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Posted 12/27/09
"Oi, buddy. Take off your headphones, you bastard! Clean out your ears and listen up: I haven't fought for some cheap country, not even once! I don't give a damn whether the country or the samurai get destroyed! Back then...Right now and back then, the only thing I've been fighting to protect.....HASN'T CHANGED A BIT!!!"
-Gin to Bansai (Ep.150)
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23 / F / NJ.
Posted 12/30/09
shinpachi's "dondake!" XD.
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23 / F / Australia
Posted 12/31/09

Mekimek wrote:

Okita, about Otsuu: Wow, the Commander sure is popular. The ignorant masses follow her everywhere she goes - fall off a cliff and die, Hijikata you bastard.

Hijikata: What's up with this song? It sounds like it's making fun of us - get beaten up and die under protection, Okita.

Okita: That's called being overly self-conscious. It just sounds like a sweet love song to me - go to the next world by gas poisoning, Hijikata.

Hijikata: It feels like our image is just going from bad to worse - fall off a cliff and die, Okita.

Okita: What do we do it there's a terrorist attack? We don't have our swords - soak in hot water and boil to death, Hijikata.

Hijikata: I don't care anymore-moomin. Let's kill Okita.

Okita: Die Hijikata.

Hijikata: Die, Okita.

Okita: Die, Okita... oops, messed up... Hijikata.

I loved that~! XD It's like their version of "something cute" LOL.
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28 / F / FRESNO
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 7/20/16
Otae[to Shinpachi]:
When your friend is crying, cry with him.
When your friend is worried, you should worry with him.
and when your friend has an awkward bowel movement, then you must have an awkward bowel movement too, Shin-chan.
If you are a friend, you should be able to share the other's pain, no matter what.
And Shin-chan, if your friend goes down the wrong path...
Then, you must stop your friend, even if it ruins your friendship.
That is true samurai friendship.
Gintoki: Hey are you sure about this? Don't come crying to me if something happens.


Gintoki[to Tsukuyo]:
Weep and ask for help.
Lean on me with your runny nose.
Cry when you feel like crying.
Laugh when you feel like laughing.
When you're tearing up with an ugly face,
I'll give you a good cry with an uglier face.
When you're laughing so hard your stomach hurts,
I'll laugh in a louder voice.
That's how it should be.
It's far better to get dirty while living true to yourself,
than to throw away yourself and die a clean death.

I like these quotes but somehow they seem similar...
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29 / M / In the shadows
Posted 1/5/10 , edited 1/5/10
The More Precious the Burden, The Heavier and More Difficult it is to Shoulder

its the title of the ep but i love it ( ep 180)

also from that episode

"The strength to not run away from the pain you caused, the pain you endured ...
I was scared of losing someone else again...
You were heading somewhere far away from me...
I was trying to hold you back...
To the same fate I suffered"

"If the master's duty is to shoulder the student along with their pain, what is the student's duty?"
"To grow strong enough to shoulder the master"

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34 / M
Posted 1/13/10
ep 67( I don't remember the words exactly)
(bits and pieces, the whole scene was hilarious)

(Sarutobi was nursing Gin while acting like Minami, and then Hattori says)
Ehh... What should I do. Maybe I should complain to the head nurse
(assassin mode on - Hattori's ass gets stuff with food)

Then Sarutobi instigated some S&M play and Gin yells for help. Hattori tries to help but was caught and got his ass stuff with a candle
Hattori - Gin you gotta help me pull this out.
Gin - what. Why should i do that. pull it out yourself.
Hattori - I can't. I am afraid if I pull it something will come out.
Gin - What?! Do you have your hopes and dreams stuff in there.

Gin went to help Hattori but then the guys came in.
Kagura - Gin-chan no Baka
Hasegawa - Don't worry Gin, I'll explain to Kagura that there these types of adult worlds.
Gin - What world. Adult world. Damn you look what happens.
Hattori - Don't worry I'll help you explain
Gin - Whats the point they will only think I am trying to cover it up.

The Gin and Hattori appointment with the fake doctor
Gin - no matter what your diagnose is, I will continue consuming sugar. Me and sugar cannot be separated. I have decide to live my life to the sugary fullest.
Doctor - if you continue your balls will explode
Gin - God damn

Yeah this episode cracks me up. Others I need to include

ep 69
Gin - Kagura, go into the alley and help me take back my Jump from the garbage.
Kagura - don't want to. it stinks
Gin - follow me into the alley then.
kagura - dont want to
gin - Nande
Kagura - you stink

ep 115
Gin - "Ka..Me..Ha...Me..(silent)"..."Sorry, I thought i was absolutely alone. I thought i could practice it with all my might.."

ep 121
Gin - Patsuan its not a crime to kill aliens from outer space right.
Shinpachi - They did it to him. They messed with Gin-chan's analog stick

"Lets eliminate all negative key words. Just write about what works. "Under the guidance of a samurai named Gin, i get turned on every day and night (mura mura shimasu)"
"Speaking of opening up, when will you open up your legs for me, Urara"
"In love we all return to our primal self"
"When I think of your sister...mura mura shimasu"
"Follow-kata Toshi-follow"

ep 131
Shinachi - "isn't this hotspring inn like super dangerous"
Gin - "Don't be ridiculous. A ghost inn?! impossible. No way. Absolutely not. I won't acknowledge that. I absolutely refuse to believe that."
Shinpachi - "Then how do you explain that thing on the okami"
Gin - " Well... I thought it couldn't be... but I think my hunch is right. That a Stand user"

ep 153
Old guy - Jerry isn't dead. He's still alive
girl - where?! where is he.
old guy - Of course...(turning into monster) RIGHT BEHIND YOU
Gin - AAAAHHHHHHHH(like a girl)
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32 / England
Posted 1/14/10
That episode where Shinpachi and Kagura were all terribly serious about training: along the lines of "You want to train, go train in another manga." Fourth wall breaking ftw.
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28 / F / FRESNO
Posted 1/18/10
how about the popularity where someone was talking about hijikata's voice actor and hijikata's says "quit breaking the fourthwall!" XD
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30 / M / Wilmington, NC
Posted 1/18/10
i just watched that episode lol ....idk why he was complaining...that wall was annihilated a long long longgg time ago haha
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27 / F / Texas
Posted 1/26/10
"i get it. A pinhead but a prince, eh?" -Kagura
"In other words he's a pinhead prince?" - Gin
"No, he's a pinhead but a prince!" - Hasegawa
"You keep calling him a pinhead, that's very disrespectful to the pinhead prince!" - amanto
"you just called me a pinhead as well" - Prince Hata
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24 / F / around
Posted 1/28/10

elizabeth quote, lol
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24 / F / around
Posted 1/28/10 , edited 1/28/10

haha, i love pulp fiction
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30 / M
Posted 2/13/10
Right after he lands on his head
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20 / M
Posted 3/16/10 , edited 7/20/16

C-c-come on, we just have to calm down and try to find a t-t-time machine

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30 / M
Posted 3/18/10 , edited 7/20/16
it's not zura, it's curry ninja!
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