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Posted 5/19/08 , edited 5/20/08
this was the 100Qs yamada ryosuke did for the May issue of potato magazine together with the rest of Hey!Say!7...
credits to:
if you guys are interested in reading the other members' 100Qs, you can go to the website ^^

Yamada Ryosuke:

1)You are going to answer 100 questions. How do you feel?
It’s a long way to go~ (laughs). But I’ll do my best.
2)How are you feeling today?
Couldn't have been better.
3)Tell us your height and weight!
161cm, 45 kg
4)I want to ____ this spring!
A playful spring. Also a spring I have to do my best during the concerts.
5)Do you like spring?
I like it, because I don’t like winter and summer.
6)Do you have pollinosis (allergies)?
7)What color is spring color?
White. It has that bright image.
8)Spring item you’ve recently purchased is?
A thin material jacket.
9)What do you want to eat right now?
Eggplant tempura [classic Japanese deep fried battered food]
10)What do you want right now?
Video game.
11)What do you want to do right now?
12)If you were to time slip, would you go to the past? Or future?
The past because there are so many things I want to redo.
13)What do you want to be if you were reborn?
A small animal. Squirrels are good.
14)What do you think your previous existence was?
Einstein! (laughs)
15)Number 1 fashionable member is?
Takaki. He has a perfect style so, he looks good in anything. That’s not fair! (laughs)
16)Number 1 crybaby member is?
17)Number 1 sharpest member is?
Yabu kun, Hikaru kun, and me.. That’s a lie (laughs).
18)Number 1 soothing type of member is?
Inoo kun and Keito.
19)Number 1 active member is?
20)Number 1 photogenic member is?
21)Number 1 good looking member is?
Takaki kun.
22)Number 1 kindest member is?
Dai chan, I can usually feel it [his kindness].
23)What kind of person is Nakajima Yuto?
He’s always bright.
24)What kind of person is Yamada Ryosuke?
Einstein (laughs).
25)What kind of person is Chinen Yuri?
26)What kind of person is Morimoto Ryutaro?
Selfish. He’s still a kid (laughs).
27)What kind of person is Okamoto Keito?
Mr. mysterious?!
28)What kind of person is Arioka Daiki?
Kind and someone I can consult to and count on.
29)What kind of person is Takaki Yuya?
Awesome (laughs).
30)What kind of person is Inoo Kei?
He can make anyone laugh by just one word.
31)What kind of person is Yaotome Hikaru?
A genius! If you make him think about dumb stuff no one will ever beat him.
32)What kind of person is Yabu Kota?
Big brother. I can count on him and he always keeps everyone together.
33)If you were to switch places for one day from the members?
Chinen. I envy him because he can do anything even though he is small.
34)What makes you think you are glad to be a JUMP member?
We can make a good use out of the 10 people and challenge various things.
35)One JUMP’s pride.
We keep growing whenever we accomplish one thing.
36)What do you want to be called by your girlfriend?
37)Meeting up with your girlfriend, how long would you wait?
I’m okay with when ever! But instead I might complain about it (laughs).
38)When you get a girlfriend, do you want to contact each other everyday?
It doesn’t have to be everyday.
39)Mature girl or cute girl, which is your type?
An adult-like and still cute, natural kind of person.
40)Chubby type or skinny type, which is your type?
I guess a chubby type?
41)Quiet girl or active girl, which is your type?
Active girl, I think I’ll be happy being with her.
42)What kind of situation do you fall in love?
I don’t think I’ll fall in love at first sight. First we’ll become friends then when we start talking more I’ll get pulled in.
43)What do you demand for your future wife?
I want you to cook well.
44)What is love means to you?
I don’t know (laughs). Maybe something like an unknown world.
45)Best mimic.
I do many different impressions of artists.
46)Favorite part of your body is?
The width of my shoulders.
47)Least favorite part of your body is?
I have too many that I get sick of it (laughs). That’s mostly likely to be it…
48)Your weakness is?
Hikaru kun (laughs). He always gets to me with his humor.
49)Favorite food is?
Strawberries and eggplant.
50)A person who is sensitive (can’t stand) to heat or to cold?
51)Are you an impatient or patient person?
52)Are you an romantic or a realistic person?
Realistic person, because I want to keep looking at the status quo.
53)Your hobby right now.
Playing with my dog.
54)When did you recently cried about?
I cried reading manga. I was surprised too!
55)When did you recently angered about?
I emit my anger by getting angry little by little (laughs)
56)How many times do you mail [text] in one day?
About 5.
57)What is your cell phone background image [wallpaper]?
The initial setting from when I first bought it.
58)Favorite number is?
4. There is some type of connection with that number.
59)First thing you do when you wake up is?
60)How long does it take you to get out of the house from waking up in the morning?
About an hour.
61)Is your breakfast rice type or bread type?
62)Do you check the forecast before you leave?
I don’t.
63)What do you do in your room?
Read mangas and stare at the fishing lure.
64)Are you a bathtub type or shower type?
65)How long does it take you to bathe?
About 10 minutes.
66)Where do you wash first when washing your body?
My head.
67)What do you always do before you go to bed?
Yawn (laughs).
68)Do you use bed or futon?
69)What color is your futon sheets?
Blue, because my room is blue and white.
70)How well do you sleep? Good or bad?
On the good side.
71)Is your mood good or bad, when you wake up?
72)What do you wear to sleep?
Jersey or pajamas.
73)How long is your average sleep?
7 to 8 hours.
74)How long have you slept for the longest?
About 12 hours.
75)What does your family call you by?
76)Are you type of person who shows their feeling by face?
I think it shows.
77)How do you get rid of stress?
Loudly make noises!
78)What instruments can you play?
Trumpet. But I don’t think I can play it anymore?
79)Is your room clean?
It’s clean~. Because I’m never in there (laughs).
80)What is your favorite part about your room?
81)If your were to describe yourself in color?
Gray. Let’s just say it’s not white nor black.
82)Do you have any wording habit?
“yes?” ,Kamenashi (Kazuya) kun used to point it out during shooting of the drama.
83)When is a moment when you think “I think I’m cool”?
I don’t have any.
84)When is a moment when you think “I’m not cool.. !?”?
None. I try to act tough, when I fall I say “It doesn’t hurt at all” (laughs).
85)Favorite ingredients in your onigiri [rice ball] is.. ?
Okaka [dried, fermented and smoked skipjack tuna aka bonito]
86)Favorite ingredients in your sandwich is..?
87)What do you always do before a concert?
I space out.
88)Do you get nervous before an concert?
I do.
89)Are you interested in seeing your name on a Uchiwas(fan)?
Of course! I get happy when I find one.
90)What is your number 1 mistake during a concert?
I don’t have any big mistakes but I do have moments that “I could have done more”.
91)Do you have any treasures?
My family and my pets.
92)Where do you want to go for an oversea travel?
93)Where do you want to travel inside of Japan?
94)Where do you want to go for your honeymoon?
95)How many kids do you want?
Maybe more than 2.
96)What do you want your future kids to call you by?
97)What kind of adult do you want to be?
Family loving person.
98)Few words to yourself right now!
Do your best!
99)Few words to yourself in 10 years!
Do your best more!
100)How do you feel on your 100th question?
That was long~ (laughs).
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Posted 5/20/08 , edited 5/20/08
thx for sharing!
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Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/21/08
TY for the translation
lurv it !
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Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/21/08
i like 100) ^_^
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Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/23/08
yeah me too...kawaii ne? lol if i find any other 100Qs in the future then i'll post them up too ^^
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Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/23/08
thanks for d translation!!!
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Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/23/08
thx for the sharing and translation
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/23/08
thanks for the translation
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/23/08
thanks f0r sHarinG...
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23 / F / in suju's hearts (:
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/23/08
domo arigatou for the translation ^^
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Posted 6/8/08 , edited 6/9/08
it was long...hehe
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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/9/08
ryosuke~~^^ lol
einstein...XDD lol! XD his answers to most questions are quite funny lol

yea its chuu long..ill be too tired to answer the latter questions XD
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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/9/08
lol..those were funny answers!!! but thanks for sharing and the translation!!!
Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/29/08
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Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/29/08

ahah!! thnx for postingg!!! X]
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