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26 / M / ♪♫♪...Music Plane...
Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/21/08
*Why the sea is Blue?....Because the fishes say blue-blue-blue-blue!!!!!

*Once a blond girl who crosse the street and she asked to the policeman
-Excuse me where is the front sidewalk?-and the police officer says:- Is there, front of u!!-
and then the blond girl says:
- ahh who understands u, i was there and i asked him the same and he sent me here!!!-

*A little boy enter to a room and says -Mom!, in my school says that i'm stupid- and she aanswers
-Yes You a are!!, u live front of here-

*A stranger man open the door and says -Doctor, Dr. I don't need Glasses,right?-,and he answers -Of course u need, This is a Restaurant-

*A boy enter to his house and says -Mom!!, my classmates say that i'm forgetful- and the mom couldn't say anything when the boy spoke and said: -Damn! i didn't knock the door

++I hope u like them ^^++
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28 / F / LeSLy's WoRLd! ^^
Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/22/08
oseaa q pena ehh ¬¬....
hahahahaha ntcc estan chiLoSs!!
aunq como eres suato se escribe jokes!! no joukes
hehe xD

Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/22/08
lmao my fave is the last one XD
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