Trailers for Deathnote Anime and Movie
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Posted 10/2/06 , edited 10/2/06
Here are the trailers for the Deathnote Anime and Movie, if any have negleted to watch either. Deathnote is about a High School student who finds a black notebook with the power to kill whoevers name is written in it. He befriends the Shinigami who dropped the book, and he goes on a killing spree in order to "cleanse the world" with the detective codename "L" trying to figure the entire situation out.

Discuss, I love this manga/anime/movie =).
There are also clips of the movie on Youtube, though they are unsubbed. Some scenes are familiar such as the bus scene early on in the series, with Kira's first encounter with the FBI Agent.
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Posted 10/2/06
that looks awesome
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Posted 1/19/13
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