Memories Part 3 and 4!
Posted 5/19/08
Memories Part 3 and 4

• Chapter 7: Reactions
After that long exciting festival, everyone was completely talking about it. Especially the Ruka and Natsume fan club.
"Did you hear? Our cool Natsume-san and that Sakura Mikan was going on a date!"
"Really? I thought they hate each other's guts..."
"Oh yeah? Well Hotaru Imai and our precious Ruka Nogi are dating with them!"
"Oh my gosh! A double-date? I can't believe this!"
"And I thought that Hotaru-san always blackmail him.. I thought Ruka-san likes that Mikan... I guess not!"
"They were watching the shooting stars last Saturday..."
Mikan flushed from embarrassment and decided to give them a piece of their mind... She was about to run to them when a hand gripped her shoulder.. Hotaru.
"Hotaru.. Demo... They're gossiping about us!"
"Yes.. I know they're spreading nasty rumors but they won't listen to you."
"Aww... Great.." Mikan said... "Oh yeah.. Now that you mention it Hotaru, you said you'll tell me the legend... What is it? You were busy yesterday at you lab so I couldn't talk to you."
"I'll explain, Mikan-chan!" Yuu said smiling.
"Actually.. It was years ago where an Alice student had an Alice that could control the stars..."
"I see!"
"Stars and meteors.. Stuff like that." Hotaru said.
"What type is she?"
"A dangerous ability type. She can stop the meteors from falling and control it.. It's a useful Alice.. Anyway, she fell in love with her teacher... But the teacher was going to go and be an astronomer... So that left her broken hearted... She killed herself making the teacher feel guilty."
"That's sad.. What's the teacher's Alice, Iinchou-kun?" Mikan said.
"The teacher's Alice can make others fall in love."
"What a weird Alice!"
"Shut up and listen to the story..."
"Anyways, the teacher asked the old headmaster to bring her to life.. But he can't.. He needs to get someone's life exchanged for his.."
"The headmaster granted it?"
"Yeah he did. Then the girl was really guilty and asked to be with her lover... So they both died... It was tragic but the headmaster made meet together at the festival of the stars..." Ruka said going towards them...
"Hi Ruka-pyon!" Mikan said. Ruka smiled...
"The story's to clean..." Natsume said. Ruka, Yuu, Hotaru and Mikan looked at him.
"What do you mean?" Mikan said.
"Nothing. You're too stupid to know, strawberries..."
"Yeah. It's like it was forced to be a happy ending..." Ruka said.
"I think we should investigate." Hotaru said.
"Yeah! It'll be fun!" Mikan said.
"I'll go.." Ruka said.
"Me too!" Yuu said.
"I'll go if strawberries will stop getting scared of ghosts and keep on screaming like a chimpanzee..." Natsume said rolling his eyes making Ruka and Yuu sweatdropped..
"True." Hotaru said.
"Fine..." Mikan said. "AND WHO SAID I'M A CHIMPANZEE!" She waved her arms…
"My mistake.. More like a stupid gorilla that wants to fly..." Natsume said.
"HYUUGA!" Mikan shouted...
It was night at the Alice academy grounds...
"Why is she here?" Mikan said.
"What do you mean by that, huh?" Sumire said…
"She came on her own." Natsume replied.
"Hey guys.. Let's make it more thrilling! Let's split into pairs and make it a courage test..." Sumire said...
"Fine then!" Mikan said.
"The gorilla will probably lose..." Natsume said.
"Aw great! YOU HAVE ANOTHER NAME FOR ME? I'm so happy..." Mikan said sarcastically...
"I'm glad you liked it.." Natsume said smirking...
"What a jerk." Mikan said..
"Let's try drawing out our names and randomly say who the pairs are..." Yuu said.
"Okay then..." Mikan said…
Everyone started writing their names at a paper and putted it inside a small pencil case Sumire found at the ground.
Mikan - Natsume
Hotaru - Ruka
Yuu - Sumire
"Nani?" Mikan said as she looked at Natsume who seems to have a stupid sickness of no emotion at all...
Ruka blushed at the result as for Sumire...
"Keep it down please..." Yuu said sweatdropping...
"Let's get started..." Hotaru said as she gave them backpacks with the same stuff on it... "It's for emergency..."
"Let's see... Hyuuga-kun and I will be at the Jr. high division and the dormitories... Then Hotaru and Ruka-pyon will be at the high school division and their dormitories.. Then Iinchou-kun and Permy will be at the middle school division and dormitories... They're going to look at central town, right? How about Bear-san's place? Is he a big scary bear or a teddy?" Mikan said.
• "It's a vicious teddy bear," Yuu said having flashbacks of Bear-san hitting Mikan...
• “ Oi.. Strawberries..." Natsume said as he waved his hand at Mikan's eyes...
"...What...?" Mikan said.
"You dozed off.. Everyone left already..." Natsume said. "You are so stupid..."
"I remember Bear-san!" Mikan said jumping up and down.. "Though it's all scary ones I guess... How he hits me to hyper space mostly! How does he keep on doing that?"
"Oh.. You mean that bear at the dodge ball game..?" Natsume said as he peeked through some classrooms...
"I think I had that flashback.. It was when you hit that ball with fire to him, right?"
Someone cries...
"W-What was that...?" Mikan said getting closer to Natsume..
"Someone crying, duh." Natsume said rolling his eyes...
"B-but.. I thought we're the only ones here..." Mikan said.
"Let's go find out..." Natsume said as he walked forward...
"Eh..? Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan said as she took his arm...
Natsume blushed and looked away.. For some reason.. He felt that he wanted her to do that... This is totally unlike him...
"I'm so stupid..." Natsume said slapping his head...
'Great, she heard me...' Natsume thought.. "Nothing, I was just blaming myself that I became your partner in this stupid courage thing..."
"HYUUGA-KUN!" Mikan said.
( Voice of ghosts...)
"Se-Sensei... Gomenasai..." A voice cried at the balcony... Mikan gripped Natsume's arm tighter making Natsume blush...
"S-Stop being such a baby.. Let's go and see..." Natsume said who didn't even want to look at her...
"Who's the baby? He-llo! You're the one who's stuttering here..." Mikan said as she forgot all about the ghost..
"I wasn't stuttering... Or maybe you're just too stupid to even notice that you're gripping my arm!" Natsume said glaring at the brunette...
Mikan blushed furiously and let go... "G-Gomen..."
"Yeah, whatever, strawberries..." Natsume said, 'Nice.. I shouldn’t have said that! Wait... Did... Did I enjoy that moment? Damn...'
"A-Atashi... Sensei... Gomen..."
The voice turned into small depressed sobs as Mikan went in the balcony...
"Hyuuga-kun... Look..." Mikan said as she called out Natsume...
They both saw the woman in an Alice high school clothes with long blonde hair up to her waist.. Her green eyes full of tears and sobbed for her lover... Mikan looked at the girl...
"She's sad..." Mikan said to Natsume...
"Maybe you should give her that damn smile of yours to make her stop crying..." Natsume said sarcastically... "Yeah right... Like she'll be happy to see that stupid smile of yours... It'll just make her cry more."
"Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan pouted.. She walked towards the ghost... "Ano.. Dai-Daijoubu...?" She said forgetting that she was a ghost..
-Ruka and Hotaru-
"Quit looking. The ghosts aren't here..." Hotaru said to Ruka...
"Hai..." Ruka said as he went back to Hotaru.. "S-So.. What now?"
"Let's spy on Mikan and Natsume-kun."
"Yes. Besides.. What else is there to do?" Hotaru said. He sighed and looked at Hotaru. "What?"
"Nothing." Ruka said smiling making Hotaru blush...
"Come on.. Lets' go.. I'll be rich if I catch a photo of them and the ghost..."
"Hai..." Ruka said sweatdropping...
-Yuu and Sumire-
"Where do you think the ghosts are?" Sumire said.
"Hmmm... Maybe it's not here after all... Let's see what Natsume-san and Mikan-chan's doing.."
"Alright! I'll try to stop them from doing anything romantic!"
"I knew you would be happy.." Yuu said smiling... Sumire blushed and walked out..
She stopped and looked at Yuu.. "Are you coming?" Yuu smiled and followed her...
-Mikan and Natsume-
Mikan's POV
The blonde looked up and saw me.
"Sensei.. He died for me... I feel so guilt on doing suicide..." The girl said crying...
I guess she's not alive for revenge. Good. I thought she'll be like Sadako in the Ring! Scary.. But... I've never seen a dead girl like Sadako in blonde hair anyways... Hehe.. Silly me!
"What's your name..."
"Ah... Are you that girl in the legend with the Alice that can control stars and meteors...?" I said grinning...
"Yes... But I didn't see him last Saturday... I've been waiting for him here... I figured he's mad at me or something..." Keiko said. Natsume walked forward to take a closer look...
"Maybe he'll come! Maybe he's in a ghost meeting!" I said..
"You're so stupid, blueberries..." Natsume said, "How could ghosts have meetings?"
"Mou! I was just thinking out loud! You’re so mean..."
The ghost smiled and giggled... What? Can that even be! God... I guess I read to much horror stories... She looked up at me and Natsume..
"You're like Sensei and me..." Keiko said smiling.. Smiling a sad smile... I wish I can help her.. But... how?
"Umm.. How can I help?" I said.
"Tell me. Why are you waiting for him for 3 days straight? Or maybe years...?" Natsume said... He looked like he was reflecting on himself...
"I don’t need to hurry.. I have all the time in the world..." Keiko said with a sad face.
"You don't look like you are. You look like you're giving up." Natsume said. I looked at him... He still had no emotion plastered in his face... He must be keeping everything that hurts inside him... That's so sad...
The ghost just looked at him with a stunned face... "I... You're right. Maybe I should give up.."
"You can't. If you love someone that deeply then wait here. You did say that you have all the time in the world.." Natsume said.
Wow... I didn't know he was like that... It's like I'm seeing an all new Natsume...
"Okay..." Keiko said. "I'll wait."
"That's the spirit! Uh.. I mean body! Mou..." I said..
"You're as idiotic as ever, you ape." Natsume said glaring at me.. I shot him a glare back...
A light suddenly came out of nowhere... It formed into a man with blue eyes and brown hair... He putted his hand at Keiko's shoulder.. Keiko smiled and hugged him...
"Thanks for waiting..." the man said. He looked at the Natsume and Mikan...
"Ahh! Another ghost!" Mikan shrieked.. Natsume gripped her pigtails making Mikan yell in pain.. "OW! Hyuuga-kun!"
"Shut up will you?" Natsume said...
"May I ask you a favor..." the man said to Natsume and Mikan..
"What kind?" Natsume said.
"Okay!" Mikan said,
"I didn't even say yes yet you moron..." Natsume said glaring at her...
"We'll be using your body for awhile since we can't hug each other or kiss..." The man said going inside Natsume..

"Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan said.
"It's only temporary... We're only celebrating 50 years of loving each other..." Keiko said going inside Mikan...
Hotaru and Ruka looked at the window of the door... Natsume was about to hug Mikan..
"Nani?" Ruka said while blushing...
"Worth a fortune..." Hotaru said as she took out a camera,
"I-Imai-san!" Ruka whispered...
"Don't worry... I'll give you one for free..." Hotaru said giving a small smile making Ruka blush...
-Back to the 4-
'What's happening...?' Mikan thought... 'My body is moving on its own!' Natsume hugged Mikan tightly...
A voice from Mikan's body said, "Sensei..."
"Keiko..." Natsume said...
'Wha- wha-?' Mikan thought as she started blushing...
Natsume's lips were almost close to hers...
'Oh no.. It's going to be ascary one! I can't do this! Not now anyway!' Mikan and Natsume closed their eyes...
'Gomen, Mikan...' Natsume said..
'Na--Na-- Hyuu-ga-kun...' Mikan thought..
It was centimeters close as they almost kissed...
B A M !
"MIKAN-CHAN! NATSUME-KUN!" A familiar voice said as she turned into a cat and dog and hit them away...
The ghosts disappeared from their bodies in small lights...
"Shoot." Hotaru said.
"Ehehehe..." Ruka said sweatdropping...
"What were you two doing..?" Yuu said..
"Huh?" Mikan said as she looked at Natsume and Natsume looked at her.. They blushed and looked away... "Y-You saw what happened...The two ghosts came inside us and tried to kiss!"

It was morning as Mikan sat QUIETLY at her seat...
'That was so embarrassing... I can't believe it..' Mikan thought as she looked at the back.. Natsume reading his book as usual... Natsume looked up and raised his eyebrow...
"Nani, baka youjo? Are you going to drool on me?" Natsume said.. Mikan turned red.. Not with embarrassment but for anger...
Natsume went back to his book and touched his lips.. 'That was very close.. Yet... I can't believe I was looking forward to it...'
• Chapter 8: Dreams
Mikan's POV (Her dream)
I walked along the path of the woods... It seems like it was forever... The sound of my shoes... I looked at my back and saw a figure.. I can't see him.. It's too blurry... Who is he..?
Who are you?
"Arigatou..." the guy said.
I smiled.. Why did I smile? I don't know him...right? He looked like about my age... He was mouthing words...
"I love you... Mikan."
I love you Mikan..
Love you...
I opened my eyes... What was that? Was it a dream or a nightmare? I can't believe this... I sat up and looked at the time... Oh... 2am... Great. I stood up and walked to take my jacket...
"I'm going for a walk..." I said to myself. Maybe it was that kiss thing... Yeah.. It's just playing on my head...right?
I walked past Hotaru's room.. The light's on.. Must be doing her inventions... I went out of the dormitory and looked at the moon.. Wow.
A full moon..
It looks so peaceful here but still cold... I sat down at the nearest tree and looked at it... I then saw a figure walking to me... Is my dream going to come true? Oh no! It's too sudden...
"Oi, baka."
I guess not.
It's Natsume Hyuuga...
"Oh.. Hyuuga-kun.. I thought it was going to be someone from my dream... Scary..." I said.
"Tsk. Whatever, loser. What are you doing here?" He said as he walked in front of me.
'How should I say this.. Is it a nightmare? Or a bad dream..?' I thought.. "I had a weird dream!" That didn't come out right.
"About what, flying giraffes trying to invade our academy and eating your pigtails? Wow." He said.
"NO! It was... A guy confessing to me.. But I can't distinguish him at all.. Anyway, what are YOU doing here?" I said.
"Oh... About what...?"
"... Something you should stay away from..."
There as a silence between the two... Meanwhile...
Normal POV
"Mikan." Hotaru said looking at the window.
"A dream huh.. It must be about flying giraffes trying to invade the academy and eating her pigtails." She had to tape that moment. She walked out of her room and knocked at Ruka's door.
"Nani..." Ruka said rubbing his eyes..
"Get up, idiot."
"Imai-san..?" Ruka said walking up to the door blushing... He opened the door and looked at her.
"You're coming with me, guinea pig."
"I'm not a guinea pig!" Ruka said.
He gets drag by Hotaru and just said, "If you want to know where we are going, it's outside with Mikan and Natsume-kun."
They went down and saw the two figures already walking together...
"Come on.." Hotaru said.
"Ne, Hyuuga-kun?" Mikan said..
"Nani?” Natsume said.
“ It's almost Christmas! What do you think will happen here at the academy?"Mikan asked.
"Christmas? I thought we're Buddhists..."
"It's fun having holidays!" Mikan said..
"I don't care... And besides.. You look freezing." Natsume said, "That thin jacket won't cool you off... Here... Use mine... I have the fire Alice anyway..." Natsume said looking away while giving her the jacket...
"A-Arigatou..." Mikan said... She wore the jacket and blushed... She smiled at him.. He probably ignored that. Natsume's hand then had a flame of fire. He then showed it to Mikan...
"See?" Natsume said. Mikan just nodded..
"That sure wasn't like Natsume to be nice to Mikan..." Ruka said.
"Love blooms." Hotaru said with a glint at her eyes.. "Money blooms with it..."
Ruka sweatdropped and watched Mikan and Natsume...
'Hyuuga-kun seems to be nice when they're not around sometimes... I'm pretty happy...' Mikan thought while blushing...
Mikan then tripped at a rock..
"Ahh!" Mikan said.
She fell down on top of Natsume... She closed her eyes when she landed... This is bad.. Natsume will be furious and just tease her that she's so clumsy...SILENCE... Mikan opened her eyes and looked at Natsume who had no emotion at his face. Typical for him.
"Oh dear..." Ruka said.
"This is thrilling..."
"Get off now...You're heavy..."
"I can't..." Mikan said blushing...
"I sprained my ankle..." Mikan said closing her eyes on shame...
"Fine then..." Natsume said as he sat up... He then moved Mikan a bit... "You're heavy..."
"M-mou..." Mikan said as she twitched... Her ankle looked pretty bad... "Gomen... I can't move..."
"Oh..." Natsume said... 'I'm not good at this... Should I leave her? That can't be.. She'll just be even noisier... I'll just... Have to carry her..'
Natsume blushed a bit...
"What'll he do, Imai-san?" Ruka said.
"Carry her..." Hotaru said..
"What..?" Ruka said blinking...
Ruka then looked at the two...
"Hehehe... Gomen, Hyuuga-kun." Mikan said laughing a bit. She then saw a hand... He looked up and saw Natsume... "Hyuuga-kun?"
"Come on..."
Mikan stood up a bit and twitched... Natsume then carried her piggy-back style Mikan flushed pink.. "Hy-Hyuuga-kun..."
"You said you can't walk so there... You owe me..." Natsume said blushing...
'What's this feeling... It's kind of like I feel safe...' Mikan thought blushing..
They then ended up at Mikan's room... Natsume sighed... That was heavy... Her room was at the attic for God's sake.. Oh Kami-sama(God)
"Da-Daijoubu..." Mikan said...
"That was nice." Hotaru said taking of her shoes. Mikan and Natsume looked at their backs.. Hotaru and Ruka! Watching the whole thing!
"Uh..." Natsume and Mikan said.
'GREAT! THEY SAW IT! They think I'm a softie now.. I can't believe I wasn't aware that they're there...' Natsume thought.. He let go of mikan and looked away.. "You're as heavy as an elephant you, baka..."
"Eh--- HYUUGA-KUN!" Mikan said, 'First he acted nice and now? GREAT!' "Well who said I enjoyed the ride, huh?"

"Well, why did you even went to my back...?" Natsume said glaring at her... He then walked away ignoring her comments...
"Hmph! That Natsume!" Mikan said,
"Bye, Mikan.." Hotaru said as Ruka waved at Mikan... They then went back to their rooms... Mikan shut her door..
'Even if my dream didn't come true.. I really liked that feeling that Hyuuga-kun gave me...' Mikan said smiling gently and looking at the moon...
I guess it was a memorable night... For Mikan and Natsume... And don't forget about Hotaru who had it all on film!
End of chapter 8
• Chapter 9: Alice Christmas
"Christmas?" Tsubasa said drinking a soda...
"Yeah... We're going to celebrate it!" Mikan said jumping up and down...
"Oh cool! Is there going to be a party?" Misaki said..
"Yup!" Mikan said..
"Cool. I'll come!" Misaki said,
"Me too..." Tsubasa said,
"You can bring anyone.. Even Kaname-san! Also Bear-san, Yuri-san, Permy, Iinchou-kun, Youichi-kun, Hotaru of course, Narumi-sensei, Anna-chan, Nonoko-chan, Noda-sensei, the giant pyo, umm... There's so many I can't count!" Mikan said,
"Alright.. This party is starting to heat up!" Tsubasa said,
"Oh yeah, since Narumi-sensei's going to be there even Jin-Jin..." Mikan said in a depressed tone as the image of Jinno-sensei appears...
"Oh." Misaki and Tsubasa said,
"Oh yeah.. Is Hyuuga and that guy, Nogi going...?" Tsubasa said,
"Oh uh... Ruka-pyon's going because of Hotaru! But I'm not so sure of Hyuuga-kun.. I haven't seen him since he helped me go back to my dorm actually..."Mikan said looking at Misaki and Tsubasa.
"Oh... I see... Wait--- He helped you?" Tsubasa said,
"Oh uhm... He did.. But in return... I got to go! Ja ne!" Mikan said as she ran out...
"Darn.. I got to stop her from doing that..." Tsubasa said...
"She'llcome back!" Misaki said, "She's going to need our help with the Christmas party..."
Mikan ran to her classroom and went to Hotaru's table...
"Hotaru..." Mikan said,
"I have a question! Is everyone on the list coming? Where are we going to have the party! Is there enough food? No games? The decorations are on place?" Mikan asked as Hotaru covered her ears.
"Shut up. They're all fine... It'll be at a vacant ball room somewhere at the middle school division. The decorations are going to be here about noon..." Hotaru said.
"Hehe... Good..." Mikan said smiling..
"...Actually, Natsume-kun's the only isn't going.. I can't see him anywhere..." Hotaru said.
"Eh? But.. Where could he be...?" Mikan said, "I'm going to find him.. See you, Hotaru!"
Hotaru waves back at her as Mikan walked out of the empty classroom and went to the woods.. She knew that he liked being alone... He then spotted two figures... Oh great. It's Natsume and Persona.. Well, Mikan doesn't know who Persona is, remember? Well anyway, let's go on...
"I thought we're going to stop this business because Reo stopped..." Natsume said,
"There seems to be another organization... I don't know the details but the leader of this is going to be near the school at a small new hotel... Just capture him and leave him to the police.." Persona said, "It's the headmaster's orders... We were supposed to give this assignment to the top star student in the whole academy but the headmaster doesn't want him to do it and believes in you for some reason... It'll be somewhere at 11." Persona said... "And there won't be any killing..."
'11 pm...? Isn't that the time the party will somewhere begin...?' Natsume thought.. "Fine, I'll accept."
'Wh-what...? Who's that man? And what's that mission...? Hyuuga-kun's not going to go? But.. It's going to be Christmas... Everyone will be having fun except for Hyuuga-kun!' Mikan thought.. Persona then walked out... Mikan dozed off again
• Huh...?" Mikan said as she saw herself standing infront of Natsume..
"What are you doing here?"
"I had a weird flashback..."
"About what?" Natsume said raising one eyebrow.
"You, Me, that guy a while ago named.. Persona? Then there was that Reo guy and all the organization, circus and stuff..."
"I see..."
"Ano.. Hyuuga-kun...Are going to the party?"
"...I can't go."
"Heh... I guess I'm the only who's not going to do anything this Christmas at the academy..." Natsume said smirking..
"Hyuuga-kun..." Mikan said, "I'm really sorry..."
"What's there to be apologizing for, baka? I got to go.. See you around, polka-dots."
Natsume left as Mikan loked at him.. Mikan then sat down at a near a tree...
"I wish Hyuuga-kun could enjoy himself this Christmas.. He seems to be having difficult tasks... I got to help him! Maybe I can give him a present!" Mikan said standing up with a grin. "A Christmas present... To lighten his day up.. That's the least I can do.. For a thank you of course for.. Carrying... me..." Mikan blushed..
At central town.. (5pm)
It started snowing a bit.. Mikan took her pink gloves, cream scarf and pink rubber bands. Everyone seems to be wearing civilian... Mikan then went to a store...
"I guess it's cold.. Maybe I should buy him a scarf... It needs to be cheap. I only have 100 rabbits...Been saving when I got my 30 rabbits since I'm a 1 star!" Mikan said looking for a nice scarf. She then saw a small blue scarf that was 75 rabbits. "Alright!" She took it and walked towards the lady to pay...
“Ah… It’s you from the Kimono shop…”
"Yup! Name’s Rei… Cute scarf.. Isn't that for boys? Wow... You have a boyfriend?" Rei said grinning.
"Oh ummm..." Mikan said…
Is Natsume your boyfriend? I mean you don't get along sometimes but...
"N-no! I'm just giving it to him to lighten him up."
"That's sweet... I hope that guy falls in love with you.. Who is it?"
"I guess he's a friend of mine. Natsume Hyuuga desu!" Mikan said smiling...
"Another gift from that guy eh... Everyone seems to be giving him a present of love.. You look like you're different." Rei said.
"We're just friends. I'll just give it to him so he'll be warm. I have to thank him!" Mikan said.
"That's really nice of you. Gambatte..." Rei said as she gave Mikan 25 rabbits for the change. Mikan ran off the place and saw Hotaru. She went to her and asked a ride... Hotaru agrees just this once because it's Christmas.
"Arigatou! I'm done buying..."
"Good, let's go..."
"Ah! Matte, Hotaru..." Mikan said buying something about 25 rabbits... "Okay!"
"Ikuyo..." Hotaru said as she gave her a helmet...
Mikan hopped aboard the duck motorcycle and went to the ballroom...
"We're here..." Hotaru said...
Everyone was sitting down quietlyThey're waiting for the party to begin...
"Ano.. Minna-san!" Mikan said walking to the stage. "I officially open this party!" The Christmas tree lights up and thewhole place lit up!
Everyone cheered and had a great time... Meanwhile up at a tree...
"Idiots." Natsume said looking at them who's partying... "I guess they started earlier than expected. It's like 10 something..."
Mikan stirred her orange juice... She was supposed to be happy but not that much when someone's out there not having fun... She sighed and looked at the sky...
"You're worried about him?" A voice said...
"Oh! Ruka-pyon... Hotaru!" Mikan said,
"Actually.. If you want to see him he's just there up at the tree... He's been staring at us..." Hotaru said eating a crab...
"Oh... I see... I'll get going then! See you!" Mikan said and ran outside...
"Do you think we should follow them?" Ruka said,
"No.. Let's dance instead..." Hotaru said holding his hand making him blush...
-Mikan and Natsume-
"Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan said, "Hyuuga-kun!"
"Tch... Baka.. Why are you here?" Natsume said,
"You're waiting for that guy are you... Well I'm here to give you something!" Mikan said smiling.
"Is it a damn mistletoe? Or maybe chocolates, a love wreath? The stupid girls are giving me it. They trashed my room..." Natsume said as he made a small fire appear to make it a bit warm..
"Actually... No. I'm here to give you this." Mikan said giving him a present wrapped in red... "Open it!"
"Fine, just stop shouting.. It hurts my ears..." Natsume said opening it... It was a blue scarf... "Why is it a scarf? Why can’t a stupid lovey-dovey fucking present like the others?"
"I really don't care that much about love now. I'm giving this to you so you'll be warm when you're on your mission." Mikan said smiling...
That was sweet... Natsume stood their with his face a bit stunned.. Every girl gave him stuff to make him fall in love with each of them but Mikan... He gave him a scarf to make sure he's warm... "Baka."
"You don't like it?" Mikan said with a sad face.. "Gomen... But just wear it for tonight. I'll be happy! Ja ne, Hyuuga-kun!"
Mikan ran out smiling with a small blush at her cheeks... She ran back to the ballroom and went to Hotaru..
"No. It's not that I don't like it..." Natsume said,
Mikan smiles at Hotaru and Ruka who were sitting in a corner...
"It's just that you are so damn stupid just thinking about me..." Natsume whispered to himself as he looked up at the sky...
Persona appears and guides him to the hotel...
"What happened, Mikan?" Ruka said,
"He didn't like my gift..." Mikan said waving her arms. "What a mean guy!"
"I don't think he does. Trust me." Hotaru said,
"Fine..." Mikan said.
'You know, Mikan... You didn't have to give him a gift.' Hotaru thought... 'Your smile is like a cure for him... And a cure for me is that every time you do that. I get rabbits... But.. It also cures me seeing you happy...' Hotaru smiled a bit.
Ruka looked at Hotaru and said, "What are you thinking, Hotaru-san---"
Hotaru and Ruka blushed and looked at the other way..
"It's alright.. If you want to call me that..."
"Okay.. H-Hotaru-san..."
Mikan smiled and began eating her cake..
Natsume (with his mask on) dodged the last bullet and threw flames at the body guard... The body guard activates his Alice that makes a shield and the flame came back to Natsume.. Natsume tries to dodge it but some of it burned small parts of his scarf. Natsume's eyes widened a bit... The scarf that Mikan gave him… The scarf that was bought by a hard-working Mikan... It was partly burned...
"K-KISAMA! (It means bastard.)" Natsume shouted and punched him with fire on his hand... The bodyguard was knocked unconscious... He looked at him.. "Don't you dare do that again..." He jumped out of the window and walked out... The mask disappeared...
Natsume slid his hands at his pocket... He then felt something.. It was the wrapper of the gift.. It had something in it... He took it out and saw what it was... A small teddy bear with a note..
Merry Christmas. Have a safe mission...
Be back safe now!
- Mikan

Natsume gave a small smile and looked at the teddy... It was wearing a blue scarf identical to Natsume's... It was a replica of Natsume but no hair..
"Must be made by my damn fan club..."
He walks out as snow slowly falls from the sky...
The party ends and everyone goes back to their dorms...
"Night, Hotaru, Ruka-pyon..." Mikan said.
"Night.." Ruka said as Hotaru nods.
Mikan shut her door and sighed.. It was one of the most tiring nights of her life... She smiled and opened her cute orange lamp and sat down... She put all her gifts at a corner...
"I wonder if Hyuuga-kun will be alright."
She looked at the window... It was snowing so lightly.. It was like beautiful scenery to her... She then sees something at her window... She opens her window... It was a note and a small stuffed puppy wearing a Santa hat...
Don't worry; I liked your gift...
Merry Christmas to you too, baka.
And stop calling me Hyuuga.
Mikan grinned, "Heh, Arigatou... Natsume-kun."
Natsume walked out of her door... He smirked and waved lazily to the brunette's room... He then stopped and looked at a near big window.
"Baka youjo."

End of Part 3

• Chapter 10: New years wish
Everyone was dismissed to go and eat...
"Hey Hotaru, Iinchou-kun!" Mikan said,
"Hi, Mikan-chan!" Yuu said,
Hotaru was busy selling some weird paper.
"Hotaru, what's that?" Mikan said looking at the different assorted color and styled papers which were like a vertical bill.
"These are the newest things that are popular all over the academy... They're called Alice wish paper." Hotaru said giving 3 to some of the students. "They’re only 70 rabbits."
"For a piece of paper?" Mikan said,
"You write your wish at the paper and stick it at your window... Then watch it until it disappears and it will come true. It’s a new year’s wish to be exact! But it can't be something bad or impossible." Yuu said, "Like making someone fall in love with you! You can only buy one paper. I got mine already!" He showed Mikan a grey Alice paper with a gold crescent moon on it.
"Wow! I want to buy one!" Mikan said,
"You have to wait in line first..." a voice said, Mikan turned and saw Sumire holding an green Alice paper with a clover decorated on it.
"Hi, Permy... What line?" Mikan said as she looked at Hotaru and saw the huge line... "WHOA!"
"I'll reserve you one for 30 rabbits..." Hotaru said..
"Aww... Fine..." Mikan said getting some 30 rabbits from her pocket.. "Here." She gave the money to Hotaru as Hotaru nodded.
"I'll be seeing you later." Hotaru said as Mikan and Yuu waved to her and left...
"Alright! I'm going to get some Alice paper!" Mikan said skipping along the halls...
"Calm down, Mikan-chan... Oh! Hi, Natsume-san, Ruka-san..." Yuu said,
Mikan looked at Yuu confusingly and hit something...
Strange.. This wall seems to be breathing... And I can hear a heart beat... Mikan looked up and saw Natsume shooting a glare at Mikan.. Mikan backed away sweatdropping...
"Daijoubu, Sakura-san?" Ruka said,
"Hai, Ruka-pyon... I guess you're done skipping classes, huh?" Mikan said looking at Natsume and Ruka. "Hi Ruka-pyon and Natsume-kun!"
"Natsume-kun?" Yuu and Ruka said looking at them.
"I thought you aren't that much friends with Natsume?" Ruka said eyeing suspiciously at the blushing Mikan and the emotionless Natsume.
"He said that I don't need to---"
"Shut up polka-dots.. Besides.. We're not the only ones who changed our name calling..." Natsume said looking at Ruka who was blushing.
"Oh yeah... Ruka-pyon, you called Hotaru, "Hotaru-san"... That's kawaii!" Mikan said grinning. "Oh yeah! Did you buy your Alice papers?"
Ruka nods and showed two papers. One was purple with a black cat on it and the other one was yellow and had some blue circles. Must be bubbles to me... Mikan's smile grew wide as she looked at the purple paper.
"Kuro neko! (Black cat)" Mikan said excitedly...
Mikan took the paper and examined it.. The upper right end had a small silver star on it. Natsume snatched it from her hands... "HEY!"
"It's mine... You're not supposed to put your idiotic germs on it..." Natsume said,
"Natsume-kun!" Mikan said flapping her arms...
"Oh great.. We're playing sharades are we? Let me guess, a stupid moron flapping her arms like an idiot thinking that she can fly like a bird? Or are you just plain stupid?" Natsume said smirking... Mikan became angrier as if she was about to explode...
"Calm down, Mikan-chan..." Yuu said,
"FINE." Mikan said, Yuu smiled at this...
"Oh yeah, Iinchou-kun, what's that silver star at the paper?" Mikan asked.
"It's a trademark that it's original and exclusively for the Alice Academy only."
"I see..." Mikan said,
After that Mikan was back to cleaning duty!
"Stupid cleaning duty..." Mikan said grumpily,
"At least you're almost done, BAKA." someone said. And of course... So predictable it was Natsume Hyuuga!
"Natsume-kun!" Mikan said jumping from the shock.
"He..." Natsume said smirking,
"Eh? Are you.. Here to pick me up?" Mikan said blushing...
Natsume blushed a bit and shook his head all cool like...
"Natsume-kun! Let's walk! I'm pretty bored anyway! I'm done.." Mikan said and waved to Hotaru. She walked out of the room. Natsume followed the brunette as she skipped down the halls...
"Stop skipping, it's VERY annoying." Natsume said. Actually it was cute for Natsume...
"Well, sorry! I'm not the one who's very grumpy!" Mikan said.
“Well I'm not the one whose smile is like a drooling toad!" Natsume snapped..
"Hmph! No need to snap! Just talking here..." Mikan said... Natsume rolled his eyes...
"What do you want anyways?"
"Ah! I wanted to ask what your wish is!" Mikan said grinning at Natsume...
"Really... Like why will I tell you?" Natsume said pulling Mikan's pigtails as Mikan and Natsume's face were really close.
"Just tell me!" Mikan said,
"Fine..." Natsume said his eyes disappearing... The whole scenery turned quiet.. The rustling of leaves.. Mikan looked at Natsume...
"I wish... That everyone I knew will not have the same darkness I have especially..."
"I don't want someone that I love to have that darkness... I'll risk my life to do that.. And that special someone... It's you."
Mikan blushed furiously as her heart skipped a beat... Natsume's eyes looked at Mikan... Not eyes of happiness though!
"BAKA." Natsume said smirking... Mikan raged in anger...
"YOU----!" Mikan exploded.. "NATSUME HYUUGA!"
"Hmph.. Whatever, blueberries..." Natsume said.
"What ar you "Hmph.. whatever"-ing about! You are so annoying! Some day I'll do that to you..." Mikan said as head was full of veins... Mikan then stomped off to Hotaru...
Natsume looked at the retreating figure... "Stupid Mikan..."
Natsume's eyes turned into sadness and confusion... "You don't know how much I'm confused of how I feel about you..." He whispered as he retreated and disappeared with the rustling of leaves...
Mikan stomped to Hotaru...
"That stupid Natsume-kun..." Mikan said gritting her teeth as she looked at Hotaru.. Down to the last costumer at last... The student left as Hotaru stood up and went to Mikan.
"Here. Your Alice paper..."Hotaru said. It was orange with cute pink stars on it...
"Arigatou, Hotaru.. Here's the money." Mikan said giving the money...
They went out as they walked back to their dorm..
"Ano, Hotaru?"
"What are you going to wish?"
"I won't tell you."
"Aww... Come on!" Mikan said holding Hotaru's light blue paper with some purple flowers on it...
Hotaru snatched it back and shook her head.
"You'll see..."
It was at Mikan's room...
"What should I write?" Mikan said thinking REALLY hard... "I have no idea!" She slammed her pen to the table and ran all around thinking...
Then there was a knock at the door... Mikan stopped and looked at her door.
"Eh? Must be Hotaru! Yay! She'll tell me her wish..." She walked to the door and greeted.. "Hi Ho--" Mikan looked at the familiar ruby eyes... "Natsume-kun."
Natsume walked inside her room... He sat at a chair near the window he put his gift last Christmas... There was a long silence...
'Oh yeah.. I forgot about the present...' Mikan thought as she looked at the puppy beside her Alice paper... Natsume stared at the stuffed puppy...
"Ano..." Mikan said as Natsume looked at Mikan... "Arigatou. The stuffed puppy looked cute!" Mikan smiled at Natsume... Natsume just stared back at her... "Why are you here anyway?" Mikan asked...
"I don't know."
A long eerie silence came...
"Nothing, baka."
"Don't call me that!"
Natsume's POV
Actually I didn't know what came over me... I had no control of myself and walked... It was weird I ended up at Mikan's place. Anyway I better apologize to her of what I did... Great! Look what that asshole did to me! Crap.
Mikan looked at me with her cute clueless eyes... What did I call her? I'm getting corny now.
"Nani, Natsume-kun?" Mikan said smiling…
She's smiling... Even if I said and did all those things to her.. I need to know how she does that... At least she's not a coward of what's happening to her life... Not like me... But, I got the strength to be more courageous because of Ruka, the academy, damn right that Imai too for some reason. And especially that smiling baka... Hmph.. Mikan... I smirked at myself...
"Ahh... I just wanted to say... Gomen.. For what I did I while ago..."
There was a long silence... Mikan grinned at Natsume and said, "I forgive you!"
I felt relieved for some reason... I looked back at Mikan.. She might think I'll be soft to her now! "Look.. I'm only doing this so you will shut your mouth and not tell everyone of what I did, gorilla face."
I walked out of the room then stopped.. "Your welcome, polka-dots." I then walked out and went to my room to write at my Alice paper.
Normal POV
Mikan stopped... It was surprising when Natsume turns bad to good all over and over. But it's alright for Mikan, she knows a lot about Natsume now... Plus half of her memories has returned... She then knew what she's going to right.. She took her pen and began her work...
She stuck it at her room and went to her bed... Hotaru said it'll disappear at about 12 am so she set the alarm at 11:50 and slept...
Do you want to know their wishes? Here they are:
- I wish I would find the right personI love and they would love me back.
-I want Ruka and Natsume to notice me!
- I wish everyone could just smile and be happy for once in a while. Everyone are all on deep thoughts... Weird.. I wonder why...
- I wish my dream will come true step by step...
-Everyone being twice as happy this school year...
-I want the one I like to be happy.. (Must be Hotaru...)
- I wish that my parents are alright and have a safe new year... And so is the academy... and Mikan.. (She should have putted Ruka!)
-Also a lot of rabbits.
- I wish that my darkness will turn over to a light. I want
the best for everyone and especially Mikan.
- I wish grandpa's alright and the academy to have fun.. I truly wish to see everyone happy and see Natsume smile! Especially the making him stop calling me those stupid names..
All of their Alice papers turned to light as they all watched it go away to the sky... It was a new start... For the Alice academy and love!
• Chapter 11: Affections
Mikan looked at Hotaru... Hotaru was fixing her invention...
"Ne, Hotaru..."
"Why are all the girls going all excited?" Mikan said,
"You'll see when Hyuuga and Nogi come..." Hotaru said.
"Oh..." Mikan said..
Mikan and Hotaru looked at what's happening... Ruka and Natsume were crowded by a big group of girls... Middle school to high school seems to be attached to the two bishounens...
"Natsume-kun, please accept my gift!"
"Oh Ruka-kun... Here... Please eat my chocolate!"
"Kyaa! You two are so cute!"
"Dwahh?" Mikan said confusingly, "What's happening?"
"You're so stupid." Hotaru said,
"It's Valentine's day, Mikan-chan!" Yuu said,
"Ah! Ohayo, Iinchou-kun!" Mikan said as Yuu smiled...
"That's why the girls are being rabid today..." Hotaru said,
"I see..." Mikan said as if she was struck by an idea...
Meanwhile, with Ruka and Natsume... They were surrounded alright... The girls gave them piles of chocolate as they tried to look two familiar faces that they knew... No... They weren't there...
'Where's Hotaru-san? Why am I looking for her? If she gives me one I have to pay her back...' Ruka thought blushing...
"KYAA! RUKA-SAN'S BLUSHING!" someone cried out as Ruka sweatdropped...
'Where's that stupid girl... Isn't she going to give me a chocolate box? It is Valentines day... Why am I thinking of her! Oh great...'Natsume sighed as he couldn't find Mikan...
"Hello class!" Narumi said as all the girls went back to their seats..
Ruka sighed as Natsume and Ruka sat down since Narumi already came at the door they can't cut classes... Natsume stared at Mikan...
"As you know class today is Valentines day! I'll be making a project. You write your names at the piece of paper and I will draw your name... Boys and girls are separated in each box. When you have your partner, you have to spend the whole day with them! Let's start!"
They then got a piece of paper and pen and wrote their names.. Each of them fold their papers and putting it inside the specific box. Everyone was finished as Narumi started calling the names...
“Who do you think you’ll be pair up with, Mikan-chan?” Yuu asked as Narumi called more pairs.
"I don't need to know..." Mikan said,
"Why is that? Yuu said,
"I'll eventually get someone I least suspect..." Mikan said in a depressing tone...
"Imai Hotaru and Nogi Ruka."
Ruka blushed as Hotaru stayed normal...
"And lastly... Sakura Mikan and Hyuuga Natsume..."
Mikan's head shot up. Wait... It's very expected and Natsume will just be looking bored... She doesn't need to see... Then again, Mikan looked Natsume with the corner of her eye... Natsume being bored as usual with a hint of blush at his cheek... Mikan flushed furiously...
It was lunch as Mikan sighed... Finally.. It's done! Mikan had to work on her project as she walked towards Natsume..
"I'm guessing you'll just stay there.. Besides if I say “Hi” you'll just tease me..." Mikan said grumpily...
"Come on.. Let's just go to where you want..." Natsume said,
Mikan smiled and nodded... "I'll be buying from Hotaru some chocolates!"
"Chocolates? For who?" Natsume said in a bored tone but inside he's curious...
"Tsubasa-sempai, Ruka-pyon, Narumi-sensei, jii-chan too, there's also Bear-san, Kaname-san, Noda-sensei... I'm not sure of Jin-Jin though..." Mikan said smiling... Natsume had a small disappointment inside him.. "I'll be back, Natsume-kun!" Natsume waved lazily...
While Mikan turns around the corner, she stops...
'I have to give chocolates to Natsume-kun! Even if he teases me he's kind inside! And I'm one of those rare persons that have seen him do that!' Mikan thought.. "Let's do it!" Dramatic pause as Mikan throws a dramatic punch, "Alright!"
Mikan runs to find Hotaru... Meanwhile, back to Natsume...
"That idiot... Why should I care about her giving me some stupid chocolate anyway.. I have sweets..." Natsume said to himself...
"Oh really?" someone said,
GREAT. It's Andou Tsubasa...
"Kisama.(Bastard)" Natsume said glaring at Tsubasa who backed away a bit...
"I was just passing by..." Tsubasa said sweatdropping,
"Whatever..." Natsume said,
"Well... Who were you talking about?"
"Why will I start a conversation with an asshole like you..." Natsume said glaring,
"Hmph.. Rude. I'm your sempai you know! You can't just think highly of you-- ITS MIKAN-CHAN ISN'T IT! You have a crush on her?" Tsubasa said in a teasing tone...
"I'll burn you when I have a chance.. And that chance is NOW..." Natsume said as a big flame came out of his palm... Tsubasa backed away and ran...
'Wait 'ill I tell Misaki...' Tsubasa thought smirking,
Mikan found Hotaru talking to an angry Ruka,
"Hotaru-san! Give me those blackmail pictures!" Ruka said,
"Hotaru," Mikan said, Ruka and Hotaru looks at the brunette...
"Ahh... While I was on my way here I thought about dropping you some Valentines chocolates.. Here..." Mikan said giving them two chocolate boxes... They took it... "Anyway, may I buy that cute cat chocolate you were selling to the girls?"
"Oh.. You're in luck. I have the last one.. Here..." Hotaru said handing Mikan a dark chocolate cat...
"Arigatou! Here are 10 rabbits..." Mikan said,
"Who's that for?" Ruka said,
"Natsume-kun!" Mikan said smiling...
Ruka smiled back and said, "I wish you luck."
"Hai! Arigatou, Ruka-pyon."
"Ja ne, Mikan..." Hotaru said,
Mikan walks out of the place...
"I guess that makes 325 chocolates..." Ruka said to himself, Ruka sighed and smiled at Hotaru.. "You seem to be the only one who didn't give me chocolates.. I mean Anna-san and Nonoko-san too... But they like someone else..."
"Do you want me to give you a chocolate bar?" Hotaru said raising her eyebrow.
"N-No! I don't think I want to see one!" Ruka said blushing... Hotaru smiled to herself...
"I won't give you one..." Hotaru said making Ruka look a bit disappointed.
Hotaru looked at Ruka... He seems depressed... How should Hotaru make him happy? Hotaru smirked to herself... She went towards Ruka and kissed him on the cheek.
Ruka turned red as Hotaru said, "I can't give you anything but a kiss can be, right?" Ruka immediately turned into a tomato as Hotaru took a picture of it.. "The fan club will definitely like this."
Ruka turned normal and burst into anger... "Hotaru-san!"
Natsume leaned at a post... It's almost dismissal and he couldn't find the baka...
"Where is she?" Natsume thought... 'I hope she didn't get into trouble.. That small brain of hers always gets into trouble...' Natsume ran to find Mikan.. He looked al over the classrooms and went back to where he started... "Damn..."
"Natsume-kun!" someone said,
Natsume felt an urge to smile but he just looked who it is...
"Baka youjo."
"Ehehe... Sorry if it took so long---"
Mikan got cut by an embrace by Natsume... Mikan blushed a good color of red...
"You had me worried, strawberries..." Natsume said smirking.. He was relieved... She was fine alright..
No need to think something bad happening to Mikan Sakura... She's just here...
"Here!" Mikan said smiling...
Natsume looked and saw a cat shaped chocolate... He took it and examined it...
"Good.. No poison. Plus don't expect me to say thank you..." Natsume said smirking...
"POISON! No thank you! “Mikan yelled...
"Shut up!" Natsume said aiming a hit to her head as Mikan closed her eyes... His hand gently held her head...
"Happy Valentines, baka..."
Mikan smiled and nodded...
"Oh and that hug? Early white day present..."

End of Part 4
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