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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
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The Chase ~ Valentine Tales: Chapter 2- Ancient God Seals and Sigils

Valentine teleported into the Castle in the Sky. After a few minutes of walking through the maze of corridors, he arrived outside a locked door. The Sinner used his power of Frozen Sand to create a key.
Valentine used the key to unlock the door. He opened the door and walked into a private library. He noticed N.V., organizing some books that had fallen down when Valentine and Tenkai fought (yes, these two have had to do a lot of cleaning because of Tenkai). She was happy to see Valentine.
"Hey, Val," N.V. greeted Valentine with the pet name she gave him.
"Hello, N.V." replied Valentine. "I see its almost back to normal here."
"Yep. More books?"
"Correct. I decided to check out Castle Cross (Phaethon/Tiolee Cross' castle). I didn't think the Shinigami King (Tiolee) had any relatives or heirs."
"I don't think so. His brother, Kurasawa, was killed by Dante, and Noe was killed after a failed coup on the Council. Why?"
"There were signs of activity in there. They seem to have left but someone, many in fact, had been in Castle Cross since I killed Tiolee in the Mu. I found an interesting book there."
Valentine showed N.V. the book he found at Castle Cross. It was an ancient book titled Ancient God Seals and Sigils.
"Ancient God Seals and Sigils?!" exclaimed N.V.
"Correct," said Valentine. "The book written by Penemue."
Penemue, one of the Egrigori, remembered N.V.
"Which is why I find strange. Azazel (Draethius) was one of Penemue's teammates so he would already have this knowledge. Phaethon would have no reason to have this book, especially when he doesn't have access to it."
"Elder God Luke (missing) gave it to Lemures as a gift after Egrigori's banishment. Even I don't know how to get to the ancient land of the dragons... unless..."
"Unless the last member, the unknown one, is a dragon; however, me and Ashley discovered long ago that the last member, Nemesis, is a female human. So the question is, who would have access to a dangerous book like this and why would they need it?"
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The Search ends, Larac found

As the group moves on, Weiss stays in the front constantly sticking his hand out as if to reach for something.

"Are you sure you are leading us the right way," Deidore aske bluntly.
"Yes i am possitive," Weiss said putting his right arm out once more. "I'm still picking up his energy signature here. But it's starting to come to a close.... here."

Weiss waved his hand around the air. Ky looked at him strangly.

"What do you mean it stops here. And why are you moving your arm around."
Weiss looked at her and grinned whilee taking off his hood, "Because this is where he is."
"Are you stuid or something," Hankuron said laughing. "There's nothing there but air and dirt."

Weiss turned to him, his grin now faded, and he was forming a compact ball of energy into his hand. Hankuron instantly put his hand to his sword, but Deidore stopped his movements.

"Did it ever accur to you that maybe Larac used teleportation gate. Or maybe that a world hidden from the eyes of of those who are unworthy to see it, stood right before your very presence?"

Weiss threw the ball in front of them where is spun and hovered for a bit. Then it turned into a ring of energy and started to grow larger. Soon it turning into a large gate with a swirling vortex in the middle of it.

"Mat I welcome you to Lemurs," Weiss said extending his hand and forming 4 more energy balls. "But before we go, you each must eat one of these."
"And just why should we do that," Yugo said curiously.
"Because certain races cannot walk into Lemurs without meeting resistance," Deidore said taking one of the energy spheres. "And i take it that these things will cloak our energy signatures and make it seem like we have another."
Weiss grinned, "Yup, would hate for you guys to get instantly booted."
"And what about you," Ky said. "Your energy is weird, nothing I've ever sense from any race."
"Let me worry about that, I have a way of convincing them," he said as 5 energy swords appear behind him and started to rotate around his body.

After everyone had eaten one of the spheres, they all stepped through. Once they walked through they were in a rift of time and space, there stood 5 dragons in their demi form. They instantly looked at the group, then to Weiss.

"Halt there," one of them shouted loudly.

But Weiss kept moving, so everyone else kept going. That's when the guad drew his sword and charged at Weiss.

"I wouldn't do that if i were you," Weiss said smiling. "You don't have the power to face a God of my calibur."
"You lie," Said the othe guard as he drew it sword. "Gods never wear that kinda of outfit. I don't know who you are or how you attained that Ka'dai signature, but it sure as hell ain't yours."
Weiss smiled more, "Fool."

Two of the swords that were floating around him darted out and impaled the first two gaurds. Deidore closed his book, disappeared from behind Ky, and reappeared with his forearm going through another guard's chest. Hankuron drew his blade and in a flash, cut the furthest guard with a flick of his wrist. Weiss finally shot the last 3 swords at the last guard but halted them before the stuck.

"Open the gate now," Weiss said calmly.

The guard nodded and put his hand to the air. Suddenly a city began to emerge before them, and there they stood in the streets. The 3 swords faded away as Weiss put his hood back up.

"Pleasure doing business with you," Weiss said with a joyess ring in his voice."

The group started walking, but as they walked past the guard, Weiss put his hand on the guards shoulder. Guard flinch a bit, his eye widened, then he went completely still and fell over.

"What did you do to him," Ky asked curiously.
"Mind Link," Weiss said still walking. "I aquired all the memories of all people passing through this gate before the guard's eyes, and Larac seems to be one of the people to have passed by here recently."
Bloodmare grinned now, "So he's here?"
"Yea somewhere," Weiss said calmly. "But you'll have to find him yourself."
"What do mean by there," Ky asked raising her eyebrow.
"I mean from here, I will leave you to you're own devices and be on my way. This is the most recent place that my target was at. So i will continue my search on my own," He said forming a card of energy in his hand and handing it to Ky. "Just put a but of your Ka'dai into that if you ever need me."

Weiss turned, and smirked at them. Then he disappeared before their eyes into balls of energy.

"So the real one was already gone," Ky said laughing. "Well nothing we can do about it now. But at least we know, that Larac is hiding someone in here. Now all that is left, is to find him, and kill him."
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Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/26/09
The Chase ~ Valentine Tales: Chapter 3- Future Plans

The large iron doors opened as Rubi entered the Hall of Magnus, a room in the Castle in the Sky used for Mystic Council meetings.
“You’re late,” said Youichi.
“I know, sorry,” apologized Rubi.
Rubi took her seat next to the large chair that Sirberius once sat. She looked around at the small attendance. The only other Council members besides herself were Youichi, Valentine, and an angel called Kyriel. The two guests for the meeting were Nirvanism Maesters: Sister M. N. Nairb and C. Ling Kett.
“I thought the Council was bigger than this?” said Nairb.
Nairb was right; the Council was bigger. Rubi knew she had to do something. The question was what.
Noe was killed after his failed coup of the Mystic Council.
Vode was locked up in the Bloodshire Ward for helping Noe.
Dante was stuck in the Death Dimension.
Caniltz was insane; running around the Mystic Realm searching for L’rac.
Sirberius was banished from Mystic Realm by the Elder Gods.
Tenkai went missing; Valentine said that Tenkai was with Sirberius.
Javex, one of Valentine’s colleagues, was sent to Bloodshire Ward where he died.
L’rac was god who knows where (no surprise to anyone though).
Dmitri was off at Sibilis, trying to stop a riot originally caused by Azriel.
Evangeline was in Faralda, checking rumors about the remaining Elder Gods massing.
Joel was with Karl Bates, a Nirvanism Maester, looking for clues on the Four Heavenly Rulers.
All in all, the Council was not doing well. And with Kira now the Sinner of Wrath, things were looking a whole lot worse.
“Any word from Joel or Karl?” asked Valentine.
“None so far,” informed Nairb.
“But we do know that they’re alive,” added Kett.
“Good,” said Valentine, “we can’t afford to have Joel killed right now and have a rogue person taking the Stigma of Greed.”
“That reminds me,” said Youichi, “Valentine, have you discovered who became the new Sinner of Pride after Javex died?”
“Afraid not. Even with King’s help I found nothing. It’s as though Javex never had the Stigma of Pride in the first place.”
“I thought he became the Sinner of Pride when he killed Lady Ashley de Superbia?” asked Rubi.
“He did; he had the Stigma of Pride on his hand.”
“Why did you kill Ashley anyway?” asked Youichi, more of an order than a question.
“I hoped to use L’rac’s team to rid SALIGIA of the Sinners who were poisoning it’s name. My greatest regret is that Noah and Dominique died, they really weren’t a big problem. At least Dominic and Phaethon are dead.”
“I don’t think the problems of the past are important here,” said Kett, “what are you going to do with the uprisings; possibly caused by Valentine’s brother, Kira.”
“All that we can,” said Youichi, “and I tell you, the Mystic Council will never die.”
“Like when Noe and Vode nearly took over?” mocked Valentine.
Youichi’s eyes sharply turned in Valentine’s directions, giving a look that most people learned to fear. Valentine backed down.
“If only Sirberius was here,” said Rubi.
“We all miss him,” said Kett.
“Why didn’t he come back? The Elder Gods have been defeated, there’s no reason why he can’t come back.”
“It’s impossible to know his reasons but he was probably thinking of the Council’s best intentions,” said Valentine.
“Valentine, would you please cast your Thousand Eyes Restrict?” requested Youichi, “I would like to speak with Evangeline regarding her progress.”
Valentine sighed. “Sure.”
Valentine used Frozen Sand to create a mirror-like reflection on the floor of the Hall of Magnus. It showed Faralda.
“I can’t find her,” said Valentine, concentrating.
“What do you mean you can’t find her?” asked Rubi.
“Evangeline, she’s not in Faralda. I can’t find her anywhere. Someone’s blocking my Thousand Eyes Restrict.”
“Kira maybe?” wondered Nairb.
“Kira can but it’s different. I recognize the aura but I can’t put my finger on it… oh no.”
“What is it?” asked Youichi.
“This aura, it belongs to Hallelujah.”
Rubi and Youichi remembered Hallelujah. The name was in Valentine’s report from after Valentine’s return from battling Elder Gods Amen Hallelujah. While Valentine, with the help of Kira, killed Amen, Hallejuah escaped. The report also mentioned Sirberius and Tenkai killing a few Elder Gods too.
“We know one thing at least,” said Youichi, “the rumors about the Elder Gods massing in Faralda are true.”
“Probably using the Cathedral of Serenity,” added Valentine.
“Rubi, Valentine, get in contact with everyone, we’re going to hunt down the Elder Gods and their forces. Nairb, Kett, get in contact with your people and Joel, and let them know what’s going on.”
All five of them stood up to leave when the iron doors opened. A woman wearing torn cloths and dragging a cut up umbrella stumbled in.
“Who are you?” asked Kett.
“My name…” the stranger began.
Valentine froze as he recognized the woman.
“My name…” repeated the woman, “… is Ashley… Ashley de Superbia.”
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31 / M / from the midnight...
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Chapter 10 - End

The prince asked, "What now L'rac?"

"Nothing I guess," I said as I walk around the room trying to find some empty bowl, "Probably go meet with your father to talk about council stuffs"

"are you looking for something?" he asked

"Nevermind, already found one" I said as I showed him the bowl. I then got a glass of water and filled the bowl.

"Sorcery?" the prince asked, "What age?"

"500 years" I replied, "A trick an old friend taught me"

The water in the bowl started to bubble, at first it was little but as seconds progressed the bubbles became aggressive and started to take shape of a woman. . .

"Yo," I waved my hand, "Whats new?"

"What do you mean whats new?" Youichi angrily replied, "Hows your investigation going?"

"Wouldn't you like to know" I replied, "Dont bother yourself, I just want to know information concerning black market raids where rare books have been found. . . Need a record ASAP"

"Not until you tell me what your mission is and whos giving you your orders. . ." The water formed woman said.

"Nope. . ." i said to her, "Not going to happen"

She pouted furiously (like she always do when shes talking to Larac), "I wont give you those records that you want till you tell me what your doing?!"

"Don't worry, it won't destroy the council's reputation if thats what your thinkin" I said then I laughed.

"Larac, a lot of shit has been pouring over my desk," she said, "And your non-sense is not helping. I order you to comeback or else!"

"Or else what?" I replied.

"You are such an ass whole!" she cried out

"Just give me the records. . ."

"I'm sorry to disturb you two. . . But, communications outside Lemures Realm is strictly forbidden" the prince suggested.

"Prince Wyatt" she said so surprised, She bowed her head as a sign of respect "I'm sorry. . . I didn't know Larac was in Lemures"

"Its ok doll" I said.

"Dont call me doll you pathetic piece of shit"

"Larac, I will leave now. . . Don't let my servants see this" The prince said to me

"sure princey"

He left the room. He probably didn't want himself to be seen with someone committing a crime.

"Ok. . . Meet me at Andrea" she said, "and make sure no one follows you"

"relax," i said to her. "I know tha rules, Im the oldest in the council. Dont ya think I know that"

"Understood. . ." She said as he looked behind her, "I can't let anyone know that your doing some personal business"

"Its also for the council. . ."

"Yeah, whatever. . . I just dont like it because your not telling me everything"

The water-formed Youichi then returned to the bowl, the water was normal again.

I exited the room and walked along the corrider, looking at paintings of Previous dragon royalties. I saw some other weaker Dragons as they passed by me, some of them were scared, cause I was obviously an outsider. . . .

When I was almost close to the door I felt something creep. . . My tattoos were reacting to something, this happens when fate is warning me that something is coming for me. I held the doorknob, but when I held it my tattoos started to shine brightly. . .

What!! Vampires, and demons entering the Lemures. . . Their faces are all blurry. . . Their splitting up. . .
WTF! Not now! Not here. . . Fuck! the vision is longer than I thought!
One is getting close to me. . . Must Run! Must Stop vision. . . He's coming, He's angry

When the vision ended, i was coughing up blood. I tried to crawl away from the door. "Fuck!" My hands were covered with my own blood, the floor left a trail of blood. Three knocks on the door. . .

"Larac" a melodic voice called out to me, "I can smell your blood you know"

I tried to stand up, my knees were weak. Must escape, its a cowardly way but if I get caught or killed my investigation would be delayed again!. . I slowly started to grow angel wings, it was painful because I used metamorphic shapeshifting rather than mystical.

"Your trying to escape??" the voice from the other side of the door said, "Too Late Larac, Your blood is already fouling up the air"

I hear the door pounding, some of the guards started to go to the large wooden door. They all saw me bleeding but didn't care. They have their own issues to deal with. As I get farther the pounding started to get louder, magic was protecting the door from easily breaking.

An explosion.

I quickly slip myself inside a room. I could hear the guards scream, I also sensed that not one of them will survive. It bought me some time, the smell of the guards blood will slow the Demon. . . I could sense him, smiling as he takes lives of Dragons and Humans.

My wings were slowly starting to take proper shape. I opened the window and I saw there was some kind of fire from the east. I couldn't care less. I jumped off the window and started to flap my wings, then, suddenly my right wing fell apart. It was cut with some sharp weapon.

I fell from the sky and dropped on the ground, the sky was bright, I was weakened at the moment. . . I just waited till the Demon came close to me.

Then I heard his foot steps, stepping on the grass. "Oh Larac Larac Larac. . . Dont force me to drag you to hell"

I smelled the demons essence, I know this demon "Hmph, the failed son of a king of chasms of chasms"

"My my" he said as he stood beside me, "You still have the nerve to insult someone who can kill you with a swift blow"

"Yugo. . I grew up and fought more wars than anyone you have fought. I have killed Gods that even Sirberius can't collide"

He crouched and had his hand on my chin. Then a reflection of a blue stone caught my eyes, it was a long blade that struck the left of my belly. I shouted and I forced myself to quiet down, I was still too tired for doing two prophecies in a day.

"Then why don't you kill me then" he proposed, "You know Larac, Ive learned a lot of things about you, your just full of bullshit"

I chuckled but I stopped when I felt the pain on my belly. . . Then a green stone-like snake constricted my legs, preventing me from moving.

"You really have no idea where you are right now huh?" I asked him.

"No more bluffs Larac, Ive got you. . . My new friends will be coming here soon, and they can help me in looking for my brother"

"Hehe" I chuckled again, "Lemures, lands of dragons. . ."

"I've been living my whole life in hell Larac, this place doesn't scare me a least bit" He pointed his black bastard sword on my cheek, he then slowly cut the skin on my cheeks. He smiled as he saw that his inflicting pain on me.

The stain of blood on my body started to boil, then they turned into spikes, maiming a lot of parts in my body. I was stuck, and I have no idea how to get out, I was just hoping for one thing . . . . . I was too weak to create any seals and sigils. My body was covered with red spikes, my legs tied down by a green snake and a blue sword nailing me to the ground. I wasn't losing consciousness, even though I wished I was.

"All I need to know is my brothers location! Tell me now and I will spare you your life!" he cried out.

"Pussy, just kill me. . . I'll just crawl out of hell" I said as I laughed hard.

Then a red floating eye appeared infront of me, a lazer fired hitting my adams apple. The heat of the lazer was painful, I tried to shapeshift my head but Yugo's hand was quick and created a null magic that prevents me from avoiding the laser.

"Shhhhh" the bastard "Don't worry, the laser is just to silence your foul mouth"

My mouth started to spew blood but he wanted to torture me so he covered my mothed with his hand. I was choking, some of the blood escaped through my nose and my ears and my eyes. I could not hear it but there were explosions also.

I was fucking pissed that he didn't kill me swiftly like he said he would. . .

Then suddenly a large bolt of lightning (as big as an adult elephant) struck Yugo. I was slightly burned, i couldnt feel the heat because I was already in bad shape. Yugo's hellbourne weapons tried to protect him and left their hold on me.

Yugo was covered in a mash of colorful shell, then a voice started calling at me, "Krisz! are you ok?" Aighus asked.

I couldn't reply because my throat was not fully regenerated, i flipped my middle finger at the old guy for asking me such a dumb question.

"Boss!" Ezra cried out, "your hurtly bad"

No Duh I wanted to say that to her. She pull me up, I wanted to move my legs but most of my bones were crushed by the green snake. I was clinging on her, bleeding and dying. But I wont die as long as my heart is intact.

"Kirsz, two vampirs appeared out of nowhere and started to ravage the town. . . The guards are trying to control them as we speak. One seems to be an ancient. The nerve of them thinking they think they can get away by disturbing the peace here in Lemures" he explained.

Someone cried out, "Larac! you coward!" Yugo was walking towards us. His left shoulder was badly burned.

"Miss Ezra, take Krisz with you, I'll delay the little horn" (little horn is a term to young demons) Aighus said.

"But he's too strong for you" she said to him. I wanted to continue walking to farther escape Yugo, but she was concerned for the old man.

"Haven't Krisz taught you anything" he said, "Don't judge a battle by your enemies power, but by experience and determination of the individual"

She understood when Aighus told her such a martyr-like speech. I know Aighus could survive the fight, the question was would he give us enough time to leave Lemures.

Then a large electrical surge started to creep on the grass, they were all going towards Aighus. The old man was a lightning dragon, a pure breed of elemental like being.

I with Ezra walk slowly, far from any battle, most of my wounds were sealed but not fully regenerated. I turned the blood that left me into corrupt and a foul liquid so that it won't leave a trail. When we reached the nearest town, most of it was in rubble, the vampires were probably just defending themselves. lolz. Idiots for going in a realm that has laws against hell-like beings.

We found a corner and rested there, Ezra was trying to heal me as I regenerated. After thirty minutes or so I was fully healed, but my energy was weak.

"We have to leave here boss" she said

"I know," I replied to her, "draw a protection shield around us"

"But that would delay us!" she objected.

"Just do it" . . . .

She started to create a protection seal on the ground with her chalk, she made it large so we could have some space. I just laid back on the wall, waiting for the seal to be finished. She then chanted mantras to activate the seal. It was now deployed.

"Were sitting ducks here!" she cried out.

Then a noise of 400 glasses clashing with each other erupted, it was Yugo, trying to break her protection shield.

"Don't worry," i said to her, "can't you see he's desperate"

Yugo's eyes were eyes of a craving lunatic trying to reach for his food. the burn on his arm was covering more of his body now. He looked like a kid that lost the fight, I chuckled just to piss him off more.

"What's wrong with him?" she asked.

"That is a spoiled demon" I answered, "trained to fight against other demons. . . Its his first time to have fought a Dragon of Aighus caliber, probably pretty traumatizing for him"

"omg! what happened to the librarian" she said.

"don't worry, that bastard wouldn't be killed by someone this weak. He's probably bleeding bad but he'll live" I honestly said.

"LARAC!! GOD DAMNED YOU!!! YOU MAGGOT!" Yugo shouted, "I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

Ezra was scared, because she can detect how strong Yugo is. I'd be pretty scared too, but Yugo doesn't study seals and sigils, so I was pretty confident that he can't break the shield. Ezra and me were just watching Yugo, as he kept thrashing the shield.

"we're stuck Larac" she said

"No, were not" I said to her, "Just give me a few more minutes, I wan't to look at his failed face a little more"

"Enough Larac!" she shouted, "This is why you always get yourself into bad situations, your such a fuckin bastard!"

I was pissed at what she said, not because I was hurt by the word because I am a bastard, but I was angry because Yugo watched me suffer awhile ago. So why can't I repay him the debt. But she was right, the ancient vampire might probably sense me, now he's a problem because he's old enough to know how seals work.

I took chalks from her hand and ate it, she was disgusted by my act. I chewed on the chalk, making sure everything was churned to a dust. I blew the chalk dust on the ground, Ezra covered her mouth and nose so the dust wont choke her.

"What ! What are you doing!! your trying to flee again?!" Yugo cried out, "Coward! Coward!"
The chalk dust then slowly seep on the ground seal, then I had my hands rest on the ground. The Chalk dust was starting to change the formation of the seal and added a few mystical letters.

Yugo was pounding on the shield harder than before. He could see us slowly vanish from his sights. He kept shouting, but his voice was not that noisy anymore.

Then the setting changed, we were now at a forest. A different shrine to travelling towards Lemures. We were not in Lemures anymore, Ezra was so happy to be far away from the hybrid demon/god.

"Free!" she shouted as she start to hug the trees, "Thank god we got out of there on time"

I was still inside the seal while I looked at Ezra hugged the trees.

"larac?, Larac?!" she cried out, "Where are you!" the small tattoo on her wrist started to glow, then she fell to her knees. She received a message from me,

Ezra, go to youichi, she needs you more than I do. Take care, just take the road to the west, then you'll be in council central.

When the message ended she coughed hard, but there was no blood unlike mine. My tattoos were larger compared to hers.

I looked at her, she couldn't see me. She was looking for me. I held my hands again on the ground, the signs and symbols changed. Then I was transported to another place, a lifeless mountain. . .

I was on top of a deserted mountain, but someone aside me was there. There were two of us, he was stronger no doubt. . .

"Checkmate Larac" he said as he grinned. "I knew youd choose this mountain to escape"

I was now dyingly tired, i was just laying down but I could still see him. "Yeah, checkmate, just get close to me and I'll fucking kill you!"

My eyes started to turned black, my purple aura rose up from myself and started to feed on the mountain. My aura even tried to get close to the being, but his aura fought with mine. My aura won at a few strikes though, feeding on his aura.

"Your very hostile larac" he said.

"Fuck! You! just touch my skin, thats all you have to do.. .. you fuckin abomination" I was fairly mad that someone was taunting me. I wanted to eat him, and consume his flesh just to restore my lost energy.

. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . To Be Continued to next Bingo
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