Randy Orton vs Triple H for the WWE Championship @ One Night Stand
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Posted 5/19/08 , edited 5/20/08
Last Man Standing Match

What will it make of this match? Find out in One Night Stand as Randy Orton tries to take back his title the same way he did to Triple H in the past.
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Posted 5/20/08 , edited 5/20/08
That is the main point to the entire match...Randy Orton won the world title against HHH in a last man standing match at No Mercy 2007 but lets look at the main pointers in this match

1.The Past - Randy Orton has the upper hand since he defeated HHH once before in a Last man standing match, this will give him a mental edge over the game

2. The Experience - HHH has been alot of brutal matches which means he is more used to this kind of battle and some believe the only reason he lost to orton was because he had to fight three matches in one match so this might give the experience edge in this match

3. RKO vs The Pedigree - the biggest point to this match is the finisher and if it goes down to that then the RKO trumps The Pedigree because whilst the Pedigree is a stronger finisher, the speed factor is its disadvantage when you think about it, the Pedigree takes a good 5 - 10 seconds to be set up perfectly and connected whilst the RKO although weaker is still a strong attack takes Orton only 2 - 3 seconds to hit it which means Orton could hit 3 to 5 RKO to HHH one pedigree and if Orton hits it in the right place and the right time like he did at No Mercy then Orton will walk away with the belt

4. The vicious attitude - the cold viciousness of Orton vs the calculated viciousness of the game, this will be a major point to this kind of match but when you look at it closer this is merely a draw because although Orton viciousness will be continuous, HHH will buy his time and wait until Orton is tired before taking his anger out him in calculated attack

My personal verdict is this is a match Orton could win but expect HHH to come out of this somehow with the victory but it will be one of those "you didn't deserve it" kinda wins
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