.
“Okay, minna san! Seki wo totte!” Ms. Takigawa came in with her books. A girl followed after her. All heads turned.
“Minna san, this is Lucy Kimura. She comes from America.”
“Kimura Lucy desu,” the girl said softly. “Yoroshikuonegaishimasu.”
“Thank you, Lucy,” Ms. Takigawa said. “You can sit in the empty seat right next to Miyako.”
Ryosuke had very bad eyesight, and he sat all the way in the back row, so that the teacher wouldn’t see him fall asleep or look out the window often. But just this time, he regretted this choice. He had to see the girl up close. He had to.
As the girl descended slowly down the aisle, he could make out some of her features. Lucy had long satin black hair that shined in the sunlight. She had beautiful eyes and thin full lips. Her plaid skirt came down just a few inches above her knee, revealing celebrity legs. And the outline of her chest on her sweater was just…irresistible.
All the boys had their heads turned towards her, even the class nerd, Takekura Masayuki, who only had eyes for other fellow nerdettes. Tomomi, who actually was the prettiest girl until now, had a disdainful look on her face. Her posses looked at the new girl nervously.
When Lucy sat down at her desk, she looked up at her classmates and acknowledged their presence. She was ready to learn.
“Okay, minna-san, over here now. Let’s not make Lucy overwhelmed. We’re going to start off with a short pop quiz…Lucy, I hope you learned these kanjis…”
“Don’t worry, sensei, I’ll try,” Lucy said, again with her soft gentle voice. The teacher started to pass the pop quizzes. When everybody began, Ryosuke took a look at her once more.
I’m going to make her mine, he thought with a thin smile on his face.

you're creative!
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