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Posted 5/19/08
Chapter: I "First Encounter"

at a blood bar Larac(Prophet of the MC) drinks his beer and eats a pieces of goat meat. He shouts at the vampires drinking blood, some vampires didnt mind the prophet but some were annoyed at him shouting and insulting vampire kind. "Hey you blood suckers, got any good aids lately" Larac laughs aloud while he insulted them with prevocative moves.

Ky sits in corner with Deidore.
"This loudmouth is what you aim for Ky. I'll kill him for a joke." Deidore snarledd, clenching his glass, which shattered with ease and he still gripped it clenching the glass even deeper into his palm as the blood flowed blue.

Ky reached over and unclenched Deidore's hand which he just tusked and wrapped with the band holding his hair which flowed glittering in the mass.

Ky grinned secretly. One thing that wired up Deidore was insulting his ancient clan. Only three ancient vampires survived. Deidore powers were infinite which he hid well but the raw edges were already wiring me up. He even hated Bya-Ju cause he was an insult to vampires Deidore claimed. She sat back and drank her sake keeping straight eyes in the idiotic prophet who was just begging for trouble. She smirked in her drink and gulped it calling for more and a new glass for Deidore.

"what we got here?" Larac drunk and looks at Deidore in the face. "You look familiar, have we met somewhere?. or maybe I killed your twin brother in the past". Larac not knowing that Deidore and Ky's purpose in the bar was to kill him.

Larac sat in the middle of Ky and Deidore "so baby" Larac said while slithering his hand at Ky's cleavage "why are you here with this Ancient anyway. isnt he too old for you" Ky, pissed off while she felt the prophet skin touching hers. Ezra, Larac's associate/slave went to Ky's table "I'm sorry, that he is disturbing you" Ezra said "He's an ass whether drunk or sober". Ezra slammed Larac's head to the table and bowed hers "sorry for disturbing you".

Deidore chuckled. Laughed so hard and evilly it scared me. 'Let me let you in on a little secret...' he said leaning close to the woman.'I'll kill him... but for being polite I'll let you live. Bastards like him dont deserve to live. Spits toward the prophet as spit melts table piece off.Leans back.'Got something against

Ky smirked thinking this would be easier since Deidore willingly went into his first stage already.His eyes were red around the gold and he sipped more sake.

Larac called to Ezra and asked to scan Deidore. "He's slightly above you boss but he is slowly getting stronger". Larac sobered up and sighed. "I'm sorry ancient for insulting you" Larac sighed again. "I promised Youichi i wouldnt kill anymore legal vampires. . . .so what do you say" Larac smiles and hands out his right arm for a shake.

Deidore laughs. He grabbed the prophets arm as a glow began emanating from Deidore's arm and trickling down towards the prophet. Ky kicked him, he looked up in shock at Ky as the glow disappeared.

'We will give u seconds to run.. Prophet.' Ky sneered glaring hatefully at the prophet that appeared to be good but has Bya-Ju(Vampire, supposed to be Ky's kill). The prophet seemed to be conscious of something to be so easy-going and apologetic. Ky couldnt just grab him after his apology like Deidore. 'Damn.' Ky muttered sipping sake and wondering if she should have let Deidore rot his arm off.

Larac's arm shapeshifted and slipped off Deidore's grip. . .The prophet lit his cigar and told Ezra to use her flute. Ky withdrew her sword as some of the lesser vampire went out the bar.

Ezra played her flute of chaos, Ky and the other vamps in the bar were in pain due to the melody. Larac, unaffected because his ears is covered with flesh tapped his feet while he looks at Deidore enjoying the tune. "I'm sorry prophet but her magic is futile for me" Deidore said even though the prophet is deaf from any sound. In pain from the sound Ky struggles and kept on slashing her sword blindly.

'Damn and to think I let him go.' Ky muttered as a melody sounded in her head. Ky glanced up at Deidore. he smiled at her. Ky slowly stopped swinging at the sword and the melody instead of calming her angered self as she realized what the prophet did. She lunged at him tackling him to the ground and drew back a clawed hand.

When Ky tried to stab the prophet with her claws, the prophet quickly grew 2 extra arms and gripped both her hands."You know, I'm not that easy to kill" said the prophet. Deidore attacked Ezra but his attacks did not land not one, Ezra continued to play his tunes.

Larac, pinned to the ground kissed the female vampire. Ky blushed and was annoyed by the prophets action, Ezra quickly interrupted the moment and played an apocalyptic tune and cause both Deidore and Ky to see illusions. Larac turned the bar's wooden floor into quicksand and sank the vampires half way, making an opening for Ezra and Larac to escape.

"Damn Deidore!!, they escaped. that cowardly prophet" Ky said while her body stuck on quicksand.
"Dont worry, we will get that prophet" Deidore replied.

meanwhile far away from the Vampires.

"Who the hell did you pissed off now Larac!!!" Ezra angrily shouts at Larac.
"I dont give a rats ass who those two were. all vampires look alike to me" replied Larac.

To be continued . . . . . . . . . .

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Chapter II: "The Chase begins"

Deidore slams his fist into the mouth of some sucumbus. And sliced his throat from the inside. Ky grimaced. She already forgotten how many she killed the following day after fallen for the prophet's sidekick's illusion trick. Ky knew it was her fault, she forgotten to play it cool when the prophet grabbed her. She forced down her rage because it was her own fault. He already told her it was okay but she couldn't help shake the feeling that she would've killed the prophet then and there.

The illusions shattered her and she didnt even told Deidore that the illusions made her feel really uneasy.
Her old home was a torment she couldn't yet come home with. Ky sighed as Deidore killed some stupid giant on the way to her grandfathers home, that thought it was cute.
"Deidore..." she whined."I'm hungry"
"'Fine." Deidore grimaced, "theres a nearby blood bar, want to go there?"Ky nodded.

He washed his hands in the river nearby and opened up his poetry book as they headed to The Bar.

meanwhile far from the duo vampires.

Ezra chokeholds her boss "You freakin idiot!!, you almost got us massacred". Larac shapeshifts, slipping through Ezra's hold.
"Dont be a sore loser!!, at least we didnt die" Larac smiles confidently. . . . .
Larac contacts Youichi using water(Hydromancy)

"Yo, Youchi" Larac said
"What is it now PERVERT?!" Youichi replied.
"Can you tell me something bout two vampires, one ancient and one really fine bloodsucker"
"It will take weeks for info like that, and Ezra still with you" Ezra waved at Youichi and greeted her
"OK OK, and dont call me pervert" Larac slams to disturb the waters calmness, annoyed about those two getting along.

"Well we move on slave" Larac pointing to west and recieves a smack on the head.


Ky sips her sake while she looks at Deidore reading his book "Deidore..." Ky said annoyed.
"He isnt coming back" Deidore glanced up surprised. "Oh. Sorry Ky. Didnt know I was thinking aloud.Well if he wont come to us we'll go to him. You'll get to kill him while I wach him suffer slowly in what I like to call Tamatchi"
"Deidoree... again??" Ky moaned grinning.

He stretched his ancient but well body and takes out poetry book. He sat back and began to read while Ky sips sake.
After awhile he says without looking up. "Careful Ky, you'll be a sitting duck as a drunk hybrid"

"Yes... Pops..."she said grinning while gulping more. "Cause you're too old to date me..." she taunts sending Deidore eyes flying up as they both burst into laughter at what happened last night.

"i really think I should show him what Pops can do..." she said standing up. "Lets go find that bastard and kill him... sweety-pie...' he added slyly sending them laughing while walking out The Bar to begin the hunt.

Larac and Ezra walking in a hot desert. .. .. ..

Ezra dehydrated and tired mumbles "I cant believe im still following you and your still being an ass after all my devotion"she said. Larac in a form of a camel "what you talking about?! your following me cause you feel that im a great leader"He smiles with his camel mouth. Ezra lost her strength and fell ill because of the heat. Larac carried her in his back and continued to move west, for no apparent reason.


Ky bangs on a door... "Kiratchi you bastard! Bring your ass over here and open the damn door"
Door swings open.
Handsome man with white long hair flashing green eyes wearing glasses grinned. "Hullo grandbaby... did yah rang?"
Ky growls and steps in after Deidore. "We need to find this guy". She focus all her thoughts on the prophet as her grandfather iris begins to glow and spin faster.
"I see, Open your mind grandbaby" He smirked.
Ky opened her mind and the image of a camel and the girl in a desert came to mind.
"That camel is your prophet" Kiratchi sounded in her mind.
Ky eyes flew open. "Where is he heading to Kiratchi?"
Kiratchi turns around, puts water on to boil and hums a melody.
"That I cannot tell you...'" he said. Then as an afterthought said "He may look weak Ky, but i can tell he is more than what meets the eye". As Deidore tsked and shoved his hands in his pocket.
He raised one hand and said "See yah" propelling Deidore and Ky.

Ky and Deidore flew out of the house and tumbled head first down the hill. Ky jerks up just as sudden and begans racing up the hill.
"That bitch... I'll kill him!" she exclaimed as Deidore attempts to restrain her. He began sounding the melody Kiratchi hummed and calmed Ky.
"Relax Ky..." he said.. "That was nothing... besides how many deserts are in Mystical" he grinned as he and Ky raced off into the night
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Chapter III.1: Ky's Training

Deidore sat on a rock and took out his poetry book. While he read, Ky begins her weekly training Kiratchi assigned her to do. As she raced up the trees, leaps across to another tree in the distance and down it to run up a nearby tree and continue like this Deidore sighed, thinking Kiratchi’s plan will never work.
“It will work Deidoreic.” Kiratchi said sitting beside him.
“Micholekyas! ” Deidore exclaimed as he fell backward off the rock.”
Kiratchi laughed. “You and Ky-chan are just too easy!”
“Yes. Yes.” Deidore said continuing to read his book while still on the ground.
“ Ohhh. Deidoreic. Pay attention.” Kiratchi whined.
“ I see.” Deidore said, picking something randomly from his mind.
“ Ohhh.” Kiratchi pouted playfully. “If Bya-Ju was here then maybe”
Deidore grabbed his throat. “Not another word Kiratchi-same” he said his mouth twisting irately.
“ If you want the brat go get him yourself.”
“Why should I when I have a min- mini- minion to—“Kiratchi laughed.
“ Damn you and KY – just too easy.” He said laughing.
Kiratchi rolled with laughter as Deidore rolled his eyes.
“Whatever old man” Deidore muttered, as he fell back to the ground.
Deidore hated that he got angry so easily this past week. ‘It means that I’m developing feelings.’ He thought angrily his mouth twisting.
“ yes but feelings are good too Deidoreic. It means access to more power, access to more abilities to dominate; to feel power. Take your anger and use it to dominate your opponents. Guaranteed drive to kill.” Kiratchi said seriously as he leaned over to watch Ky. He hung from the tree immediately and rested glasses on his face which accessed his eyes to view everything through a monster. As his eyes spun from green to gold he began explaining details about Ky to Deidore.
“ Look Deidoreic .” As Deidore looked up; he noted that ky had a pale glow enveloping her as she raced. She almost looked as if she was flying. Her break-her-neck speed was stunning as she fell, somersaulted and began again without breaking stride almost amazed Deidore.
And as she continued the glow expanded and enveloped her further.
“ What is it?” Deidore asked.
“That- is a sign that my grand-babey is unlocking her first stage. That is my babey taking back Mystical.” Kiratchi chuckled. “And that is my wife’s heir awakening right before your eyes. Of course it will take time… centuries perhaps… but… I’m a very patient old man.” He said grinning though his looks betrayed his age.
Surprisingly for a man who was older than you can think or as old as you can think he looked to be in his late twenties, with white hair flowing down his back and green eyes identical to ky’s he was in fack, surely sexy… still. By choice he never re-married and despite his happiness a piece of him died when his wife died and was re-born through his beloved kyssierria.
“Kiratchi, shouldn’t we stop her?” Deidore said a bit on the edge.
“ It. That is no it. That’s my grand-babey. And that is a very good idea.” He said thoughtfully. “See yah.” He said as he disappeared.
Deidore glared at what was where Kiratchi were. A musical siren blared through the forest blowing his robes and hair and the trees about five acres diameter.
“What?” he said scanning the forest to see the cause of the great wind. Ky flew past again and the siren sounded again. As she raced down a tree, the siren blared continually.
“ No- fucking- way.” He muttered. It seemed to be that ky’s every gasp for air released the siren. Destroying everything in her surrounding. So she had to go further in the forest for a new tree. It would be comical if he could take her down with ease but it was ky he was dealing with.
“ Kiratchi you bastard.” He cursed under his breath as he flew behind ky. The siren kept him aloof and behind ky most of the time. “Damn.” He said leaping in the trees behind ky who was running as if possessed; racing and dodging and racing and dodging- and destroying.
It seemed that Ky noticed someone following her. She sped up a couple notches and slid landed on the trunk of a tree. She turned toward Deidore and whistled low. The blast knocked down a couple hundred acres before it dimmed down.
* *
After it was visible enough and dust cleared and Ky could see her damage she spotted Deidore. He was in his sixth stage. She raced with-holding her siren. Deidore’s chase gave ky a new rush of adrenaline. She raced tiptoeing across the branches she used only leaving the ones she walked on to stand. As she looked back at Deidore who landed on her branch. She laughed as the branched crumbled under his footing. “The oldest trick in the book.” She grinned. She sped up still creating the trap. The next time she looked back Deidore was no where in sight. She laughed as she turned front nearly running into Deidore. ‘Damn.’ She said as she swerved left and sped up. When she looked back and then front she saw Deidore in front. ‘Tsk.’ She said as she swerved right. She sped up with all her might. Her eyes narrowed after a while as she spotted Deidore a distance in front of her reading his poetry book. “ Fuck!” she swerved backwards right into her trap and the branch collapsed and she flew (five stories) down to the ground. She landed right in Deidore’s arms. "Damn.” She said. I almost won too.” She pouted as she finally passed out.
Ky awoke to find Deidore reading his poetry. “Damn. That was fun. Eh? Deidore?” she yawned. “But did you had to end it like that?”
“Yes. I got bored.” He said as he stood up. “Lets go ky.”
“okay.” She said cheerfully as she stood walking behind him. Deidore was in his own mind. This was the first time he entered his eleventh stage against Ky. ‘I mean she’s not weak, but I rarely go past my third stage against opponents.’ He thought moodily.
Something dropped in front of them; A swish of blonde and grey. Deidore was momentarily stunned as it drew a sword. Ky instantly drew her dagger across the girl’s throat. They faced each other glaring with their weapons across each other throats. “Yow.” Ky said casually. “ Who the fuck are you?”
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Chapter III.2: A meeting of friends

"Where are we boss?" Ezra asked as her eyes slowly opened touching the most unique kind of white light.
"Bloodspire ward, The only prison strong enough to restrain the council or any being. i could say, second scariest place on earth"Larac replied, as he looked up at the angel hybrid flying.
"Whats number one?"
"Youichi's mansion HAHAHAHAHA"

Ezra and Larac was at the south side of the Ward. The entrance to the ward started at the less secured facility, the south. Three pale girls suddeny appeared and stopped the two from entering. Ezra raised her flute, but Larac calmed her down.

Mono:Welcome back Larac
Dizy: Missed your being locked up already
Poly: No, he probably wants to see his brother right, Larac?
Ezra: Who are these girls boss?
Larac: Guards. . .How you been Poly?, I'm here for official visit. No need to tell my brother.
Poly: ahhwww, But you two hardly have time for each other
Larac: What happened to the south guards? Vacation? and trust me, we have all the time.
Dizy: Nope, welcoming commitee. Grace sent us here.
Mono: It's not like were needed anyway. . .Those two enjoy being on the field than sit around in their office.
Ezra: uhm. . .Larac?, the visit. . .
Larac: oh right. . .Is there any chance I can get to east block without my brother bothering me?
Poly: Well hes sleeping, so you can probably sneak in.
Larac: thanks Poly. btw, just escort my friend to the visitors quarters.
Dizy: ok ok. . .but its not a palace. . .

Poly escorted Larac to the east side of the prison. Prisoners in locked cells watched at him, some were even laughing. Convicts were calling Larac names and some even shouted "welcome back loser". He told Poly that she can wait outside the cell. As he entered a vampire grabbed him and slammed him into the wall.

Larac: Someone seem to be pretty healthy now. Grew a new arm and leg i see.
Bya Ju: I'm going to kill you now!! YOU BASTARD!!

The vampire quickly got burned in the back with a black flame.

Poly: Hey!, Hes your visitor. Larac don't give me trouble please.
Larac: I'm sorry, I never thought that he'd still hate me. hahahaha.
Bya Ju: I'm going to get you when I escape.
Larac: Goodluck with that. I can lower your sentence you know.
Bya Ju: Like hell I'm not going to trust you.
Larac: Hey. I met a really hot vampire with an ancient who has trust issues about a few days ago

Bya-Ju's expression changed, and snickered.

Larac: Not going to tell me about them?, My brother is a warden here you know.
Bya Ju: I heard. What I can't understand is, why does his blood doesn't stink like you?! haha.
Larac: ha. . .ha, Well good thing you have all your time to compare blood stenches.
Bya Ju: Shes going to kill you, you know.
Larac: Hmph, she can't even catch me.Shes going to rot in this ward if she ever she becomes a bingo book target.
Bya Ju: hehehe, Don't think our clan will stand by and watch their princess get captured.
Larac:so, a princess. . . he. Nothings changed, Once a blood sucker,always a bloodsucker. Hierarchy on you vampires are bullshit. Your all the same to me.
Bya Ju: Laugh prophet. But shes more than you can handle.
Larac: Sounds like a challenge. . . .
Poly: Uh. . . .Larac!, i think you should hurry up.

After Poly shouted to larac, clanking of metal started to sound. The cell block turned quiet then suddenly a hand came out of the wall(more like the wall's hand) and grabbed Larac's throat. Bya Ju sticked himself to the corner, Poly backed off and watch Larac getting choked. It was the warden, He turned to fire and burned Larac. He then changed to water, trying to drown him.

Ulrich: Poly, you have no jurisdiction here!. What are you doing giving special treatment.
Poly: I am so sorry Death Warden. I thought it would be ok. . .Larac is the The Immortal's brother.
Ulrich: I know he is his brother, but it does not mean he can go in and out of this block without giving notice to authority.
Larac: You freakin!! . . . Bastard!!
Poly: I am so sorry, I promise this will never happen again.
Ulrich: I will save you the trouble (Ulrich was about to turn himself into magma to finish off Larac when)
King: Ulrich!!!, Put my brother down!!! right now!!!
Ulrich: Address me by my title immortal!
King: Just put my brother down ok. . . I will take full responsibility to whatever happens here.
Ulrich: We have rules here!! don't ever let this happen again. . .Poly, I will file a report to Grace
Poly: im so dead. . . . .
(Larac was placed down and was coughing off water in his throat. Poly and Ulrich left the brothers)
Larac: I can take care of myself King.
King: ahhww, but brother You know Ulrich don't tolerate disturbance here. Thats why it makes my job easy.
Larac: sigh . . .yeah I got it. Long time brother *hugz*
King: I know, whats it like being a council member?
Larac: Sucks. I have to put up with a lot of shit.
King: oh brother. We have to live long. . . .
Larac: easy for you, your an immortal. I have been to hell King remember.
King: I know, you never did told me whats it like.
Larac: You don't need to know king. Anyway, I have to go. Going to meet with grace at North.
King: You hardly visit brother, lets have a duel. . .just this once.

Larac didn't bother to reply. He knows his brother could understand, he met up with Poly at the North entrance. Poly smiled to the sight of Larac, and embraced Larac's right arm. When they entered the Warden Grace O'king, Welcomed Larac. His voice was not of any flesh bearer, it sounded like a machine talking.

Grace: Ah, long time Larac. I am happy to that you came by.
Larac: We can have a duel when I'm free from council duties.
Grace: AHH yes, how is the mystic council?. Heard about the incident, was Dante a friend.
Larac: Past is past. speaking of friends, I'm here to visit one.
Grace: AHH yes, do you want to sign any forms? or the usual under the table?
Larac: The usual, the last thing I want is for Youichi to know I'm visiting a Bingo Book target.
Grace: How is the beautiful Aeris(Youichi) nowadays?
Larac: I don't have time to give you tales Grace. Let me visit Telvi.
(Telvi is one of the targets of a previous bingo book, former Friend of Larac)

Larac was escorted by Poly, with her embrace in her arms. The cells in the Norh block were different, for each being have their own kinda of cell. Some were incased with metal and some were just covered with plants and roots. When they went to Telvi's cell, It was different. The cell was hardly Locked and she was doing magic. Her cellmate was dead, rotting and had plants growing off of its body. She was talking to the plants, as the plants replied with gestures. Her eyes shed a tear when she saw Larac with Poly.

Telvi: I hate here Larac. . . .I don't have much friends here anymore. This is not a place for me.
Larac: Now Telvi, I am sorry. I can't do anything to lower your sentence. At least your not locked up like the other convicts here.
Poly: Larac, can I leave. . .Telvi kinda scares me.
Larac: Ok. Uhm, Poly, why is a dead corpse here. . . .In Telvi's room
Poly: Veisourus. . .He let the other inmates get out of their cell sometimes, They sometimes go to Telvi probably because of sexual frustration or something. He also loves the way Telvi kills them. Sorry Larac, but I gtg, the roots are starting to climb over my leg
Telvi: See you later Poly. . . .(Her green eyes glowing)
Larac: That won't help lower your years here Telvi. Please, take more care ok.
Telvi: Wheres Luther? I miss him.
Larac: Luther Is working hard. He's helping the council with the order and peace.

Larac lied, an obvious lie. Telvi believed even though a part of her knows that he was lying. Larac hugged Telvi and left her cell. She walked up with him and embrace his arm like Poly did. They walked until they reached at the end of the block. The hell warden stood in front of them, Telvi knew she had to come back to her cage. He blew black smoke at Larac's face, to intimidate him. . . .
Larac went to Ezra to pick her up. He saw that the two pale sisters from before, they were harassing Ezra sexually. Larac laughed as he said to the sisters to stop what they are doing to his slave. Ezra could not move even an inch, till they let go of their bond to her. Larac pulled Ezra as she was as mad and shouting about what the sisters done. They exited the south entrance, as they exited, they saw a person; cloaked. Larac suddenly float up slowly into the air, he was acting like his throat was being choked. He shouted at Ezra to use the flute against the cloaked stranger. but. . .

Larac: Ezra! Use chaos tune!! now!!
Stranger: No need Ezra!, Its me Calintz
Ezra: Council member Calintz. . . .
Calintz: Larac, I won't let you go this time. . . no more running.
Larac: I will run, whenever the fuck I want
. . . . . . . . . .To be Continued
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Chapter IV.1: Escaping Calintz (Alchemist on the chase)
To know bout Warden Characters, just read in the forum thread, "Bloodsprie Ward"

Calintz: Larac please!, all I want is the crystal. Don't be so childish
Larac: Over my dead body
Calintz: Larac trust me, I wont do anything
Larac: Fuck off!!, You know what would happen if those demons get hold of this. . . .
Calintz: Trust me! please. . .i know what I'm doing
Larac: Its not that I don't trust you, you freakin idiot! It's an obvious trap. Let it go.
Calintz: I can't let it go. It's my mothers soul were talking about

Larac was still high up in the air, choking by Calintz Psychic grip. Ezra could not make up her mind of what to do.

Ezra: Just give her the crystal boss!!
Calintz: Listen to her, give me the crystal. I don't want to kill you
Larac: The only way you can get the crystal is by doing that
Calintz: Then I have no choice then. . . . .

Larac struggles as the choke became more stronger, He was squirming in mid air. Ezra run towards Calintz but she was thrown away easily by Calintz telekinesis. Without any choice she took out her flute, she played her chaos tune. Calintz fell down on her knees, in pain by the melody. Larac fell down hard, and was also shouting for Ezra to stop playing. She stopped when she saw Larac was safe.

Calintz: Ezra don't interfere
Larac: She had to do what has to be done.
Ezra: I am sorry, but since I work for the council now. My purpose is to assist council member 6
Larac: I told you Ezra call me boss. . . .
Calintz: I am in no mood to listen to your arrogance Larac
Larac: What you gonna do about it?? huh punk?. . .

The ground started shaking and Calintz's energy started to increase. Ezra scanned her power and it was greater than her and her masters combined. Calintz eyes started to turn red.

Calintz: Larac, I'm giving you one more chance. Give me the crystal, or I will kill you
Larac: What a shame, your going to take the form of the beings that take hold of your mother's soul
Calintz: Don't lecture me about race Larac.
Ezra: We gotta escape now boss before she finally take her demon form
Calintz: I would listen to her if i were you
Larac: We can't out run her even if we run. . . .Trust me, I know the right time to be scared.

The soil started to lift of from the soil. Calintz aimed her hand to Larac, it was gathering immense dark energy. Larac just stood and watched her, as energy bubbles gather up in her hands. She fired and it was fast, targeted towards Larac, but before it could hit him it suddenly dispersed.

Ez-Jelz: Disturbance. . . . Mystic council, is this a show or a match?
Larac: I can't call it fair, if thats what your asking.
Calintz: Who are you??
Larac: 4th warden, sorry to have disturb the tranquility.
Calintz: I don't care if shes the first, she has nothing to do with our problem

Roots started to grow behind Ez-Jelz, it turned into a seat for her. She sat down and stared at the two council members.

Ez-Jelz: Now. . .It is not acceptable for. . .the council to do whatever they want.
Larac: Sorry to bother you. We will leave now.
Calintz: No one leaves until I get what I want.
Larac: Calintz, lets take this to another place. . . .
Calintz: So what you can run away from me again
Larac: Believe me, your the least of my problems. . . .

A strong gush of wind came. A white dragon appeared and rested beside Ez-Jelz. Ezra started walking towards the dragon, her eyes was all black. Ezra was under the dragons mind control, and accompanied him.

Lance: So is there going to battle? (the dragon speaking to both Larac and Calintz in thought)
Larac: If you think I'm going to fight for your amusement dragon, your fuckin dead wrong
Calintz: Larac, one more time. You will give me the crystal, or else.

Larac raised his right hand and showed Calintz his middle finger. Calintz quickly turned berserk and dashed towards Larac. A seal quickly appeared at her feet, she fell down to her knees as red electric currents shackle her from running. Calintz slowly struggle to get out of the seal,

"You think your the only one who knows how to work seals" She shouted, as the electricity force her down.
"Calintz, your not thinking straight. Stop this now" Larac replied.

Suddenly a large metal blunt object came out of the ground, hitting Larac on the chin. Larac was thrown far from where he stood. His jaw was broken, but that didn't stop him; He regenerated his jaw and covered the scar. The two Bloodspire wardens watch as the fight progressed.

Calintz got out of the seal, and ran towards Larac. He grabbed his a bone from his ribs and turned it into a sharp weapon. She tried to punch Larac but the weapon got in the way. She grabbed Larac's weapon and turned it to dust(Calintz is an alchemist). She wiped off the dust in her hands and placed her hands in the ground. After a few seconds, she pulled out a sword beneath it.

"The offer still exist Larac. Take it while your still breathing" She said.
"Fat chance"Larac replied as he took out his quicksilver blades.

She dashed towards Larac, when he placed into his stance, Calintz used her telekinesis to remove him off his balance. Larac shapeshifted into a anaconda, he quickly slipped his body, wrapping Calintz in a snake grip. Arms came out of Larac's snake body and pulled Calintz arm away from him, because of a single touch, Calintz could kill him. She tried for her hands to touch Larac. Her hands was raised up by Larac's grip, he was still in his serpent form.

Calintz: Coward, fight me like a man. . .
Larac: Sorry love, I know we're both strong enough to take out one another, but I have plans too. And that don't involve me going to MAXIMUM SECURITY!!
Lance: Now now, that wasn't entertaining enough. You can do better than that now council member Calintz (The dragon talking telepathically)
Calintz: Watch and learn scaley. . . .

Calintz created a large energy burst, heating up Larac's snake body. He shapeshifted away turning into a dragon. Larac blew fire in his mouth, Calintz quickly created a wall to protect herself from the fire. He returned to his normal form, and made a cut in his hands. Calintz picked up her sword and started to walk towards him. Larac splashed his blood to her face, she was insulted of what Larac did. She charged up her energy and quickly appeared in front of larac, she slashed his body. Larac was blown away by the attack, it was a good thing his quicksilver blades blocked the blow. She started coughing and then suddenly veins in her face started to thicken. It changed into the color purple, and her ears and her eyes started to leack with blood.

Calintz: What did you do to me.
Larac: Don't worry, I didn't put much dose into it. It will be enough to knock you out.
Calintz: Your blood was poisonn?! *cough* *cough*
Larac: kinda, I still don't know much though, don't worry.
Calintz: I am not going to stop now *cough cough* Larac

Calintz started to shake violently on the ground. The two Wardens watched at the scene. Larac knew the fight would be over and went to Ezra. Calintz opened up a bottle, that contains a potion of some sort. She drank the liquid inside of it, and as a few seconds passed the symptoms of Larac's Blood Pollution disappeared.

Larac: Elixir. . . . . . .
Calintz: I'm not going to let that elixir be wasted, I'm going to finish you off now. Council or not.
Larac: Idiot!! you'd be in the bingo book if you kill me.
Calintz: I'm willing to take that risk, I'll just take anyone down who gets in my way
Larac: The council is still in thin ice after one council member betrayed the cause.
Calintz: Don't compare me to Dante, I'm above him.
Larac: Listen to me you moron!!, your letting your demon side take a hold of you, and your saying your above him!!!
Calintz: Less talk more brawl Larac

Calintz energy bursts tenfold creating a change in wind current. The figure of her body changed into the form of only energy, in a humanoid shape. She disappeared out of nowhere, Larac shapeshifted extra eyes in all parts of his body. Suddenly his eyes on his shoulder and on the back of his head saw a glimpse of something. When he turned around her feet was already going towards his face. He was blown away towards the warden, a wall of roots quickly arose and covered them; Slamming larac hard.

His vision was blurry because of the blow, and he could hardly stand up. Larac tattoos started to glow, and time reduce its pace, his vision was clear that Calintz was already close to her, he saw her moves for the next 40 seconds. When his prophecy power stopped he quickly ducked as the vision he remembered that Calintz was already in a kicking position. Calintz losed her balance when Larac dodged. She clapped that Larac was able to dodge her at his state. Larac started to cough up blood because he used his prophetic powers, he fell down still puking blood out.

Calintz: You're still fast old man, your position in the council wasn't just for display. You were chosen well.
Larac: Chose my ass!! Sirberius may have acquired my assistance. But I'm the one who chose to stay.
Calintz: Well now its my choice if you shall live, but I shall give you a chance. You hand me over the crystal and I will forget you ever existed
Larac: Like I said, over my freakin!! dead!! body!!
Calintz: Very well

Calintz suddenly disappeared and two sonic booms were heard in the battlefield. Larac created a protective seal, Images of Calintz kept appearing and disappearing from time to time. Sparks of her sword slashes as it hits the psychic shield he placed. He was laughing as it was slowly cracking, Calintz in the other hand was in a rage. In her demonic state her powers grew stronger and stronger. When she was finally able to destroy the shield, Larac laughed so hard and so loud it infuriated her. Her sword turned to flames as she raised it up, she was about to slash then suddenly Larac's younger brother appeared and received the blow. His shoulder was slashed to his belly, It quickly regenerated. Calintz increased the size of the flame, King was sweating and was feeling the pain of the blade and the heat. It was not enough to stop him.

King: Council member Calintz!! snap out of it
Calintz: I don't care on how you know my name, If anyone gets in the way their dead!!

The atmosphere changed, it turned to an eerie one. It quickly changed into Black, red and gray. A sudden pull of gravity quickly affected Calintz. She could hardly stand up straight. In a blink of an eye she was blown away by a psychic blast and slammed to the Bloodspire Ward wall. She was knocked out by the blow of psychic energy.

King: Are you ok brother?
Larac: yeah *cough* I'm always alright. And don't think cause a girl kicked my ass means you can.
King: Stop joking around, If you weren't close to the ward who knows what could have happen
Larac: A threesome *LOL*
Slaivic: I see that council members are always itching to kill one another.
Larac: what does that mean, WARDEN!?
Slaivic: I meant that the council is now under surveillance, because of what one council member has done. What was his name? Dante. . . . . .
Larac: Nope, doesn't ring a bell. Pick another number.
Slaivic: Lance, why have you not stopped the fight like I requested.
Lance: It was not that I didn't stopped the fight, it's because the matter could have been resolve of one simple action. If Larac returned what he has stolen, he wouldn't have been in that situation.(talking telepathically)
Ez-Jelz: It is not. . . . in our jurisdiction to control matters outside of the ward.
Slaivic: This Incident shall not be reported to the Elders, They have more important issues to deal with than these 2

Lance freed Ezra from his mind control. She never had an Idea of what happened, she quickly ran towards Larac when she saw him bleeding and full of blood. When she got to him, she tries to heal his wounds.

Ezra: What happened boss?
Larac: The usual, Bad day.
King: Thank you for taking care of my brother
Ezra: Wait. . . . *compares King's face and Larac's* you two are brothers?
King: He didn't tell you?
Larac: Whats there to tell, your an immortal. . .end of story
King: Well,it was nice to meet my brothers assistant
Larac: Slave. . . Assistant is too graceful for her role
Ezra: Stop making jokes now you idiot, your in real bad shape right now
Larac: Trust me, I don't die easily. . . .

The three sisters(Poly, Dizy, Mono) came out and healed the wounds of Calintz. Lance(Dragon) and Ez-Jelz returned to the ward as king and Slaivic stayed. Slaivic also joined in healing Larac.

Slaivic: This is how you spend your time as a council member? picking fights with one another.
Larac: No one is asking your opinion.
Slaivic: The council is not doing well, I could understand. A leader with dual personalities, the 2nd with anger issues, the 3rd whos been doing little of her job lately and let us not forget about Dante. . . .
King: Blood Warden?!
Larac: Listen here you prick!! Dante doesn't speak for all the Members. Or have you forgotten It was also your job to watch over the Saligia too.
Slaivic: Don't tell me my job Larac. We have been watching over them, we given the report to Aeris(Youichi_Hiruma). I say there was no complications
Larac: Hey!! halfy!(An insult used against hybrids). The minute Bloodspire would go against there rules, I will be personally there to kill each and everyone of you!
King: Brother!
Larac: Except my brother. And don't act high and mighty, you hellspawn!
King: Brother enough!!
Larac: Shut up king!! I don't tolerate Demons who speak shit about my friends
Ezra: Your wounds are gone now, but you still lost a lot of blood
Larac: Don't worry about that, I can grow my own. See you later King, I'm off to my main Job
King: Goodbye brother. are you sure your ok now?
Ezra: I can sense that his state is ok now.
Larac: Yeah yeah. Lets leave
Slaivic: Have fun, prophet.

Calintz was carried to the Ward for help, As Larac placed his arm around Ezra. They both walked away and went to east. When they were far enough they took a rest in a forest, they camped and rested for the night.

Ezra: So boss, what happened back there? Did you kill Calintz?
Larac: Hardly, I couldn't even touch her.
*slap from Ezra*
Larac: I meant that she was fast! you idiot
Ezra: Oh. . . . Well, you should have returned her her crystal!
Larac: You don't understand what the crystal can do.
Ezra: ok, tell me what does it do.
Larac: *sigh* Its a black hole in a small crystal ball
Ezra: Yikes!, why does she need it??
Larac: Because her mother's soul is being ransomed, and the crystal.. . . .*slapped Larac*
Ezra: You asshole! why won't you give it to her. . . . We could have at least help her
Larac: She needs to come alone or else she would lose her mother forever, I'm doing her a favor by giving her mother a little bit of joyous moments
Ezra: How could you be so insensitive, just give it to her. . . .
Larac: I destroyed it, the minute I got my hands around it. . . . When I used prophecy, I saw her, She was ambushed. Her mother's soul was set free alright, but Calintz died. The council didn't even bothered to look for her, because of her usual absence.
Ezra: We gotta help her
Larac: Thats the only help I can give. If the council ever finds out and Intrudes in her dilemma, she loses her mother's soul.
Ezra: I feel sorry for her.
Larac: Theres nothing we can do. Besides I'm still busy with the job Aeris'(Youichi) assigned to me
Ezra: Which is still unknown to me, why won't you tell me?!
Larac: I can't, confidential. This is a covert operation, Sirberius doesn't even know.
Ezra: That also bothers me, Sirberius is the leader but Aeris does most of the job?????
Larac: Don't give me that question, I've been solving that ever since I was recruited.
Ezra: I still can't help being sad about Calintz
Larac: I know, someday I will have to tell her that she can never get her mother back. I gotta finish this mission first, cause the minute I tell her I destroyed the crystal, I'd be dead.


Calintz: Where am I??
King: Your in our clinic, your wounds are all gone because of your fast regeneration. But we have to hold you for a couple of days here.
Calintz: Why is that??
King: Cause you see, I want my brother to have a head start.
Calintz: Your brother??
King: You don't know me too?? I hate him
Calintz: Larac, I need to find Larac?!
King: He said he was heading further west
Calintz: Thank you for your hospitality, I can't remember much about yesterday.
King: Don't worry, my brother survived.
Calintz: LARAC IS YOUR!???

Calintz quickly bursted outside, but she was cornered by two beings. One was a female samurai and the other was some kind of mechanical soldier with a large gun.

Calintz: Get out of my way!
King: Council member Calintz, meet the Warden of Light and the Unknown Warden,
Terry: So, a head start for Larac. What did he do to you missy?
Ibarra: A request from a warden, I cannot turn it down.
King: Oh come on guys, my brother would get killed if Calintz could get to him. We can't restrain her cause my brother didn't file any charges
Calintz: Don't interfere with council business, If you do I am authorized to kill you.
Terry: Well this is Interesting. . .I'd be happy to take that challenge
Ibarra: For King, I shall do this request of slowing Calintz down. . . . Calintz, class SS Hybrid, council member and scholar.

Terry makes up a line using his flame thrower. A thick black line was between Calintz and the Wardens

Terry: Here's the deal Calintz, If you can pass this line I will take you to Larac myself. But if you didn't pass this line within two days, that offer will be no longer valid and you have to take on Lady Ibarra next
Ibarra: I will only delay you for a day, I cannot intrude in council business and get in between the wrath of a maiden. Does it satisfy you king?
King: Thank you Lady Ibarra, I am grateful that you accepted my request.
Calintz: Is that all eh??

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Chapter IV.2 - Enter Riruko Kagehiko, Shou Queen

The female stood still, her weapon still held at the others throat and then a small chuckle escaped her soft lips. Lowering her weapon she looked at the female and then the male that accompanied her and a smile crossed her face. “Seems like the female always have better reflexes than the male”
The female was an elf, it could be seen clearly just by looking at her crystal eyes and pointy ears and yet there seemed something different about her…something sinister. She was still staring at the females, who still had her weapon raised to her throat and smiles warmly and yet it showed a warning to not challenge her.
“My name is Riruko Kagehiko and I am here to talk to you about overthrowing the Mystical Council” The smile never left her face as she talked about her plot to this complete stranger.
Ky listened interestingly at the woman. Ky looked at Deidore who nodded and when to sit by the three.
"Yow Riruko-chan... I can call you Riruko-chan right?" Ky continued not waiting for an answer. "You look pretty strong and all but it was an original one no two man battle. However, I think I like you, your plan sounds great better than mines which was to crash in and kill whoever on site.." Ky laughed... " But I'm the spine supporting this body and since everyone on Mystic will be against me I may need the help and like I said I like you."
Ky stopped for a moment. She looked at Deidore.
"Deidore.. thadre casst ashtay mirass geyla teayway theakbeer madtersy." Ky said. She willfully said "Deidore I dont know if she can be trusted. If anything kill her on the spot." in Thaevaelic, the language of the ancient vampire clan, so the elf wouldn't feel any animosity towards her.
"Ghey, Ky~mata." he responded not looking up from his book.
"So Riruko-chan, we have a deal?" Ky smiled stretching out her hand expectantly for a handshake.
The female looked at the hand of the other but did not shake it, instead she continued to look at the female. “You may call me Risa… its what…people…call me” Still ignoring the female’s hand she looked at the male for a long time before her gaze returned to the other. “There are just two conditions that you must fulfil before I shake your hand.”
She crossed her arms across her chest before she continued. “ One … please refrain from speaking in the Vampire tongue of the ancient clans … it is a holy langue that should not be used in that manner and if you wish to keep conversations a secret from me that language will not help you since I understand it… as to how I know it…that you will find out in time. Now the second part is … even thought you are the one that reacted faster I can tell that you….comrade…. is the stronger one…. Please tell me… what is he?”
Her gaze rested on the male once more and then she looked at the hand again. “I wish shake your hand once you have answered my questions”
Ky smirked as she stuck her hands in her back pockets and rock back on her heels. "Ghasty nedresta >." she said.. "Well I never!"
"Riruko-chan..."she began ignoring her request. "You shouldnt dictate the only heiress of the forefathers before who invented the language in how to use it.... hemeguayes tresdeftyca gusht mediacae terishfy territesquaya madieole mecka madie treyshefa tequay Kyssierria." she repeated herself in Thaevaelic willfully.
"And yes Deidore is stronger but I might gain enough strength just to beat him... and I can tell I can beat you... and pray tell me how you know Thaevaelic when so few do. Deidore is an Ancient Vampire... I know wanna the "holies"... you may bow to him." she said smirking and folding her arms.
"Hullo." Deidore said standing up and sticking his book in his pocket. "It's so rare to find someone who speaks the language of my mentor. I am Deidoreic... May I call you Risa? It's a pleasure to meet you." Deidore bowed gracefully.
Ky grew angry watching him. She tugged on his hair. "What's the effort in annoying her if you do the opposite... baka." she said glaring at him.
Her eyes rested on the male and she nodded slightly “Yes.. Risa will be fine. I am glad to know that at least one of you seem to be a civilized creature with manners.” Looking at the female yet again she smiled slightly. “And I presume you want me to take it as an honour to be standing in front of the only heiress… but the title you hold is just slightly below the one that I hold”
Not explaining anymore she returned her attention back to Deidore. “It is a pleasure to meet one of the ancient ones” She bowed slightly and then spoke again. “and I know the language of the ancient once since I am the Queen of the current largest and oldest vampire clan… Riruko Kagehiko…Queen of the vampire clan Shou.” She bowed once more.
"Shou? Who ressurected that dusty old clan? Didn't that burned down? And why should I bow to an infamous queen and -" Ky began and Deidore covered how mouth shutting her up.
"Forgive her Queen Riruko Kagehiko of Shou." he said bowing gracefully taking Ky kicking and screaming down with him and up. "She is as you say a free spirit and is used to being treated as royalty amongst all vampire clans in this county... as they were all ruled by one King, her grandfather."
"Please do tell me Risa~mata, why is it in your desire to take over Mystic?" he asked as he began walking through the path and conquering up a mute spell on Ky who was screaming while he carried her. He outstretched his free arm to Risa inviting her to accompany them on their journey.
The female accepted the invitation and came to the conclusion that that male was the one she needed to talk to, but she also knew not to trust him. She looked at the other female once more before she smiled.
" is true that all vampire clans were ruled by one king...and clan did not agree of the ways of the ancient ones, and seperated itself from the rest. The Shou clan has been growing a lot in the past decades...but..." She was about to continue, but decided against it. She was here to talk about the council, not the problems in her clan.
Thinking for a moment on how to continue she looked up at the sky, watching the stars and finaly she spoke again "I...belive the not the right thing for this world." she paused " It says the council is trying to keep the peace, but to be honest...i dont think that that is what they are truly aiming for. To be honest, i think they just want to rule everything"
She looked at the male and crossed her arms again. " I was...informed...that you also wish to go up against the council...may i know your reason for this?"
"The reason is pure and simple." Deidore said looking at the stars appearing in the sky slowly. "To take back what is ours."

Chapter IV 2.5 Enter Hankaroun

Ky takes up her towel looking at Deidore. A drip of sweat came from him.
"You're sweating. Yay!" Ky cheered.
"That is because I just cant kill you." Deidore said, unaffected by Ky's statement as he took out his poetry book. "Training is complete."
"C'mon Deidore." Ky pouted looking at him over his book. "Let's go to The Bar. My treat."
"Fine. Fine. Let's go." Deidore replied pusing his book in his pocket.
Ky howled, then grins as the replies are heard. She hooked hands with Deidore as they headed to the bar.
Deidore watched Ky with interest. 'Kiratci-sama- I think there is more to this brat's story then you're telling me.'
Ky looked back at Deidore and grin. "Hurry up Deidore or the rush will be in and we won't get any good seats."
"Hai Hai." He said picking her up as he shoujoued to The Bar.
He plops her in her chair as she signaled for a waitress.
A dowdy succubus comes up.
"Eh? Where's Teidris?" Ky asked.
"He's working the bar sweetie. So can I take you order or what?" the waitress replied.
"Er... no thanks. i'll just head to the bar." Ky said.
"Fine, suit yourself." she said, heading towards a group of wanted vampires.
"I'll just go to the bar, kay Deidore?" Ky said sliding out of her seat.
"Hai Hai." he said reading his book.
Howls could be heard from the group the succubus just headed to. Deidore glanced up. The group immediately quieted.
"Hi, Hi Teidris." Ky said smiling at the vampire with spectacles, and a mass of red hair.
"Oi. Now aint it my favrite princess comin' by me like I knew she would." Teidris grinned, his green earring shining from the lights.
"We're having the usual." she said.
"But of cirse. What else do you drink buh my special." he said.
He worked something from the bar and pulled up a stool by Ky.
"Now why that is brewin' I gotta ask yer." he said leaning toward Ky.
"Do you know that blond guy. The one with ther spikey hair." he said motioning discreetly at the blonde leaned back with his eyes clothes.
"Er... no.. why?" Ky said looking at the guy and instantly aware of him.
"Oi. Princess.... dont yer look too close... he has that er charissima. Even I liked him and yer know I'm straighter than the scar down ma back." Teidris said turning Ky's head.
"Oh." Ky said blushing.
"Yer. Well there yer goes." Teidris sang pushing too mugs at her.
"Thanks Teidris." she said.
"Anything for ma favrite Princess." he said going back behind the bar.
Ky carried the drinks back and nearly fell, dropping the glasses on the ground.
"Easy there Sexy Bandit." The blonde guy appeared, steadying her, a lock of his hair falling over his right eyebrow.
Ky had an irresistible urge to push it up and he grinned as if he knew her thoughts.
"Come and sit with me for a sec," he said steering her to his table. "I get lonely being new here."
"Oh really?" Ky asked curiosity numbing her shyness. "Where are you from?"
"Oh.. er.. south... far south." he said grinning again.
"So what are you doing here?" she asked.
"You're fill with questions aren't you sexy bandit?" he said smiling. "Well if you must know... I heard of a certain T-2 and wanted to be a part of it."
"You know about it?" Ky asked astonished.
"You do?" the guy asked astonished also. He laughed, his laugh echoing a faded howl. "Well ain't it my lucky day. My sexy bandit is also my Princess."
Ky blushed.
"You can come to our table if you want. We can discuss it there." Ky offered getting up.
"Well I would just love to." the blonde said following her to where Deidore was.
"My, my, my... here is very secluded... I did not notice it." the blonde guy said looking around in awe.
"Hai. Teidris reserves it for us." Ky said.
"Ky-sama, who is that with you?" Deidore said without looking up.
"This is... err.. this is" Ky looked at him.
"I am Hankaroun Yuichi." he said offering his hand.
Deidore glanced up at him then continue reading.
"Well... nice to meet you too." Hankaroun said shoving his hands in his back pocket appearing uncomfortable.
"You too.. get acquainted while I get some drinks." Ky said oblivious to Deidore's animosity.
Yuichi watches as she walks away.
"Pretty gal aint she?" he grinned.
Deidore closed his book and leaned back as he puses it into his pocket.
"What the fuck do you really want?" Deidore drawled, closing his eyes. He could sense that the Hankaroun was really stong and woul actually take more than five minutes to defeat. He sighed. A werewolf and a vampire. Very rare mixture but deadly hybrid. Deidore guessed maybe an hour of fighting would bring him down.
Hankaroun grinned as he sat down, lighting a cigarette. "Ahhh... you saw throught that..." he said inhaling deeply. He exhaled. Smoke blowed in Deidore's direction. "Well... what I want is Mystic and revenge. And I want to kill you. But first is Mystic and revenge. My animosity can wait."
Deidore leaned over and outted his cigarette. "Careful. You might burn yourself." he said waring him.
He leant back. "I see.. I can understand Mystic... and revenge for the bastards that sent you hell... And I am flattered that you want to fight me... but do I know you?"
Hankaroun grinned. "No... but you soon will... when I reign king of Mystic and Kyssierria as my queen-"
Deidore slammed him in the wall. "You got a death wish buddy?" he snarled.
"Well I dont mind dying, again- but..." he smiled. "I rather be the Great King... and then kill you."
Deidore tigtened his hold. A green flame emitted from his finger and he aimed it at Hankaroun's skull.
Hankaroun grinned.
"What are you doing Deidore?" Ky asked placing the tray on the table.
Deidore released Hankaroun.
"Why, me and Deidoreic was getting 'acquainted' Sexy Bandit." Yuichi said smiling. "Weren't we Deidore?"
Deidore began reading.
"He's a bit miffed I will be tagging along with you guys." Yuichi said, smiling.
"You will?" Ky said grinning.
"Yep." Yuichi said smiling.
Deidore grabbed Ky. "Let's get out of here."
"Oi! Deidore-chan! Wait for me!" Yuichi called out.
He chuckled as he strolled out to catch up with them. He stopped by a sign. "Hey. That's me!" he laughed as he teared down the Wanted poster. "This could be troublesome." he grinned and shoved it in his pocket as he ran to catch up with his new... err... friends.
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Chase V. The Visit

Ky noticed that the hill they were scaling was the hill to the south side of the Ward. Deidore stopped by the door. "Deidore, what are we doing here?" Ky asked. Hankaroun flopped struggling to get over the last rock. "Whoooo... damn... I thought hell was excercise. Why couldn't I just jump again?" Hankaroun said glaring at Deidore. Deidore revealed a small smile. "Cause I don't like you." He said as Ky giggled. Hankaroun muttered after him and hugged Ky. "Come on Sexy Bandit... onwards." he said knocking a pbble. Three pale girls suddeny appeared and stopped the two from entering. Ky revealed her claws and Deidore stopped her.

"Who are you, Intruder?" Mono snarls.
"That's the Great Deidoreic." Poly states watching Mono as if she is stupid.
"Here to see Bya-Ju right?" Poly asked, opening the gate.
"Bya-Ju?" Ky asked, then cheered.
"Hai, Hai." Deidore said watching his watch. Hankaroun lounged in the back.
"Bya-Ju is getting to be real popular." Dizy yawned.
"Popular?" Deidore repeated.
"Idiot." Poly said scuffing her. "No time for ideal chat, errr "
"Deidoreic is fine." Deidore said smiling thinly as he grabbed Ky and led her in after Poly.
Hankaroun laughed. "I'll just.... Stay here." he finished as the gates slammed after them.

Poly escorted them to the east side of the prison. Prisoners in locked cells watched at him, some were even laughing. Convicts were praising Deidore and some even bowed saying "To our Great".
"No need to proceed. Wait out here." Deidore said going into the cell with Ky.
A vampire rushed him. Deidore stopped him in his tracks by holding his arm with two of his fingers and squeezed lightly sending the vampire howling into the corner.
"Fucking Bastard!" Bya-Ju said gritting his teeth.
"You started it." Deidore grinned.
"Bya-Ju!" Ky said running towards him and hugging him."Your all broke-ish." she said frowning.
Deidore laughed. Bya-Ju scowled.
"Yeah? Well that's what happen when you think you're tough." Deidore said pincing his cheek. A blue glow on his cheek burned Bya-Ju throwing him further into Ky's arms.
"De-i dore... Stop!" Ky said looking annoyed.
"Fine." Deidore said. "I wanna know why you rushed me... Bya-Ju and since you know I'm hard to surprise."
"I thought you were that bitch of Larac, I could hardly use my senses here" Bya-Ju grimaced spitting blood as the now blue glow disappeared leaving a hole that was spreading acrross his face. "Only the two of you ever... had such an awful stentch."
Deidore rushed him to the wall. "Are you testing my patience, Bya-Ju?" he snarled.
Bya-Ju held up his arms and Deidore dropped him.
"Some things never change right Ky?" Bya-Ju said glancing at the angry Deidore.
"Hai. Hai." Ky said watching Deidore as she blew ice unto Bya-Ju's left side of the face where his cheek was disappearing. The poison reversed itself.
"Thanks Ky, that shit hurted like hell." he said flopping unto Ky's lap.
"So, why are the two of you here, being as how long you guys take to visit me... I dont even know the date- Not that it is your fault Ky." Bya-Ju said glaring at Deidore.
"We want info on Larac." Deidore said sitting on the ground across the room.
"Larac!..." Bya-Ju said laughing. "Why?"
"Cause he did this to you." Ky stated.
"Not you Princess... Him." Bya-Ju said.
"I got a bone to pick... heh... sort of... Just don't like the punk. Reminds me... of You." Deidore said grinning as Bya-Ju rushed him again. He held unto Bya-Ju's arm again.
"My my. Aren't we testy." Deidore asked, squeezing his arm.
"Fucking-" Bya-Ju cried out, kicking Deidore. Deidore raised his shield sending Bya-Ju to the wall.
"No fucking fair. No fucking powers." Bya-Ju howled jumping up and rushing him.
"Fine." Deidore said dodging Bya-Ju punches with ease never moving from where he stood. Bya-Ju let out a kick straight into Deidore's stomach causing Deidore to bend over with pain.
"Little Bitch!" Deidore said, straightening up, his eyes glowing red as he and Bya-Ju continued to fight.
Ky looked around Bya-Ju's cell which was surprisingly neat.
"I wonder if he got a bunkmate."she said alone to no one in particular.
Bya-Ju was hurled to the wall next to her. He picked up a block he materialised.
"No powers Bya-Ju." Ky said playing with her top.
The block disappeared as Bya-Ju rushed back to Deidore and was sent careening back into the wall.
"Dammit!" he yelled getting up and spitting blood through his teeth as he rushed back at Deidore.
"Yep, prolly gots a roommate." Ky said, re-plaiting her hair. "I'm bored." she said."Should I stop it now?"

"The hell?" Hankaroun said stepping inside the room.
Deidore and Bya-Ju glanced up at him before recommencing the fight.
"Yuishi... how did you get in here?" Ky said motioning for him to sit by her.
"Let's just say I got a date." he said licking back his hair.
Ky remembered Teidris words, then laughed.
"So what are they doing?" Hankaroun asked.
"Fighting." Ky said fiddling with her top again.
Hankaroun tried not to look down. "Err... they always like that?"
"Yup,they go on for days longest a week and a half... but I guess since the guard will come back they are letting out the steam now." Ky said, looking down at herself, bored again. "Is this top fighting material, cause Deidore said no..."
"Yeah okay." Hankaroun said blushing from his roots. "Are they okay like that?"
"Yup." Ky said pulling up her legs to her stomach as Bya-Ju slid across the floor with Deidore rolling up his sleeves slowly walking towards him.
"He kicks ass eh?" Hankaroun said watching Deidore.
"Yup, but Bya-Ju can hold his own. Plus he doesn't like to lose." Ky said now leaning back.
She pulled Hankaroun close to her as Bya-Ju flew where Hankaroun head just was.
"Madeiole!" Hankaroun said his hands holding his head.
"Hai. What you said." Ky said playing with her boots.
"So when will the other princess join us." Hankaroun asked.
"Riruko? Dunno... she had business to attend to... You know broken clan and everything." Ky said leaning forward now, revealing alot of her beautiful back. "Back? Beautiful?" Hankaroun snorted quietly, resisting the urge to do something with Deidore around.
Bya-Ju fell acrosss the room into a mirror and glass shattered.
Poly rushed into the cell. "The hell is going on?!" she exclaimed as Bya-Ju sat up groggily rushing at Deidore. Deidore side-stepped him sending a kick to his back and Bya-Ju flying into the opposite wall.
"Your err Greatness... We really don't approve of fighting the person you want to visit err." she said looking at the ceiling.
Hankaroun leaned in to Ky. "Made sense?"
"Hai. Yeah." Ky said shrugging and looking at the ceiling too.

"Apologies Miss." Deidore said, immediately straightening up and side-stepping Bya-Ju again making him lose balance and fall over.
"C'mon fight me Your fucking Greatness." Bya-Ju snarled as Deidore laughed.
"Your language amuses me Bya-Ju." he said reaching out to pat his cheek.
Bya-Ju shoujoed by Ky. "Ky..." he whined.
"Deidore...." Ky whined.
"Fine. Fine. I came to tal about Larac, so won't you tell me Bya-Ju?" Deidore said smiling.
The guard looked at the ceiling, miffed, then closed the door behind her.

"Fine. Fine, What I know is... You both stink. Both arrogant. Both Bastards. And Both can kiss my-" Deidore flew into Bya-Ju knocking him over.
"Ajaja! Again?!" Hankaroun exclaimed surprised as Deidore and Bya-Ju fought each other.
"Again." Ky said. "They are always, ALWAYS, like that. To tell you the truth I think Deidore likes him despite his clear animosity.
"Jeje." Hankaroun said laughing quietly and titing his hat to go asleep. Ky pulled him close to her as Bya-Ju flew towards his head again.
"He is doing it right? Aiming for my head, The bastard." Hankaroun said, glaring at Deidore who was laughing.
"Yup, but I've never seen Deidore so happy as he is now." Ky said giggling too.

"Okay here is what I know." Bya-Ju said. "He has a sidekick, possibly stronger than him. I also heard rumors he is from hell also." he said glancing at Hankaroun. "He is the brother of King, older I think, though the king and Larac don't look alike. I like the king. Just not his brother. And I don't even know what I was wanted for. I don't chase skirts like-" Deidore choked Bya-Ju and Poly yelled at Deidore who was now accustomed to Deidore's wild antics. Hankaroun laughed and Ky groaned.

"Poly, dear, You must know something about Larac, Don't you?" Deidor said his charm oozing out in layers.
"Yes... but... err.. I'm taken?" Poly asked, blushing.
"Really?" Deidore said sitting up. "Too bad, you were cute." He got up and watched the time. "Oh... well... Our time is up. Kiratchi must be waiting on us."
"Kiratchi? Tell the old son of a gun I said hi okay?" Bya-Ju said grinning.
"Okies." Ky said grinning and kissing the two of Bya-Ju's cheeks.
"Bye Bya-Ju." she said.
"Bye Ky." Bya-Ju said. He hugged her. "I missed you like hell. Hurry up and get me out of here okay?"
"Okay." Ky said, tears in her eyes.
"See.. this is why I didn't wanna bring her." Deidore moaned. "Now she'll be riding on my di- err... " he stopped noticing tears in Bya-Ju's eyes.
"We'll get you out kid." Deidore said hugging Bya-Ju and leaving.

Ky and Hankaroun led the way, followed by Poly and then Deidore who was lost in space.
"Well... I'll guess we'll be going now." Deidore said to Poly as they stood infront of the gate.
"Hai." Poly said opening up the gate.
"Save a space for me next week. The kid looks like none of his other visists were happy visits." Deidore said watching Ky and Hankaroun exiting.
"Okay." Poly said twiddling with her thumbs.
Deidore walked out , then stopped. "Oh and Poly." he said turning around and kissing her. He laughed at her shocked face. "You really are cute." he grinned looking up and spotting Larac's brother lounging in the shadow. He watched him and nodded. King nodded back, disappearing. Deidore hugged Poly and disappeared down the hill as Mono and Dizy apparated next to Poly gaping.
"Well... err... Back to work." Poly said busying herself in closing down the gate.

Ky lounged by the counter talking to Teidris as Hankaroun and Deidore lounged at the usual table.
"You really do chase skirts." Hankaroun laughed, sipping sake.
"Mildly put- Shut up!" Deidore yelled as Hankaroun laughed.
"Something on your mind De-I-Dore?" Hankaroun asked pouting his lips.
"You are asking for a death wish." Deidore said leaning back and playing with his cup. "She reminds me of someone..."


King was behind at the three sisters. They felt his presence and felt that King was annoyed.
"What just happened back there??" King asked the sisters.
"uh- uhm..... Ask them, I didn't even know why they agreed to let the guy in" Mono replied and quickly left.
"Poly said she knows the guy. . . . So, I think i'm gone now" Dizy turned to smoke and disappeared.
"Poly. . ." King's face was telling Poly an angry expression "You are just a guard here. . . If Slaivic finds out I've been slacking again, I'll kno who I'm going to blame right?"

Poly knocked her head and sticked her tongue out "Hehe, sorry"
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Chase V.II Enter Yugo Bloodmare

Deidore watched in the distance fiddling with his glass.
"Oi! I'm talking to you De... I...Dore." Hankaroun said snapping his fingers in front of Deidore.
"What?' Deidore snapped angrily. "Michelokyas! I Can't think?!"
"De...I...Dore. Your mean." Hankaroun whined.
"Who is that by Ky?" Deidore said ignoring Hankaroun. "I've never seen him before."
"Hello miss miss" the man talking to Ky "I'm new here in the mystical realm, and oh don't be scared by the floating red eye. I'm looking for my brother here"
"It's staring at me??" Ky said
"Yeah, Ruby is always like that" the man caressing the floating red eye
"Who's your brother?" Ky said sipping sake and glancing at Teidris who just shrugged.
"Sorry I can't tell you his name. But I'm sure if you see him, he kinda looks like me"
"Are you new here?" Ky continued, wondering why he didn't bow.
"Yeah, am I right Sapphire? haha, mwahahaha" an orb came out from behind "sorry, I can't control myself sometimes" the crystal ball was humming. "Yep, my brothers the best" the orb hummed again.
"uhhh??.. .. Is that orb talking or something??" Ky asked
"Yes, and she says your beautiful" the man grinding his teeth and had a sadistic look on Ky
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ky asked glancing towards the shadows. "Who is the brothers?"
"Well, my brothers. . . hehe omg" The stranger having a hard time finishing his sentence "I'm sorry, but I could not help but sense your a vampire. hehe"
"Yes I am a vampire, so?" Ky slowly getting agitated
"I'm sorry, I couldn't help but think . . . If I should kill you, or ask for help. Haha, haha" after what he said he laughed maniacally and dropped rolling on the floor.
"Maybe... I should.... go now." Ky said inching away from him.
Deidore apparated by her and Hankaroun jumped across the room landing loudly unto his feet and sniffed at the man.
"Is he bothering you Ky." Deidore said with his jaws clenched.
"Oh my, is he your friend miss?" Yugo asked Ky "He is a lot different from you"
Hankaroun sniffed at him again. "He has strength but he ain't THAT strong, let me take him out."
"No Yuichi, its a crime." Ky said.
Hankaroun thought back on the Wanted poster."I retreat. All yours Deidore." he smiled
He giggled, after a few minutes he laughed loud and maniacally. Deidore looked at hiss eyes, he could not tell on what was on the guys mind.
"I am sorry, I can't stop laughing to what he said.
"Heh." Hankaroun said sheepishly. " At least you appreciate my humour." he said looking at Deidore.
"I'm Yuichi. And you are?" Hankaroun said holding out his hand.
"Idiot." Deidore muttered under his breath.
"My name is Yugo, Yugo Bloodmare. Bloodline to the Blood family legacy. And may I know who the miss is?"
"Who... sexy bandit?" Hankaroun asked, surprised.
"I'm Kyssierria. Sole heir to the vampire throne." Ky said putting on her airs.
Hankaroun leaned in closer to Yugo.
"My my. You are pretty cute. Almost as cute as De... I...Dore." Hankaroun grinned.
"Idiot. Don't imply we have a relationship. All we have in common is Ky." Deidore said hitting him with his glove, sending Hankaroun inside the wall.
"So mean." Hankaroun said getting up.
"What do you want with Ky, Yugo Bloodmare?" Deidrore asked ignoring Hankaroun.
"Well, I dunno. I'm looking for my brother, and the one that knows who he is left me" Yugo said as he changed his expression to frown. "I just thought he would be here in a vampire bar, He always go to these places and have fun"
"Who is your brother?" Deidore asked leaning on the bar and holding out a cup for the bartender to fill.
"I can't tell his name, he's from hell. Names are of value in hell" Yugo replied to Deidore
"Then why did you say your name to us?" Hankoroun asking Yugo
"Haha, I don't know. . .haha, well If you don't know who my brother is, I think you might know the guy I'm talking about" Yugo said to the three vampires
"Perhaps..." Deidore said. "Malio tha reqa tah?" why are we helping him?
"Cause he's kawaii!" Hankaroun exclaimed.
"Idiot." Ky said hitting Hankaroun
"Ky-chan too?" Hankaroun whined. "Do I have to punish you Pet?" he continued his voice normal as he licked his lips.
Deidore kicked Hankaroun sending him back to the wall. "As you can see Yugo Bloodmare, he is a bit mental... Hell can do that to a person."
"I'm not... in fact I've never felt better." Yuichi chuckled.
"Who's your brother Yugo. I'm new but I know the majors." Yuichi said, taking away Deidore's cup and sipping some sake, noting where to place his mouth. <Where his was... Kyah! this piece exempted from story XD>
"Like I said, I can't say. Well actually, I would love to say his name but Larac erased my memories" He sighed and stood up "Well I'm sorry to have bothered you, I will go ask another vampire" Yugo suddenly left Ky and the others and vanished. Ky, Deidore and Hankoroun was pulled by the vacuum of wind. It left a trail of feathers. Yugo then appeared to another vampire in the bar
"The hell?" Deidore asked grabbing back his cup and tossing back the sake.
"Wahah... Indirect kiss!" Hankaroun squealed as Deidore sprayed the sake.
"Just kidding." Hankaroun grinned. "I really do wonder who his brother is?"
"Idiots!!" Ky exclaimed racing after Yugo.
"Oi!." she said spinning him around.
"You said Larac right? When did he erased your memories? What do you know about him?" Ky asked as she sat beside Yugo.
"Larac? not much, all I know is the minute I entered this realm he was the first one to greeted me. He is from some council. . . . He visited hell once. I don't really know much. Why, do you know Larac? ohh ohh, can you please help me find him. I will kill that guy for leaving me stranded in some forest" Yugo grabbing Ky's throat and slowly squeezing it.
"Are you stupid?" Deidore asked appearing behind Yugo as Hankaroun pulled a knife to Yugo's throat.
"Gomene Yugo-chan You're cute." Hankaroun said growing serious. "But not that cute."
Vampires stopped drinking and lounging and drew weapons.
"I would advise you never to try that again." Deidore said, frowning. "But just to prove a point..." he said as Ky was released. Deidore waved his glove at Yugo as wind flapped from it.. lashing Yugo into the wall.
"This glove contains particles of my power." Deidore said walking towards Yugo. "You wouldn't like me unhappy now... would yah?" Deidore smiled, pinching Yugo's cheek.
Yugo's cheek start dissolving slowly as Deidore walked away slowly.
"You should get some help for that Yugo-chan... It will soon start to burn." Hankaroun said re-filling his glass with vodka.
The damage skin started to regenerate again. Yugo bend his neck; a cracking noise. He laughed and Giggled "I have been pretty bored. I know that killing here is illegal but I also read that there are such things as self defense" Yugo grew wings, the right was a wing of an angel while the left was a deformed black wing. Deidore uninterested to brawl, stared at Yugo and his form.
"Ahh I don't want to kill all of you. All I wanted was to ask information about my brother or Larac" A black sword suddenly appeared beside Yugo.
"Are you forgetting Yugo Bloodmare, that you attacked a woman... and just not any woman... I suggest you stand down... before I get up." Hankaroun said sipping sake and toying with his sword.
Teidris hopped over the bar and stood infront of Yugo. "Git out. Git out of my bar." he said glaring at Yugo as more vampires joined Teidris with weapons of all kinds.
"Murder may be illegal... but who's telling? And where will the body be." A blond vampire laughed. "Right here." he continued motioning to his tummy as he threw back the last of his sake.
Ky glared at Yugo. "Larac you say..." she laughed. "My death list just seem to grow and grow." she shifted out her claws.
"I would've love to work with you Yugo Bloodmare, but... " she shrugged walking out the bar. "You seem to be as pathetic as your brother." she laughed.
"Haha, thats funny. If theres a word I would describe my brother it wouldn't be pathetic"Yugo walking beside Ky "I'm sorry, I'm getting new to this whole killing is illegal. I am trying my best. Tell your friend Im sorry" Yugo stared at Ky's attractive body "I am correct, you do know Larac. I kinda smelled his scent around you. tell me are you his lover or something?"
Ky raised her hand to slap him then stopped. She giggled. "No, but I am his future killer. Me, not you.He put away my fiance and well err... diced him and sent him prison." Ky said. "Well, I dunno if you will get back in The Bar but... Party is over anyhows. Where are you staying? I'll walk you."
Yugo paused and had a confused face "stay? hmmm. . . Stay??" Ky didn't understand what Yugo was doing "Stay?, you mean where I recide?"
"No i meant where do you rest? are you staying in a inn?" Ky asked.
"Nope. . . . I just walk around till I find Larac" Yugo said as he stopped and sat at the ground "I'm really lost now HAHA"
"Lost?" Ky said looking at him. "Well you can always stay by Kiratchi. We don't move out of here till dawn."
Yugo smiled then hugged Ky "Oh thank you thank you thank you. I never thought vampires are like humans too."
"What do you mean?" Ky asked
"Well, I read in a book back home that humans are compassionate. They help strangers even though there might be a possibility that the stranger might be a murderer or a sinner" Yugo kissed Ky in the lips. Ky pushed Yugo back and blushed
"Why the hell did you do that?" Ky mad at Yugo for the kiss
"I'm showing my gratitude?. . . why?" Yugo didn't understand because of their different culture.
"Oooh De...I...Dore.Let me at him. Let me at him." Hankaroun whined, while Deidore held unto his pants, and took out his poetry book.
"Tch. I'm nothing like a human." Ky said. "Next time express your gratitude with words. For his sake." Ky glanced at Hankaroun.
"Let's go then, to Kiratchi." Deidore said dragging Hankaroun by his pants.
"Oi! De... I... Dore. You'll hurt something. Deidore!!" Hankaroun whined.
"AHAHAHA, your friends are funny Kyserria" Yugo wrapped his arm around Ky's shoulder then picked her up "Where to now, princess of vampire kin"
"Just follow the idiots." Ky laughed.
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King came back around the corner after leaving Poly to herself. She looked up at him curiously.

“Is there anything else you need?”
“Yes,” he replied. “The people that you allowed to come in, who did they go to visit?”
“They went to go and see Bya-Ju,” said Poly.
"Alright, I need to go and speak with him briefly. If Slaivic asks where I am, tell him I’m doing work.”
Poly scoffed, “As if he would believe that.”

As King walked through the hall, listening to all of the prisoners yell and cuss at him.

“Eh knock it off, it won’t make your sentences any better,” he yelled at them.

After a few more short steps her turned and looked around a corner to find Bya-Ju.

“You there, Bya-Ju. Come here so I may have a word with you.”
He turned around and saw King, “How about you stay over there and tell me what you want.”
King gave a slight grin, “I want to know who it was that just visited you. Their power was slightly strange. Almost as if they were of an old power.”
“Well wouldn’t you like to know the name of the princess that shall lay waste to the pathetic council?”
“Actually, yes I would. And you are going to tell me.”
Bya-Ju raised an eyebrow, “Really? And just how do you come to that conclusion?”

King waved his hand and Bya-Ju suddenly found himself suspended in the air. His ankles, wrists, and neck had a ring of what looked like pure energy wrapped around them. He tried to break free but the struggle was pointless. Then the rings started to slowly tighten and move away from his body. As a result, his arms, legs, and head were pulls outward. Bya-Ju let out a small gasp of pain and then looked at King.

“Either you tell me what I want to know, or you will be torn to pieces.”
After a few more seconds, he caved, “Alright, I’ll tell you. Their names are Ky, Deidore, and Hankaroun.”
King smiled, “Good boy, now tell me where they are heading.”
“Why do you care so-” He started to say, but the ring around his neck tightened just enough to stop air from coming out.
“Just tell me. There is no need for you to know my business.”
Bya-Ju gasped for air once the ring loosened up, “They are heading for a person named Kiratchi. That’s all I'm gonna tell you.”
The rings suddenly disappeared and Bya-Ju fell to the ground, “And that is all I need from you. I shall take my leave now.”
Not before you explain why you are here, imposing as me.”

King turn around and found at the end of the all, the real King.

Hahaha, so you found me out huh. I knew it was only a matter of time until you sensed your own energy. But it’s earlier than I had guessed. Good job.”
"Whatever, just reveal yourself.”
The fake King smiled, “As you wish.”

His body glowed pure white and then the white lifted off of his body to reveal a different person. He was wearing a long shirt that had a hood that covered his face, but you could see pure white hair coming out the front side of the hood. He had white baggy pants on with white boots. His hands were inside of fingerless gloves. From inside of the hood, through the darkness that covered his face, you could see a bright glow of wine red.

Now you see me,” the stranger says smiling. “What are you going to do?”
King charged at him, “I’ll show you.”

King drew a sword from his side and continued to run at the stranger. But the hooded person just smiled and jumped straight at King. King raised his sword up. The stranger, with no attempt to block, grabbed the sword and pulled it through his chest.

Then he smiled, “Looks like you didn’t catch me. Better luck next time.”
King looked at him confused, “What do you mean?”

Suddenly the stranger’s body glowed white again, but this time the whole body broke off into pure energy and disappeared from sight. Bya-Ju and King both looked at either other then ran off to alert the other Wardens.
Slaivic, there has been an intruder here,” King said once he found Slaivic.
“What do you mean there ‘has been’?” he ask curiously.”
“Well, he kinda disappeared.”
"Oh, just leave him be. Our job is to keep prisoners, as long as he was not a prisoner no need to send the guards”

Meanwhile, outside of Bloodspire

Hahahahaha, that wasn’t too hard. I may have been discovered, but I still found out what I needed to know.” The stranger that had been seemingly slain by King said as he gathered all the white energy into his right palm. They combine together and fused with the white aura that floated around his body. “I really am going to have to thank ‘Him’ for unlocking this power. But before I do that, I think I should find this Ky person. Hahahaha”

And with that he took off. Streaking through the trees and fields. He raised his hand out to his side and felt the energy signature his ‘copy’ had found inside of Bloodspire.

“Seems like I was right. She is of an ancient race. So is one of the others, but I’m not so sure about the last. I’d better stay on my guard.”
He came up to a hill, and looked down. There he spotted a girl accompanied by three guys.

“Hey you down there. Hold on,” he yelled.

The people stopped and turned around. The stranger ran down the hill and full speed; becoming a blur of white to the naked eye. He stopped only a few inches from the girl.

“I am looking for someone, would you care to help me out.”

The group looked at him sternly but gave no answer.

“Very well then. The person I am looking for is a female vampire by the name of Ky. She was just seen leaving Bloodspire,” he said smiling at looking at the girl. “Would you happen to know her?”
The woman’s hand lashed out and grabbed him by the throat and started squeezing, “Depends who want to know. Tell me your name and I might not kill you.”

The stranger smiled. He tilted his head back and let the hood fall off his head, revealing his face.

The woman’s facial expression turned to shock, “Are you….”
“I am sure that we have never met,” he said, cutting her off. His bright wine red eyes glistened in the sunlight and his pale-ish tan skin simply glowed in radiance. A white blade appeared at the lady’s neck and touched her skin, “My name is Weiss. Pleasure to meet you, Ky.”
Deidore and Hankaroun was immediately at the man's side.
"Dammit. Sexy... I knew you were a babe magnet... but so many... one night?" Hankaroun said smelling the man.
He drew back. "Ugh. I hate that awful scent. Pity you were cute. But now I have no qualms in killing you." Hankaroun said pushing the sword close to the man.
Deidore snorted. "What cologne are you wearing Weiss?"
Ky giggled too. She let go of the man's neck. "Damn you Yuichi."
"What?" Hankaroun said still watching the man intently. Deidore and Ky didn't realize the situation but the man was no normal monster. "Damn." he sheathed his sword.
"What do you want Weiss?" he asked.
"Nothing really. I've just heard things about you," he said still smiling. The blade that was against Ky's neck flickered and then disappeared. "I have been seeking you out for those reasons. I've heard you wish to take down the Mystic Council. Is this True?"
"Hai. Why?" Deidore asked taking out his poetry book.
"Well maybe you can say that i could be a great asset to your cause. All I need in return is your trust. Eventually I'll have to leave you. I have other goals and objective, but first i must get rid of something, and someone. I'm sure that if I stick with you for a while, I will find them and destroy them."
"I see.... Who are you looking for?" Ky asked, glancing at Hankaroun and Deidore fighting while Deidore tried to read.
Weiss looks at Ky, "Now that my beautiful young lady is something that I cannot tell. But rest assure, they are your enemy as much as mine. And as they say, my enemy's enemy is my friend."
"You know, that isn't how you're gonna get us to trust you like that."
Weiss shrugged his shoulders, "Then so be it, I really don't need your trust. It would just make things go a lot smoother if I am to be following you."
Ky looked at me as if he was joking, "What makes you think that we will allow you to come with us."
"I don't think you don't have much choice in the matter if you are to accomplish what you wish. You see, I can pick up anyones energy signature and follow them to the ends of the earth. I could help you track down this Larac person that you are frantically searching for."
"How did you know about that,' Deidore said now looking at Weiss, yet still dodging Hankaroun.
Weiss laughed almost sinisterly, "Oh please. his energy is wrapped around you so tight, that anyone could assume to be his stalker."
The last guy, who was standing off on his own rushed at Weiss and grabbed his shirt, "Yo'u're saying that you could easily find Larac?"
Weiss's face become indulged in anger as he looked at the guy. Suddenly he was surrounded by hundreds of energy swords. Each one was just a few centimeters from piercing his body.
The guy raised his eyebrow "huh. . . ."
"I can see you want to find him badly," Weiss said smiling evilly. "But you'll never get to see him if you die here."
"Ha?" The guy giggled and was fairly entertained "is it me or is everyone cocky here. . . . "
The guy looked at Weiss' face then followed by a sigh. He let go of his grip and dropped Weiss In result, the swords flickered and disappeared.
"Don't mind Yugo," Ky said. "He's got as much of a bone to pick with Larac as I do. But if we do let you come with us, and we just so happened to find Larac, I will be the one to kill him."
"Bone to pick? bone. . . Larac and bone??" Yugo asking himself again and again. Ky and the others didn't even listened or notice
"Fine by me."
"Alright then, just follow us for the moment. We have somewhere to be heading," Deidore said after dropping Hankaroun on the ground. He picked up his leg and dragged him on the ground, while still reading.
Weiss found this amusing and laughed, "Are they always like this?"
"Ah, oh well. Better to have entertainment for the road, rather than be bored. Lead the way, your majesty."
Yugo behind the three beings was in a train of thoughts hmmmm, I am pretty much confused now. . . They talk like they want to kill Larac. . . well, no harm no foul it's not like I care. I sure do hope I find where my brother is before Larac dies
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Chapter VI.1 - The Truth Revealed

After a days travel, Larac and Ezra reached a town close to east hill(Where Larac and Ezra first met). The locals stared at them because of their odd attire, they were clearly outsiders but their presence did not bother the atmosphere. Larac instructed Ezra to meet with him at the inn because he was going to stroll around; going to exercise his divinations. A book store captured his attention, he felt nostalgic as he entered to this local establishment. He sees the store clerk reading a book. They greeted each other formally and exchanged smiles. Larac moved towards the ending part of the store, browsing at book titles. Two books in particular, caught his attention. The two books sat beside each other, side by side. He picked up the two books, not even bothering to read a few pages and paid the clerk a pouch of gold for the two. The clerk did not question Larac's purchase, because the amount of the gold given was enough to buy a hundred books; and he was clearly not carrying a hundred. The sun was slowly setting but it was still too early to meet Ezra at the inn, instead he went to the local pub. Most of the bar was made of wood, and it was neat and simple. He sat in the table, but before he could order a mug was given to him by a stranger. It was the clerk who had given him the mug of beer and sat close at the table.

"Hi. how are you" the clerk said as he sipped his drink
"I usually dont talk to stalking clerks, but I don't like to waste beer." Larac replied to the clerk
"Oh, sorry. My name is Sanders, half human half wolf"
"I can smell dog old man. Not a werewolf?" he said as he was waiting for a rumble but instead he only heard laughter
"oh, haha. You call me old man, but I sense is older between the two of us. No, I'm lycanthrope"
"pfft figures. Well I thank you for the beer"
"No, I thank you. You gave me a two month vacation. What was the book if I may ask"
"If you want I can give it back, all I needed to know was the title"
"No, I'm just curious of the book. Cause you paid a large sum. Who wouldn't be curious"
"Oh ok, well you did buy me a beer" Larac dropped the two books at the table for Sanders to read
"huh, 'Eastern Dragons of Lemures' & 'Council: Rise and Fall'. You like to read political and geographical"
"Nope. Like I said, just needed the title. I don't need that much money anyways, I gotta go. Thanks for the beer"

Larac left with the two books as the clerk said goodbye. He left the bar and pulled out his pendulum. The streets was still full of life, vendors and neighbours still doing activities. He let the weight of the stone at the end of string give him directions of where Ezra might be. After a few turns and corners, he ended up at an inn. He did not bother to look at the inn's name. As he entered the desk manager called his name. He said that a girl is waiting for her at room 3A. "A girl said, if someone entered and has a really long hair and dress poorly. Id give him the room number and key" Larac grabbed the key and went upstairs. When he entered the room, Ezra was already asleep. He didn't to disturb her, so he slept at the corner. He wasn't fully asleep, only half asleep. He was waiting for the town bell to ring at midnight.

As the bell rang Larac awoke and left the room quietly. Downstairs he noticed that no body was already around. It was peaceful even in the streets but houselights were still on; meaning that not all of the people are asleep. He walked on the streets, going to the path towards the east hill(Battle between Akuron and Larac). The road started to get dustier the farther he gets from the town. He was alone in the path, but he felt that someone was following him. It took him about a few minutes till his temper kicks in.

"OK!, whoever you are, show yourself. I don't have time to play" Larac said without even turning his back
"Hiya boss. Sorry I followed you, I couldn't sleep. You reminiscing on the past again? hihi" Ezra chuckled
"Kinda. . Listen Ezra, I think you should go back to the Inn" He calmly cited
"Nope. I know where your going. You going to kick more of Akuron's minions?"
"Yeah. Whatever, trust me you won't be able to handle on whats inside the East Hill"
"Wha?!, you act like you never seen me in action" She smiled and giggled
"Ok. . . . *sigh* This won't turn up well for the both of us"

Ezra followed Larac as he continued his walk. The higher they got, the closer they get on the cave where they first met. A yellow light, probably from candles; a lot of candles. When they reached the mouth of the cave, Larac told Ezra one last time to leave, but she could not convince her. She asked the question on why he wanted her to leave but all he could say was "None of your business". She had a gut feeling that it was close to her business because, that is where most of her Sisters(Witches) were kidnapped and tortured.

Larac entered with Ezra on her back, they were both silent and didn't even made a sound. They ended up at a room where it had a balcony. Larac didn't care to see what was on the balcony's view cause he already know who and whats out there. Ezra, bothered by the way that he already knows what to expect if they see what was outside the room through the balcony. To her sight, she saw cult worshipers, same to Akuron's minions. She sensed something was wrong. Larac's weird actions, and Akuron is still worshipped. He clearly turned around and stared at larac.

"WTF, Larac!. Your not telling me something. Why didn't you want me to be here" She said. But after her outburst the she hears the joys of the worshipers. She went to the balcony again. And to her eyes, she saw Akuron, Walking and raising his hands to his followers. She was engulfed in fear, anger and mostly confusion. She looked at Larac, and all his faced said was I told you, didn't I. She was quite unsure of what was happening. Her memories jumpstarted again. Memories of the death of her sisters. He quickly ran to Larac and kicked his stomach. She ran towards the balcony then jumped off, landing at one of the worshippers. She grabbed a sword on the floor and charged towards Akuron. She ran fast but not as fast as Akuron was, he quickly appeared in front of her. He smacked the sword she was carrying and it flew off her hand. She jumped far away from Akuron and pulled her black flute. The minute she played the tune, everyone started to go berserk. She was playing the tune more chaotic than she used to, making the negative effect ten times more damaging. To her focus on playing she didn't notice Larac behind her. When she sensed that someone was behind her it was already too late. The floor started to rise up and wrapped her blocking the noise from escaping. She tried to escape but the earth like coffin was too constricted. The opportunity was given to Akuron, he almost executed a finishing blow but Larac stopped him.

"What is the meaning of these?!" Akuron shouted his face
"Yeah, nice to meet you to dog face" Larac replied
"Council!! Tell me what is this act you are trying to commit?"
"Shes one of the victims of your weaker being, scooby doo"
"Oh. . . I am sorry to have not known"His expression quickly changed from anger to sorrow
"No sweat. I'm sure she'll get over it, probably not. Anyhoo, I'm just here doing a routine check on ya"
"The land has been bountiful" He bowed to Larac "What can I do to calm or satisfy your friend"
"Nothin I guess. The only thing I know that will do that is your head on a silver plate"
"Your rudeness always surpasses your charm. If you have nothing more pleasant to say, please leave my shrine"
"Just 2 last messages howler, I need a, emblem for safe sanctuary to Lemures" Larac said to him
"and your last message?"
"Oh, and I chose you for candidate. To be my . . . . ."

Ezra woke up with her arms around Larac, They were not in East Hill town anymore. They were in a path unknown to Ezra. She was a bit weak but she could still stand up. She removed herself from Larac and tried to stand still. She asked Larac if she really did saw Akuron, or was it just a dream. He replied "You want to hear the truth, or you want me to tell you it was a dream". She drew her wand and pointed at Larac, and shouted "Tell me why the fuck he's alive!! or I will swear to the living Gods I'm going to waste you!!". He sighed to her reaction and took cigar from his pocket, he wanted to smoke it but Ezra blew cigar.

"Tell me what the fuck is happening?!" She shouted
"Hell have no fury than a woman scorn. Thats what a friend of mine use to say" Larac uncomfortable with the situation
"No more lies Larac!! Tell me why is Akuron still Alive. Did he escape from Bloodspire?"
"No, he didn't. He's not the Akuron you loath and hate"
"Laws of Gods and laws of other mystics beings are different ok. Don't let me explain"
"Explain it to me NOW!!" She said as energy started to focus on her wand
"OK ok. Take a chill pill. The Akuron we captured is still in Bloodspire, In a coma. and the Akuron you saw yesterday is the Akuron before he was corrupted by fallen order"
"Yesterday!! I . . .What?!" she had a hard time understanding his explanation "Tell me a good reason why you are still keeping that son of a bitch alive?!!"
"Because Akuron will always be given birth at east hill whether we like it or not. . . Forget about the past Ezra!, The Akuron you know and the Akuron of the east are two different Gods. Even if you do manage to kill the Akuron of today, he would still be reborn. As long as East hill exist, HE EXIST!!" He shouted to her. She dropped her wand, trying to absorb all the information Larac has told her
"I heard enough. . . Tell me our mission, I don't want anymore secrets" She said calmly with a frown and a look of despise of him
"Fine, if it will satisfy you. Do i have to tell you all of em or just a few?"
"Tell me all. No half truths, and no mind erasing"
"Where shall we start. Ok, Aeris assigned me to investigate a conspiracy. A group of candidates to replace council member 7 has been reported to be either murdered, missing or lost their mind. Also she gave me the task to look for more potential candidates. You want to know more" He said not waiting for her to response

"I am also to investigate about Dante's betrayal. To know if it was ever manipulated for Sirberius to choose Dante to be part of the council. Hmmm, what else. I am to assasinate an Abomination and an Angel who is rumored to be planning conspiracy to overthrow the council and those weren't even in my top three list of covert ops. . . freakin!!" He continued more and started to get angry

"A pure vampire is going to be killed by my own hands, not because I wanted to. It's all because The Elder Gods decided that a new lineage must take command to that fuckin race. . . " His teeth became larger and sharper and his head taking form of a dragon

"And If I were to be fucking caught by the vampire kingdom, by that time. A replacement has been already given and Aeris would be the one to deliver the letter that I was already not part of the council"

"Wait, what!! are you crazy?! That would be suicide?!"
"Maybe. . . But a mission is a mission. You only heard the third and now your acting like a cry baby"
"I don't know if I can handle ur top two list of missions"
"Well, we go to Lemures. Lets just keep mission 1 and 2 for later"
Larac reached a small shrine. It was fashioned in white stone, and its design were not of the mystic realm. It was like they were at the edge of the world. Larac cut a small part of his wrist and dropped blood on the dragon emblem. He sat and meditated. Ezra watched as nothing happened for an hour. She waited and waited, she even played a melodic tune with her white flute.

"Larac, What are we doing here??" Ezra asked him as she stopped her playing
"This is the only way I know to get to Lemures" Larac still meditating
"Where is this Le. . . ." But before she could finish her sentence the surrounding started to change, and they were already surrounded by dragons in human form and dragons themselves. but they were still in the same shrine. It was like the shrine teleported itself. Ezra was amazed to the scenery, it was very different from the mystic realm.

"Ahhh, Ezra. This is Lemures. The Mystic Realm could not compare to what the Dragon Realm have accomplished" Larac bragging while still in his meditative state.
"Tell me, what is our mission here" She asked
"Number 2 on my list. The closure of all portals or space rifts From our Realm to This Realm"

She was surprised and shocked to what he said. Not a single logic would fit into her head on why Larac would do such a thing. She demanded for an answer, But all he answered was "Ezra, Lemures is Haven and so magnificent"
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Chase VI (Part 2) – The Gem of Lost Power

Weiss got up from his bed. As he got up, Deidore looked up at him.

“Where exactly do you think you are going?”
Weiss, without even giving him any extra attention, replied, “I must go somewhere.”
“So what, are you leaving us already,” he said getting up to face Weiss. "Fine... less cargo." Deidore said lying back down and reaching for his book.
Ten blades suddenly appeared around Deidore’s body, all of them touching a vital pressure point, “You assume too much. Sometimes it’s best to shut your mouth and listen to what another has to say before you voice your own opinion about what the intentions of that person are.”
Deidore chuckled. He raised his eyebrows... and pressed against the swords. "Do you really think... Weiss... That you and your pettiness can beat me? Don't ever forget... That I look for excuse to get rid of cargo."
The blades flickered and vanished as Weiss stood up straight, “We are near a desert that harbors a person I must see. He is a vital key to accomplish my goals. But rest assured that I shall be back here, even before the sun sets.”

"I see..." Deidore said, watching Weiss half amused at his bravery. "Well see that you do. We move at dawn."

And with that said, Weiss walked out of the door to the Inn and took off across the town. They were in the city of Kaidva, which meant they were near the Desert of Kaidva, the place where his target was known to be. But Weiss had no idea where to start looking for him. However, he did know of someone that knew exactly where to find his target. He arrived at a small village and stood right outside the entrance.

“Ok, this is where she can be found. If Athius has his information correct that is.”

Weiss started to talk through the town slowly, looking around to find the person. All the while, he was cause the white energy that flowed around his body to swirl around, changing his look little by little.

“Ok, this is a very close friend of ‘his’, so in order for me to pull this off, I’m going to have to get into his childish behavior. God this is going to be hard.”

He spotted a person in all black and approached her. But as soon as he get near her, she instantled turned around.

“Did you really think that you would be able to sneak up on me,” she said as she turned to face Weiss. “Well did you, little Sirberius.”
Weiss, just getting used to him being called that, smiled, “No not really, but I figured it was worth a try. How did you know it was me though, Saria?”
She scoffed at his question, “I can sense your energy signature from a mile away. After all this time, you’d think that you’d have more control over your power by now.”
Weiss started to scratch his head and smile, “You should know me better than that by now. I’m too lazy to fully control it all.”
“Yeah that is completely true,” Saria said smiling. “So what brings you here to Zelcova?”
“Well I am looking for someone that is said to be in the Desert of Kaidva. Only problem is no one knows exactly where he is.”
Saria’s face looked a bit shocked, “Are you talking about Yato?”
“You know of him?”
Saria gave a deceiving smile, “Well of course silly. Almost all demons keep in contact with another. Especially one as close as him.”
Weiss shrugged his shoulders, “Well I guess that would seem to be true. So can you tell me where he is?”
“First tell me something. Why do you want to find him? He isn’t in any trouble with the Council or anything is he?”
“No, he is in no trouble. He just holds some very important information that I need to get before someone else tries to.”
“Ok then you will really need to hurry. In order to get to him you will need to use the Reaper’s Hold technique I taught you back in our younger years. You must use it at the Oasis in the middle of the desert. Once you do as I told you, the entrance to his place will be revealed.”
Weiss bowed before Saria, “Thank you for your help.”

After saying their goodbyes, Weiss took off for the Desert of Kaidva and changed his appearance back to normal on the way.

“God that was dreadful. I didn’t think I would be able to hold up that charade for much longer. But it doesn’t matter, I still got what I needed to know.”

Weiss created a sled powered by little energy balls and skidded across the desert sand. Within a few minutes (guided by a strand of energy specifically used to find the earth’s magnetic pull just as a compass does) Weiss had found a large grassy area with a lake right in the middle of it. He put his hands on the ground, right in front of the lake.

“Let’s see if this skill really does what it’s supposed to. Reaper’s Hold.”

The ground started to shake, and then the water turned an eerie purple. A single demon claw rose from the middle of the lake. Weiss smiled and jumped right into its palm. As soon as his feet touched it, the claw started to sink into the water. He watched it come over his head; holding his breath only to find out that he could still breathe under the water. Soon, a minute or two had past and the claw had stopped in front of a pair of giant red wood doors. Weiss had only put his hand to the door, but that was all it needed for them to open abruptly.

Just as he had walked in a figure arose from the ground and stepped out of the shadows.

“Who are you that dare to step into my den?”
“I am Weiss. I need not give you my last name because I have long since rid myself of it. I have come hoping to gain some information on a certain jewel. A gem to be more specific. So do you think you could help me out, Demon Fox, Yato.”
Yato walked fully out of the shadow, his white fox ears standing at attention and his tail wrapped around his long white robe, “It all depends on what gem you are looking for.”
“I am looking for a gem whose power is said to be stronger than that of the Dynast Elder Gods. The Gods that created this realm and all who inhabit it. A gem that feeds of the powers of those who have died and long since disappeared. That should narrow it down for you.”
There was a slight pause, and then the demon fox’s face was overcome with shock, “You surely do not mean the gem known as Hyroku, The Gem of Lost Power. If anyone where to get their hands on that, the very fabric of reality would be at their disposal.”
Weiss gave off a devilish smile, “I know. That’s the reason why I wish to acquire this gem. So that I can have the entire Mystical Community bowing at my feet.”
Yato jumped back and pulled out two sabers, “I will not allow you to find that jewel. You will die here before you ever get the chance to begin your search.

Yato charged and tried to impale Weiss, but an energy sword swept his strike away.

“If that is your chose then so be it. But I shall get the information that I wish to know from you either way.”

Weiss created another sword and took hold of both of them. Yato ran in for another strike, but Weiss blocked and avoided every one of them. The Yato ran his saber across the ground, almost as if he were slashing it, and suddenly plants started to rise off of the ground and latch themselves onto Weiss. He slashes and severed the plants, but no matter how many times he cut them, they continued to grow out and envelope themselves around his body until he could no longer move.

“Fox Fire.”

Blue fire started to appear around Yato’s body. Then, all at once, it flew out and started to torch and burn Weiss’s body. It spun around him, as if trying to be a tornado of fire.

“Sword of the Blue Flame.”

The fire that was around Weiss flew back to Yato and took the shaped of a fiery sword. He held it between both hands and charged at Weiss. Weiss tried to move but couldn’t. The fire sword ran right through his chest like a knife through butter. Weiss’s body went limp and he moved no longer.

“You see now, you were not destined to win this battle. So now you die without ever knowing where to find Hyroku.”
Slowly, Weiss’s head rose and he wore a wide smile on his face. “You are wrong.”

Four swords appeared in the air and started to rotate around Yato, cutting his legs and arms slightly, but just enough so that he could no longer move them. Yato looked at Weiss with disbelief.

“But how do you still live? I pierced your body with my sword.”
Weiss pointed to the sword, now dying away, and revealed that there was no wound, “Did you really think that you would kill me so easily you fool. My White Aura will absorb any thing that is made of pure energy that tries to harm me. Your fire sword was made entirely of fire energy, thus sealing your fate.” Weiss raised his right hand and it started to glow white, “And now I shall acquire the information that I seek. Sorry if this pains you; it’s a new technique that I have never actually tried. Mind Link.”

Weiss placed Yato’s entire face. Suddenly, images started pouring into his mind. All of them seemed to be Yato’s memories, but so far they had nothing to do with the gem. Then Weiss started concentrating on memories only involving Hyroku.

“Yes, I see,” Weiss said as the images started to compile together.”

Once he had seen enough, he removed his hand from Yato’s face. His face was a bit paler than what it had already been, but he was still alive.

“You see, I told you that I would acquire my information. Now sadly, I no longer have a use for you.”
“What is that supposed to mean.”
Weiss smiled almost become devilish, “It means your live shall now be brought to a halt.”

Weiss threw his limp body into the air.”

“Flame Purge.”
Ten swords appeared in the air and started to pierce Yato’s body from all angles. Once all ten were in his body, Weiss snapped his fingers. In response a ball of energy formed over Yato’s head and started to turn red. It grew larger and larged until it became a giant fireball.

“Good bye. It was nice knowing you.”

The fireball fell from the air and hit the ground, taking Yato’s body with it. A massive uproar of fire spewed from the fire ball and went everywhere. Once it burned out, there wasn’t a trace of Yato’s body left; just a burn mark on the ground where is body landed. Weiss walked out and traveled back through the Desert of Kaidva to the city Kaidva.

“Hope no one misses me. I’m pretty sure that Deidore will say something since I didn’t finished before the sun went down. But who cares? I am one step closer to achieving my goal. And one step closer to ending ‘His’ life.”
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Chapter VII - Deidore

Deidore sat lounging in his chair as he watched Yugo and Hankaroun alternately pace around the room.
"What the fuck is taking him so long?" Yugo growled.
"De... I... Dore... you sho you told him to come at sunset?" Hankaroun asked running his hand through his once blonde hair which now was pitch black.
"That's so..." Deidore said watching his hair, then went back to reading.
"We are suppose to move at dawn. This is overexaggerating lateness." Hankaroun said plopping down beside Deidore. "De.. I... Dore... go find him." he whined picking up a strand of Deidore's hair and twirling it.
Deidore watched Hankaroun. Hankaroun sighed and release his hair. "No fun... we're all alone..." Hankaroun grinned completely ignoring Yugo who looked confused.
"Ignore him, Bloodmare." Deidore said reading his book.
"De...I...Dore... what are you reading?" Hankaroun said excluding what he didnt want to hear. He tried to peek into Deidore's book as Deidore closed his book and closed his eyes. He re-opened his eyes and looked at his watch. "We move in an hour." he said closing his eyes again. He folded his arms behind his head and went in his zone. Musical threads played unspoken in the room. Soon Yugo and Hankaroun was also in the zone, more calm then they ever was.
Deidore grinned as his dreams toyed with him.In the zone all his emotions were played and mixed with everyone surrounding him. It was a mixture of calm and ecstasy. The mood swiftly switched from calm and diffused into ecstasy.
Deidore shifted a little, and bit his lip. A sign that he was ready to feed but wouldn't. A small trickle of blood ranfrom his lip. Hankaroun unresisting to the urge leant forward and licked it.
Deidore eyes flew open, startled and he leapt back. Then he surged forward to Hankaroun and grabbed him around hs neck slamming him across the wall as he bared his fangs. Deidore's eyes which glow green slowly crept red as the blood surrounded his aura.
Hankaroun cringed in fear as Yugo still in awe of seeing an Ancient's fangs tried to hold Deidore. He only seemed an insect on Deidore's back as Deidore leant close to Hankaroun.
Deidore laughed slowly and softly. "You always seem to be teasing me. Inviting me to a bite... but can you take it... Yuichi- .... kun?" he said his voice seeming lower and harsher then it normally did. As if he was a different person. He trickled one of his gloved fingers down the neck of Hankaroun who shook like a leaf.
"I never tasted a male before. Most vamps say they are sweeter than a female but..." Deidore licked his lips slowly. "They seem to die after one bite." Deidore laughed slowly again.
He bent slowly to Yuichi as Yugo tried to grab him. "Deidore, you can't." He shook his shoulder sending Yugo careening into the opposite wall. He leant close and bared his fangs as his tongue licked Hankaroun's neck. Yugo rushed back to Deidore grabbing him as the door opened.
"Deidore?" Ky asked as Weiss stepped in.
Deidore released Hankaroun as he whirled away to prevent Ky from seeing him. He let out a ragged breath as he leaned on the wall.
"W-why aren't you... in bed?" he asked breathing hard.
"I went and did what you three wouldn't.... meet Weiss." Ky said frowning.
"Oh." Deidore said as his hands balled in fists leaving dents in the steel wall as his breathing grew rougher and more raggedy.
"De..I...Dore?" Hankaroun said finally getting his breath and standing up, stepping a distance away but looking at him. Deidore sunk a little as he tried to keep up his balance.
"Deidore?" Ky asked.
"W-we leave at... at... damn... at mid afternoon." he said trying to catch his breath.
"Deidore you okay?" Hankaroun said reaching towards Deidore.
"Fuck." Deidore said before leaping through the steel and into the woods.
The wall mended itself.
Yugo watched Hankaroun then where Deidore was.
"I blame you." Hankaroun said stepping towards Weiss.
Where the calm aura layed hovering, anger and animosity, viciousness and vengeance replaced it.
Hankaroun flicked his hand drawing out diamond claws.
Ky stepped into them. "You can't." she said.
"What is wrong with Deidore?" Yugo asked grabbing Hankaroun and throwing him into the chair.
Weiss remained where he was not giving a damn.
Ky bit her lip and looked around.
"Damnit. Tell us. Before the enemy can pray against his weakness!" Yugo yelled.
The aura rose thicker as Hankaroun jerked up as if electrocuted and headed towards Weiss again. "Damnit!" Yugo said fighting Hankaroun back into the corner.
"Don't yell. You'll only feed it." Ky said plopping into a chair.
"Feed what?!" Yugo yelled as the room nearly crumbled.
"Deidore's anger." Ky said.
"It?" Weiss asked, becoming interested.
"It's a long---" Ky began as a calm sound echoed through the room. Hankaroun who was clearly fighting with himself on the inside appeared drowsy and calm.
"What the hell happened.?" Kiratchi said entering the room." My poor Deidore-kun... who did it?"
All eyes turned to Hankaroun who shrugged and look guilty. "It was the spell. I didnt mean to do it. It happened."
"Ahh... I see.. the book..." Kiratchi said, picking up the book which was opened and on the ground. Kiratchi closed it without glancing at it. "We need to talk." Kiratchi said appearing somber, which was a rarity." Follow me." he said walking back outside.
He ushered each of them to sit in the dining room as a harp played music. Everything seemed to reverse into what it might have been excluding the presence of Deidore.
Kiratchi sat at the head and rest his head regally on his hand. He seemed to appear as he once was the Great Head.
"When Deidore came into my charge, he wasn't suppose to be there. He was what we called a pure monster. He wiped out a whole country, when he was six.... in one night. They were going to put him to sleep. I recognized the sign that he was more than a monster. I saw the frightened little boy. So I decided I would keep him with me. Of course there was huge arguements against it, but I kept the idea firm. I trained him to see what made him snap... you see... what he has is not a weakness it's his strength. But I trained him to fight against it. Thus explains the melody. When he snaps, he can no longer control himself and no one is safe. When he was younger, he was easier to contain thus I could've train him. I f he didn't want to control himself though, no one could've... including him. He hated the idea, though of being a monster. He was a vampire and unknown. Unknown to all worlds... as we soon discovered. I was appalled and for a second frightened of might what have been. But soon he grew out of it, becoming a pure Ancient, one of the few which still exists. He bacame almost as if only he existed. Until his teen years (100+ till 600+) He seem to become even more violent and out of control. I got panicky. I didn't know how to restrain him without giving him up. So we left the country. Under false premise but... Anyhows we soon found anoher way to control him. We used this method every odd night. It has to be done that often. He comes to me or to Garaquay (blind elder, old friend of Kiratchi... don't worry you can't touch him, his senses are heightened and he can murder a town in a strike, plus he has two bodyguards... very high in the vampire country) and we would help him. He fought with me to keep Deidore. Apparently the sessions weren't enough so the melody and this book is also in use. But this book.... is a double-edged sword if not done properly. Apparently Yuichi-san triggered the incorrect side. It is not you to blame though. I should have explained it ahead of time. It is I to blame---" Kiratci stopped and looked to the door as Deidore appeared matted in blod and his head down. He hold up his head, revealing green eyes with red swirling around as he pushed his bloody hair out of his way. He stumbled into the dining hall falling at Kiratchi's feet as he went to meet him.
"Kiratchi, Kiratchi... not working..." he said as blood ran from his eyes and he began shaking violently. He glanced up and watched Hankaroun. He licked his lips as he stumbled towards him... Kiratchi stood infront of him.
"Please... Kiratchi... A little..." he begged, swaying.
"Deidore..." Kiratchi said, revealing a small smile then tapping his head. Deidore fell unconscious against Kiratchi, who swooped him up with easy.
"Hankaroun, you opened the book, he will now fall prey to you. Keep your guard up." Kiratchi said as Hankaroun watched with slight fear. His eyes widened at Kiratchi's word.
Weiss watched Kiratchi then Hankaroun then Deidore.
Ky eyes widened too. "Kiratchi, wasn't it suppose to be a female. Garaquay prophesised that..."
"The one who opened the book, will also die by the book. And he did say she... which was proven incorrect. Let's hope that one is incorrect." Kiratchi said, disappearing.
"We'll meet midafternoon." The remnants of his voice said.
Yuichi gasped as if wanting air, then backed out the room quickly. Yugo, sighed sitting up and running his hand through his hair. "Damn." was all he said before leaving to his room.
Weiss also eased from the room. "This really is truly a fucked up group going against The Mystical Community." he muttered shoving his hands in his pocket as he left too.
Ky grabbed the table cloth, tearing it, as she stared blankly at the wall knowing that Kiratchi only revealed a portion of the prophecy and the best piece of the prophecy also.
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Chapter VIII - Lemures

"Its so beautiful here" Ezra said as she stepped outside the circle of protection.
"yes, but whatever you do, don't leave the circle" I replied but it was already too late
Beings stared at us (dragon-like and human-like). It was clear we were outsiders, our dress customs were not of their world but they ignored us after a few

"Why? It's not like were going to get in trouble" She said.
"Well, not for now" I said as I grasp my blade and focused on my surrounding "But I'm sure...."
Then suddenly countless lightning struck our surrounding, and multiple dragons and humans pointed spears and swords at us. I told Ezra to not play a tune on

her flute.

"You are trespassing on Lemures" A human said.
A dragon growled and said "You two are from the Mystic Realm, show me your emblem pass"

I showed the emblem with my blood on it. He examined the emblem and suddenly disappear with the others along with my emblem in the form of lightning. One was

left, a human, probably a dragon in human form

"what just happened?"Ezra asked.
"Our passport was a pass. Cause you see, only Gods and Dragons are allowed to enter here" I said as I walk on the street leading to a castle "Oh and humans

"He is right miss. My name is Erefrest, I will be your guide" The human said.
"Not needed" I replied.
"Oh but you dont understand, I am also a guardian assigned to keep a watch on you till your emblem is recorded in our records"
"Hmph, watchdog. So doggy" I said to the Erefrest "We seek audience"
"Audience with whom?" He asked.
"Druaest Family, Arkhard Royal Guard and the Council of Lemures"
"Hmmm, you must be someone important" He said "I'm sure you could arrange a schedule to meet the Arkhards and the Druaest. But the council are busy these

"I'm sure"
"And your lady friend here?.... your secretary?"

Ezra was silent because I gave her the sign to be quiet (A secret code I taught her, one of hundreds). We walked with the guard following us, it seems he

knows where we were going. It was awkward, Ezra as silent as a rock and me keeping my mouth shut.

"Well no matter. I heard you were a friend of the librarian at Harver Ale District" He said as he started to walk with us "Your going to Harver Ale Library

"Yes, library is not close I hope" I said.
"No, you are welcome to enter" He replied. He stared at Ezra, probably attracted to her or He was observing her.

We reached the library with the awkward feeling in the atmosphere. The guard entered first, I gave Ezra the sign to still keep her silence as we entered.

"Krisz! Its been so long" A familiar voice called out to me. Ezra surprised and confused on why someone called me Krisz.
An old man rushed to give me a warm hug. He laughed and patted my back, and looked at Ezra.
"Krisz, who is this young lady? Don't tell me your married?!" He shouted.
Ezra didn't answer cause she knows that I'm serious, she had to listen to me, cause I rarely do the sign codes. She was a bit annoyed hearing that she was

married to me.
"It's nice to see you again old man" I cheerfully said as we parted our embraces.
"Old man?! I'm only a seventy years older than you. HAHA"
"Good morning Aighus" Erefrest said "So your a close-friend of the visitor, Aighus? he carried an emblem pass. Can he be trusted?" he asked even though we

were only two steps apart.
"Don't be rude Erefrest, Krisz here is responsible for forty books here in the library" Aighus cried out. "Please forgive him Krisz. Young dragons these days

are so full of testosterone"
"It's ok Aighus, I'm here for official business"

Erefrest left, entrusting me to Aighus (An old friend of mine).

We walked from the desk to the halls where books stack about 20 feet and higher. I didn't talk much about what I was doing there, because he was too busy

telling me what I missed through the years. He kept glancing at Ezra though. Im sure hes not interested in her cause i know his type of females.

"So, Krisz" He said "We've been talking for about thirty minutes and still you haven't introduce me to your wife"
I chuckled to the sense that Ezra is my wife.
"No Aighus shes not, trust me" I said to him "I wanted to ask you a favor"
"Anything for you krisz"

I smiled when he said anything, I signaled Ezra to get far away. She was startled and started to walk backwards, she was also thinking that I just want to

spend time alone. But as she stared at my lips moving, Aighus eyes turned from brown to large yellow and his hands grew large scales. In a moments blink his

hands was already on my neck, forcing pressure, choking me. Ezra couldnt move, she was stunned and was surrounded with a seal (Circle of Numbing, causes body

to lose control, numbing)

"You idiot! Are you trying to get me banished!" He cried out "Black Magic and Dark Mages are forbidden in Lemures".

I wanted to reply, but his hard scale hands were too strong for me. The library was also protected with a an ancient magic to nullify all none dragon

casters, thats why I couldn't shapeshift.

He releases me from his grip and droping me. Ezra was still in the state of numb time.

"I know, thats why I want you to hide her" I said as I cough and stretch my neck, also gathering my composure. "Your the only one I can trust, and you owe me

"Well I don't have any choice have I" He angrily said.

I left the library without anyone following me, I dont even know if he released Ezra from the spell.
I continue to the Castle where Druaest Family lives. I was being followed but it didn't bother me.
I knocked on the door, no one answered for about a minute. After a few minutes more a face appeared on the door. It wanted to ask who I was but it seems it

already knows who I am.
When I enter a lesser Dragon welcomed me, and another Dragon....
"Where am I?" Ezra asked.
"Your here in my private quarters" Aighus replied.
"How did I..."
"Krisz want me to hide you here. Oh btw lil lady, please remember that Witches are not welcome here in Lemures"
"What do you mean? and Why do you keep calling Larac - Krisz?"
"A law exist that Dark Magicians and their lineage are to be considered criminals, to put it simply 'witches are to be imprisoned'" He said. "and the reason why I call Larac Krisz is because it is his pen name. He is a well known writer about magick in the mystic realm and Lemures...."
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The Chase ~ Valentine Stories: Chapter 1- Dante's Origins
Valentine walked into the conference room at the Castle in the Sky. Only Rubi and N.V. were in there.
“N.V., can I have you find Dmitri for me,” requested Valentine.
“Sure,” agreed N.V.
N.V. left the room to find Dmitri de Acedia. Valentine sat near where Rubi was working. He watched her fill out a form.
Getting irritated, she stopped and said “Enough games, Valentine. Just spill it out.”
Valentine revealed a folder with a few scorch marks. Stamped on it was WAVE PROJECT.
“Don’t tell me there’s more like Key 4,” complained Rubi.
“No, no more Key 4s. This is an old file. One of the few I found in the ruins of The Gourd. I wanted to show them to Sirberius but, alas, he is no longer with us. Since you’re his fiancé… or former fiancé, I don’t know if the engagement was terminated because of his banishment or not, I’m not sure. Anyways, I thought I should show you this since I can’t show it to Sirberius.”
Valentine handed Rubi the folder labed WAVE PROJECT. Rubi opened it up. Inside were three pictures attached to files. They were:
Specimen 1: Daniel
Kurasawa’s Notes: Daniel seems to be a competitive kid. He loves to play games, especially when he wins. He had a younger brother named Francesco who idolizes him. I may be able to take advantage of this.

Rubi turned the page.
Specimen 2: Francesco

Kurasawa’s Notes: Francesco is a wimp. He’d be perfect for the implantation of the first Wave but Valentine won’t let me; says he has other plans. Francesco idolizes his brother Daniel, this might be useful later on.

There it was again, the name Kurasawa. Where have I heard the name Kurasawa before? thought Rubi.
Rubi flipped to the next page.
Specimen 3: Vode

Kurasawa’s Notes: Vode is difficult to understand. He seems distant and is very anti-social but seems to open up to Valentine. Since Valentine won’t let me implant the first Wave in Francesco, I think I’ll do it to Vode. He probably won’t care.

Rubi flipped to the next page. It was part of a journal.
I have been observing all the Wave candidates thoroughly; even performed some experiments on a few. However, I have found three likely subjects that will survive an implantation of Valentine’s mysterious Waves. He won’t tell me what they really are but I plan to find out later.
The three are named Daniel, Francesco, and Vode. All orphans. I heard they came from an orphanage in Tyruna, a town near the Desert of Kaidva. Valentine suspects, as do I, that the brothers Daniel and Francesco, vampire hybrids, may be related to the Rocain clan. Valentine and his brother- a slye manipulator like his twin- Kira plan to go to the Desert of Kaidva to investigate the Rocain clan. I heard some woman named Ashley, an old acquaintance of the Rocain family, will be going with them. Shame I’m stuck here to watch over the Wave Project.
On a more personal note, Daniel is starting to get better at sports. He’s very competitive. Earlier today he nearly broke Vode’s nose with a ball. I was so surprised that Vode didn’t cry.
I took a sample of the blood that was running down Vode’s nose. Comparing it to a sample I took from Daniel, I discovered a genetic marker. My brother, Tiolee, provided me with a sample of someone named Tenkay Hyachi or Tenkai Hyuchi, something like that. When I compared all three, I noticed the same genetic marker in Daniel and Vode was in this Hyachi person. Since Valentine was gone, I decided to see what a Wave’s reaction to Hyachi’s blood would be. To my amazement, the blood wasn’t destroyed (usually when a patient is introduced with a Wave, their blood evaporates and they implode from the inside out). I asked Tiolee if he could bring me this Hyachi person but said that the sample was an old one he got from the Great God War. From the stories that Tiolee told me, this Hyachi person is a Kim-un-Kur.
Since I don’t know much about Kim-un-Kurs, I decided to do some researching in Valentine’s files. There I found out that the currently Kim-un-Kurs were not descendants of the fairy tale Kim-un-Kurs. Apparently the first modern day Kim-un-Kurs were created by a secret project organized by the Elder Gods with Valentine as head of the project.
The secret project, which I call Project KuK, began with a hybrid (apparently all Kim-un-Kurs are hybrids) named Solomon Gregorovitch. I’ve heard stories about him. He had changed his name to Count Grindell the Grim Reaper and led a campaign against the humans with his hybrid army called the HyBreed. Like what the stories say, the HyBreed were stopped and Grindell was burned on the stake.
I’m starting to think there is a connection between the Waves and Project KuK. I hope I get the chance to talk to Valentine later. For now, I think I’ll go visit Noe on the mainland.
Kurasawa Cross
Wave Project Chief
The Gourd

Kurasawa Cross? Tiolee? Noe? These were shinigami royals. Rubi knew a lot about them. Kurasawa was the half-brother of Shinigami King Tiolee; he was dead but the origins behind his death were a mystery. Noe Cross had been one of the people to help Sirberius create the Mystic Council; he was killed shortly after fleeing his failed coup de’tat on the Mystic Council. As for Tiolee, the Shinigami King, he was revealed to be Phaethon and was killed by Valentine.
Rubi flipped to the next page.
The implantation of a Wave into Vode was a success. At first Vode went on a rampage but a strange object called the Sapphire Lodis that Valentine had seemed to calm him down. When I asked what it was, he told me it was a deviced that could either control or let loose the power of a Wave.
I still had hoped to implant a Wave in Francesco but Francesco went missing. I overheard Valentine talking to Kira that Francesco would be the “key to freeing Athius”, whatever that means.
I am now believing that Valentine has a secret agenda behind the Wave Project. I think it would be best for me to agree to the Fallen Order’s offer and take my research with me. I should take Daniel with me.
I almost feel sorry for Daniel. He seems to have short term and long term memory loss. Almost every week he forgets who he is or who Francesco is. Valentine theorizes that it is from trauma he received when his parents were killed. Valentine also theorizes that the short term and long term memory loss will go away after the implanting of a Wave if a “base” can be found. I’m not sure what he means by “base” but I think it may have to do with soul fragments which I found a paper on in his office.
If the Fallen Order really do plan to fund my research and have access to fragments of Demon Lord Draethius’ soul, then it would be wise for me, and beneficial to Daniel, that I agree to the contract. Oh, just thinking of the power Daniel could gain from a Wave and a fragment of Draethius’ soul. I don’t think Daniel would give too much resistance about going some place else as long as I wait until after he loses his memory again.

There was one more paper. It was handwritten also but by a different person.
Kurasawa Cross ran off with his research and joined the Fallen Order. I am not surprised that the Fallen Order would be interested in the Wave Project research.
From what I found out from Phaethon, Kurasawa was killed shortly after implanting a stolen Wave into Daniel. Good riddance I say. Daniel’s whereabouts are still unknown. I’ve tried tracking him down with my Thousand Eyes Restrict but the anti-energy being emitted from the Wave is negate my search for Daniel.
I see no reason to keep the remaining Wave. I plan to give it to myself in the past using the Oracle. I’ll have to be careful about using it; it is usually being guarded by Nemesis; I have yet to see her face, which is usually hidden behind a mask.
I shall close the Wave Project for now. It seems that there are other parts in the Epitaph Project that I must worry about first.

And that was all that was in the folder.
“What’s so important about this?” asked Rubi.
“Remember Rubi, remember what former Councilor once told you about their past?” said Valentine.
“The first thing I remember is waking up in a lab, with a shinigami inside. I killed the shinigami and escaped. From there, well, it’s a long story…” Dante had once said.
“Dante,” said Rubi.
“Correct, Daniel was the original name of Dante before he was implanted with a Wave.”
Valentine head towards the door.
“What are the Waves anyway?” asked Rubi.
“From what the Epitaph of the Holy Lord and the Epitaph of Blue Satan state, the Waves are the remnants of the Words of Blue Satan. Whether or not the Waves I had were the Waves in those stories is up to you.”
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Chapter IX - Dragon Prince

"Its nice to recieve a visit from you Krisz" The lesser dragon said as he walked me from room to room.

"Nice to see that not all Dragons are as weak as you" I replied.

"Haha, yes you are right. I am more of a academic dragon" He answered hiding his shame of being a weak dragon.

"Dont fret about it scaley, Im sure one day you'll recieve a great book that can teach you magic" I told him.

As we walk from room to room, he kept reminding me that my unannounced visit made some of the resident dragons weary. And that not all of the Druaest members are in the castle, but it was satisfying to know that the prince was there for me to meet.

The lesser dragon left after he led me to the Prince's room. The prince was sleeping, he was in his human form but his snores was clearly dragon-like.

I didnt want to wake him up. . . Well actually . . .
I placed my hands on his royal bed, and silently chanted a mantra. The bed sheets and the bed was slowly turning into quicksand. I snickered as I watch the prince slowly getting engulfed by the sand. After a few minutes he was tottally under the quicksand, his human body.

Suddenly a large blue scaled arm reached and grabbed my neck. I quickly returned the bed to normal and he was there, acting out like he has a head-ache.

"Ah, its you L'rac" The prince said.

"Nice to see that your as spiteful as ever" I replied and smiled.

"You were absent for years and now you appear and tried to drowned me with your geomancy" He accused me.

I sat down on his bed and rested my body on top of his. He was robe-less, barely wearing anything. I licked his neck and whispered, "The council is breaking down you know," he smiled as i said that. "Most of the council members are either dying, going to hell or incapable of doing their jobs"

"So?" He remarked. "It doesnt concern my kind"

"Well actually it does," I said, "Because that half-dragon is gone now. You could request an audience to the elders, to make you the head of the council"

"I have forgotten that dream long ago. . ."

"Oh Im sure you do" I said, "All Im saying is that, there are no more hybrids to stop you. Dante and Sirb are all but memories of the mystic realm"

"I know you L'rac" he said to me as he violently turned into a large dragon "You always trick your enemy"

I backed off, just trying to make sure he wouldn't make any swift moves. "Enemy?!" I acted surprise, "Your not my enemy Prince Wyatt"
"You have once plotted to involve me in a crime" He said to me as he circled around me. "So you can have me be locked up in that Ward!"
"You plotted to take over the Realm," I said as I stood by, watching his watch over me. "What else could I do, Its my job to find out whose against the laws of the Council and the Elders"
"I was never against the council or the elders!" He growled.

I then drew my quicksilver blade and warned him. "If you kill me you'll rot in a cell" I said "And after a few weeks or months I'll be clawing my way out of hell. Simple as that"

"I am not ignorant" he said to me as he shifted again to his human form, "I know how laws work"

"I know you werent against the council or the elders," I said as I chuckled because i wanted his reaction.

He exited his room and I followed him. He headed towards the dining room.

"But you were however enraged by the fact that a hybrid dragon," I explained to him, "was chosen to be in command of a new formed faction (The Council)"

"So what if I was enraged?" he said as he sat on the table and rang the bell for his breakfast, "so what if I did get a little jealous?"

"Yes your right!" I cried out, "So what if you don't have your own kingdom to rule, So what if I lesser halfbreed got picked instead of you"

He then interrupted me, "Your not entertaining anyone"

I then sat on the table and shapeshifted into a girl. "Is that entertaining for you master?" Then I shapeshifted into a fat jester "Why did the council members cross the road? because the Elders told them too". I lauged out loud even though the joke was not that funny. I returned to my normal, long-hair, rockin form.

When his meal arrived he ate and didnt even invite me to eat. That bastard.

I then threw a small bag filled with coins, he didnt bother to look at it he continued to eat.

"A long time ago," I started to tell a story, "While I was hunting Book Targets, I came upon a few couple of individuals. Who had the greatest intent in assassinatiing of Sirberius." I said as I sat beside him "Now its normal if some beings plan an assassination attempt against the council leader, its perfectly common in the MC" I said trying to prove a point.

"Where are you going with this?" He said as he postponed his meal.

"Well, as I killed every one of those bastards" I said, "I had an epiphany, I found out that most of them were well funded by gold, diamonds and weapons"

"So? a lot of rebels are funded by those who oppose the council" he replied to what i said.

"Ah, but this is where it gets interesting" I said to him as he stared at me "All of the gold were marked with the seal of Dragons. . ."

"And your point is?"

"Let me get to that" . . . . "Well, dragon currency could easily be passed and it is a well known form of payment. But. . . But the diamonds made it all too clear but still a bit distorted, The diamonds that was passed was no ordinary diamond that can be bought in the MC. The diamonds was found in a rare mining area . . . Do you get now where Im heading?"

"Are you accusing my father's Diamond Mine Guild?! funding rebel beings?!" He shouted and slammed his fist against the table.

"Dont get me all wrong princey" I backed away a little, "Your father is way too noble to even care about our realm. What really made it all obvious was the weapons" I declared.

"Oh what about it?" he asked calmly.

"Well the weapons was normal at first glance" I said to him as he listened carefully "But if someone like me read a lot of texts and ancient scriptures youd know something about really hard to obtain arcane materials, and noticed that some of these weapons have been embedded with anti-dragon/vampire enchantments"

"So? They are planning for an assassination against Reono, I think rebels plan things out" He said "Because rebels want to win"

"You see thats what bothered me" I said as I used my blade to create an awful sound while slithering it on the stone floor. "Those enchantments were truly impossible to obtain, and I know that there are only 5 great libraries that have those kind of books hidden in their vaults. And there is no way in hell that lesser beings can just freely enter those vaults or even break in. Those vaults are more protected than the Council and the Bloodspire ward combined"

"You still havent proven your point!" He cried out.

"Just let me finish" I replied "Well, as I investigated. I found out that four of those libraries doesn't have enough information in creating such enchantments on low level weapons. And the only one library that can provide all of those texts is the library here in Lemures"

"And? anyone can get books from the library" Prince Wyatt said.

"Ah. But thats where your wrong," I declared "The only way you can enter the vault is if you have permission from any of the royal family of Lemures. And I checked the last logged that entered the vault, and wouldnt you know it. It was Prince Wyatt Druaest, borrowing 9 books and have seemed lost possession of it!" I cried out as i kicked the large table out of the way.

Ancient God Seals and Sigils
The Lost Practice of Dead Wizard-lords
The Arte of Malleus Astrum
The Dragon and Lettum
The Vampirr and Letum
nex carmen ut hybrids
(Song against Hybrids)
Blood Deities
Inscribo discidium meditor
(Magical Separation of Entities)
Conjurers of Saturnus
Dragoon un God Alchemy

"I do hope your not implying that I funded those rebels," He said "Because it was proven in the trial that I had nothing to do with the loss of those precious artifacts"

"Well all I need is this!" I then jumped towards him so I can get my hands close to his skull, but he was faster than me and his knee landed a blow on my chest and threw me far. I slammed against the wall, my mouth was dripping blood and that gave me great reason to smile. "Im guessing you want it the hard way"

"Fool!" he cried out "I have been training all my life. I have read about all kinds of races, dont you think I would know what prophets do!"

"I was careless, now Im not" I said as I steadied my blade.

"Enough of this nonsense!" He cried out again as enegy flowed like fluid around him "I am over childish jealousy of who gets to be part of the council!"

"And you'll give me your word??" I sarcastically asked "Fuck that!" I rushed towards him.

I stretched my arms to get my hands over his skull. As I took action, I notice he didnt do any. When my hand landed on his skull, my tattoos flashed and visions of his past experiences slowly and painfully revealed itself to me.

The visions
- He borrowed the books
- Read them for days
- When he woke up, all of the ancient books were gone

I stopped my prophetic ability, as the flash started to vanish I fell to my knees. I was steaming hot and I coughed up blood, the prince also fell down, feeling the heat of the cosmic travel.

"Is that enough to prove my innocence?" He asked.

"Yes," I sadly replied "Shit!, I really thought it was you, everything was pointed to u! fuck!"

"Did you also read in my testimony during the trial, that I dont even remember when I borrowed those books"


"That was absolutely true, I couldnt remember when and why I borrowed those books"

We both lied down on the floor, trying to recover from the action I taken.

"So what now?" He asked

"Now?. . . Now Im going to get more work to finish my investigation"
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