Posted 5/20/08
how do you increase the speed and accuracy of sight -reading most efficiently.
I've been playing piano for about a year, and i can play alot of songs ieasily if i see it being played, but i have problems sight-reading?
Posted 5/20/08
You memorize and carve those notes into your mind. <-- It's the only possible way.
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Posted 5/20/08
Hmm, I have the same trouble with sight reading. Just practicing reading them over and over, I personally do my best when playing it from the sound and not reading it at all. Since I'm really slow at reading notes and I don't get piano lessons so there's no way I'd have enough determination to practice the note reading.

But practice and memorization helps a lot, because for the short time I did that, I could sight read a bit better. So if I was you I'd work on the note reading and writing away from the piano that way you don't just memorize the tune and keys you hit. Writing down what notes are what as you go along reading the music on a spare piece of paper till you can identify them faster. It's kinda like learning another language, it takes a lot of practice to get it to be as easy as reading your main language.
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Posted 5/21/08
i have problems sight reading too....separate hands i'm usually fine but together i take longer
Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/1/08
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Reported ~

Sight reading isn`t just for pianists , you know . When I played the violin , I just look at the paper then
occasionally look at my finger placements . I memorize the fingerings , where the notes are so I just look
at the music sheet . I also look ahead because it creates less mistakes . So many places to look at .
The music sheet , the teacher / conductor and the instrument . I don`t know how I do it .
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Posted 6/1/08
As said above, personal thread, please use the help thread.

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