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Posted 5/20/08
falling stars fall through the skies
like how u fall through my heart
every light a significant touch
every fall a significant hug
u know i love you everday
but why are u treating me this way
i wanna make you the happiest girl in this world
but u gotta make it right with me
love your smile on your face
like i am ur superhero in all aspects and ways
saying i love you everyday
makes me have a meaning in life
wondering how much u smile
put me all the way down
down right into ur arms i say
not down in the well to decay
i know u love me everyday
its in all the words you can ever say
baby i love you too
maybe you can love each other rightt
maybe its true
cause i am with you
how would i feel without you
i wont want to wonder about that feel
cause i am always with you
and i will always always love you

your lil lawyer

*my current bf send this*
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25 / F / ♥┼◙┼♥...............
Posted 5/27/08
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29 / F / Sa balay nam0n
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
I'll never have the courage t0 send this c0z I kn0w that it w0uld never mean anything t0 y0u..
but let me speak it 0ut because n0 matter h0w I try t0 keep myself away fr0m this 0dd feeling, I 0nly end up liking y0u even m0re...
I hate it when y0u pass by because y0ur just giving my inn0cent heart false h0pes but I must admit that I miss y0u s0 bad when y0u are n0t ar0und.. but I can never sh0w it because I'll never have the courage t0 face the fact that I can never have y0u..
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22 / F / ryt there beside...
Posted 7/4/08
Dear you-know-who-you-are,

I know were bestfriends, and Im very thankful for the fact that we are. I thank you for always being there when Im down, for being there to help me with my problems, being the guide who'll lead me back to reality and the one who reaches out his hand to get my out of my painful trance. We've known each other since what? Childhood? Yes. We've known each other since childhood. Remember the first day we saw each other? Hahaha I still remembered that you tripped in front of me because you didn't saw the rock on the way. You were blushing tomato red that time. Since that day, we became friends and soon, became best of friends. I can't write down all the fun memories we made together, since theres too many to count them one by one. But, when we reached college, I started to feel strange around you. Everytime your near, my heart beats so fast that Im afraid that it'll jump out of my chest. I start to blush everytime you touch me or if we accidentaly brush our hads together. Haven't you noticed that I stutter everytime we talk? Haven't you noticed my constant glances at you? And haven't you noticed how I feel for you? Guess not.
Im sad to say that I fell badly in love with you. I hope that this won't harm our relationship. I just want us to stay friends if ever you don't return my feelings. If you don't return my feelings, please just pretend that nothing of this happened, okay? And I know, that no matter what I do, its impossible for me to have you since I know that you love someone already. Whoever you choose, I'll be happy for you, and man, she's one hell of a lucky girl to have you by her side.
You'll never know what I feel for I have no intention on giving this to you. This letter would be burried under the tree were we first met. The Cherry Blossom Tree. Where everything started. Where I first met you. Where I first had my best friend. Where I first fell in love with you. And where I'll burry everything that reminds me of loving you...
Oh and Im leaving already. Im doing this for everyone's sake. So, goodbye my best friend. love...

love, tears and pray,

Posted 7/6/08
Dear ____
I like u a lot i guess it too late since you don't like me anymore. i want to say sorry for turning u down 5 times....and telling you that i have a bf but i don't.....i wish you will no how much i love u since all that time we were 2gether playing like kids....i will never forget that time u kiss me in the cheek.....and now the year has end and we r moving to some other school..i want to say good-bye to my 1st love, 1st hug, and 1 friend i'll never 4get Form ur child hood friend
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31 / F / infRont Of yOu!!!
Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08
LoVe ,

i know we're not in good terms
when we walk with our separate lives...
i was even mad at you when you're not able
to stand for me and fight your love for me...
and you even choose her instead of me...
even in your heart i still have that piece of love...
but deep deep down inside this heart of mine...
i've already forgiven you.

coz after a year it happened...
that time we talked...
i know you truly loved me
that i was blind to see the truth.
i just want to say sorry for i blame you all of it...
yet i must have blame myself too...

but i really want to thank you...
for being with me for almost a year...
a year of sweetness and bitterness...
a year of sadness and happiness!
that i's enough for us to shared.
and keep believing that love is great
and wonderful thing of all...
for in my memory might lost it...
but in my heart will still remembers...

and even if you can't read this...
i surely want your happiness...
and remember that what we had from our past
is a hidden story of us...our love!
..and my weapon to go on...
...keep lovin' love...

LoVe ;)

my letter for him(xbf-3yrs ago)..too bad he can't read this
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27 / F / HoUsE
Posted 7/16/08
how sad he can't read.......
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