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31 / M / laspinas>philipin...
Posted 5/20/08
this game is very very cool its different from other game the gameplay is good> the grapics are good> the storry line is good> this game created by square enix the maker of final fantasy and other great games in the market games industry>no one can beat this the best game i ever had
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27 / M / uk
Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
Its the hardest RPG i played so far...maybe not hard, but different, and its the first time i had to forced to use flawless strategies and tactics. The last boss took me like an hour!!...definately good for a hardcore RPG fan.
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F / ~''BL no sekai''~
Posted 12/1/08
I'm playing this game now (=_=)
And for me, it's freaking hard (T_T)
especially when I'm fighting the monster boos on each chapters (=_=)

But, I like the story game .....
The only problem for me is when I need to fight the monster boss on each chapter ....
And I in this game makes my mind think for a tactic or a solution .....

I hope I can finish this game ....
Wish me luck ......
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24 / F / ireland
Posted 2/1/09
very difficult but very good
Posted 7/15/10
I love everything about this game!
graphics, sound, music, characters and the story.
I spent 133hours and I got everyone in Seraphic Gate to level 99.
It really paid off
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