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34 / alone in the univ...
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
I really don't know in which thread to post this one, so this thread is good enough as any. here goes,
the credit goes to mcchica of livejournal for this q & a of Jin he answered in english.Jin's Answer for KAT-TUN Q&A Wink Up Sept 08

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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
perfect in this thread!
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Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
awwww. i'm stressing about the girlfriend thing.. O.O !!! does it mean that he has a girlfriend or HAs had an official gf?? sum1 PLEASE answer me...
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34 / alone in the univ...
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08

BabyVloveKAT-TUN wrote:

awwww. i'm stressing about the girlfriend thing.. O.O !!! does it mean that he has a girlfriend or HAs had an official gf?? sum1 PLEASE answer me...

lol sweety chillax, Jin is just a boy eh a man. he's been linked to so many girls and has been friday's going out with so ( including halfies -mixed japanese european or american and he likes blondes) many BUT never an official girlfriend cause JOHNNY sama doesn't like his boys to be seen in public with girls.
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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/14/08

Gingerale wrote:

BabyVloveKAT-TUN wrote:

awwww. i'm stressing about the girlfriend thing.. O.O !!! does it mean that he has a girlfriend or HAs had an official gf?? sum1 PLEASE answer me...

lol sweety chillax, Jin is just a boy eh a man. he's been linked to so many girls and has been friday's going out with so ( including halfies -mixed japanese european or american and he likes blondes) many BUT never an official girlfriend cause JOHNNY sama doesn't like his boys to be seen in public with girls. does this mean that he's ben dating but hasn't had an official gf?? does this mean that he jut goes out and meet girls and play around but doesn't really have one???but what does he mean that he has never CHEATED on any of his gf's??? 0.0
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27 / F / malaYsia
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
arigato...i feel more close 2 him..hik3
akanishi growin up now!!!! mtured man
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Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/21/08
--Would the cause of the argument be something like an affair!?
I have never cheated on any of my girlfriends!!! I'm serious!!!

he lied! he said that he cheated on his gf when he was a teenager in cartoon kat-tun love series 1!! lol
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Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/17/09
Hanako No. 939
09/01/22 edition

A man you'd want as your co-worker.
Akanishi Jin as an elegant businessman.

What does our ideal of a working man look like? It's not just that he's good at what he does. On one hand, solely looking good in his suit isn't enough, but sticking to the casual look all the time leaves something to be desired as well. What everyone wants in the workplace is a cute guy, just a little bit sexy, someone to sneak glances at every so often. When your catch his eye in the middle of a meeting, that becomes a precious moment. Even the sight of him buying coffee at the vending machine is somehow cool.

After today, that ideal is absolutely Akanishi Jin. If asked why, it's simply because this is what everyone likes, there's no helping it. With his lovely appearance, we had him pull off the ons and offs of being a businessman.

In a suit, the gap created with his normal appearance is alluring.

Akanishi stylishly wears this simple black suit without a hitch. "I rarely ever wear suits on my own. But I put them on fairly often for photoshoots, so in a way they are 'work clothing' for me."

If there were such a co-worker in my office, there's no doubt that going to work every day would be exciting!
"I do own my own suit, though. About the only time I wear it is to the occasional party. I don't have a preference in terms of style or brand, but I have pretty wide shoulders, so I do try to make sure that the size feels right."

Are there people who you think look good in suits?
"No one specific person, but... when people who ordinarily dress in a rough fashion are able to pull off a suit perfectly, I'm always impressed."

If I were to pay extra attention to clothes, that would probably be during a date.

"Ordinarily I dress very casually. I don't have any particular fads in terms of clothing, just whatever is easy and comfortable to wear. Hip-hop style clothes put me in a good mood. When do I put extra effort in styling? ...not very often (laugh). I like accessories, and I go out to buy things like sunglasses and hats a lot, though."

Today, from the collection of accessories available for the photoshoot, he picked green/black-framed glasses. "Whether I'm going to work or not, the way I dress is the same. I don't think about what other people say. If I were to pay more attention to what I'm wearing, that would probably be when I'm walking with a girl. In order to keep her from being embarrassed, I'd like to be well-dressed."

What kinds of styles do you look for in women? "I like casual looks the best. Also, surprisingly, I'm fond of long skirts, too."

A different person in private and at work.

Even a refreshing striped shirt, an item that many women already like, is endowed with a prominent sexiness when he wears it.

"Sexy? Huh?! Not at all (laugh). I'm really normal. I think that's an image that the people around have created for me."

But there are many guys out there who imitate Akanishi's hairstyle and fashion!

"Really? I don't think that's true, but if there were I'd be flattered."

While conversing lightly with him, one can occasionally catch glimpses of a mischievous smile. Is that gap made from confidence?

"Although I act differently at work and in private, it's not as if I consciously switch on or off. Regularly, I'm always in high spirits."

CREDITS to Bonjovial @ Lj:

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34 / alone in the univ...
Posted 1/21/09 , edited 1/21/09
[Translation] Potato February 2009: Ueda and Jin crosstalk (Part 1)
Translation of Ueda and Jin's crosstalk in Potato February 2009. Contains original kanji, romaji and English translation.
Potato February 2009: Jin and Ueda cross-talk (Part 1)

Jibun no kimochi wo BURE* sasezu ni yaritai koto wo yatte ikou
Without holding back our feelings, let's do what we want to do

上田: 今までこの2人で遊びに行くことってほとんどなかったから、09年こそどこかに出かけてみようか?
Ueda: Ima made kono futari de asobi ni iku koto tte hotondo nakatta kara, 09 nen koso doko ka ni dekakete miyou ka?
Ueda: Up until now the two of us mostly don't go out to play together, the year 09 for sure shall we try going somewhere?

赤西: 。。。は~い
Akanishi: ... Ha~i
Akanishi: ... Ye~s

上田: もっと話に乗ってこいよっ (笑)
Ueda: Motto hanashi ni notte koi yo! (shou)
Ueda: Join the discussion more! (laughs)

赤西: んじゃあ、上田にいろんな遊びを教えてもらおうかな。 オレの知らない遊びをいろいろと知っていそうなんで。。。
Akanishi: Njyaa, Ueda ni iron na asobi wo oshiete moraou ka na. Ore no shiranai asobi wo iro iro to shitte isou nande...
Akanishi: Then, I wonder if Ueda will teach me various things to play. Tell me things to play which I don't know about...

上田: えー、 そんなことないでしょ。赤西だっていろいろ委しいだろ!
Ueda: Ee, sonna koto nai desho. Akanishi datte iro iro kuwashii da ro!
Ueda: Eh, there's no such thing. Akanishi should know these things very well right!

赤西: いやオレは全然
Akanishi: Iya ore wa zenzen
Akanishi: No, I don't at all.

上田: ふ~ん。。。 (疑惑のまなざし)。 まあいいや。とにかくパーッとはじけようぜ
Ueda: Fu~n... (Giwaku no manazashi). Maa ii ya. Tonikaku PAA to hajike youze. Omoikitte issho ni kaigai ryoko shite miru to ka dou?
Ueda: Hmmm... (suspicious look). Well, it's fine. Anyway, let's open up with energy. What do you think of daringly going on a vacation abroad together?

赤西: あ、いいじゃんそれ。時間とお互いのタイミングが合えばぜひ行きたいね。旅費はオレが出すよ
Akanishi: A, ii jyan sore. Jikan to otagai no TAIMINGU ga aeba zehi ikitai ne. Ryohi wa ORE ga dasu yo.
Akanishi: Ah, that's good isn't it. If we have time and the timing for the both of us matches I certainly want to go. I'll pay for the travel expenses.

上田: え、その見返りは?
Ueda: E, sono mikaeri wa?
Ueda: Eh, what's the collateral?
[Translator's Notes: Collateral - money/property used as guarantee that someone will repay a loan]

赤西: 見返りなんて求めてないぜっ
Akanishi: Mikaeri nante motomenai zee
Akanishi: I'm not demanding any collaterals or anything.

上田: また~、こういうときだけカッコいいこと言いやがって! (笑)
Ueda: Mata~, kou iu toki dake KAKKO ii koto iiyagatte! (shou)
Ueda: Again~, only during this kind of times don't try and act cool! (laughs)

赤西: ハハハ! まあ旅費の話は冗談だけど、でも本当に海外には行きたいね
Akanishi: Hahaha! Maa ryohi no hanashi wa jyoudan dakedo, demo hontou ni kaigai ni wa ikitai ne
Akanishi: Hahaha! Well, I'm only joking about the travel expenses, but I really want to go overseas.

上田: そうだね。アメリカだったらいろいろ案内してくれる?
Ueda: Sou da ne. AMERIKA dattara iro iro annai shite kure?
Ueda: That's right. If it's America will you show me around?

赤西: もちろんいいよ!最初の数日間は一緒に観光をして、慣れてところで。。。
Akanishi: Mochiron ii yo! Saisho no suujitsukan wa issho ni kankou wo shite, narete tokoro de...
Akanishi: Of course it's fine! The first few days we'll go sightseeing together, and get accustomed...

上田: 現地解散 (笑)
Ueda: Genchi kaisan (shou)
Ueda: Breaking down the local area (laughs)

赤西: そうそう。そこから先はひとりで自分磨きの時間だな
Akanishi: Sou sou. Soko kara saki wa hitori de jibun migaki no jikan da na
Akanishi: Right right. From there onwards it's time to improve yourself on your own.

上田: そういう時間もぜひほしいね。海外でひとり行動することで度胸もつくだろうし、いろんな刺激を受けて自分がひと回り大きくなれそうな気がするから
Ueda: Sou iu jikan mo zehi hoshii ne. Kaigai de hitori koudou suru koto de dokyou motsu kudarou shi, iron na shigeki wo ukete jibun ga hitomawari ookiku naresou na ki ga suru kara
Ueda: I certainly want that kind of time. Because conducting yourself abroad on your own, plucking up courage, taking various incentives, going around by yourself; it makes you feel like you're able to grow up.

赤西: 武者修行っていうかね
Akanishi: Mushashugyou tte iu ka ne
Akanishi: It's called traveling I guess.
[Translator's Notes: 'Mushashugyou' can also mean traveling to gain skill in combat or I suppose in this case, Jin means traveling to gain experience]

上田: うん。ぜひ実現させたい!そして次は仕事面について
Ueda: Un. Zehi jitsugen sasetai! Soshite tsugi wa shigoto men ni tsuite
Ueda: Yeah. I certainly want that materialization! Now, next is about work.

[Translation] Potato February 2009: Ueda and Jin crosstalk (Part 2)
Translation of Ueda and Jin's crosstalk in Potato February 2009. Contains original kanji, romaji and English translation.
Potato February 2009: Jin and Ueda cross-talk (Part 2)

赤西: 仕事に関しては、今までどおりいい意味で名自が マイペースを貫いていければいいんじゃないかな
Akanishi: Shigoto ni kanshite wa, ima made doori ii imi de meiji ga MAI PESSU wo tsuranuite ikereba iin jya nai ka na
Akanishi: About work, if we can go through like our famous words 'My pace' in a good meaning just like now, it's good isn't it.

上田: そうだね。どんな出来事が待ってるかわからないけど、何があっても"自分は自分" という気持ちで、それぞれが自信を持って進んでいければ。。。
Ueda: Sou da ne. Donna dekigoto ga matteru ka wakaranai kedo, nani ga atte mo "jibun wa jibun" to iu kimochi de, sorezore ga jishin wo motte susunde ikereba...
Ueda: That's right. We don't know what kind of incidents are waiting for us, but whatever it is with the feeling that "I am myself", we'll each have our own self-confidence respectively and if we can continue improving...

赤西: そうそう。自分の気持ちをブレさせずに、やりたいことをやっていくだけだよ
Akanishi: Sou sou. Jibun no kimochi wo BURE* sasezu ni, yaritai koto wo yatte iku dake da yo
Akanishi: Right right. Without holding back our feelings, let's just do what we want to do.
[Translator's Notes: I'm not sure if ブレ(BURE) here means 'blur' or 'brake' or something else completely but I'm guessing it's 'brake']

上田: きっとその姿勢はこれから先もずっと変わらないだろうね
Ueda: Kitto sono shisei wa kore kara saki mo zutto kawaranai darou ne
Ueda: Surely that attitude from now onwards too will always never change.

赤西: うん。それがKAT-TUNのスタイルだからね。まあ、たとえるならオレらはピザみたいなものかな
Akanishi: Un. Sore ga KAT-TUN no SUTAIRU dakara ne. Maa, tatoeru nara ORERA wa PIZA mitai na mono ka na
Akanishi: Yeah. Because that's KAT-TUN's style. Well, for example we're something like a pizza.

上田: どういう意味?
Ueda: Dou iu imi?
Ueda: What do you mean?

赤西: 上からチーズがかかってるから全部つながってるように見えるんだけど、じつは6ピースに分かれてるっていう、ね (笑)
Akanishi: Ue kara CHIIZU ga kakatteru kara zenbu tsunagatteru you ni mierun dakedo, jitsu wa 6 PIISU ni wakareteru tte iu, ne (shou)
Akanishi: Because there's cheese covering on the top it looks as if the pizza is connected together, but actually it's divided into 6 pieces (laughs).

上田: ああ、いいね。そしてオレたちのピザは1ピースごとに違う味だからこそ、ファンの人たちはいろんな味を楽しめる、と
Ueda: Aa, ii ne. Soshite ORE tachi no PIZA wa 1 PIISU doko ni chigau aji dakara koso, FAN no hito tachi wa iron na aji wo tanoshimeru, to
Ueda: Ah, that's good. And because each piece of our pizza has a different flavour, it's like the fans can enjoy various flavours.

赤西: そういうこと!
Akanishi: Sou iu koto!
Akanishi: Yes that's it!

上田: もしくはイクラでもいいかも
Ueda: Moshiku wa IKURA de mo ii ka mo
Ueda: It can also otherwise be salmon roe.

赤西: 。。。イクラ!?
Akanishi: ... IKURA!?
Akanishi: ... Salmon roe!?

上田: そう。イクラってパッと見ると全部まとまってるように見えるけど、よく見ると粒の集まりでしょ?それと同じように、オレらはひとりひとりが別々の粒として存在してるってことで
Ueda: Sou. IKURA tte PATTO miru to zenbu matomatteru you ni mieru kedo, yoku miru to tsubu no atsumari desho? Sore to onaji you ni, ORERA wa hitori hitori ga betsu betsu no tsubu toshite sonzai shiteru tte koto de
Ueda: Right. If you look at salmon roe just like that, it looks as if they're all settled together but if you look carefully, it's a collection of grains isn't it? Just like that, each of us are like the individual grains existing together.

赤西: なるほど!
Akanishi: Naruhodo!
Akanishi: I see!

上田: ひと粒ひと粒食べてもおいしいし、全部まとめて食べてもおいしい。要するにソロ活動も6人での活動もそれぞれおいしいと
Ueda: Hito tsubu hito tsubu tabete mo oishii shi, zenbu matomete tabete mo oishii. You suru ni SORO katsudou mo 6 nin de no katsudou mo sorezore oishii to
Ueda: Eating it grain by grain is delicious, eating it altogether as one is delicious too. In short, whether its solo activities or activities involving all 6 of us, they're each respectively 'delicious.'
赤西: じゃあ今年もオレらはピザ、もしくはイクラのように生きるってことで
Akanishi: Jyaa kotoshi mo ORERA wa PIZA, moshiku wa IKURA no you ni ikiru tte koto de
Akanishi: Well then this year too, let's live just like our Pizza or even our salmon roe.

上田: いいと思いまーす (笑)
Ueda: Ii to omoima-su (shou)
Ueda: I think that's gre~at (laughs).

赤西: じゃあ最後はお互いの近況に関してなんだけど。。。上田は舞台『ロミオとジュリエット』をやるんでしょ?
Akanishi: Jyaa saigo wa otagai no kinkyou ni kanshite nan dakedo... Ueda wa butai [ROMIO to JYURIETTO] wo yarun desho?
Akanishi: Well then, lastly is about each of our recent conditions but... Ueda is doing a play [Romeo and Juliet] right?

上田: そう!まだ本格的なけいこは始まってないんだけど、こういうチャンスをもらったからには頑張っていいものにしたいね
Ueda: Sou! Mada honkakuteki na keiko wa hajimatte nain dakedo, kou iu CHANSU wo moratta kara ni wa ganbatte ii mono ni shitai ne
Ueda: Right! I still haven't started full-blown training yet, but since I've gotten this kind of chance I want to work hard to make it something good.

赤西: 上田は去年、ソロコンサートもやってるから、ソロ公演に関してはある程度の感覚をつかめてる部分もあるんじゃない?
Akanishi: Ueda wa kyonen, SORO KONSAATO mo yatteru kara, SORO kouen ni kanshite wa aru teido no kankaku wo tsukameteru bubun mo arun jya nai?
Akanishi: Since last year Ueda did a solo concert, regarding solo performances there are some parts where you can grasp the sensation to a certain extent, right?

上田: そうかもね
Ueda: Sou ka mo ne
Ueda: I guess so.

赤西: 上田自身がステップアップするためのいい機会になると思うんで頑張って!
Akanishi: Ueda jishin ga SUTEPPU APPU suru tame no ii kikai ni naru to omoun de ganbatte!
Akanishi: I think this can be a good opportunity for Ueda to 'STEP UP' personally so 'ganbatte!'

上田: ありがとう。赤西は今、映画『BANDAGE』の撮影中でしょ?
Ueda: Arigatou. Akanishi wa ima, eiga [BANDAGE] no satsuei chuu desho?
Ueda: Thanks. Akanishi is now in the middle of filming for the movie [BANDAGE] right?

赤西: そう。楽しくやらせてもらってるよ ((P)赤西くんへのエールをぜひ!)
Akanishi: Sou. Tanoshiku yarasete moratteru yo ((P) Akanishi-kun e no ERRU wo zehi!)
Akanishi: Right. I'll make sure you have fun. ((P) Please yell for Akanishi-kun!)
[Translator's Notes: I'm guessing (P) = interviewer and yell in this case means ‘cheer’]

上田: エールか。。。 (しばらく考えて) オレも出たいです ♥ (笑)
Ueda: ERRU ka... (Shibaraku kangaete) ORE mo detai desu ♥ (shou)
Ueda: Yell huh... (thinks for awhile) I want to appear too ♥ (laughs).

赤西: 散々考えてそれかっ! (笑)
Akanishi: Sanzan kangaete sore kaa! (shou)
Akanishi: After thinking hard is that it! (laughs)

上田: 。。。このコメントでシメようぜ (笑)
Ueda: ... Kono KOMENTO de SHIME you ze (shou)
Ueda: ... With this comment let's close it (laughs).

Translator’s Notes: I had a hard time with some parts. Thank you nicky87 for the help when I got confused. Since I am still learning Japanese please point out mistakes if you find them. Comments are appreciated.
Credit: resha_hime of LJ
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Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/23/09
Popular Johnny's Jimusho idol group KAT-TUN are to become the first artists to play seven straight nights at the Tokyo Dome. The concerts will be during the baseball season, so they had to fit into the schedule of the Yomiuri Giants who are based at the venue. With four days of preparations and rehearsals, the venue will be taken over for 11 days. The seven shows, on May 15-21, will feature a different theme each night, probably in the hope that repeat attendance will help shift the 385,000 tickets. The one-week run will extend the record of four consecutive nights held by Sting (in 1988) and KAT-TUN themselves. The six-member group are all in their early 20s and age-wise they are one step behind fellow Johnny's artists Arashi.


Mods, i didn't know which thread to post this in. we really need a Jin's news thread in here for miscellaneous information!! Just delete pls if not allowed.
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Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/28/09
This is Yuichi's interview with Hanamaru Cafe Jan 23,2009 and he talks about Kat-tun check out what he says about Jin being popular with women!!

Just a rough translation of the parts where he talks about KAT-TUN members, because I'm amused. Also, Nakamaru's dad is a policeman! Very interesting. There is a video here: []if you're interested in watching, but it has Korean subs.

From about 7:50, when they talk about a picture Nakamaru brings in of New Year's eve with KAT-TUN + Maruyama Ryuuhei.]

New Year's

Host: So this is a picture of the members of KAT-TUN.... and...?

Nakamaru: Right, the person who is second from the left is Maruyama-kun from Kanjani8. Why? Well, we were sharing a dressing room with Kanjani8 for the New Year's eve concert... and when we decided to take the picture, he enthusiastically joined in.

H: Could you point everyone out please?

N: Sure. From the left, Tanaka Koki, Maruyama Ryuuhei, me, Akanishi on top, this one's Ueda Tatsuya, Kamenashi-kun, and Taguchi Junnosuke-kun.

H: And after the concert you all went to visit a shrine? [A Japanese New Year's day tradition.]

N: That's right.

H: What are the other members of KAT-TUN like?

N: Hmmm, in terms of personality? Regularly, when all six of us are together, it gets very noisy. Especially Akanishi and Tanaka... when these two are put together, a kind of synergy is born, and the atmosphere... really becomes like a zoo.

H: Who is the leader?

N: About the leader... when we were formed, we were going to choose someone and it ended up being Ueda, but considering everyone's personalities... if one person tries to direct the others or put everyone in order, everyone else's attitude kind of becomes like, "Who are you to push us around?" and it actually becomes more difficult to get everyone in line. So, now, we have no leader. I think that we're a very free group.

H: For today, we had Nakamaru-san analyze the other members of KAT-TUN, in the form of "He is an [insert adjective here] man."

H: KAT-TUN is a combination of everyone's initials, right? [One of the women is really surprised.]

H: First, K. Kamenashi-kun.

N: I think he is a very mature person. He's the youngest out of all of us, but recently he was talking about how he bought a very expensive wine for himself. It's supposedly considered one of the finest vintages of the century, and he was saying the price will probably rise dramatically in the coming years, but he's decided to save it for when he turns some set age and drink it then. I thought, you're such an adult! That's very classy.

H: And that's why he's a mature man. Next is A for Akanishi-kun.

N: Right. He's definitely popular with women. There's no question at all. None. He has this impulsiveness of action... recently we haven't been hanging out much together, but in the past I spent a lot of time around him, and suddenly he would say something like, "Let's go to Kyoto tomorrow" completely out of the blue.

H: That's like something out of a commercial!

N: He said that, and I thought he was joking for sure, but he really had his car prepared and he drove the 5 hours each way... and I thought to myself, This guy really means what he says.

H: What did you go to do?

N: Apparently he wanted to see Kinkakuji [one of the temples there-- it's the entirely gold-plated one]. Really. Out of the blue. Someone who has this kind of impulsiveness must definitely attract a lot of women.

One of the women: Forceful men are really great.

Someone else: Forceful??

H: Next, T. Taguchi-kun.

N: For him, I think "wide and shallow" is a good description. [In the sense that he dabbles a little in a lot of things, not that he is shallow.] He has a lot of hobbies, like billiards... video games... oh, so video games. You know how there are a lot of genres of games? He plays a lot of games, and in many genres... most of KAT-TUN likes games, too... and even though he has all the knowledge and techniques in his head, when we all compete with each other he always loses. But once he takes hold of the controller, he becomes an entirely different person. Usually he has a very mellow personality, and he doesn't raise his voice at all... but when he's playing a game, he'll yell things like "DIE!!!!" or "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!" with no problem, which annoys everyone else. [It's worth watching the video to see Nakamaru yell these things a la Taguchi XDD around 12:28] Therefore, he is the "wide and shallow" man.

H: One more T, Tanaka-kun.

N: Yes. I think he's a very manly man. A while ago I went with Koki to a yakiniku restaurant for his birthday... I had heard rumors that Koki really likes meat and eats it every day. In fact, he loves meat so much that when he gets it at the restaurant that you're supposed to grill yourself, he will just eat it raw.

H: Because he can't wait?

N: Right. I thought that was a lie for sure. I was positive that he was lying. But that time... the person at the store brought the meat and said, "It's actually okay to eat this meat raw because it's very high quality, but for the sake of things please turn it on the grill a few times." And then, with his bare hands, he said "Itadakimasu" and went for it. I thought he was stupid.

H: That's hilarious!

N: But, if you look at it in a positive light, I guess that means he must be very manly.

H: Very animal-like..!

N: Right. It was true.

H: Next is U, Ueda-kun.

N: I think he's very stoic. Although on the outside he looks very gentle... or, rather, he is a man with very feminine qualities... but he's been doing boxing for many years and his body is completely muscle. During tours, when the rest of us are all physically exhausted he's still weight training in the dressing room... I looked at him and wondered, What does this guy want to be when he grows up??? He's so stoic. He is spiritually very tough.

H: Last is N, Nakamaru-kun. I wonder what it will be.

[They pull off the label and it says chounan, or eldest son. All of the others have a blank box where the adjective goes and it's followed by the word that means man. The kanji for man is also read nan so Nakamaru made it fit with the rest but it doesn't really say anything about him XD]

H: Huh? Eldest son?

N: When it comes to myself, I had no idea what to write, sorry. I just went with the truth.

H: That's a pretty good one!

N: In my family, I'm the eldest son, and in KAT-TUN I'm also the oldest, so it works.

H: How many siblings do you have in your family?

N: I have two younger sisters. One is 4 years younger and the other is 6 years younger.

H: So you probably don't have many fights with them.

N: No, not at all.

H: It seems like you're a very mature eldest son.

Credit for translation:Bonjovial of LJ

and yuichi's dogs mister on the left and choco onthe right
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34 / alone in the univ...
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Vivi Magazine (March 09) - Top Ikemen (Handsome) Ranking

1. Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN)
2. Okada Junichi (V6)
3. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
4. Odagiri Joe
5. Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
6. Mizushima Hiro
7. Narimiya Hiroki
8. Eita
9. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
10 Tsumabuki Satoshi

Source - &

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Vivi Magazine (March 09) - Top Ikemen (Handsome) Ranking

1. Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN)

.......................... omedeto jin kun.... ^^^^^^.. undoubtedly..u r ikemen
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Credits to aporigize and hopelessheartz @lj

Secret Face vol. 40
Akanishi Jin

Perfect Data File
Here we present the Kattun member's personal info in [Perfect Data File] For the second time it's Akanishi Jin's appearance! From his personality, the way he normally passes the time, and then to what's on your mind, he gives answers to questions about love!

Personality Section
1. What are your strong and your weak points?
I'm not too sure of my strong points. My weak point is...that I'm not sure of my strong points. [laughs]
2. What is the most attractive part of you?
My left ear cartilage and my ankles. I've said this since long ago but it doesn't have a particularly deep significance to it.
3. What habits do you have that you do unconsciously?
I don't think I have any habits. I also don't have anything like a favorite phrase.
4.When you feel down what is your way of dealing with it?
Doing nothing but sleeping! Reflecting on work, thinking about moving forward, if I sleep all night I'll generally recover. I sometimes drag things out into my private life but to that extent I'm not the type who gets depressed.
5. Frankly, what type of person are you?
In contrast to my appearance I'm really hardworking. And nice, fickle, rude, I like things clean. Because of this my friends always say "You are such an O type."

Love Section
1. What type of girl do you like and dislike?
I like the type of girl where you can see her personality in her eyes. What I don't like are definitely girls who don't have common sense and girls who can't read the atmosphere.
2. What are your fetishes?
The collar bone I guess. That sharp feeling is good [laughs]
3. If you are in love, how would it change you?
Changes~. If I was in love it would be a positive influence in my work and my private life. I don't think there are any minuses about being in love.
4. Do you have any rules in your love life?
Absolutely no affairs!! But that's obvious.
5. What do you desire in a lover?
Tranquility and comfort. As much as my time allows, I think I'd always want to see her.

Everyday life section
1. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and what's the first thing you do when you return home?
Brush my teeth. But I'm really bad at waking up. When I return, the first thing I do is take off my shoes and turn on the lights in my room. [laughs]
2. How do you pass the time on your days off?
I go out to eat with my friends, well, it's random how I pass the time. Like this, recently I spent around an hour in the park running with my friends.
3. What kind of room do you live in?
My room has a really lived in feel [laughs] Everything is all jumbled up. My sofa is white, my table is black.
4. What is your special dish?
Pasta. The one I make the most is peperoncino. Once in a while when my friends come over to hang out, I'll make it for them.
5. When you mail someone, what kind of emoticons do you always use?
I wonder what should I say? I'm the kind of person who always feels like I'm on the run. But I really don't use them ordinarily. Especially when I'm writing mails in English I never use them.

scan credits: oomontyoo
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ohh...our jin is more matured now...i even love him now...soo loyal and honest partner..want to be his girlfrend...hahaha!!..^^ if he is my bf i have nothing to worry about...

so it means he already had one...ahh..soo envy..i wonder whose that lucky girl??..

but actually this made me cry..i dont know but my tears came out when they asked him "who is ur friends in entertainment world? he just answer pi-chan and ryo-chan...i'm expecting his going to answer kame-chan and pi-chan...
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