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Posted 8/17/09

shoshoberry wrote:

wooow a great topic XD

my favorite was epiode 54

where the old lady screams:" sexual harrassment "

then gin-chan says : " your face is what's sexually harrssing people " XD

MU hahahahahaha............... good one...
Posted 8/19/09
the Ryuugojuu arc when they turned old men it was stuck in my head "in the end you also played a mega drive?"
and another one was when gin was lecturing shinpachi about strawberry milk

"What? so what if its a little different?!
Dont you know the saying "Everyone's different, and everyone great?"
its not number one, its the Only one
Quit Complaining!
Your badly mistaken if you think you can get by in this world by blaming everyone else.
the world is full of demons
Now Listen Up! this is whats important.
yes, Calcium!
as long as you get plenty of calcium everything will be fine

lol srry for long but this is just a follow up with the anime...this is the quote

Cramming in Exams? Fighting with you parents? That girl you like? A smelly crotch?
Get calcium and it'll all work out!

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Posted 8/24/09
most of the episode titles are hilariously funny do they count has quotes?... sort of? xP
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Posted 8/30/09
I know someone already said this, but I think it's funnier with the picture.
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Posted 9/11/09
Here's some quotes i like from ep 32:

[Gintoki throws a huge barrel onto an advancing Mamushi, and Kondo throws a Justaway onto it to detonate it]
Yamazaki: Hey! Didn't you guys say you weren't gonna fight him?! You went all out just now, didn't you!
Gintoki: Did we say something like that, Gori-san?
Kondo: It's no good, I can't remember. I have amnesia so...
Yamazaki: That's some convenient amnesia there, oi!


Okita: [to the crowd] It's dangerous, so please stand back. You'll end up like this person. He puts on a poker face, but it really really hurts. It's embarassing.
Hijikata: This has really turned into something, hasn't it?
Okita: Your face is really turning into something too, Hijikata-san.
Hijikata: Didn't Yamazaki already die by now?
Okita: Aren't you going to die, too?

and more:

Shinsengumi member: Vice-captain!
Hijikata: Huh?
Shinsengumi member: Some information was just reported. It seems both Yamazaki and the Commander are inside.
Hijikata: What are you saying? Oi, oi, I thought that if it was only Yamazaki inside, I could leave him, but if Kondo-san's there too, we can't do that.
Okita: Hijikata-san. I forgot my flute at the headquarters, so I'm gonna go back and get it real quick.
Hijikata: Right, be sure not to come back again. Damn, I'm sick of you guys, it's enough! I'll go alone, so wait there, you bastards.
Shinsengumi member: Hey! Look at that! Something has come out!
Shinsengumi member: What's that?!
Shinsengumi member: It's a cannon! A big ass cannon has come out!
Shinsengumi member: I-Is that the secret weapon they were working on?!
Hijikata: Sougo, I forgot the protractor at the headquarters, so I'm gonna go back and get it real quick.
Okita: Hijikata-san, it's ok. If you want a protractor, I have one right here
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Posted 10/9/09
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Posted 10/16/09
One of my all time favorites is from the Kyubei arc:
Gintoki: "Your young lord is actually your young princess, right?"
Kyubei's grandfather: "I'm surprised, You knew?"
Gintoki: "You can fool others but you can't fool my crotch sensor!" I was laughing for quite awhile

Another is between Gintoki and Tama
Tama: "I am Gintoki-sama's pleasure."
Gintoki: "Eh! That's not right, give a more accurate explaination."
Tama: "To be more precise, I exist to make Gintoki-sama happy by restraining my own desires and obeying orders like siting like this."
*Blank spiteful stares at Gintoki from all the women around him*
Gintoki: "Wait; What? That's not it! That's wrong! She's definitely wrong! All of you are looking at me like I'm some kind of depraved criminal. Like I'm some old man trying to con a young girl into going into a hotel for some illicit purpose, What are you guys playing at?"
That line made my day
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Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
Lol. Great topic! I see a lot of fans have their fave quotes... I just have to share mine.

I'm not a fan of Otae but I have to admit, she makes up for her sweet looks and beating up the guys brutally. My fave quote from her: If things could be solved with an apology, there wouldn’t be seppuku. (episode 3, when Shinpachi met Gin-chan for the first time and made him lose his job). That cracked me up.

Gintoki: To stop a bully, the best way is to bully him in return. (episode 17)

Kagura: Kneel before me, ignorant masses! ( I think it was episode 23, when she won the ticket to travel in space)

Shinpachi: You can’t cleanse everything! There are some impurities that the mind must retain! (episode 23)

Gintoki: Those who can kill other people are just shit-heads who can’t see even the pains of others.

Hachiro's mom: Breakfast is what gives you the mental energy to make it through the day.

You should take good care of your pets until they die. You’re eyes go bad because you don’t eat properly.

Shinpachi: There is nobody like that anywhere! Gintoki replies: No, there is… In Neverland there’s plenty of them.

Okita to Hijikata: Let’s just endure this for today – drink a liter of soy sauce and die, Hijikata you bastard.

Gintoki: Drinking is a cycle of having control and losing control. That’s life.

Katsura to Gintoki: Gintoki, you sure have fallen very low. Gintoki in return: Shut up, I don’t want to hear that from a guy who fell at the speed of light.

My all time fave quote is from episode 32, when Gin-chan lost his memories: Idiots in their idiotic way have their own idiotic worries. This one cracked me up!

Of course you can't forget some serious quotes...
Takasugi: A braggart who can do what he brags about becomes a hero. I won’t brag about things I cannot do.

Gintoki to Hijikata in episode 9: Pity? If I had enough of that to give to you, then I’d put it over rice for dinner.

Gintoki: The country? The sky? You can have them. I’m just busy protecting what’s right in front of me. (episode 3)

Gintama rulse with the mass of quotes and parody! Love the anime! It's worth watching the 175+ epsiodes.
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Posted 10/20/09
"Paako desu~"
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Posted 10/20/09
"Stress makes you bald, but it's stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway, so in the end there's nothing you can do." - Gintama episode 53 title
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28 / M / somewhere in real...
Posted 10/21/09
" I am Fruit Punch Samurai G Pleased to meet you(Katsura)"- Katsura in Monkey Hunter episode 122
" I obtained a truly rare item"," I want you to have this as a token of our friendship"[ Obtained a Filthy Antenna ] -Kagura in Monkey Hunter episode 22
" Fruit Chinpo Samurai G! (lol)" Katsura
" Fruit Chinpo Samurai G! Your death was not in vain! (roflmao)" Katsura
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24 / F / cali
Posted 10/21/09
I think my favorite quote is from Kamui where kagura is all your fight is with me an all and then hes all

Kamui: She's not much of a sister but do watch over her, make her stronger.

I think thats pretty much what he said.
It kinda shows that he cares about her.
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Posted 10/25/09
Favorite quote is from the new arc

Gintoki: Trying to shoulder the burden all by yourself? Don't be a stranger. Weep and ask for help. Lean on me with your runny nose. Cry when you feel like crying. Laugh when you feel like laughing. When you're tearing up with an ugly face, I'll give you a good cry with an uglier face. When you're laughing so hard your stomach hurts, I'll laugh in a louder voice. That's how it should be.
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Posted 11/27/09 , edited 11/27/09
"who wants to save them...but can't stop, my body is not listening to me...
there are strings pulling me back, but there are strings pulling forward as well! (refering to him, kagura & shinpachi's kizuna)

---- Gintoki fighting Bansai, Itou arc (Ep.104):

Gin-san really cares abt Kagura & Shinpachi T.T

" protecting what's important until the bitter end...greater than the brave souls and the Devil, but has no resistance against a girl's tears, that's the so-called Samurai!"

--- shinpachi, (robot maid ep, Tama introduced)

definition of a samurai~ he summed it up very well

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Posted 12/20/09
Dentist: Nakayama-san and battle fairy Shazzan-san. Which do you want?

Gintoki: Nakayama-san!

Hijikata: Definitely Nakayama-san!

Gintoki: Anybody but Shazzan-san!

Hijikita: And what the hell is that?! Why is battle fairy Shazzan working in a dental clinic?! What the hell is battle fairy Shazzan?!
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