The Strange Happening part 2
Posted 5/21/08
The Strange
Part 2

At the United Center

Kuroda finally arrives “WOW! Look at it over here….huh? what’ this” Ina looks behind her. O O! “A TAIL!...I-I have to hide it” Kuroda then stuffs her tail under her dress. She then feels her head “A EARS…”..”what else could happen…wait… forget I said that I don’t want to jinx myself” Kuroda says worriedly. Suddenly her tail and cat ears disappear “W-what was that?...huh? oh well it was cool while it lasted” Said Kuroda back to normal “KURODA!” both Miyu and Sya said while landing on the ground safely then putting away there wings. “Sya! Miyu!” Kuroda yells happily “Shhh!” Sya covers Kurodas mouth “be quiet you know we snuck out to” Sya told Kuroda quietly. “A-anyway lets go before we are found out” Miyu says causiously. While there walking to the Sakura Tree shine. “Hey Miyu havnt you heard…the women who guards that place is terribly scary” Kuroda makes herself look scary to freak Miyu out. “And did you know she has 8 LEGS AND HAIR ALL OVER!” Kuroda says scarily. “EKKKK!” Miyu screams loudly…Sya then covers Miyu’s mouth so no body here’s her scream “KURODA! Don’t freak her out like that” Sya said angrily. “Sorry I got into the moment…also Miyu”…Kuroda said normally “I was over exaggerating. Miyu, Sya and Kuroda arrive at the shrine. “Here we go” all of them said. They all step on the first step Sya and Kuroda felt something weird. Suddenly Miyu was pushed back from something very strong. “MIYU!” both of them shouted and went to help her. “Sya did you feel that……what was that” Kuroda asked and suddenly became serious. “I think it was a strong force field….of dark magic which is probably why Miyu couldn’t get through…if only we could find the source” Sya said angrily and bit her lip. “Oh you really want to find the source” Said a voice. “YES! So I can destroy it!” Sya said madly… “Wait!... what was that voice?” Sya asked. “Oh it was me!” a white tiger suddenly appeared in front of the steps. “So you want to destroy me… how mean to say that to dear young lady Tetsu” Tetsu says sweetly. “YOUNG LADY! YOU’RE A OLD HAD!” Kuroda says laughing at tetsu. “What did you say!” Tetsu then charges at Kuroda and gets ready to attack.
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