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here u could put uR friEnDshiP sToRiEs...^^
yoU caN mAkE yOur OwN stOry...

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♥♥♥Friendship Forever♥♥♥

Two inseparable friends, Sam and Jason, met with an accident on their way to Boston City. The following morning, Jason woke up blind and Sam was still unconscious. Dr. Berkeley was standing at his bedside looking at his health chart and medications with a thoughtful expression on his face. When he saw Sam awake, he beamed at him and asked." How are you feeling today Sam?" Sam tried to put up a brave face and smiled back saying, "absolutely wonderful Doctor. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. "Dr Berkeley was moved at Sam's deed. All that he could say was, "You are a very brave man Sam and God will make it up to you in one way or another". While he was moving on to the next patient, Sam called back at him almost pleading, "promise me you won't tell Jason anything".
"You know I won't do that. Trust me." and walked away.
"Thank you " whispered Sam. He smiled and looked up in prayer " I hope I live up to your ideas...please give me the strength to be able to go through this..Amen"

Months later when Jason had recuperated considerably, he stopped hanging around with Sam. He felt discouraged and embarrassed to spend time with a disabled person like Sam.
Sam was lonely and disheartened ,since he didn't have any body else other than Jason to count on. Things went from bad to worse. And one day Sam died in despair. When Jason was called on his burial, he found a letter waiting for him. Dr Berkeley gave it to him with an expressionless face and said" This is for you Jason. Sam had asked me to give it to you when he was gone".

In the letter he had said: " Dear Jason, I have kept my promise in the end to lend you my eyes if anything had happened to them. Now there is nothing more that I can ask from God, than the fact ,that will see the world through my eyes. You will always be my best friend........Sam".
When he had finished reading Dr. Berkeley said " I had promised Sam to keep his sacrifice he made a secret from you. But now I wish I didn't stick it Because I don't think It was worthy it" .
All that was left for Jason while he stood there was tears of regret and memories of Sam for the rest of his life .

[b]◘Lesson of the story◘: No matter what If we make a friend, we should stick by him till the end. Life is meaningless without a friend.

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Inspirational Friendship Story

True friends never leave each other even if one of them is walking on the wrong path of life. A true friend will try to correct the other in a way that it does not hurt the ego of the other friend. Friends don't mind when mistakes are pointed out; rather they try to accept it and change themselves for the better. True friends are those who inspire others to become better. Given here is one such inspirational story on friendship. Check out this motivational story of friends.

There were two friends who were the best of friends since a very young age. As little girls, they used to go to school together, play together and sometimes even stay at each others places. They were next door neighbors and thus their parents were also friends. They both finished school and went to the same college. Everyone knew they were the best of friends. There was nothing that was hidden between them and both knew each other inside out.

After some days, one friend found the other acting strange. She would remain withdrawn, sleep too much and turn violent if provoked. At first the other friend thought it was just the studies getting on to her. But with time, she became even more moody and frustrated. Finally her friend couldn't take it any longer and confronted her with the problem. She broke down and confided that she was involved emotionally with a guy and he was taking drugs and forcing her to take them too. The other friend listened to her tell the shocking story. She was not only forced to take drugs but was also forced to bring money every now and then and was threatened with dire consequences if she told anyone.

Her friend was too shocked to think anything and advice her right then. So she made sure that while her friend cried herself to sleep, she would think of a way to help her. Finally she thought that she would come up straight to the point and tell her to leave this guy and get a life. She contacted the college counselor who was a psychologist and told her the problem. She offered to help and also said that matter would be kept under wraps.

The girl was then advised by her friend to leave this guy as he was torturing her unnecessarily. Her friend reminded her of her dreams of becoming a successful professional, inspired her to set an example for others and reminded of what her parents would feel if they found out what their daughter was upto. After a lot of cajoling and talking, she finally agreed to leave him. She was given basic counseling and was weaned off drugs quite fast. All this while, her friend never left her side and always stood by her.

Finally they graduated and the friendship only grew stronger. They both went on to become successful professionals but never let each other down by adopting foolish habits. Thus, true friends are those who inspire you to become the best you can ever be. They have full confidence in you and won't rest till you achieve your goal.
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Very good friends go to the mall
they buy things and have a talk
they talk about eachother
and agan and agan
but they r hungry know and no one has money
then ppl here wat they have said
then make fun of every body there
*teased* u guys r sooo poor bla bla hahahaha

so the shyest 1 in the friendship group stands up and defends her and her firends
everybody knows that she was to small
so they went away and went home
but they didnt want to ruin there fun so tht had a sleep over
it was so oooooo fun that when they went to skool everybody thought that they were very good friends and that soon they
will becum very popular but nothing will becum between them if they becum popular
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