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** My CR Family
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28 / F / UK
Posted 2/5/07 , edited 8/18/07
Since you all seem to be making little families up for yourself, I thought you would enjoy this.
Fill in what you want or create your own.
Who, if this was the 'real' world, would be your:

Significant other:
Best Friend:

Here's mine:

Parents: - I'm the mum so do i get them?
Sisters: - Josey (younger sister), Animoo_x (my twin)
Brothers: Gopherthegold (older)
Significant others: Edsamac (husband), OneZub ( My Sir ^-^), Mauz15 (If he wasn't taken by my aunt :P)
Aunts and Uncles: Ollie_p (Princess)
Cousins: Slowdanse (ptts), q_h
Children and Students: Echo, EpicNaruto, Zabuza212, Ichi_Ni240, Saintbeast, linna Naruto9817, CococrazyEzzy, Flourescent, p123v567, CrashAriMP52O, Mochacafe and HokiePokie (Ed's children), Remedy, Senta, mmp_grl, Digs, Eamiru07, iluffquincy, candycraver
Teachers: BasouKazuma (cr), Regarnettk (media), Xrn_the_Nigma (mean), Suicider (media), Uchari (random), Dusterbayala (flirting :P), Catex (how to survive without sleep)
Friends: Henz_lan, Hopchow, Eros, Do0mAid, Jamehze, Morthoseth, thefinalword, Amysophamish, The_Shadow01, Jesterj, s7ph3r, Killua787, alhelwaa, Halifaxfanguy, red3finition, marshallcarnage, BillyG2093, Kougi, Kimmm6, Hotsoup, Whatsome, Meiskan, Animestudz, Lokita, Dawn1themarco, arano
Rivals: My sweet rival: Mauz15. My Sushi war enemy: p123v567 :P

Haven't got a family? PM friends now and create one ^-^ - yey for the CR community!
Posted 2/5/07
Parents: Josey , EpicNaruto
Siblings: Cytherea , sacrificed21 , shinnosuke , PurityFlower , miyuXXkanata , reborn , adrienne_14 , kyouya_ni
Significant Other:: dun have
Children:i don't have
Nephew: saint_beast
Teacher: s_j_b , hitorihanzo, technoinfection
Student: xxangel123xx
Best Friends: kyouya_ni , shinnosuke , reborn
Pets: saint_beast , kyouya_ni , adrienne_14
Rivals: Gev , jesterj , jokerman , stealthdemon , kyouya_ni

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Posted 2/5/07
Really tough to choose
Parents: dkscotland and
Siblings: Do0my!!! and redgarnettk and Kyserin !!
Significant other: ollie_p
Children: Dularc and mushroomjay (those kids are geniuses)
Teacher: BK
Friends: way too many
Rivals: Eros definitively and lokita and s_j_b
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25 / F / The Matrix Versio...
Posted 2/5/07
parents: S_J_B ...wisest friend
Siblings: Kyserin
significant other:...erm........this smiley->
teacher:BK...yeah hes told me alot
Rival: Shimerao
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Posted 2/5/07
Parents: Echo
Siblings: ichi_ni240, zabuza212, discovery720266, Cytherea, a1q2s3, ericdagr8one(in real life too)
Cousins: EpicNaruto, candycraver
Significant other: why is this here?
Children: i hate kids
Pets: alien nin-wolves, silver llama, mini monkey
Teacher: i don't like learning
Friends: hitorihanzo, twinkleprincess, lovelygirl5, ichigomilkshake, broken_clarinet_reed
Best Friends: Deidarafangirl14
Rivals: everyone on my ignore list(ps can someone send me a list of banned people?)

i have no idea, i don't want to have people who don't want to be in my family to be here. message me if you wanna be one of my family members(or an enemy/friend)
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25 / M / Not Where I Want...
Posted 2/5/07
Babysitter: technoinfection
Significant other
uncles: caleb9999,Alcuard1984
Teacher:Simpleysa Mauz15 and BK
Best Friend:EpicNaruto

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26 / M / in a bowl of ramen
Posted 2/5/07
Parents: s_j_b and..... (<needs a father)
Siblings: hitorizhanzo, Cytherea, saint_beast, Josey, jokerman
Significant other:.....umm undetermined as of yet
Children: ichi_ni240, Gokuchii, gopherthegold
Cousins: rhynny, sacrificed21, candycraver, caleb99999, guardianangel
Pets:i have a....bowl of ramen ^_^
Teacher: mauz15, BK, s_j_b
Friends: himiko-san, and lots more people. check my profile
Best Friend: zabuza212
Rivals: zabuza212 and naruto9817 aka 7l-l3 3\/lL l>l/\/l< 0/\/3 (the evil pink one)
People i got to join CR: Gizoku, lolikym, warbest, randomsoul...and others
People i know in real life: Gizoku, lolikym

pm me if you want to be in my family and tell me where. and pm me if you wish to be moved also. ^_^
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27 / F / Wales
Posted 2/5/07
Aunts/Uncles:AnimeFairy83, Alucard1984
Siblings: Hitorihanzo and s_j_b and Cytherea ^_^ and EpicNaruto o.o Gopherthegold
Significant other:
Children:GokuChii, ichi_ni240, and shinnosuke <-- naughty boy with his pants down!!
Nephews/Nieces: zabuza212, Sacrificed21
Pets: A doggy and a kitty + candycraver ^_^
Teacher: mauz15
Senpai/Kohai: Jesterj, Jokerman
Friends: Xan, Gatz
Best Friend: yuuki_tenshi, wolfspeed89, Vamp
Rivals: Shadinexus
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Posted 2/5/07
Siblings: Kyocool and Freedan!!!
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77 / F
Posted 2/5/07
Siblings: azndeathgod and ChidoriXrasengan and blackykills9 XD
Rivals: Everyone who wants to be my rival..
Cousins: sacrificed21 and epicnaruto XD
And i guess i'm Josey's pet cause... i saw it and she said so aha XP
*Edited by mauz15
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26 / M / The World
Posted 2/5/07
huh?? wow ^__^i seem to have alot of sibilings lol
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76 / M
Posted 2/5/07
parent:deidarafangirl14 and ichi_ni240
sibling:EpicNaruto,Cado,and yomayoma
Significant other: i don't know
pet:no one
Friends:too many to count
Best freinds:Deidarafangirl14, TOF14, phyro989, ichi_ni240 and more
rival:hitorihanzo<----- is not important ether :P
cousin:zabuza212 and if_i_was_a_richman
aunt:AnimeFairy83 and patchycoochiecoo
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26 / M / The World
Posted 2/5/07
well this is mine so far untill someone pm and tell me they want to be part of my family. ^copied me(what a loser)lol

SIBILING: epicnaruto and josey
FRIENDS: sacraficed21(along with others thats on my list, should go check it out)
TEACHERS: The Shadows......
STUDENTS: s_j_b [i'm currently teaching her the way of the shinobi] Cytherea [my breakdancing student] and ICHI_NI240.
RIVAL: saint_beast <----(once a again not very important of a person) HIMIKO in war game which she still haven't found the real HITORIHANZO.
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28 / M / It be sleepy time...
Posted 2/6/07
Parents: rawrrusuck is my daddy mommy unknow
Significant other:
Children: you are all my children
Pets: flourescent and a2z22a
Friends: to many to name
Best Friend: Jokerman
Rivals:Himiko and her rape bunnies
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27 / M / England, Berkshire.
Posted 2/6/07
Parents: N/A (I'm counting this as the person who added me)
Siblings: N/A (If I joined as a group)
Significant Other: N/A (I would say somebody with same/simlar interests)
Children: N/A (Haven't got anybody to join CrunchyRoll yet)
Pets: N/A (Nope.)
Friends: 53 ( )
Best Friend: blackrose214 (PM msging)
Rivals: N/A (Don't have any currently, I don't mind if anybody because a rival with me)

I couldn't put anything down really because I'm quite a new member. I started up on January. - I have said how I thought about it.
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