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Yamada Ryosuke

The important thing is to put your soul into it.

Before I started this business I played a lot of soccer and honestly, I didn’t have any interest in songs. But after I got into the agency and listening to different kind of music I started to like them. I go to karaoke and sing different kinds of songs in my personal time too. Singing at home? Never! I get really embarrassed when my family members hears me singing (laughs). But a while ago, I thought no one was home so I was singing very enthusiastically in the bathtub then my parents witnessed it … (laughs). That was embarrassing…

I think my songs are still bad. But, I’m so bad at it that I can put all my effort into it by thinking “ I want to be better.” If I think “I’m good” then it’ll just end there. Fortunately there are fans who tells me “you’re good at singing” but that’s their own judgment so, that’s totally different from my own. I have no intention of being washed away or get drowned by people’s opinion. I really like Yabu kun’s vocal in the members. He’s voice isn’t just good, it’s also a voice that echoes in your soul. It feels like it gives you a nudge when you’re listening to him. I think that’s because he puts his soul into it when he sings. Even though I’m still bad, I do put my soul into it when I’m singing with all my energy. Actually, it’s not just singing, it’s most important to put your soul into anything you do! I’ll never want to do a sloppy job then have a gap in my soul.

At last a comment about the new song. I was very moved by the lyrics when I first listened to this song. The message about “let’s dream” is really good. That’s why I put all of my soul into it recording, hoping that I can bring people who are listening to this song a good dream. I think regardless of who they are I think they have things they are sad or painful about in their lives. But, I think it’ll be the best if anyone listening to this song smile or even be happy a little bit!

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Posted 5/19/08 , edited 5/20/08
Thanks for sharing!!
He sounds soOoo mature on this!!

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