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F / ?lost in my castl...
Posted 5/20/08
hey my name is serenity/eliza but every1 calls me aya
i'm 14
sex female
nationality: english/ french
hobbies: modleing and sining and shopping, partyin bein bad
Posted 5/20/08 , edited 5/25/08
(\ /)
( . .)
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤.Angelica Mandy

sex: Is always good
nationality: British ftw.. i have this awesome english accent ha
hobbies: procrastinating, parties, banter, giggles, tomfoolery, hankypanky, fashion, acting
I have been in two films.. one u will almost definately have heard of, probably seen it. the other probably not.
I even have a fansite! whoot go me! And i hope to continue my acting career once ive finished school and exams.

single, married, divorced, swinger: all of those..
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F / ???.......i hate...
Posted 5/20/08
hi :)

IM a HUGE fan OF BaByCaKeS clothing

Name: NiCoLe <3
Age: 15
Sex: FeMaLe....uh DUH
Nationallity: GeRmaN and EngLisH
HOBBIES: hangin with mi AMIGOS, txting (my love), im a chatter box lol,
WALKIN IN THE POURING RAIN, cheer, and OMG i LOVE music....... oh and im an ACTRESS ^^..... IM SINGLE BABY :P

idk bout u but im in love with DINASOURS!..... rawrness =3

Ummmm..... wat else *thinks* well i like BOYS! i guess that is somethin.... but yet again doesnt every girl????? lol

Feel Free to buddy me i would love to talk <3
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F / 潤のベッド(≧ω≦)
Posted 5/20/08
How is everyone~?

I'm Akane. Or Kris.
Whatever works. I want to change my legal name to Kryst.
Ahem. I'm Asian-American.
Specifically, Japanese / Filipino / and Caucasian.
My hobby is gaming, writing, dancing, and drawing.
Posted 5/20/08
name: nou
age: 14
sex: f
nationality: hmong
hobbie: sports, laughing
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Posted 5/21/08
name: kel
age: 19
sex: male
nationality: filipino
hobbies: sexy dancing, martial arts, sports, games..
Posted 5/21/08
hellowww~~ 8D
ummm name is momo or mow dun mind...17 yrs old..female..
m half indonesian n half chinese heehee XD
luv cooking..ges its one of my talent =X .. luv everything bout fashion.. luv photography too XD
✖✖ n m a major sweet tooth✖✖
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27 / M / australia
Posted 5/21/08
name : Hai
age: 18
sex: Male
nationality: chinese
hobbies: shopping, finding new styles, hair is my passion, poeple who have an individuality attracts me.
status: single, never date before.
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24 / F / Falling in side t...
Posted 5/23/08
Hii everyone i'm Vany . real name Sariana dun really care whatyeah call my!1 o.0..Nationality: Dutch,,,i'm a 15 year old girl ,,Friends say that i act like a old woman :crazy:..i'mo random, goofy, Funny, >.<Crazy combo Sooo!! :sweatingbullets:..My hobbie's are Dancing, drawing, singing, Music, Making new friends And party's non-stop ...I luvvvvv My boyfriend, he is the 1 and only to Myyy..<3<3<3...Add my i'f you wane have a chit chat..
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24 / F / fResno, caLi
Posted 5/25/08
hi eveyone

welp there name's jacky.... nationality is hmong.... i am 14teen years brithday is on september 27 so you better party hard.....status is single and happy....btw i am a girl... my hobbies are dancing (took ballet,hawaiian & jazz, now it's hip hop,and i'm learning bellydancin.) sing (but i'm not very good lol...) photography, scrapbook, writing, watching movies, spending times if my girls and friends vollyball, tennis, flag football (don't trip i'm jux a girl but i can still catch hehehe... & i love making others laugh. my talent is my dancing

welp if you want more info then fell free to ask me

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23 / F
Posted 5/25/08
My name is classified xD
My age is old enough to go online and type xD
I'm vietnamese (and yeah us asians are hot xD)
Im a female of course
My hobbies are singing, dancing, listening to music, and hanging with friends
I'm single for now x]
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35 / F
Posted 5/26/08
well ...

my names yoshi
im a grown ass woman
im hispanic
i enjoy reading books [manga, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery]
im an artist [drawing, painting]
i love to go dancing [salsa, merengue, bachata]
and i enjoy all kinds of anime and jdoramas

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26 / F / cleaning my ears...
Posted 5/30/08
hey *waves* ^_^
my name is charlotte i am 16 and female i live in England which is wonderfull i am also part Irish lol so watch out >.<
you can call me char =)
i love to dance soo much and i dont think there isnt a moment of the day or night were im not dancing
i love to stay active and keep people happy so if your ever down then come to me for a smile and a cup of tea lol
i liek to bake all the time so yer i hav a funny feeling ima b fat when im older i dont mind as long as its from chocolate my one weakness
i am single at the mo but have loads of people to hug so im happy lol
and btw wow loads of people in this group are soo pretty
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23 / F / you wish you knew ;D
Posted 5/31/08
name- zoe
age- 14
sex- female
nationality- hispanic
hobbie- soccer, music, talking with my bf and hanging with my friends
single, married, divorced, swinger- in a relationship ^-^

you can ask me anything else

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24 / F / California bby!
Posted 6/8/08
name: Charlene
sex: Female (no duuh ;])
nationality: asian. im half japanese and filipino
hobbie: attending pageants (and winning of course), singing, acting, causing trouble, shopping, and talking to cute guys
single, married, divorced, swinger: Im single ^-^

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