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Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/21/08
This is where you post your fanfics or requests.

1) To upload fanfics post fanfic links up here on your post:
Make sure you got a server to upload the fanfics up onto (eg:fanfiction net etc) so that you has a place to link from.

2) Give off a title and description: like this for example:

Title[/b:] - insert title here-

Pairing :-insert piaring here-

Person/people: - insert the person here-

Description: - insert title here-

3) If you got any adult fanfics post a warning next to them to let people know.

4) Must post your own fanfiction: if it isent yours give credit to the fanfic author and do not try to claim it as your own.

5) Any other character besides Kaname (and Yuki) is aloud in the fanfiction so long as they arnt the main focus of the story, Keep it Kaname related.

6) No Mary Sues.

7) No Kaname OR Yuki bashing or any character for that matter (except Zero you can shove a fireework down his pjs. j/k j/k.. he has enough on his plate already without having fireworks down his special place.)

So dont go making hate fanfics, you can do pain humor if you like but dont channel your hate into them (just.. for example.. something that Hino does like she did with her latest extra.)

8) Yaoi/Yuri is aloud.

I dunno.. lol.. maybe you may want to write a yaoi or yuri couple in the BG of Kaname fanfic? or do gender bender with Kaname and Yuki? (or Kaname might have a male stalker? LOL *cough Aido *cough*) XD;; anyways.. im open minded and a fan to both so im all for them in here. :)

Oh wait yes.. LOL of course xD pairing fics to (i keep thinking about character fics xD;; dont mind me) but anyways yes... im pro yaoi yuri so dont be afraid about it here.

9) Dont be homophobic and be open minded on fanfics: heavely linked with the top rule, also dont bash somebodys work if you got a crit to say do say it nicely

Eg '' this fic is good.... Kaname was a bit OOC with Yuuki here but other than that everything is cool''

10) Intrigue meeeeeee: LOL well.. its optional ^^; but.. i dunno.. fanfics are meant to be like that ne? like with art they are artistic, maybe you might want to write a story based on that puppy and Kaname that Kaname holds in that calender pic. : D

10) Please no chat speak in them: typo's is ok though although before you submit check your fanfic before posting it just in case you slipped a lot of words (like miss out a letter when your typing fast etc.)

11) You must love me JOKE!! XDD this one is a gag rule.

Uhm.. thats it really? i feel like i missed some stuff out but.. dont seem that i have...? if anybody got suggestions feel free to tell me them. :)

be nice, get along etc etc

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Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
i did read one story is on kaname yuuki but it's umm i guess different the story line, the character some of them are ooc. so is that alowed too?
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