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Post Reply Your First Anime Convention
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32 / M / Motown
Posted 12/9/14
My first was Youmacon, just over a month ago. I'm a veteran of sci-fi conventions, so I wasn't exactly first-timer freaked out, but it was by far the biggest con I've been to, and it was kind of intimidating. I also waited too long to book a room, so ended up commuting. On public transportation. That sucked big time.
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14 / F
Posted 12/22/14 , edited 12/22/14
I went to London MCM expo in October the 24th 2014
And I was 13yrs
And cosplayed as haruhi suzumiya
I got 2 pokemon mangas for £2 each which was cheap
Sword art online wall scroll
A Death note
Sylveon plushie
Totoro keyring
And this was my first convention
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26 / M / Daten City
Posted 12/26/14
Katsucon 2014
Didn't cosplay but attended the KLK shoot for fun. So many awesome cosplays!

Nekocon 2014
Cosplayed as Monokamina, Shuu Tsukiyama, and SNK Vegeta

Katsucon 2015
Cosplaying as Kid Trunks, Shuu Tsukiyama, Satsuki Kiryuin [genderbend], Haruka Nanase [season 1 ending credits club jacket], and Cleaning Levi
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Posted 1/1/15
Don't remember what my first was called, but it was when I was in 6th grade in 1994 in Tokyo. It was huge. It was insane. It was incredibly fun. Just remember crushing on a lot of the female cosplayers and buying a lot of cool stuff really cheap.
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25 / M / Cosmos
Posted 1/9/15
First convention was Animazement in Raleigh NC in 2011, and I will never forget it. I want to go to another convention again.
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23 / F / Ohio
Posted 1/11/15 , edited 1/11/15
Ohayocon 2012 was my first convention at age 20!! I finally went because I had met a group of people who were adament that i go so i decided why not and i LOVED it
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20 / M / Lucasville-McDerm...
Posted 1/18/15
Pokecon in Louisville KY was my first anime convention! I was 19 years old and It's was on July 20,2013 at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport! I have a lot of fun. I went to panels, participate in events, meet new anime fans, and went to a rave! It was the best day of my life!
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こ ~ じ ~ か
Posted 1/19/15
A-Kon 12 in Dallas. That was almost 14 years ago now. Also went to A-Kon 13 the next year. Only visited for one day each time. Don't remember the specific hotels but I saw Duel Jewel at 13 and loved it. :D

After that I didn't go to a con until A-Kon 25, mostly because I kept forgetting and I had tight finances.

A-Kon 25 changed everything for me. Before, it was small, in a fairly small hotel, and I didn't stay. 25 on the other hand was in the Hilton Anatole, which is farking huge. I was amazed at how much the con had grown. The total square footage A-Kon 25 covered was probably triple or more that of A-Kon 12/13.

I also booked a room in the hotel for all three days and pretty much lived in anime city. A-Kon 12 may have been my first time at an anime convention, but 25 was the first time I really immersed myself in the experience.

It was awesome. And I'm doing it again this year.

And no. I didn't cosplay.

This year, I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf mutes.
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19 / F / Maryland
Posted 1/20/15
I was 10 years old and I went to Otakon in Maryland
I was Sailor Jupiter ^^;
Now this February is coming up and I'm going to Katsucon :3
The Judge
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Posted 1/20/15

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32 / M / Southern California
Posted 1/21/15
Anime Expo 2005, I was 22 at the time
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17 / M / Greensboro NC
Posted 2/15/15
It was Ichiban at the begining of this year. I plan on going to the Triad Anime Con in a few weeks.
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18 / F
Posted 2/18/15
Megacon in 2011. It was great! I've been to F.A.E 2011, Megacon 2011, 2012, 2014 and this year will be my 4th year, Mythicon 2014, and I think that's it.
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Posted 24 days ago
My first was A-kon 14. I was on the con medical staff and had a lot of fun while I was off duty. I've been attending cons ever since^^ (but not on staff)
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33 / M / N.Ireland
Posted 20 days ago , edited 20 days ago
33 from N.Ireland and im headed to my first con tomorrow with my wife. Belfast McM comiccon
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